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DMG - Let's Take A Pause From The Ad Hominem - On The Real - What's Your Reactions To The Questions These Videos Raise?

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Results of The International DenmarkVesey.Net / Gallup Poll Are In

Washington Post Poll Confirms - Vast Majority of People Telling Plantation MD's To "Kiss Their Asses" Regarding Swine Flu "Vaccine"

Think You Know A Muhfuggah ... And Then

"We state emphatically here at the outset: Obama is a creature and puppet of finance capital and of the Wall Street bankers and investment bankers, as represented by the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones Society, Ford Foundation, and Chicago School of Friedmanite economics. The family business which Obama inherited from his mother (a Ford Foundation anthropologist and counterinsurgency operative who also worked for the World Bank and the US Agency for International Development) was to work for foundations. And this is what Obama has done in his life, working at various times for or with the Gamaliel Foundation, the Woods Fund, the Joyce Foundation, the Annenberg Foundation, and other foundations and entities which notoriously look to the Ford Foundation for guidance and leadership. Obama is best described as a foundation-bred counterinsurgent, that is to say an operative in the service of the US financier ruling class whose task it is to wreck and abort any positive outcomes that might be forthcoming from the political ferment which is shaking the globe, and above all from the deep political upsurge which is clearly at hand in this country."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Listen To This Doctor Talk About Vitamin D ... Review The Statements of DMG ... And Ask Yourself If You Will Ever Take The Word Of A Plantation MD

Millions of Children In U.S. Found to Be Lacking Vitamin D
Links to Diabetes, Heart Disease Examined

Washington Post Staff Writer

Millions of U.S. children have disturbingly low Vitamin D levels, possibly increasing their risk for bone problems, heart disease, diabetes and other ailments, according to two new studies that provide the first national assessment of the crucial nutrient in young Americans.

About 9 percent of those ages 1 through 21 -- about 7.6 million children, adolescents and young adults -- have Vitamin D levels so low they could be considered deficient, while an additional 61 percent -- 50.8 million -- have higher levels, but still low enough to be insufficient, according to the analysis of federal data being released Monday.

"It's astounding," said Michal L. Melamed of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, who helped conduct one of the studies published online by the journal Pediatrics. "At first, we couldn't believe the numbers. I think it's very worrisome."

Low Vitamin D levels are especially common among girls, adolescents and people with darker skin, according to the analysis of a nationally representative sample of more than 6,000 children. For example, 59 percent of African American teenage girls were Vitamin D deficient, Melamed's study found. Washington Post

People Don't Get Sick From The "Flu Virus". Vitamin D Deficient People Get Sick From Many Different Things, Including Influenza. Fix The Vitamin D Deficiency. Everything Else Will Take Care Of Itself. (DMG. Take Notes. I'm Quizzing Your Ass Next Week)

DV & Cinque In DC.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Act Right

Stylistic MF ...
I've heard of women that act like that ... All persistent & competitive.

It's an interesting concept. Can't say I can relate.

Denmark Vesey said ...
Women act ... the way they are compelled to act.

