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Even Plantation MD Admits H1N1 Vaccine A Dangerous Hoax ...

D.SMITH said...
Here's 80 more Plantation MD's that are refuting vaccine safety and effectiveness: 
"Vaccines are the backbone of the medical system. Without vaccines, healthcare costs would go down because we would have a healthier overall society. We have exchanged chicken pox for autism, flu for asthma, ear infections for diabetes. The list goes on and on. In the zeal to eliminate a short list of relatively benign microbes, we have traded temporary illnesses for pervasive, life-long diseases, disorders, dysfunctions and disabilities."

There is a downloadable PDF that provides more info on the side effects of vaccines, Big Pharma's role, how to exempt your child, etc.

"I'm more interested in debating 
this guy one one one." 
Gee Chee Vision said... 
I can see that one.

Dr. Roby Mitchell: Facts/proofs, facts/proofs, package insert quotes
DMG: You're a conspiracy idiot getting your information from a blog.
Dr. Roby Mitchell: Facts/proofs, facts/proofs, package insert quotes
DMG: Look, you are not even worth my time. You get your facts from a Snapple bottle top. Dumb assess like you sit around and dream up alien abduction theories and Elvis sight seeings. All I ask is for you to PROVE IT!
Dr. Roby Mitchell: Facts/proofs, facts/proofs, package insert quotes
DMG: You are a hopeless nut job. When you stop listening to Rea-Rea's cousin's baby's moma's youtube comments for your evidence, and you are ready to have a real debate, I'll be more than happy to use my Marine tuck & roll bayonet jug'n/special ops training to wipe the floor with your butt in a REAL intellectual debate. I'll leave you to your own ignorance. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Advanced Propaganda & Memetic Deconstruction 502 • MSM Exaggerates Popular Support For NWO Puppet • DV University Spring 2011

By Al Jazeera Staff in    Middle Easton January 30th, 2011.
Demonstrators in Tahrir were deeply divided, though, about which of Egypt’s other leading politicians they did support. A few mentioned Ayman Nour, the once-jailed leader of the Ghad party who held a rally in downtown Cairo last night.

Even fewer voiced their support for Mohamed ElBaradei, the former IAEA chief; indeed, while hundreds of demonstrators who surrounded him tonight seized the media’s attention, thousands of other protesters nearby took no notice of his speech. 

“ElBaradei has been outside of Egypt for 40 years,” said Mohammad Hassan, a dry cleaner from Giza, shortly after ElBaradei spoke. “He doesn’t know the Egyptian people.”  
Asad said...
I am so glad some people out there arent drinking the Kool-Aid. Mubarak got to where he is now after the U.S. had a hand in blowing up Anwar Sadat, and now, 30 years later, as soon as signs of dissent (not in favor of the U.S. supported and supportive regime) start cracking off, you got riots.

I just finished listening to Obama's comments on Egypt. He applauded the people for their uprising and criticized the Egyptian government.



We all already know what would happen.

Mother Checks Son & Two of His Friends Out of School To Rob Bank ... Victims of Diet Related Insanity?

Three DeKalb County teenagers and the mother of one of them remained in the Gwinnett County jail Monday on charges of robbing a bank and then leading police on a high-speed chase. 

Around 9 a.m. Friday, Tawander Simmons, 35, of Stone Mountain and two teenagers held up a Wells Fargo Bank in the 5500 block of Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn while the third teen waited in the car, police said.
Denmark Vesey said ...
You never hear about people who eat natural food doing stupid shit like this.  You simply not going to catch organic food eating vegetarians ... robbing banks with their kids.  Only processed food eaters are capable of this type of insanity.  Seriously.  Peep the pattern.

Of course the Plantation media will depict this woman as an incorrigible criminal who takes her son out of school to commit armed robbery.  The implication is that this type of criminal impulse is ultimately ... genetic.

The profound influence of diet on behavior is all but ignored by the Plantation media and the criminal "justice" system.  As infants these young boys were undoubtedly suckled on IQ destroying Similac formula thanks to government programs like WIC.

