Garvey v. Du Bois


 Marcus Garvey is a Black man that, like most noble and heroic Black men, is not given enough credit in history for his heroism.

Because of slavery, Blacks think a hero is crazy for defying white power. But they don't realize that Black men have an inalienable right to be men, and proclaim their manhood; just as all other men do.

In fact, if a man does not do this, then he is indeed less than a man. And we know that for 400 years, the Black man has not been a logical man. Instead, he has been violated in a way that has never happened before in history.

Blacktown is dedicated to giving Marcus Garvey his long overdue credit, and exposing those who are guilty of credit being taken away from him.

Marcus Garvey was a man determined to correct the historic wrongs against his race, and give his race the credit they deserved.

During the early 1920s Marcus Garvey proclaimed "Africa for the Africans at home and abroad" and "Up you mighty nation you can accomplish what you will". The 1920s was a time of intense race riots because of white jealousy of Black potential progress.

Marcus Garvey was born in Jamaica in 1887 and was a pure, full blooded African. He was pure blooded because his parents were Maroons. Maroons, just as the name implies, were slaves who were brought from Africa to Jamaica but lead a successful slave revolt. As a result of this gallant slave revolt, they lived in the tropical mountains of Jamaica and fought the white British rather than become slaves for the rest of their lives.

So we see Marcus Garvey was a born fighter!!!!!

Marcus Garvey came to America in 1916 to unite with Booker T. Washington and Dr. George Washington Carver to form a Black empire. But Booker T. Washington was dead when Garvey arrived. But Garvey was determined to continue his vision of liberation for Black people. So he founded the United Negro Improvement Organization which was was intended to do just that: Improve the lives of Negroes.

Marcus Garvey was very successful in all of his goals until he aroused jealously from the Negroes in America who wanted to integrate with Whites. Marcus Garvey's foremost enemy was W.E.B. "Dubious".

W.E.B. "Dubious" (as he should be called) was the number one enemy of Marcus Garvey.

Think about how much farther Blacks would be if this man had not destroyed Garvey.

This mulatto is on record calling Garvey "...a black gorilla..." and lead a campaign against Garvey called "Garvey Must Go".

W.E.B. "Dubious" was an avowed communist, integrationist, mulatto. He founded the integrationist organization NAACP (The National Organization for the Advancement of "Colored" People. NOT BLACK PEOPLE)!!!

The name of this organization shows that "Dubious" was a pure coward and not "pro Black" at all.

In fact, he also opposed Booker T. Washington who was the founder of the Tuskegee Institute!! Dubious was a bourgeoisie elitist who believed the race should be lead by a so-called talented tenth. Hypocritically, this bourgeoisie elitism was in contradiction to his own Communist philosophy!!

W.E.B "Dubious" was a certified house slave negro. (Martin Luther King was also a house slave "no grow"/negro also, who opposed Black men becoming powerful men during the 1960s. Read Martin Luther King's Letter From a Birmingham Jail).

All house negroes realize the danger, damage and disgrace they have been to their race, long after their damage has been done. After opposing Marcus Garvey's "Africa for the Africans" movement, W.E.B. "Dubious", hypocritically, became a so-called Pan Africanist himself, and was buried in Ghana West Africa!

The only thing Black about W.E.B. "Dubious" was the dirt he was buried in!! Martin Luther King was assassinated because his views began to change away from non-violence too. But it was too little, too late.

Nevertheless, Marcus Garvey deserves much more credit than he receives. We can start by showing and displaying the ethnic flag he gave us. And also by understanding the conspiracy of house slaves such as W.E.B. "Dubious" against him.

This debate between the house slave and the runaway slave has gone on since whites started slavery. But the man who thinks like a runaway slave, is the only true free man."  BLACKTOWN.NET


Constructive Feedback said...

Brother DV:

You are correct about how DuBois conspired against the great brother Garvey. He also appeared to detest his skin color once saying "Your just BLACK!!!!".

There are others who went against Garvey:

* A Philip Randolph WROTE A LETTER TO FBI's J Edgar Hoover offering to TESTIFY AGAINST Garvey to insure his deportation

Anonymous said...

Both DuBois AND Garvey were great men who provided great leadership during a difficult time and against great odds. But Denmark, you seem to contradict yourself in making the argument that DuBois was somehow tantamount to a traitor to the race.

You write: "Hypocritically, this bourgeoisie elitism was in contradiction to his own Communist philosophy!!" That's because DuBois' ideas developed over time: he started out an integrationist and died espousing Pan Africanism and Communist ideology. He had the opportunity to reflect on his own ideas and was brave enough to revise his own philosophy.

You also write: "This mulatto is on record calling Garvey "...a black gorilla..." and lead a campaign against Garvey called "Garvey Must Go".

Under ordinary circumstances, these statements appear to be harmful, indicating a form of hostility towards Garvey and Black nationalist agenda. However, as an example, great public figures like Muhammad Ali used the same exact tone against BLACK opponents all the time (i.e. calling Joe Frazier an ugly monkey) prior to a fight. And it seems that public trashtalking and personal attacks has historically been used to gain attention to one's cause, grab headlines.

Finally, you write: ""W.E.B. "Dubious" (as he should be called) was the number one enemy of Marcus Garvey". Please keep in mind, the number one enemy was (and still is) white supremacy and racist oppression. These petty squabbles are very similar to public disputes in this current time of Tavis Smiley's criticism of Barack Obama. Smiley is no more (or no less) an enemy of Black people than Obama.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]you seem to contradict yourself in making the argument that DuBois was somehow tantamount to a traitor to the race. [/quote]


In your attempt to defend DuBois you do more dancing around the ring than did Ali.

How can you DISMISS the material damage done by DuBois TO GARVEY by celebrating his metamorphosis later in life? At the end he changed his INNER SPACE. The outward damage had been done by then.

* He conspired against Garvey to J. Edgar Hoover

* He actively supported the election of Racist Progressive President Woodrow Wilson

* The Black community still suffers from this "Talented 10th" stratification. Today we focus upon the lower 35% known as "The Least Of These" while failing to develop systems to release them from their inferiority.

I credit DuBois for running a tight ship as an educator. Indeed he trained up thousands of Black minds in the process. I also enjoy his research about crime in Philadelphia during his day and his notes about Albany Georgia (Daugherty County)

These positives must be factored in with the negatives.

Garvey had his own share of demons as well. He was reported to have his thugs who were intolerant to criticism of his organization. They handed out several notable beat downs in the process.

walton45 said...

This debate intrigues me, due to my sentiment about where we are today in this society. Do any of you have an opinion as to which, Garvey vs. DuBois, influences Black Americans thinking today?

Greg Walton~PBPR