I'm sittin' in a little cafe drinking a gunpowder green tea, minding my business and laughing at Stylistic MF's dismantling of DMG. There's an east Asian looking woman sitting across from me on her cell phone engaged in a very heated conversation in a language I don't recognize. It might be Farsi. Yeah, I'm sure it is. Cool. I make a mental note to tell her to Big Ups Ahmadinejad for me. I read on the blog where Stylistic MF says to DMG: "I don't know how this computer works either, but it's sure been effective in delivering messages to you." I laugh out loud. At which point Mrs. Iran turns to me, smiles and while covering the microphone of her cellphone, makes a writing motion with her right hand and says in the most pleasant British accent "... pardon me, may I borrow a pen?". Damn. This chick is strikingly feminine. Before I even have a chance to process, I simultaneously smile, nod my head and say "Yes" in my most assuring tone. As she turns back to her conversation, I start to pattin' my pockets, looking around my laptop and digging through my briefcase. Shit. I aint got no damn pen. Aint this a bitch? I done already told this woman "no problem. I got you." Shit. I dig through my brief case again. All I find is a broken green crayon. My daughter gotta stay out of my case. This is getting embarrassing. Shit. Maybe this crayon will work for her I think to myself. Nah. Don't do that. I get up and walk over to the people at the cash register. I cut in line and interrupt their transaction . "Uh ... excuse me. " The hippie looking white boy looks up. "My man. Let me a borrow a pen." He looks at me blankly then says: "I'm sorry. We only have one."... Aint this a bitch. Mike Fisher might be right about that "Global System of White Supremacy" after all, I think to myself. Muhfuggah probably got a case of Uniballs right next to the register. I imagine ol' girl is on the phone with the Iranian embassy advising them on their nuclear negotiations with the NWO. I gotta get her pen now. I go back to the table grab my keys and head out the front door. Thank God the whip is parked right out front. Beep Beep. I unlock the doors and dig through the console looking for a pen. CDs. Plastic straw. Ballet slippers. One boxing shoe. Pistol. Clip. Cookie crumbs. A book on WWII. Compass. About $6.40 in change on the floor. No pen... Aint this a bitch? I'm invested now. I close the door and pop the trunk. I see one of my son's old book bags. I dump it out on the floor of the trunk. Protractor. Notebook. A sandwich bag of unidentified crumbs. Boom! A pen falls out. I grab it and look at it. Shit. This aint no pen. It's a mechanical pencil. Fuck. They still using mechanical pencils in this day and age? Well whatever. Later for this chick now. I gettin' tired of this shit. She probably a terrorist anyway. I slam the trunk and walk back into the cafe. Half-way mad at this point. I walk over to her table where she is still engaged in her conversation. She sees me, and immediately says into her phone "pardon me for a moment" in Farsi. She looks up and smiles warmly. She is aware of the theatrics I just put myself through on her behalf and seems genuinely appreciative. She says "Thank you ... so much. I didn't mean to trouble you so ...". Shit. I'm damn near blushing now. Girl got game. "Nah. Nah it's cool. No problem. No problem at all".

Men act the way they are compelled to act too.

God vs Man • Nature vs The Plantation • His Majesty DV vs DMG The Plantation Negro MD


The "S"cientific Method

It takes Nature 3 months to grow a chicken. Science can do it in 49 days.

Which one you want to eat?

KonWomyn said...

Both are full-blooded, living beings. When killed both become dead food as opposed to living food which is green.

Carnal flesh is fed to carnal flesh.

Both take more than 24 hours to digest through your system. Neither contains any enzyme to help digestion; instead the body produces acid to aid it's digestion. Both are laced with salmonella and the rearing of chickens is a breeding ground for disease.

My mother's a farmer and chickens are the hardest thing to raise - they require so much care when they are little chicks because the fatality rate is quite high in the early stages. Chickens are also dirty animals, they eat anything and everything that could be contaminated with pesticide residue or manufactured waste thrown away by humans.

Chicken feeds are also quite expensive and are needed in large supplies. The birds require alot of water and landspace that could otherwise be used for growing crops.

If Everyone In This Country Dealt With Their Doctors The Way DMG Has Been Dealt With Here, We Would Be A Much Healthier People

Smile said...

DMG, what's with the slap fest? Why are you a doctor? These questions don't necessarily need an answer. They absolutely are not meant to challenge you, your expertise, or your degree.

I do find your lack of 'bedside manners' in contrast to any of the doctors I've had access to. Even the one I fired simply because he accused me of over reacting due my having never been sick. IMO, one doesn't always go to their doctor because they're 'sick' but for help in with efforts in taking care of themselves.

I've never heard a doctor respond even once with, I don't care or give a shit. I've never once heard a doc get so angry at his information being rejected/ misunderstood/whatever by responding with stories of chest thumping, morgue sending, you gonna die if you don't f'ing choke this down hyperbole.

Now you add your attack on my doctor and we have a case of your truly not knowing whatcher talkin' 'bout.

The WHO has explained that further effectiveness and safety testing will have to be done after administration because there isn't time prior due to the need to rush to make the vaccines available. I can understand that. What I don't understand is the hoopla that arises if vitamin pushers even suggest something.