By the time their little mouths showed the signs of teeth,  they were being fed the body parts of insane factory chickens, cloned meat and high fructose corn products.  

Compulsory schooling ensured an early introduction to institutionalized food via the "free lunch programs".

Years of Coke, Doritos, Popeyes, refined sugar, refined salt and homogenized, Pasteurized cows milk ... the poor kids have suffered a virtual chemical lobotomy.

The diet of Plantation Negros fuels the Prison Industrial Complex

Violent Crime: With their brains fueled by junk foods (and with failed education giving them few options for earning an honest living), more people turn to crime. In time, the prisons become filled with people incarcerated for behavior that could have been at least partially prevented with proper nutrition.

Education: Growing up on this bad diet, children suffer severe cognitive impairment and are unable to learn in school. In time, academic achievement of the nation falls sharply, and the great "dumbing down" of the population accelerates.

Genetic Integrity: As junk food consumption continues through multiple generations, the genetic integrity of the population erodes. Birth defects increase while fertility rates plummet. The population increasingly becomes haunted with unhealthy genetic mutations that promote yet more disease in future generations.

Same People Behind "Rock The Vote" In US ... Behind "Twitter Revolution" / Destabilization Campaign In Egypt?

Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising
The American government secretly backed leading figures behind the Egyptian uprising who have been planning “regime change” for the past three years, The Daily Telegraph has learned.  - By Tim Ross, Matthew Moore and Steven Swinford

Denmark Vesey said ...

The Telegraph, with supporting documentation, is claiming US controlled sources are behind Egypt's little Social Media Revolution playing on every Plantation Media outlet near you.

Apparently the protest leader, Mohamed ElBaradei is on the Board of Trustees of the "International Crisis Group" ... a George Soros front.

Guess who is the ICG's closest advisor?  Yup.  Super gobalist Zbigniew Brzezinski.

That's like finding out David Duke is on the Board of Trustees of the United Negro College Fund.

The Plantation is engineering this whole thing.  ElBaradei was in and out of Egypt as early as February 2010, organizing his National Front for Change. 

Google “ElBaradei”.

You will find the Plantation media has just about annointed this globalist shill the next "President of Egypt".

Peep Time Magazine’s little foray into political porn: “Will ElBaradei Run for President of Egypt?”

Why is the Plantation doing this?  Disruption is a weapon.  Destroying the governments and the economies of Arab nations fulfills the neocon quest to convert the entire Arab world into one big Gaza Strip. 

Soon after the Israelization of the US was complete, US Foreign Policy began to resemble a Likudist fantasy.
Can DV call 'em,
or can DV call 'em?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Gradual Awakening To The Absurdity of Factory Meat

“At Taco Bell, we buy our beef from the same trusted brands you find in the supermarket, like Tyson Foods. We start with 100 percent USDA-inspected beef. Then we simmer it in our proprietary blend of seasonings and spices to give our seasoned beef its signature Taco Bell taste and texture. Our seasoned beef recipe contains 88% quality USDA-inspected beef and 12% seasonings, spices, water and other ingredients that provide taste, texture and moisture.”
Chanstay said...
Bullshit. Taco Bells "ground beef" actually contains only 35% beef.

Here are the ingredients list on their website: Seasoned Ground Beef Beef, Water, Seasoning [Isolated Oat Product, Salt, Chili Pepper, Onion Powder, Tomato Powder, Oats (Wheat), Soy Lecithin, Sugar, Spices, Maltodextrin, Soybean Oil (Anti-dusting Agent), Garlic Powder, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Citric Acid, Caramel Color, Cocoa Powder (Processed With Alkali), Silicon Dioxide, Natural Flavors, Yeast, Modified Corn Starch, Natural Smoke Flavor], Salt, Sodium Phosphates. CONTAINS SOYBEAN, WHEAT

They must consider the other 65% of the ingredients seasoning.

Here's a little side note about the lovely USDA: any food labeled as "meat taco filling" should at least have 40% fresh meat

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mubarak Shuts Down Internet, Rounds Up Opposition Leaders - US Far Behind?

