Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Need To Take Your Black Ass Outside & Get Some Sun

It is undisputed that the vast majority of people in industrialized countries are chronically Vitamin D deficient.  Not many people are aware that black Americans are among the most Vitamin D deficient people in the world. 

Why are dark skinned people more likely to be chronically deficient in Vitamin D? Because:
1)   Increased melanin in the skin of darker people tends to impede the absorption of sunlight and Vitamin D synthesis, and
2)   Black Americans stay inside more than other people and simply do not get enough sunlight.
What are the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency?  
The consequences are many and tragic.  When you take a population like black and Hispanic Americans, who are prone to Vitamin D deficiency, and pump them full of substances that attack the immune system like vaccines and dairy products, it shouldn't be a big surprise to start seeing an epidemic of autoimmune disorders like cancer and diabetes.
Sunlight is as essential to your health as is protein.  Diabetes stalks all of our families.  Make an effort to spend more time in the sun as if your life depends on it.
Amarie said...
Now you know a lot of plantation negro's won't do that, because they were taught as a child by their plantation families to "stay outta dat sun or else you gonna get BLACKER":)

I've been following your advice on this and I notice that I do feel better. I have other black folks telling me I need sunscreen or I'll get skin cancer or become wrinkled. Sheet, all I have to do is look at my mother and grandmother who both have flawless, wrinkle free skin at the ages of 60 and 76 who work in their gardens daily to know that is BS.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Chemicals absorbed through the skin reach the bloodstream before chemicals filtered through the digestive system. The skin is the body's largest organ and absorbs toxins like a sponge. You get more chlorine into your system taking a hot urban shower than you do from drinking a glass of tap water.

Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is derived from petroleum. Crude oil. Same shit that runs your car. Petroleum is toxic to humans. Nearly all Supermarket Grade Beauty Aids, from the shower gels to the coco butter oil we lathered up with as children, are nothing but detergents, perfumed petroleum and artificial colors.
One of the best skin and hair moisturizers in the world is raw cold-pressed, organic extra-virgin coconut oil.

Let me say that one more time: Raw cold-pressed, organic extra-virgin coconut oil.

Raw coconut oil is unrefined and hasn't been stripped of any of its important nutrients. Antiseptic fatty acids help it to prevent fungal and bacterial infections in the skin when it is consumed and when it is applied directly to the skin.

The Rolls Royce Phantom of healthy oils. (Shea is the Maybach. Flax is the Escalade. Vaseline is the hooptie with bald tires and bad brakes.) Taken internally and externally this is a natural product that can change your life.
The good nurse said...
i have been screaming this for years! i use nothing but 100% shea and 100% unrefined coconut oils on my hair and skin. my skin glows and my hair shines (even in it's loc'd state). i am 45 yo and wrinkle brag, just fact.

Ten years ago, you mention The Federal Reserve to the average cat he would think you were talking about next day air.

Today, brothers who couldn't qualify for a credit card can draw you a picture of the economic consequences suffered by a society hopelessly indebted to a privately owned central bank.

Much of the gradual awakening by the indentured class can be directly and indirectly traced to what this man has kept alive in the popular discourse.

Plantation Negros, conditioned to contain their political interests to the narrow bandwidth of race identity, champion an 'African-American' proxy serving private corporations stealing $trillions in wealth while building a police state that will eventually imprison hundreds of millions of multiethnic debtors.


Because through mass post-hypnotic suggestion, Plantation Negros have been told "Won Paul Is a Wacist!"

... that's all ya gotta do.

Fuuug the economy.

Fuuug debt.

Fuuug public wars for private profit.

Fuuuug a government protected and promoted agri-food industry that poisons the population.

Fuuug a government protected and promoted medical industry that profits by keeping people sick.

um um.

Later for all that.

Just tell the Negros the messenger is "racist" ... AND THEY ARE PRECONDITIONED TO REJECT HIM.




Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plantation Negros Love Racism • Introduction To Predictive Programming And The Boobey Trap of The Race Crutch • DV University • Summer 2012

Some punk ass shit.

1) Instead of crying about this "treatment" to the University and to the NAACP, dude should have smacked the shit out of one them white boys.

2) How are you going to dedicate your life to "integration" with white people and to seeking "affirmation" from white people ... and then bitch about how you are treated by white people?

3) Instead of bitching about racism, why doesn't this cat just start his own clinic or get together with some other black doctors and open a hospital?

CNu said...
"Maybe I'm too hard on the brother."


Peep his CV, peep his supervisor's CV - and the differences leap off the web page.