At best, all the drama leaves one bewildered.

Money Money Mon ney ... Money

School Vaccinates Child Without Parent' OK Sends Child To Hospital

School nurses gave the swine flu vaccine to two students who didn't sign up for it - including a Brooklyn girl with epilepsy who wound up in the hospital.

"I was outraged," Naomi Troy, 26, told the Daily News after her 6-year-old daughter, Nikiyah Torres-Pierre, had a possible allergic reaction to the shot.

Officials at Public School 335 in Crown Heights called an ambulance to take Nikiyah to SUNY Downstate Medical Center when she fell ill following the arm jab.

"My stomach was hurting, and I was itching," Nikiyah said after she was released from the hospital.

The snafu and a similar mixup at a Staten Island school came in the first days of the city's in-school H1N1 vaccination program.

City officials have stressed the vaccine is safe and urged parents to sign up for it - though less than half have sent in permission slips.

Hip Hop - The Blackest Art On The Planet

fist tap Mircea

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ooohhh .... My Favorite White Boy Says Undercover Black Man ... Aint Black Enough.

Thordaddy said...
U couldn't whoop cream
If ya did
Adda cherry
Put on lil' fat boy's ice cream...
I scream
Cuz u uh eye sore!!!
Keep it unda cover brother
Cuz u got blubber fo' ya core...
Yur brain don't see tha need ta counter
Gotcha playin' Mike's girl
Y yur bo'friend flounder...
Y ya chime in???
When ya know I can pound ya???
Pound for pound
I uh pitbull and uh blood hound...
Uzza uh geometrical phenom
More rounder than round!!!
Is that sound???
To be so smart and unhealthy
Makes uh cracka wonda'
Wutta blackman unda'
Sum kinda spell
Runnin' diversion fo' uh dood who sell
Out lika buster
Whatcha goin' do
Play tag team...
Be hot dog ta Mike's lack uh muster???

StylisticMF said...


I don't happen to be deaf or dumb.
My senses so sharp
Like a knife & a razor rolled into one.

Ok, so nigel is latin derived, meaning black,
Just a lil too close to nigger
Coming from a crack-a
Such as yourself
I'ma put you on the shelf.

I'm not your son,
But your great, great, great, great grandmother.
You are a recessive genetic mutant version
Of my brothers.

I don't even like to argue or call names.
I don't usually partake in such childish games.
But I had to warn you before you step into the ring,
I am Hatshepsut, the woman who was king!

DV says I got more in common with you.
UBM, DMG, MIKE FISHER so bass ackwards,
Maybe it's true.
So now you know who I am, I'm calling a truce.

May peace be unto you.

2 Of The Blackest Men On The Planet ... Of All Time!

DX Surprised By DV In St. T

Get Healthy. Fire Your Doctor.

Medical doctors are taught in controlled medical schools that underlying metabolic disorders are mostly imaginary fake illnesses dreamed up by chronic complainers and hypochondriacs, that real doctors should ignore, minimize and discredit these fakers and that only quack holistic medical doctors, holistic chiropractors and naturopaths treat these fake diseases with quack remedies.

Stuart Berger, M.D. in What Your Doctor Didn't Learn in Medical School (1988), states "our symptom chasing, drug oriented orthodox medical doctors make you sick, frustrated, depressed and disabled, unnecessarily, by ignoring and mistreating underlying metabolic disorders." Consequently millions of Americans' lives are wasted and even lost, as a result of what Establishment doctors don't know (and I would add) and pretend not to know.

Modern medicine is not scientific. It is politically motivated medical genocide and quackery because international gangsters, who own and control the drug industry, also control all medical and scientific research in the United States and worldwide to suppress all scientific discoveries of natural therapies to treat cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, AIDS and other health problems.

What DMG, The Plantation Negro MD, Don't Know About Vitamin D, DV Will Educate He, Like ABC, Is Equal To 123

Vitamin D Best Defense Against Cancer, Bone Issues, Colds and Flu, and More

Despite the name, vitamin D isn't a vitamin; it's a secosteroid hormone that targets over 2000 genes in the human body. Vitamin D has been shown to have a positive effect on bone health, immunity, cancer prevention and inflammation.

