Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brothers Gonna Work It Out • Sticman of Dead Prez Teaches More Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health In 5 Minutes Than Most Learn In 5 Years of Plantation Schooling

Denmark Vesey said ...
Every Plantation School in America has some sort of "Physical education" program. Yet 60% of the students are overweight, obese, pre-diabetic and on their way to a lifetime of degenerative disease and early death.

Were the federal government to spend 1/1000 of the tax dollars that they spend each year on health and phys ed in Plantation schools.... on a physical education program designed and operated by brothers like Sticman ... we could avoid millions of ruined lives and save billions of lost funds treating unnecessary sickness.

Imagine how many more young people this brother could motivate to develop themselves physically, mentally and spiritually, than some fat hamburger eating gym instructor with a college degree from AnyState University.
cadeveo said...
Actually, it's not about fat gym teachers, man. Physical education is being phased out completely. Got friends who are in the public school system out here. P.E. for most grades is once a week. Once a week. Twice is a luxury. Recess is fifteen minutes.

Bill Gates, our newest "benevolent," "altruistic" billionaire education philanthropist and other industrialists like him want a system of "school to work" for their future drones.

If our generation got sitting at a shitty desk doing busy work for 13+ years of our lives to prepare many of us for passively sitting at a different shitty desk (one close to a water cooler or a coffee machine) doing busy work rather than SKILLED work, just imagine what's in store for the kids going through the system now. The big collapse of the economy may be the their last best chance, if they aren't homeschooled or de-schooled by good parents at home after 3pm, to have a window on actually getting a real education for life in the real world as free people instead of worker ants.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Intermediate Hegelian Head Fake 005 • The Presidency Is A Reality TV Show •DV University • Spring 2011

"But what we can do, as flawed as we are, is still see God in other people, and do our best to help them find their own grace. That's what I strive to do, that's what I pray to do every day."
Barack Obama

Protect Your Health • Stay Away From Medical Doctors • They Are Glorified Drug Dealers • An Introduction To Herbal Infusions • DV University • Spring 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised • Professor Gil Scott Heron April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011 • DV University • Spring 2011

The CIA sponsored hoaxes laughingly called "revolutions" in the middle east are perfect examples of the fake, managed revolts about which Brother Heron warned.

Replacing one NWO puppet for another NWO puppet is not a revolution.  It is a Hegelian Head Fake.

It's The Diet Stupid ... Is The Government Putting Something In The Food That Is Causing Negros Brain Damage?

Constructive Feedback said...
Brother DV: Can you detail for me the great differences between "Wally World" and your boy Lil Wayne? While Lil Wayne has more lyrical craftiness - the intellectual value of their product doesn't go too far past a Friday night pole dancing episode at Magic City or Blue Flame.
Denmark Vesey said ... 
Au Contraire mon Frere.  
DV rejects your premise prima facie. 

In fact I submit that Lil Wayne has demonstrated more intellectual value than, for example, the entire Congressional Black Caucus ... combined.
Give me one quote ... statement ... idea ... thought or meme of any intellectual value from any member of the Congressional Black Caucus  _______________?

Hell, the ghetto negro who did this Walmart video is a genius. 2 million hits in 2 days. Creative as hell.   Plantation  negros aren't bringing it this hard. Creativity and initiative are systematically destroyed in the school system. 

Which is why cats who were smart enough to drop out of school, and who, to some extent escaped what Plantation Schools do the mind, tend to be the most creative and prolific artists on the scene. (Kanye for example) 

Let's be honest Feed. You can no more discern the rap virtuoso of Lil Wayne any more than you can appreciate the operatic phrasing of Juan Diego Florez.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Plantation Negro vs The Inusrrectionist

Constructive Feedback said...

"Ms Officer" is an
ANTI-AUTHORITY song. Literally "Fuck The Police".

He gets a female who has taken the oath as a police officer to call off her shift so HE can turn her back into just a female once again and "d_ck her down".

He respects her BOOTY rather than her BADGE!!

Denmark Vesey said ...


Come bruh.

As opposed to what?  Pro-Authority?

What does that look like?

 If Bob Dillan wrote "Mrs. Officer" you'd be in your draws right now lip-synching it on Guitar Hero. 

Why would you expect the victims of a for-profit justice system to be anything but anti-authority?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Later For Oprah Winfrey - Cynthia McKinney Is The Most Courageous, Significant & Relevant Black Woman In America. MLK Would Be Proud

Cynthia McKinney
Live From Tripoli Libya

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Advanced Fatherhood 002 • Do Not Allow The Government To Parent Your Children • DV University • Spring 2011

Dear Mr. Vesey,

DV Jr. has told me that you disagree with the Revere detention policy and that you will not allow him to serve his detention.  I sent you a memo explaining his detentions on April 18.  He tells me that you refuse to sign it.