Model Minority Involvement

Head’s lawsuit also alleges Berke and Marilene Wang, doctors at the UCLA Medical Center, racially discriminated against Head. Head claims that Wang, who is his supervisor at the Department of Veteran Affairs, referred to him as an “affirmative-action hire” and restricted his career opportunities, according to the complaint. Brown said Head also received reduced pay and clinical hours.

Wang and Berke declined to comment.

Head and his attorney have not received messages from the university and do not know how it plans to proceed, Brown said.

Whether the matter goes to court depends on how the university chooses to respond, he said.

Dr. Wang is bringing heavy funding dollars and research subjects to the table.

Dr. Head is simply on the payroll - and bringing no institutional fame, glory, access, or cheddar.

They want Head out of there, and, the UC Chancellory is backing their harsh play, because it too wants Head out of there - because from their collective perspective, he's not pulling his weight sufficient to become a tenured faculty member.

They should've phugged with him for eating pork and having a cul de sac on his dome instead of going for the race-monkey angle - which is what opened them up to this lawsuit.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Yeah Yeah ... The Baby In The Washing Machine Is Crazy ... But I'm Tripping On The Dumbed Down Speech Of The Mother

The Plantation is poisoning the food supply to keep our people obese, sick and stupid. It is the new form of slavery.

Healthy intelligent people are impossible to enslave.

Remember Where You Heard It First.

Remember Where You Heard It Best.

Is It Just Me? Or Must People Be Retarded Crack Heads To Really Believe Osama Bin Laden Was Killed In A Raid And His Body Dumped At Sea?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Where My Sistas At? • Denmark Vesey Dot Net • Home Of The Blackest Women On The Internet

the good nurse said...
miss you all...been crazy busy...but, alas, i am back!
love and blessings.


I quietly lurk every single day. I have your blog permanently imprinted on Google chrome. 

I'm just keeping it low key these days.

O. Mahogany said...
I've moved. Started a business. Bought a few more things. Worked more, traveled less. Regressed in my eating habits : (
But I've been visiting lately.

Amarie said...
Hey DV, I'm still here. Just been really busy. 
@ The Good Nurse
I wish your son a happy belated birthday. May God bless you both.
 MEL said...
 I haven't abandoned the blog! Prior to graduation, I mentioned this blog in my African American History course often. 

I'm in my early 20's at a University in Washington, D.C.....I was assigned a Nat Turner vs Denmark Vesey debate, and stumbled across this blog. It's GOLDEN!
the good nurse said...
oh, and today is my one and only sons' 21st birthday...feeling some kind of way about it. proud, melancholy, excited.
he is a good man. he is smart, funny, witty, talented. loves God, loves family, loves his momma. he is a fighter and a winner. he is loving and kind. he feels deeply and completely. he likes pizza and loves my cooking.he loves animals and sees God in the laughter of children. he is my son, my only son and i am grateful to God for allowing me to steward his life into manhood. i love him only second to God.

When Did Americans Start Speaking ... Like ... You Know ... Pussies? • An Introdution To Authoritative Speaking • DV University • Summer 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Introduction To Death, Life, Purpose & The Manifestation of God's Law • Professor Gee Chee Vision • DV University • Summer 2012

Gee Chee Vision said...
Well, like death, if you consider the involuntary functions of our bodies i.e. things we do not control, it's a sensory observation of an immutable reality shared by both believers and atheists.

Where the phenomenon of death may convince some to be an undeniable manifestation of God's Law, with another it's simply another component of our transient world.

The story of Shaytan or Satan or the Devil is that he has an unwavering belief in God's Existence. The challenge is understanding the purpose of that belief. Does that belief have a function or is it believing in His Existence merely for the sake of believing He exists?

Both supporters & nemesis believe Bro. Malcolm X existed. But only one group can understand his purpose and function. Only one group is willing to transmit the benefits of that legacy whereas the other would impede that legacy.

I can visit Malcolm's grave to substantiate his existence in my own mind but that doesn't unlock a deeper conscious understanding of his purpose. His significance lies in his message and his example; in his instruction, struggle, sacrifice and in his teachings. That transcends the sensory observation of acknowledging his existence.
I can prove that Malcolm existed to a non-English speaking Korean child with a gelatin silver print. Knowing he existed is important, but knowing he existed serves to understand the point of origin in which his message derived. The FBI reject his message but they accept his existence.

From Pac's perspective, to reject the message, it's function and purpose is to reject the point of origin in which it was forged.

Can DV Call 'Em ... Or Can DV Call 'Em?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How To Keep Your Sons From Sagging • Introduction To Constructive Mind Control • DV University • Summer 2012

CNu said...
DeeVee - serious questions.