Vitamin D3 is made in large quantities when sunlight strikes bare skin. Ergocalciferol, also referred to as vitamin D2 or Calciferol is available, but it isn't the naturally occurring form of vitamin D in humans.

Dr. John Jacob Cannell, MD, Vitamin D Council’s Executive Director, notes that current research links Vitamin D deficiency to at least 17 variations of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, and more.

What's an example of a Plantation solution for high blood pressure and cholesterol? Plantation MD's have been trained to think of sunshine and vitamin "D" as quackery ... and these ass leak causing chemicals they peddle for the pharmaceutical companies as "science".

Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering drug made by Pfizer and sold to millions of health conscious but ill informed patients, is one of the most profitable drugs the pharmaceutical industry has ever come up with. Sales account for a quarter of Pfizer's $ 32 billion annual sales. Expected to gross more than $ 10 billion this year, Lipitor is poised to become the largest-selling pharmaceutical in history, surpassing Pfizer's other wonder drug, Viagra.

But the price to society is much higher than a mere 8 to 10 billion dollars. Lipitor and other drugs in the statin class, such as Bayer's version Baycol - removed from the market by its maker - are not only lowering cholesterol. These drugs apparently ruin perfectly good lives with "side effects" that lead to slow degradation into physical disability. The story of Doug Peterson and other residents of Tahoe City may be coldly dismissed as "anecdotal evidence", but there is no excuse for scientific statistical sofistry. Every tragedy is real - when it happens to you, the risk is 100%.

The Miles Davis of Rap ... Above Your Head

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Lemme Upgrade U

KonWomyn said ...

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make me smile or frown
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y'still aint the Magne
who'll put a jewel in this crown.

Monday, October 26, 2009

White MD's, Asian MD's, European MD's, Canadian MD's, Hispanic MD's Asking Questions About This "Vaccine". Where Are The Negro MD's?

Fist Tap Soulijah Story
By far the most common line of thought that angry e-mailers bring up is that there are so many thousands of deaths due to the flu each year - am I willing to publicly share my opinion on flu shots and have deaths on my conscience if people choose not to vaccinate because of my stance?

Whoa...hold up there. Wait just a sec, eh? If you're leaning towards accepting a flu shot because "thousands of people die from the flu every year," I encourage you to take a moment to consider how accurate such a statement is.

When I hear or read about thousands of people dying from the flu - one of the H1N1 strains or any other strain of influenza - here are the questions that pop up in my head:

1. How do we know that these deaths were definitely caused by a virus that causes the flu?

2. How exactly do health officials go about establishing cause of death?

3. What was the health status and medical history of each person who was classified to have died from the flu? Who compiled this information and how comprehensive was each report?

I think these questions naturally come up in my mind because I've long been disturbed by the way government and health officials inaccurately attribute deaths to various causes.

An obvious example is death by cancer. How many of the millions of people who have been classified as having died from cancer actually died from one or more of the following:

* Chemotherapy
* Radiation treatments
* Decades of poor food choices
* Decades of poor lifestyle choices i.e. lack of sleep, lack of exercise, ongoing exposure to prescription and recreational drugs

My educated guess is that the percentage is quite high. That is, a large number of people who "died from cancer" actually died from one or more of the causes listed above.

How about the number of people who die each year from cardiovascular disease. It's in the millions, and it's growing every year. Did the millions of people who died from cardiovascular disease last year really die from cardiovascular disease?

Or is it more accurate to say that some or all of these folks passed on because of many years of poor dietary choices, emotional stress, a genetic predisposition to developing clogged arteries, toxic burden from years of prescription and recreational drug use, or some combination of these factors? Did some of these millions of people who "died from cardiovascular disease" actually die from the impact of anesthesia, having their chest walls opened up, and having a bunch of hands and tools working away at their heart and blood vessels?

