Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Truth Is The Truth

David Duke said ...
The NAACP's first president was Arthur Spingarn, and only Jews served as NAACP presidents from its founding until the 1970s. Noel Spingarn succeeded his brother, Arthur, and following him, Kivie Kaplan reigned over the organization. The Jewish leadership of the NAACP was little known by the public at large. When I came of age, the only name I heard associated with the NAACP was Roy Wilkins, who was its Black national secretary. Because he was so much in the press and public eye, like most Americans, I thought Wilkins was the NAACP leader. But Kaplan was the actual NAACP president during that time. Benjamin Hooks became the first Black president finally in the 1970s. Once a Black finally made it to the presidency of the organization, no longer did the public hear much about the NAACP "national secretary." From then on the public spokesman was the NAACP president.

In the recent Black-Jewish split, liberal Jews are quick to cry foul at Black resentment against them by reciting the fact that the lion's share of the financing of the Black cause has come from Jews. They also boast that at least 90 percent of the civil-rights legal effort has come from Jewish attorneys and has long been supported by Jewish money.

Practically every step of the civil-rights movement's progress came through the courts. They decreed forced racial integration of the schools, enabled illiterate Blacks to vote, and ultimately forced upon America the massive anti-White discrimination program with the Orwellian name "affirmative action." Here, too, Jews took the predominant roles.

The organization that fought many of these battles was the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, an organization separate from the NAACP itself. At this writing, Jews still lead it. Jake Greenberg has been active in the legal fund for years and was the chief attorney for Brown in the famous Supreme Court case Brown v Board of Education. In that nefarious decision, the Supreme Court - in one devastating stroke of the pen - initiated the transformation of the American public educational system from one of the best in the world to one of the worst in the First World.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

WTF? You resent the Brown vs the Board of Education decision, AND worse, indirectly blaming the decline of the school system on Jews?

Have you lost your effing mind?

It's one thing to not like hard right Zionist politics, or the racist haters in the GOP and Tea Party, but really, get a fucking grip, DV. The majority of human beings in every race and religion are the same and just want to be left the hell alone so they can be happy with their family and friends and have a job to pay to the bills. It's not that complicated.

Nathan Bedford Forrest said...

My Lord. Ah DO declare. I LOVE this Negro!

DMG said...

Woah...when you KIT's responses start sounding more like something I would write, maybe you should consider that you may be losing your audience, and take a step back.

I'm not one to blame things wholesale on one religion or ethnic group.

Denmark Vesey said...

Blaming the decline of the school system on Jews?

Where you get that from Sista Kit?

I blame the decline in the quality of education for black people ... on Negroes.

They were the ones dumb enough to insist upon "integration" for the sake of integration.

I agree with the Honorable Elijah Mohammad - What kinds of people demand their children be educated by their oppressors?

50 years later ... peep the results.

As far as Jews ... Who would you credit for orchestrating that charade?

Every Jew on the planet?

Of course not.

But read the post again.

The National Association of Plantation Negroes didn't even have a black president between 1909 and 1970.

That is a FACT ... nott anti-Semitism.

Some people get the two confused.

Denmark Vesey said...

Nathan Bedford Forrest said...

"My Lord. Ah DO declare. I LOVE this Negro!"


Mike Fisher.

We know this is you.

The dated colloquialisms give you away.

(Plus I've got your IP address.)

M. Rigmaiden said...

Well DV Spelman College didn't have a Black female President until the early 90's, Johnetta B. Cole. I never knew that until i went there for a couple of semesters back in the day. All the previous presidents were white men.

Same principle with the NAACP.

Denmark Vesey said...

"maybe you should consider that you may be losing your audience" DMG


You are not my audience D.

You are my student.

The truth is truth bra.

You Plantation Negroes should accept it. Deal with it and move on.

If there are any factual errors in the piece point them out.

Other than that ... acknowledge that Marcus Garvey was right -


Denmark Vesey said...

"All the previous presidents were white men." M R.

Damn M.

I didn't know that.

DMG said...

Sure, I'm in the audience--as one of the judges/professors. I'm here to correct you, on occasion I'll taunt you....but I'll never learn anything of value here. We both know this. If it makes you feel better to bluster, and boast, then please continue.

charley horse said...

Jews tooled Blacks simply to overthrow the American power structure (which just happened to be White here) - in order to supplant them.

This was simply all done under the GUISE of fighting for Black power. They knew they could get much further by exploiting racial class warfare and using Blacks as a smokescreen - than blatant self-service.

Of course, once their real goal of dethroning Whites was accomplished, Jews abandoned the "Black Power" movement to move onto occupying those vacated seats of power.

They've done this in every country they've been in.

chosen said...

there's definitely something to critiquing brown v. board, and the direction of the civil rights movement after the decision.

originally, folks wanted de-segregation. this is a different posture and attitude toward black's social aspirations than integration.

kit is right, folks just wanted to be left the hell alone to live and work happily. unfortunately, b.v.b. undermined those goals by re-establishing whiteness and white society as normality.

the basis of the case - a study that showed black kids had low self esteem cuz they wasn't white - bought right into black inferiority. thus, 'integration' into great pax whitey.

@charley horse - point of info, when were jews ever down with black power?

charley horse said...

@charley horse - point of info, when were jews ever down with black power?

When they were using the NAACP as a false flag op for their own self-serving agenda - as I already described. In short, Black power is used merely as a means to the end of dividing & conquering America.

Obama may even be a closet Jew himself.

chosen said...

mmk, i think the better question is when was the naacp ever down with black power? my suspicion is, they weren't.