Denmark Vesey said ...
After 29 years of a Mubarek dictatorship cats in Egypt suddenly decide they want to launch a Revolution.  Cool.  Change is good.  But timing is everything.  Why now?  Why on the heels of Tunisia?  Is this that natural domino effect of Spreading Democracy in the middle east that Bush and the NeoCons promised us?  Or is this some dark, shadow government, NWO shit?  
Is the same cast of characters, the same NGO's, the same think-tanks, and the same private intelligence services behind the previous contrived color revolutions behind this one too?   Remember those made-for-TV and YouTube revolutions that were splashed all over Plantation Media a few years ago?  How is this one different?
Remember "Save Darfur"?  Nothing more than an attempt to hi-jack an oil and mineral rich African nation via a celebrity studded PR Campaign.  The Liberal half of the Hegelian Head Fake doing it's share of empire building.
Funny thing is the Egyptians are protesting for "Freedoms" Americans don't even have.  The right to choose between one of two puppet Presidential candidates, controlled by the same bankers, every four years aint much different from having the same old geezer as President for 29 straight years.

Hegelian Head Fake ...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Blackest Chips On The Planet - Raw Kale

extra virgin organic cold pressed unfiltered olive oil
Himalyan pink salt
dehydrator overnight

Oily, salty, crunchy, delicious.

Massive Winter Storm Drops Tons of "Global Warming" On Midwest • Fraudulent Plantation Science Falling Like Dominos • Remember Where You Heard It First

A massive winter storm some are dubbing "Snowpocalypse" is unleashing a hodge-podge of brutal weather — sleet, ice, wind and loads of snow — on the U.S. Midwest as it moves across the country to the Northeast and Canada later Wednesday night.

By Tuesday morning, eight states had blizzard conditions, with Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma the hardest hit. There are warnings, watches and advisories in another 30 states.

Before it's over, the storm is expected to affect 100 million people in the U.S. over a 3,200-kilometre stretch from New Mexico to Maine.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PLANNED PARENTHOOD or SOCIAL ENGINEERING? The Radical Fanatiacism of Left Wing Secularism

In 1970, Frederick Jaffe, Vice President of the Planned Parenthood/World Population and head of research for Alan Guttmacher, argued for government population programs which would require "permits for children", "compulsory sterilization of all who have two children", "compulsory abortion", "encourage homosexuality", and "fertility control agents in water supply." (Family Planning Perspectives, Special supplement-U.S. Population Growth and Family Planning: A Review of the Literature, vol. 2, no. 4, October 1970, ff.p.24.

The Blackest Lunch On The Planet - Raw Samosas

macadamia nuts
garam masala
Himalayan pink salt

Raw dehydrated young coconut

Mango chutney

"African Americans" Didn't Come From Africa. If We Did We Came On Our Own Long Before The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade - Do The Math

The Plantation tells us between 1540 and 1850 15 - 20 Million slaves arrived in the Americas from Africa.

1. Over a period of 300 years, is it fair to say that 60,000 slaves were transported annually to the Americas or has the transportation of slaves to the Americas been one big myth?

2. The largest seagoing vessel carried 400 slaves but not all of the ships were that large.

3. Time of passage was 3 - 4 months. That means 200 vessels/ships per year would have to travel carrying 300 people. One ship could make 3 passages per year. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database says there were 1100 - 1400 voyages made over that 300 year period. If that is the case and each ship carried 400 people, the total number would be 560,000 Africans were transported. It still does not add up.

Ensayn1 said ...
I believe you are correct. It seems really to be matter of belief. We a have accepted and believed a this story presented to us in school, since, well forever.

Math does prove and disprove a lot of things, even still there are HOLES in that plantation story.
People enslaved in the Congo had to walk over 500 miles to the sea coast? WALK 500 MILES? All the while being mistreated along the foot journey. Then sit in dank, stank slave castles for Jah knows how long. Be forced onto ships, the holes of ships, excuse me. Dark, & musty, smelling of death and as you point out ships made several voyages.
Lying in urination, defecation, mensturation, vomit, no sunlight, no fresh food, and not much fresh water, all after a 500 hundred mile foot journey???
Oh wait, the voyage could take from one to two months before arrival to the "new world." Is this story logical?