Folks Get Brown In The Sunshine

Hip Hop Genius Teaches Plantation Negros How To Manufacture & Distribute Memes

Dr. Ron Paul Proves DMG The Plantation MD Is Wrong ... Yet Again

Ron Paul discusses Obama's latest H1N1 national emergency declaration. He rightly points out that this declaration is an excuse to get rid of government regulations, the government can get more power to invoke quarantines among other things, and is designed to condition people to accept more governmental power. The government should never be involved in mandatory medications.

The swine flu is a scare tactic that doesn't deserve "emergency" government intervention. Ron Paul points out that the total death tally for the year is 1000, and yet 800 regularly die per month from the normal flu which gets little to no attention as a "pandemic".

As Obama's children have not yet been innoculated, with the excuse that the vaccine is "not available to them yet", Ron Paul points out that the president of all people can pretty much get whatever they want, if they want it.

Do they "really" intend to get vaccinated? If so, will it be a "real" vaccine? As some government officials around the world will be getting a "modified" version of the vaccination, this raises alarm bells as to its safety. Why should officials get a different vaccine than the normal population?

Ron Paul says that if the the presidential family chooses not to get the vaccination, they would be exercising their "freedom of choice", but this freedom of choice should also be the same right of the public.

H1N1 Chemtrail Connection?

Since early March of 2009 the skies over Canada’s Capital City have been littered with chemtrails dispensed by jets that resemble Boeing passenger 747’s. It all started about a week or so before Swine Flu news hit the mainstream. From that point on, the amount of chemtrails being sprayed in to the skies has gradually intensified.

So the question that needs to be asked is what is being sprayed into our skies, and why ? It is known amongst certain groups of people, that chemtrails consist mainly of Barium salts and Aluminum. This cocktail appears as a white spray (similar to a contrail, but lingers in the sky) and once dispersed can easily be mistaken for high altitude clouds. Some have even witnessed planes spraying a brown substance from low altitudes. This substance which has been observed, lands on the ground as a stringy/sticky gel. This gel has previously been analyzed by the Washington State Department of Heath and AmTest Laboratorie. It appeared to be composed of red blood cells mixed with biological agents. What are the implications of such incidences and what have they become more frequent in recent months ?

You Might Be A Plantation Negro If ...

it hasn't occurred to you that the made for TV "uprising" in this oil rich nation is fake.

Ever seen photos of sexy color coordinated Palestinians fighting Israeli oppression on CNN?

The Plantation media is tripping over itself to broadcast tragic footage showing the death of a young Iranian woman allegedly at the hands of pro-Ahmadinejad forces in an effort to rally international opinion against the government of a Muslim nation ... that just happens to be soaking in oil.

A stark contrast to their complete and total refusal to broadcast footage of the hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children killed in Afghanistan and Iraq by U.S. and UK troops.

Neda Agha-Soltan has become a poster child for CIA / United Colors of Benetton revolution in Iran after video of her death were uploaded to You Tube and Twitter moments after she was gunned down in Tehran Saturday.

Now she is being hailed as a “martyr” and “the face of the Iranian protests” by Plantation Media outlets like CNN

The hypocrisy is of Biblical proportion. Hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children have been slaughtered in similar fashion by coalition forces during the bombardment and occupation of Iran's oil rich neighbor Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many of these deaths have been caught on camera. How many has the Plantation media shown you? Where is the video footage from the wedding party in Afghanistan where 23 children and 10 women were killed by coalition warplanes?

The footage of Neda’s death has already been broadcast more times by the Plantation Media than the thousands of victims whose deaths were caught on film in Iraq and Afghanistan COMBINED.

What does the Platation want you to think?

Hegelian Headfake 001: Peep the Meme. Peep the Malthusian Reversal. Peep The Warmogering.

My Favorite White Boy Got Game ... And Good Taste

Thordaddy said ...
This me, TD
Givin' duh lowdown
On uh bread they call
Already feel mo' healthy
Ain't even digested the flaxseed...
Hot out duh oven
Privileges of livin' n SD
Stuff weighed heavy...
But made ya feel mo' stealthy
Not empty like duh stuff
On uh supermarket shelf, see
Buy eleven loaves
Get duh twelf free
Five fifty uh loaf
Buys ya uh certain certainty
That cheapness
Is duh price fo' availability
Of sum stuff that cause
Uh disability
Every bit as diabolical
As the entities
Of micro... Bye-ALOE-G...
Thanx DV
This my review
Sincerely, TD...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Obama Declares Swine Flu Emergency ... As CDC Admits They Don't Really Know How Many Cases There Are Because They Stopped Counting

MoneyWar said ...
The big question is WHY!