How significant is your investment in schooling your sons on how to present and conduct themselves interpersonally at all times?

Has the thought ever crossed their minds to sag their pants or otherwise imitate exemplars of oppositional culture?

Denmark Vesey said ...
Ummm ... interesting question CNu.

School them ... present and conduct ... themselves interpersonally ...


Well.  Not sure how to answer that.  Never felt like I was "schooling" them.

How the boys handle themselves is a big deal around here.  Whether they speak up.  Whether they look people in the eye when they meet them.  Their posture.  The modulation of their voices.  All of that has been as carefully cultivated as has their progress in math and reading.

But, it never felt like a school thing.

It always felt like a class thing.

For example:

If one of the boys stumbled over his conjugation of the verb to "be" .. it might be met with a chuckle and the question "What was that ghetto ass shit you just said son?".


If the jeans started to slip around the hips ... one might here "Time for dinner!  Snack call your brothers Young Jeezy and Gucci Man.  Tell 'em it's time to eat."

The whole family would laugh ... and the boys would quickly declare "I aint saggin!"

Or ...

If we are in the car and we pass some convict looking young brothers with tattoos on their necks and long ass short pants matched with garish sneakers .... one might here "Yo.  DV Jr., you need to talk to your cousin on your mother's side,  he's tripping!" 

More laughs.

Or ...

If we are in the mall and some big ass sistas walk by ... 150 lbs. overweight ... wearing what looks like spandex lingerie mixed with denim ... one might here "See Snack.  See what happens to people who eat Aunt Annie's pretzels all the time."

Yeah CNu.

It's not so much "schooling" on my end.

It's more a systematic program of Brain Washing.

Fighting Fire with Fire.

Mind control.

That's a parent's job.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

You Can't Teach Good Taste

O. Mahogany said...

"It's kinda like going to high school with these cheap girls who try to dress "sexy". Bad misses know sexy is in your attitude. This looks like poverty and third world high end prostitution."
the good nurse said...
u all are once again missing the fuckin' point.
no one is asking the chic to dress like a nun. no one is asking her to wear "dyke fashions".

she is screaming sexual harassment.
she works in an industry FULL of heterosexual men.
i fully support and applaud my fellow hate here. as i said, she has a fabulous figure and i am not implying that by wearing more professional attire that her sensuality would be minimized.
i am not saying she should not work as a reporter.
i am again saying that it is distracting. and if she chooses to wear it she should also expect to have the men respond in kind. especially if she is claiming to be a reputable reporter.

obviously if you were allowed to roam the halls of the hospital, in and out of pt rooms, discussing their care with family members..wearing tight "running gear"..there must not have been much to see.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Driving While The Blackest Man On The Internet

DV Jr.  has a job.  Kid is really on his money game.  He works in a barbershop, sweeping floors and running errands for the barbers.  Clocks @ $120 a week in tips.  Keeps it in a safe his grandfather gave him for his birthday.  Probably sitting on a couple of G's by now.  12 years old.

Anyway, he's late to work.  I've agreed to drop him off.  Problem is, cable guy is on the way to fix the internet service at the crib.  You know how they give you a 12 to 3 window.  I decide to risk it and run little man to his gig.

Of course as soon as we are half way there, phone rings.  It's Snack:  "Daddy!  Where are you?  The Cable guy is here."

'OK booboo.  Show him where the modem is.  Tell him I will be back in 5 minutes.'

"But Daddy, he says he can't come in unless there is someone 18 here too."

"What.  Ahh man.  OK.  Ask him to wait. Tell him I will be there in 5 minutes!"

To DV Jr. "Hey son, I'm going to bust a UTurn here.  You walk up to the corner and go to work.  It will save me 5 minutes of messing with that traffic at the intersection.  Cool?"

"Sure Dad".

As soon as the car passes in the opposite direction, I bust a U ... right in front of a cop car.

Ohhhhhhh Shhhhhhhiiiiiit.

Before the cop can flick on his light.  Before he can motion me over.  I stop the car right up next to him.  Window to Window.  I roll down.  He rolls down.  I look at him.  He looks at me.  I smile.  Cop smiles.

Cop says: "You know I got you don't you?"

I say: "Yup".

Just then another car does the same thing right behind me.

A white cat in a metallic blue Toyota Camry does the same thing.

Cop says:  "Whoa! Another one.  Hold on".

As the cop motions the other car over, I turn to DV Jr.  "Hey man.  Go on to work.  No need for you to be late."

Little man opens the passenger door and starts walking.

Cop says (with a smile)  "Where you going?"