The Revere Student Handbook states: the consumption of gum and candy is prohibited in all areas of the school building.  Because he was chewing gum in class, DV Jr. has to serve detention for one hour after school.  This is standard school policy.

The Revere Student Handbook states: Three tardies will result in a detention. 
DV Jr. was late to school four times, so he has to serve detention for one hour after school.  This is standard school policy.  When this detention was assigned, DV Jr. failed to report.  He did not discuss this with me in advance.  So he has an additional detention for skipping the first detention.

DV Jr.  needs to serve three detentions:  for gum, for tardiness, and for skipping detention.  Detention is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   Please inform me of the dates he will serve.

Thank you,

M. Rainey
Paul Revere Middle School

Dear Ms. Rainey,

DV Jr. is correct.  I will not allow him to serve detention.  Not because I 'disagree with the Revere policy', but because I do not believe detention is an effective tool to achieve the results we want from DV Jr.  I believe detention, like its cousin - incarceration, is a poor method of rehabilitation.

DV Jr. is a member of a prestigious junior golf program.  He is scheduled to compete in a series of tournaments this spring and summer.  Because of his tardiness and violation of school rules regarding the chewing of gum in class I have decided to remove DV Jr. from the program.  He will not be allowed to participate until his mother and I receive some sort of indication DV Jr. is abiding by school rules and conducting himself in an honorable manner consistent with what his family expects of him.

Please understand this is no attempt to shield DV Jr. from the consequences of his actions.  Exclusion from this program will have a far more profound impact on his conduct than 3 hours of detention. 

Thank you,

Denmark Vesey
 Dana111  said ...
I really like this post.  

Parents who allow the government to punish their children will also allow the government to raise their children, feed their children, entertain their children, and send their children off to war.

The responsibility lies with parents to make sure that children do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing, not because of some outside impersonal and imperialistic influence. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

If I Had A Dime For Every Plantation Negro Mime ...

Nate The Great said...
Yea, you don't get it. I'll stick around with my fingers crossed until I get bored with your condescending "deep" comments. Every interaction is a learning experience for both parties. Until you acknowledge that I will not acknowledge you as an educator, but a pimp. You know, they always have to maintain some imaginary level of dominance. They relate to you from above, never eye to eye. Hoes often think that's because they're powerful/intelligent/etc. Riiiight.

You pretending to son me is not only erroneous, it's unrealistic... even if you were as well versed as you think you are, my brotha.

Denmark Vesey said ...
If I had a dime...
for every Plantation Negro mime,
who fell through the spot,
with that tired ol' pimp line
mouth full of swine  
guts entwined
with genetically modified bovine ...

mad cuz DV shine
without even tryin'...
I'd buy a G5 airline,
a crib on the St. Lucian coastline
and recline in the sunshine
along a tropical shoreline
 a nine tucked in the waistline
for the haters tryin' to malign
the thousand year bloodline.

Denmark Vesey is the sublime byline.
Go somewhere Nate.  

Boy, it's your bedtime.

Howard University Class of 1900 • They Don't Make Brothers Like They Used To ...

Before integration, compulsory schooling, the civil rights movement, welfare, war on drugs, vaccines, and genetically modified foods, black people were on their way to true social and economic power.

Now we have no community, are poorly educated, no political power,  broken families with marginalized men, over a million black people in prison, and a younger generation of obese gender blurred half-gay partially sterilized young people with compromised immune systems.
What's it going to take to realize the government is not our friend?

Get A Dude • An Introduction To Race, Sex and Excuses • Professor Emeritus Ugly Black John • DV University • Spring 2011

uglyblackjohn said...

In my experience, fine Black women don't care but women with other problems seem to care too much about race. 

Meaghan, Halle, Iman, ... - all could pretty much pick and choose.  Mo'Nique, Nene, ... have to fixate on race as their excuse.

*I just had a meeting with my liquor reps before a club opened.  Both were nice looking and white. As car loads of single Black women waiting outside noticed that I walked two white girls to their cars and gave them hugs, screams were heard.

Yeah, I got the side eye from each woman as she entered the club.
But their real problem wasn't that I thanked my white liquor reps for hooking me up.  Their problem was that they lacked game so badly that they had to arrive at a club before it opened without a partner.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

... 'Splain It To Me Lucy?