Ok, let us say they did not walk 500 miles, they were picked up right in Benin. Still illtreated, still sitting in a dungeon, chained for days or months with poor food, poor sunlight then took the one to two month voyage. Is this more logical? These were human beings, that may have been prisoners of war long before being sold or whatever to the slavers. How was the treatment before being turned over to the slavers.

I have read stories about the huge amount of enslaved Africans dying, rebelling and jumping over board, but I have yet to read any information that tells us how many died upon arrival or a few days there after. That in itself could be a huge number.

In addition, weren't these people to be sold upon their arrival? I have to wonder, for those that lived through the voyage how they must have looked. Who would want to buy? And, if purchased before arrival who wouldn't want their money back?

Math not withstanding, the story we have accepted makes no logical sense to me.
Hey, but like I said before, its really a matter of belief. I choose to believe the revision, seems much more logical to me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Real Housewives of DenmarkVesey.Net

CNu said ... How am I doing Doc? 
DMG said ... Not too good CNu. Blood pressure up.  I'm going to increase your dosage of Lopressor.  You've got to take it easy.  What's eatin' you.
CNu said ... It's that damn Denmark Vesey Doc ... I ... I just hate his guts. I   
DMG said ... Oh God. Are we going there again today?  I thought we were going to monitor your pressure, prescribe a few drugs, take a dozen x-rays, give you a flu shot, take a CAT scan, check your prostate and look at these man-boobs. Routine. Don't get yourself worked up.
CNu said ... I, I, I know Doc.  But this guy gets to me. He, he calls himself "The Blackest Man On The Internet!".  I checked the Technocrati rankings!! I'm higher than his!!  But he says I'm irrelevant!  But nooooo it's Brioni this and Raw Samosas that and and and light skinned pretty bitches all over the place!!
DMG said ... Tell me about it.  Next thing you know he busts out with a rhyme 'It took a thousand year bloodline, and a million stars to align, to develop a jawline,this divine.' I hate that shit! Like. You know. Like. He can't make a point without rhyming. Like. Like that's supposed to make him Blacker than me or something.
CNu said ... Only reason I've been coming to this blog 8 to 12 times a day for the past 4 years is to make fun of him and to make sure nobody takes what he says seriously.  I consider it like.  My job. You know like, if I don't tell people, they might start believing all of this Moorish Indigenous, Private Education, Black Black Blackety Black Vegetarian, GetAChick  ying yang he's peddling.  It's up to me to stop Denmark Vesey.  I've.  I've ... dedicated my life to stopping DV.
DMG said ... Wow. Everyday for 4 years CNu?  That is a bit much.
CNu said ...   What?!  What?!  Are you trying to say I'm on his Johnson?  Fuck you Doc. You here everyday too!  How many times you threaten to leave and come back huh?!  You no better than me!
DMG said ... You've got some nerve!  At least I win all of my arguments with him!  He makes you look ridiculous!  Jigaboo!!  Get out!  Get out!
Alma Woodsey Thomas
Ornage Glow, 1968
Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee


The Gray Conservative said...
-Kill Dogs Go To Jail Kill Babies Get Federal Funds
-More Black Children Die In Abortion Clinics Than Were Lost During The TransAtlantic Slave Trade
-The Arrogant Ignorance of Secular Jihad
-If Objecting To The Destruction of A Child Before It Is Born Makes Me A "Bibtard", Well Kiss My Bibtard Ass
-Scientific Fundamentalism - Why Are They So Eager To Kill Babies?
-Simply Elegant

As I read through the comments that were made on each of these entries, I've come to the conclusion that you guys are beating a dead horse and that conversations dealing with this subject invariably fail to take the form of a conversation and quickly devolve into a full-on shouting match.