Does anyone realize the sweeping authority garnered by such a declaration? First, there are many states that have passed legislation that is triggered based on such a declaration.
Second, what draconian Federal powers are automatically authorized, at gunpoint if necessary:
  1. The power to force mandatory swine flu vaccinations on the entire population.
  2. The power to arrest, quarantine or "involuntarily transport" anyone who refuses a swine flu vaccination.
  3. The power to quarantine an entire city and halt all travel in or out of that city.
  4. The power to enter any home or office without a search warrant and order the destruction of any belongings or structures deemed to be a threat to public health.
  5. The effective nullification of the Bill of Rights. Your right to due process, to being safe from government search and seizure, and to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination are all null and void under a Presidential declaration of a national emergency.
Absent all of that, there is serious question to the "emergency" that exists. Now even CBS has published such an article questioning the overblown hype.

A three-month-long investigation by CBS News, released earlier this week that included state-by-state test results, revealed some very different facts. The CBS study found that H1N1 flu cases are NOT as prevalent as feared. A CBS article even states:
"If you've been diagnosed "probable" or "presumed" 2009 H1N1 or "swine flu" in recent months, you may be surprised to know this: odds are you didn't have H1N1 flu. In fact, you probably didn't have flu at all."

CBS reports that in late July 2009 the CDC advised states to STOP testing for H1N1 flu, and they also stopped counting individual cases. Their rationale for this, according to CBS News, was that it was a waste of resources to test for H1N1 flu because it was already confirmed as an epidemic.

So just like that virtually every person who visited their physician with flu-like symptoms since late July was assumed to have H1N1, with no testing necessary because, after all, there's an epidemic.

DMG Is A Plantation Fool. Even Barack Obama Has Refused To Vaccinate His Daughters Against This Plantation Medicine Hoax

President Obama’s school age daughters have not been vaccinated against thenH1N1 flu virus. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says the vaccine is not available to them based on their risk.

The Centers for Disease Control recommend that children ages 6 months through 18 years of age receive a vaccination against the H1N1 flu virus.

At this time only children with chronic medical conditions are receiving the vaccination because their immune system is not strong enough to fight off the strain.

The CDC also says a regular seasonal flu shot does not protect against the virus.

The "Michael Fisher" Paradox

Michael Fisher said...

"Well Mike. It looks like he did say it. Now what?"

Now, nothing. The white guy who likes to call black people "Nigger" is still "DV"'s favorite white boy who, according "DV" has more in common with a black woman and DV than with UBM, DMG and me.

More "DV" Kool Aid, anyone?

Denmark Vesey said ...

Well ... actually "Mike". TD is a bit blacker than you. He definitely has more soul. At least he is no pseudo-intellectual, secular humanist wannabe trendy Plantation Negro atheist. Boy got some lyrical skills and even a tiny bit of rhythm. He aint scared. He aint no punk bitch hater. He doesn't try to garner affection from women by pretending to defend them from being called "bitch" when they weren't. He can take what he dishes out and he doesn't attempt to divide brothers and sisters by pandering to old anachronistic notions about skin complexion. ("DV prefers light skinned women!" MF).

TD is my favorite white boy. If you try real hard, find God and Get A Chick ... maybe you will be one day.

Let's say he did call you "Nigger". Did you die? Did you cry? Did it hurt? Tell me why?

Cause it don't mean shit.

Damn Mike. Read dude's lyrics again. Even the white boy told you "YOU GIVE ME TOO MUCH POWER".

Giving white people power is asking to be enslaved. It is asking to be confined to THE PLANTATION. Ergo. Plantation Negro.

You been in Denmark Vesey school for years now. When you going to learn? Stop seeking opportunities to play the victim. It's a booby trap.