Illmath aka ricepaddyra said...
fifth winningest coach in NBA history. It's a great opportunity to prove oneself. 

I'm from LA tho and the last thing I want to hear is my Mexican brothas and sistas talkin' that yang about Phil Yackson was de best bullshit. He better make that shit happen.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Adv Plantation Negro Propaganda 303 - MEME: "College" As The Underground Railroad

The people who created and funded the NAACP were certainly intent on instilling the meme that "paying for college" was the key to Negro "development" weren't they? LOL. I mean this piece goes HARD. It's like go to college or go back to slavery. LOL. No wonder DMG thinks he's made it.

Have you ever seen anything like this for any other group of Americans?

Ummm. Imagine if Marcus Garvey or Malcolm had had access to these types of propaganda resources. Wow. Imagine if The Honorable Elijah Muhammad could have produced commercials like this entitled "How To Eat To Live" back in the 70's. Imagine how healthy and alive our people would be today, instead of obese with disease, college degrees ... and debt.

"Daddy What Did You Do During The War To Free The Plantation Negros?"

Makheru Bradley said...

What do you suggest as a viable alternative DV?

Denmark Vesey said ...
I am not "suggesting" an alternative Makheru.

I have built an alternative.

It is called Denmark Vesey University.

I am offering Plantation Negros around the world a better education than that which they went into debt to purchase from the Education Industry.

By framing it as an Up-From-Slavery Biblical pilgrimage the Plantation marketed "College" to Negros in exactly the same manner they marketed "Civil Rights". As a path to freedom. As ticket to heaven.

We've trained the last 3 generations of American consumers to view "college" as a right of passage. A necessity which assured the graduate a certain lifestyle, status and wealth.

That's turned out to be a complete lie. College graduates are just as often laid off, in more debt, just as obese, just as likely to get diabetes, just as likely not to Have A Chick, just as likely to be on prescription drugs, just as likely to eat GMO, just as likely to eat Factory Pork and just as likely to vaccinate their children as are their counterparts with GEDs.

True education empowers people. Love it or hate it. Agree or Disagree. DenmarkVesey.Net empowers people. That's why they come back.

The Education System that shapes Plantation Negros, even the "smart" ones like CNu, indoctrinates them more than it educates them.

Which is why all they can do when the graduate is serve the government / Corporate / Pharmaceutical industrial complex.

We at DenmarkVesey.Net challenge the pillars of Plantation Indoctrination: Education. Medicine. History. Law. Race. Sex. Art. We deprogram and reengineer people to more carefully consider what is in their ultimate self-interest.

This program, expanded online, with the nutrition and dietary protocol alone, could create more real wealth within the black community than all of the Historically Black Colleges combined.

So, Makheru, your contribution deserves congratulations. Please continue to teach the 25 young brothers to garden. We need that.

I will teach you what to plant.

Friday, May 20, 2011

84% 0f College Graduates Believe This Is Barack Obama's Grandmother

fist tap HotMF Wax

Has Selling Drugs Empowered More Black Men Than Has Going To College?

Big J said...

Seriously, that may be the dumbest thing I've heard. Yeah, that crack competes with Tylenol. Big J
Denmark Vesey said ...

Seriously, that may be the most intellectually lazy and unimaginative analysis I've heard.

Nah, crack doesn't compete with Tylenol but it damn sure competes with Ritalin.

Marijuana doesn't compete with Tums but it damn sure competes with the "Social Anxiety" drugs.

Heroin doesn't compete with Robitusin, but it damn sure competes with Vicodin.

Do you not realize crystal meth and Dexadrine are cousins?

Give it a polysyllabic scientific name and slap the label of a corporate pharmaceutical on battery acid and some Negros would swear up and down IT'S A MEDICAL MARVEL.
Criminalize Prozac, make it profitable to deal, and people will be cooking it up in trailer parks all around America in 6 months.
Drugs are drugs.
"Legal" = corporate monopoly.
"Illegal" = outside the monopoly.

Where Are The Baby Girls In India? • An Introduction To The Technocracy, Abortion & What Happens When Men Play God • DV University Spring 2011

Where are India's millions of missing girls?
India's 2011 census shows a serious decline in the number of girls under the age of seven - activists fear eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in the past decade. 

Geeta Pandey
BBC in Delhi

Kulwant has three daughters aged 24, 23 and 20 and a son who is 16. In the years between the birth of her third daughter and her son, Kulwant became pregnant three times. Each time, she says, she was forced to abort the foetus by her family after ultrasound tests confirmed that they were girls.