DV Jr. (with a smile)  "To work".   Little man steps off up the street.

Cop walks around to my window.

Before he can get started.  I tell him Y"eah officer.  My son was a little late to work and my daughter is home alone.  Cable guy just rang the bell. I was trying to save some time to get back.  My bad."

Cop says:  "Let me see your license .... How old is she?"

"She's 10."

Cop says "Hold 1."  He walks up to the white cat in the Camry.

A few minutes go by.  I hear the white boy yelling.  Cop writes him a series of tickets and walks back to my car.

Cop says "OK.  I could give you 5 tickets.  That's a double yellow line you know?  I just gave that guy 3 tickets.  But any man dropping his son at work and rushing to get his daughter can't be too bad." 

He kneels down and says to me ... "pretend like you are signing this paper ..." and hands me a pen.

I take the pen and write an invisible signature in the air above the paper.

"Be careful, we're always sitting here."  He taps me on the shoulder, smiles and steps off.

Hustle Hard.

Constructive Feedback said...

You are alright with me DV

The other FOOL failed to see what you saw - A MAN I INSIDE OF THAT UNIFORM.

The other FOOL - regardless of his race - pissed off the man in the uniform. You piss me off - I am going to work within my range of power to SCREW YOU.
This is just the way it is.

YOU on the other hand sufficiently detailed to him the emergency situation that you faced - with your young daughter - you followed it up with supporting behavior and due respect - he WORKED WITH YOU.

This is one for republishing.
Good job bro.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brothas Gonna Work It Out II (This Glass of Herbal Infusion Has More Nutrition Than A Case of Gatorade and 10 Gallons of Orange Juice)

Anonymous D.Smith said...
Wow CNu...that's some good stuff, man. I hear you when you say you initially looked at what DV was suggesting as narcissistic and vain, especially when coupled with DMG's "40 dollar loaf of bread" comments.

But you got in time though. You figured it out through a want of achievement for your son. You didn't have to get to the point where you're laid up in a hospital bed somewhere. Or in my case, having to leave school to be there for my old man so I could help him put his shoes on and carry him around with half his colon missing.

All the while feeling mad, sad and straight confused, because family would refuse to acknowledge that his diet almost did him in; they still talking that "you was raised on this" nonsense fifteen years later. Truth is, I myself wasn't necessarily. And I don't have time to be trying to fit in with a bunch of folks getting fitted for pine boxes years too soon; family or not.

He's still kickin' though; I always thought my father was invincible when I was a kid. Know that's not the case at all now. But I have to strive to do better than him, and just like you, strive to make sure my son (and daughter) follows and does better than me.

Good job, brother.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Woe To Those Who Call Evil Good, And Good Evil; Who Put Darkness For Light, And Light For Darkness; Who Put Bitter For Sweet, And Sweet For Bitter"

 "God's words first ... obey God's law first before considering the laws of man," Pacquiao said in response to how he felt about Obama's public support of same-sex marriage.  

"God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married, only if they so are in love with each other. It should not be of the same sex so as to adulterate the altar of matrimony, like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah of Old."

"That doesn't weaken families. That strengthens families," he told gay and lesbian supporters and others at a fundraiser hosted by singer Ricky Martin and the LGBT Leadership Council. "It's the right thing to do."

Soul Food ... Before White Folks Taught Negros Pork Was Soul Food

Monday, May 14, 2012

Brothers Gonna Work It Out

CNu said...
DV, put up one-them archival posts on harder to change a man's diet than his religion.

14 days of vegetarianism in, (just cutting out the meat, not trying any veeganistic alchemy) I'm down fifteen pounds, feeling good, sleeping good, quicker and with increased stamina. Little boy down 8 pounds and reporting the same.

Denmark Vesey said ...
Big Ups Big Ups!

Now you talkin'!

But peep.

It's not "vegetarianism".

it's DVism.

"Cutting out meat" is tangential.

A lot of fat vegans running around.

It's the cutting out of toxins across the board and the addition of nutrient dense real food that's put a bounce in ol' CNu's step.

Fist tap to Jr. from the Blackest Man On The Internet

The Punking of Barack Obama • Introduction To The Art of The Non-Issue • DV University • Spring 2012

1) "Gay Marriage"(an oxymoron like 'promiscuous virgins') is a non-issue designed to distract Plantation Negros and Plantation Crackas.

2) No one really gives shit who "marries" whom.  

3)  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are the same candidate, controlled by the same evil puppet masters.

4)  America is becoming a prison.  The inmates are kept sick, fat and stupid because the sick the fat and the stupid are easy to control.

Sunday, May 13, 2012