Perhaps this issue necessarily permits no rational debate to take place.

The quality and tone of comments that appear over the course of these six entries proves that this topic is irredeemably toxic. The fact of this toxicity shouldn't prevent us from speaking on it, but I find that the way in which the issue is framed and the terms by which it is bracketed does not help me think about the issue.

[secularism] toxic content [fundamentalism]

Each side has dug in their heels and are now lobbing rhetorical bombs from their respective fox holes. I'm all for a good argument, but I don't think that any sort of "resolution" is possible here given the fact that the conversation has now descended mostly to the level of digital 'oneupsmanship'.

I'm sure that this comment won't be the end of it, but consider this: What will anyone have gained in terms of increasing their understanding or grasp of the issue after the final comment is published? Will any sort of consensus have been reached, or will each party retreat to their respective corners after having declared themselves the "winner" of the conversation? Is a "consensus" or "resolution" even possible here? Will anyone have been convinced to alter their beliefs, and if so, based upon what?

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Native Americans Were Not "Killed Off" - Their Names Were Simply Changed To "African Americans"

Michigan Chippewa Indian • Mt. Pleasant Reservation • MI, 1891
I too, have my questions with what Wax is saying, but I'll put that aside for a minute. Say errythang Bra Wax says about Black Indians is true, how are you personally invested in that legacy? I mean Wax is Jamaican and DV's got that Songhai connection - yes/no...So what's it to y'all?

Say Bra Wax has some Arawak connection or summin, if the American govt is so set against Moorish people discovering their true identity as y'say, then why don't you hop on a plane to Brazil, South Africa, the UK or anywhere in Europe, stick a swab in your mouth and get the DNA stats on who you are and where you're from?

And if the Plantation scientists 'lie' then one of your other scientists could do the test to verify your claims, rite? What's stopping you? From the way you talk, money def isn't a factor.

I mean you could be on the cover of NewsWeek and National Geographic getting a global platform rather than getting into online arguments with strangers? Why argue with two people, when 200million await?

I don't get this at all. *sigh*
Denmark Vesey said ...
'Mornin' Kay Dub!

I hear you *sighing* sista. But I don't know why?

This is just an exchange of ideas. No need to get weary.

Let's address your concerns one at a time. See if we can make you feel better. Cool?

1) "Say errythang Bra Wax says about Black Indians is true, how are you personally invested in that legacy? I mean Wax is Jamaican and DV's got that Songhai connection - yes/no...So what's it to y'all?" KW

a) If it's true ... Truth is our investment.

b) If it's true ... What's your investment in the maintenance of an 'Out of Africa' narrative that is not completely true? What's it to you? Why does the idea that black people are indigenous to the entire Earth and not just Africa bother you so?

2)"why don't you hop on a plane to Brazil, South Africa, the UK or anywhere in Europe, stick a swab in your mouth and get the DNA stats on who you are and where you're from?" KW

I don't need to jump on a plane or pop a swab in my mouth or get any "DNA stats" on where I am from.

I can look in my father's eyes and see where I'm from.

I can look in my son's eyes and see where I'm going.

DNA swabs will show an amalgamation of people from all over the planet earth.

The "Blacks Out of Africa Only" theory which has been spoon fed Plantation Negros is only a meme. An idea. An abstraction.

3) "I mean you could be on the cover of NewsWeek and National Geographic getting a global platform rather than getting into online arguments with strangers? Why" KW

Sista, why would I want to be on the cover of Newsweek? I'm my own Newsweek. I don't need to speak "to the Globe". I'm speaking to you.

I don't need them crackas for validation. I'm not arguing with strangers. I'm teaching students.

CNu and DMG the first cats here in the morning and the last to leave. Because they are in school. Don't let their little playfights fool you. That's some little half-gay charade they maintain to protect fragile egos.

Plantation Negros have a hard time giving another brother his props. It's a relic of some psychological shit their Plantation masters did to them.

Black People Aint "From" Africa - We Are From All Over The Planet Earth

A Taiwanese Aborigine

Is This Brother "From" Africa?