"My mother-in-law taunted me for giving birth to girls. She said her son would divorce me if I didn't bear a son." Kulwant still has vivid memories of the first abortion. "The baby was nearly five months old. She was beautiful. I miss her, and the others we killed," she says, breaking down, wiping away her tears.

Until her son was born, Kulwant's daily life consisted of beatings and abuse from her husband, mother-in-law and brother-in-law. Once, she says, they even attempted to set her on fire. "They were angry. They didn't want girls in the family. They wanted boys so they could get fat dowries," she says. India outlawed dowries in 1961, but the practice remains rampant and the value of dowries is constantly growing, affecting rich and poor alike. Kulwant's husband died three years after the birth of their son. "It was the curse of the daughters we killed. That's why he died so young," she says.

Boondocks • "Dick Riding For Obama" • Has The President Lost All Credibility With Black Americans? How Long Will The Plantation Negros Maintain Their Blind Support?

fist tap Sista Sep

What Do College Degrees and MacMansions Have In Common? Declining Market Value

By Don Lee
December 14, 2009

Reporting from Washington - The unemployment rate dropped last month for men and women, blacks and whites, lifting hopes that the long dry spell in the jobs market may be coming to an end. But for recent college graduates and other young adults, the labor situation didn't just remain dire -- it got worse.

For 20- to 24-year-olds, the jobless rate rose four-tenths of a percent to 16% in November, even as unemployment nationally slipped to 10% from 10.2%.

And data from the Labor Department show that the unemployment figure for college graduates in that age group was 10.6% in the third quarter -- the highest since early 1983 and more than double the rate for older college-educated workers.

Kyle Daley, 22, of Walnut Creek, Calif., provides a grim case study. In June, Daley graduated from UCLA, one of the country's best universities. He received a degree in political science. His grade-point average: a solid 3.5.

Since January, he has applied for about 600 jobs, mostly entry-level positions such as office assistant, junior analyst and marketing associate. He has reached out to small firms and Fortune 500 companies in aerospace, entertainment, finance and government, from Alabama to Washington state.

The results: two interviews, one in person and another over the telephone, neither of which panned out. Compounding his financial bind, Daley doesn't have enough work history to qualify for jobless benefits. So he lives with his parents and gets around with mass-transit tickets from his mom.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apocalypse Rapture & The Hegelian Head Fake • The Plantation Media Promotes Religious Kooks To Discredit Faith In Anything But The Plantation

JH said...
Coverage of the "end of the world story" can only be explained as secular media jumping at any chance to make religous people look stupid.

The story iteself doesn't deserve any press coverage...the sect is wack/useless...but peep, more and more, the press wants to highlight the "crazy guy who believes in God"...just like highlight the "ignorant negro" when they interview crowds at murder scenes. They're creating another archetype in "crazy God guy"....in hopes of identifying all religion and belief as a fools game.

I'd rather have this "Christian Cracka" leading his people than the same number of people worshiping the "Real Housewives".

Who Is Better Educated?

Aisha Spaulding graduated high school in 2002.  She attended FIT in New York for 1 year.  She spent 3 months studying yoga in India.  She was a dancer on a Caribbean Cruise ship for 4 months.  She teaches bikram yoga and works in a raw food restaurant in Santa Monica. She plans to produce and distribute a line of Yoga instructional videos.
Lavinia Brooks graduated summa cum laude from Howard University in 2006. She went without work for 18 months. Her student loans were close to $42,000.  She took part in a Teach for America boot camp and now teaches special education in a D.C. charter school. She says she likes her job but is considering returning to school and studying marketing.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Is The Global Government Promoting Homosexuality? • Introduction To Eugenics, Social Engineering & The Depopulation Agenda • DV University • Spring 2011

Marco from Sao Paolo said ...
"In Brazil the government is promoting a "gay kit", a series of DVDs showing explicit gay behavior in kids, to be shown to junior high students in an effort to prove to them that homosexuality is normal.

In the future, nothing will be impossible. Medical news, such as the recent study showing that gays have double the incidence of cancer, will be censored.

Conservative blogs and religious radio and TV programs will be outlawed. If you fire a lazy, incompetent gay employee, you will go to jail. If you don't hire a gay person, you go to jail. If you quote a Bible passage about homosexuality, you go to jail. If you complain about two guys making out in a restaurant in front of your kids, you go to jail (the law specifically says so).

The contents of this blog post would be enough to put me in jail. Society will be at mercy of a special caste, with special privileges. Even this week, a large mall in a fashionable area in Sao Paulo had to put a security guard inside the bathroom, because gay men were having sex in public."