When did he leave?

Hot Wax said ...
Come on Peeps.

Right before your eyes. The Mound builders in Louisiana Washita is older and more developed than places in Africa.


The Olmecs and Washitaw, Black Californians (Khali/Kali/California), Jamassee, Califunami and other pre-columbian Blacks of the Americas were part of a prehistoric trade network that began in Antiquity when the landmass was One more than 100's of millions of years ago.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Impending Irrelevance of School 501 • DV University Spring 2011

 fist tap the most dynamic intellect on the internet HotMF Wax
 Can DV call 'em ... or can DV call 'em?


Now it’s time for the threats to end and the consequences to begin. After all, in addition to the humanitarian imperative, the United States has a strategic interest in Sudan. Khartoum is one of seven regimes on the U.S. government’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, and Sudan’s dictatorship has had ties with almost every significant terrorist organization in the broader Middle East. Al Qaeda was based in Sudan during the 1990s, and other terrorist groups continue to operate there freely. This month Die Welt reported that Syria and Sudan have been collaborating in developing chemical weapons and may have used them against civilians in Darfur. Thus, in moving against Khartoum for its human rights abuses, we will also be striking a blow in the war on terrorism."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jim Corr Is The Blackest Man On The Planet • The Late Night TV Interview Banned In America

If you are aware of a more lucid explanation of events ... post a link: _________________ ?
Aldus Huxley said ...
"Only a large-scale popular movement toward decentralization and self-help can arrest the present tendency toward statism... A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers."

"Please Help Me. Don't Let Them Do This To Me. I Don't Want Cancer. I Don't Want AIDS. I Want Children When I Grow Up."

Thordaddy said...
I am Able
Capable of crushin' u
chastise u
Fo' yur utter contradications
Sayin' yur chasin' truth
Buttjew justa big fat predilection
Fence-sittin' 3 dimensional
Transmorphealizational addiction...

That's what we can do
With this radically autonomous affliction
CNu n on it 2...
Do what he do...
Tryda hamstring ya
Cuz the dood just luv food
Evidence b tha back of his neck
Were his survival skills
B self-evident frum tha size of duh pack
Hot doggin'
This dood peddle mo' others than othas
He b tha inventor of Faux-bloggin'
This tha new fashion
Copy n paste doomsday info
C if u can cash'n
This tha socialist's use
Of CAP-it-all-ism
I c thru yur schism
Your mechanical mind prison
Just keep comin' dawg
Let me getcha in vision...

Dr. Leonard Horowitz vs. DMG The Plantation MD

If the medical industrial complex is a profit hungry monopoly that engineers illness to make money by selling drugs, radiation and surgery to perpetually sick people, why do so many good, well meaning men and women become doctors?  

"The answer is: MEDICAL EDUCATION. If you really study it as a behavioral scientist might, you realize it's virtually identical to any CULT HAZING PROCESS. Trauma-based education and learning under severe pressures, peer pressure, authority figures, lack of sleep, sleep deprivation and stress induction, that's literally traumatization, and that is CULT INDOCTRINATION. At the end of it, people trust you as a medical deity, and yet, you know virtually nothing about good nutrition, nothing about the whole bio-spiritual dynamics of what a human being really is." Leonard Horowitz, MD
Listen to this Harvard trained expert, a real medical doctor with courage to resist the mandates of the pharmaceutical industrial complex ... and compare him to the go-along to get-along nonsense of DMG.

Black Americans need some real Black Doctors to stand up and tell the truth.  2) 3)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Malthusian Abortionists Don't Sleep

Women: Pa. abortions left us sterile, near death
For years, state health officials missed some unsettling patterns at the three-story brick abortion clinic on Lancaster Avenue.
It was always open late, way past the time the pizza place next door closed at midnight. The women who emerged from it — often poor blacks and Hispanics — appeared dazed and in pain, and sometimes left in ambulances. The doctor who ran the clinic, Kermit Gosnell, had been sued at least 15 times for malpractice. Two women died while under his care.
But the dangerous practices went unnoticed, except by the women who experienced them. They were discovered entirely by accident, during a prescription drug raid by federal agents last February.
 Pink said...
I live in Philly so I've been forced to follow this story and it's so disgusting and disturbing. This man was killing babies who were old enough to "walk to the bus stop" (his own words), aborting women who were as much at 8 months pregnant. And now all these women want to come forward and tell their stories of now being infertile because of him or infected because of his disgusting instruments and they expect people to feel sorry for them. And actually a lot of people ARE feeling sorry for them! Why shouldn't someone who is willing to murder their own child be left sterile? Why shouldn't they be left with an arm or leg still in them (as many were and later faced infections) as a nice little reminder of the child they killed? I can't stand this story, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glen Beck Documents The Black Native American Connection To The Original Israelites, Sacred Geometry & Moorish Science -

For the Plantation Negros Who Need To Hear Things From White Folks Before It Becomes Real To Them ...

Remember where you heard it first.
Remember where you heard it best.

Love Your Kids? Don't Vaccinate ... The Amish Anomaly

The autism rate for Plantation children is 1 in 166, according to the federal government.
The autism rate for the Amish around Middlefield, Ohio, is 1 in 15,000.

What's the difference?  The Amish don't vaccinate.

 DMG, The Plantation Negro MD accuses Dr. Andrew Wakefield of being a "fraud".  In fact he says he has been "proven" fraudulent.  Listen to Dr. Wakefield ... then read DMG.  Listen to Dr. Wakefield ... then read DMG. Who really sounds like a fraud?  

When so many millions of black people are sick and getting sicker everyday,  why do so many Negro MD's lend credibility to a medical industrial paradigm that profits from treating sickness and considers prevention the anti-thesis to profit?
DMG said...
Um, this is an old and untrue statement (I'm sure you already know that) that the Amish don't vaccinate....and that autism rates are somehow related. "The idea that the Amish do not vaccinate their children is untrue,” says Dr. Kevin Strauss, MD, a pediatrician at the CSC. “We run a weekly vaccination clinic and it’s very busy.” He says Amish vaccinations rates are lower than the general population’s, but younger Amish are more likely to be vaccinated than older generations. Strauss also sees plenty of Amish children showing symptoms of autism. “Autism isn’t a diagnosis - it’s a description of behavior. We see autistic behaviors along with seizure disorders or mental retardation or a genetic disorder, where the autism is part of a more complicated clinical spectrum.” Fragile X syndrome and Retts is also common among the clinic’s patients."

That's from 2008. You are running kind of late with this one. Link You DID get the message that the "researcher" who did the vaccine-autism study was proven FRAUDULENT right? Come on man. That's kind of week, but hey it's a Thursday, so all is forgiven. How about something else?

"I worked in a PA hospital that treated a lot of Amish. And I witnessed them being lied to and bullied into vaccines. And you can bet those babies are not vaccinated on the CDC's insane schedule --most were vaccinated when they were brought into the ER when sick.
YEAH, you read that right. The babies would be sick enough that they sought the ER and they would leave with a round of vaccines."
Denmark Vesey said ...
DMG,  you're a nice guy and I'm sure deep down inside you mean well.  But you are a Plantation Negro, and alas, you think like a Plantation Negro.

You've been trained in Plantation schools.  You've been programed to reflexively defend Plantation institutions. Like an obedient pet, you defend the memes of the Plantation as if they were your own.

You are in such a rush to side with the Plantation that you attempt to defend the indefensible.  The Pharmaceutical lobby is the largest and most wealthy political lobby in America.  To protect their billions in profits they spend millions on disinformation and blatant propaganda to keep the peasants from discovering the truth about the dangers of mass vaccinations for profit.

Predictably, DMG The Plantation Negro MD regurgitates the Amish disinformation myths of the Pharmaceutical companies without checking.

DMG ... at least try ... to address the CONTENT of Dr. Wakefield's points before you revert to your Pavlovian impulse to attack the messenger.  Try bruh.