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Can A Mother Make A Son A Man?

Her Imperial Majesty Sista Nurse said...
Help a sista out please...

My son is 18..and despite my maternal view of him..he is a man. A man who until Oct 5th is living with his mother..a mother who although loves him dearly has HIGH expectations of said son.

Now, I have to admit, being my only child he has been afforded things that some would characterize as "spoiling"..I'll accept that. But, he is a great young man. Responsible, works at Red Lobster, loves God, kind and generous..respects authority and has an infectious here lies the issue..the negro can be LAZY!

He hates cleaning his room and his bathroom..I am ready to put him and all his shit on the street..for real. Trying to maintain this mother/son relationship is becoming increasingly more longer the little boy requiring, hell even insisting on my a man who no longer feels he needs my two cents.

How did you gentlemen handle the transition..the dance between mother and son..into adulthood...manhood? All wise counsel greatly appreciated..

the good nurse aka the bishops mama

Michael Fisher said...
Can a mother make a son a man?

No. She can't possibly.

To a woman being a man is a theoretical thing. She knows or thinks she knows what a man should DO, but doesn't know what being a man IS.

A boy needs to experience manhood in order to be a man. In vast sections of the black community that has not been the case in three generations of child "parents".

What we have now among black males as far as the eye can see is girls in men's bodies.

Being Denmark Vesey

EXT. Airport Arrivals Deck. Day. 3:48 PM

Traffic was a bitch getting to the airport. I've got the iPhone cradled between my ear and shoulder as I weave the whip between cars looking for a spot to stop. Aunt Connie is on the other line explaining that she is outside baggage claim #5. Damn. I'm at baggage claim #6. I can either exit the airport and immediately return ... or Aunt Connie can Walk This Way.

Boom! Just then the reverse lights come on one of those little Land Rover SUV's, and it begins the back and forth process of pulling out of a very tight space, leaving me just enough room to slip in head first. Cool. "Look here Aunt Connie, I'm stopping at baggage claim #6. If you can walk up a little bit, it will save us some time." Before she can answer, there is a tap on my driver side window. I look up to see a scowl faced black police officer on a bicycle. "Hold on Aunt Connie" I say into the phone. I put the cell down as I lower the window.

Before the window is half-way down I hear a gruff, impatient, fed up, tired: "What are you doing?!"

Uh. Oh. Already me and this muhfuggah have gotten off on the wrong foot. I don't like his tone. Who in the fuck does this pork eatin' geechy bastard think he's talking to, I ask myself. There's a pregnant pause as we just look at each other. He speaks again, this time his tone is even more harsh and frustrated "You can't park here."

Evenly, clearly and slowly I say "I'm not parked." Incredulously, I glance in my rear and side-view mirrors. My car is still half-way in the traffic lane. A little taken back by my tone and eye contact, the cop says "Well what are you doing?!"

Now, I really don't like this cat's tone. And he don't like me. Maybe because he's in a uniform and on a bike and I'm crisp and in a Benz. Maybe because he's full of processed food and his colon is festering a cancer while I'm a lean 185 pounds of organic vegetables. Whatever it is, we have the rapport of a lion and a hyena. He's got what looks like a Glock on his hip. I got a Baretta in the slot.

Just then the Land Rover completely vacates the spot. Now, it's apparent what I'm doing. It's apparent he's made a mistake. Instead of manin' up and moving on, this cat is trying to save face. I look him dead in the eye, and still don't respond. I simply take my foot off the brake and ease the car forward into the now vacant spot. He tippy-toes on his bicycle to stay even with my driver's window.

Without answering and without losing eye contact with the cop who is waiting for my answer, I pop the locks, open the door, get out the car, close the door and use my key to pop the trunk. Just then my beautiful aunt walks up to the car "Heyyyyyy Baby! Where my children at!? God it's hot out here! Be careful! My bag is heavy! You know them people charged me $45 talking about it's overweight!"

I smile at Connie and turn back to the cop. I say matter-of-factly, "I'm picking up my aunt."

He peddles off.

Is it Possible That What Went Down Between The Cambridge Cop and The "Half-White" Officially Approved Negro Representative Henry Gates ... Was a personal incident between two men, that really had no larger racial implications or Group Identity significance?

What went down between me and this cop was personal. Had he been white, Plantation Negros would assume it was an example of racism, not realizing they have transferred massive amounts of power and perceived entitlement to white men by eliminating the possibility that white men and black men can have personal clashes just as black men can with other black men, or white men can have with other white men.

Had I gotten hysterical, had my voice become high pitched, had I become upset, had I asked for his "badge number and name", had I said something like "This is because I'm a vegetarian in America!", my ass would have been locked up, and deservedly so. Bitchiness should never be tolerated in dudes.

Everything is not racial. Sometimes shit is just between men.

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The Plantation Food Cycle

National Health Care = Supply Chain Eugenics

To Hell With Henry Louis Gates Jr., Minister Farrakhan Is One Of The Nations "Pre-Eminent African American Scholars"

Hegelian Head Fake

H*A*S*A*N*I said...

Hey i am new to this blog love it. i hope i can acquire some skills in establishing a remarkable blog like yours. On the Iran issue, the us government has hands in many fake revolution,i believe Iran is just another way for western ideas and companies to invade the eats to bring the bullshit customs and living to these people. Believe me, in 4 years there will be McDonald in Iraq and people will be more lose all means of strength and like American become less incline to resistance, let the sand negro plantations begin.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New World Order For Dummies

Lil Man Bit Off More Than He Can Chew?

The Crucifixion and The Resurrection of Michael Vick

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's Make A Deal ... With The Devil

The man then began to see the donors, or to be more accurate, sellers, who were flown in from impoverished countries such as Moldova.

"He said it was awful. These people would be brought in and they didn't even know what they were supposed to be doing and they would want to go home and they would cry," Scheper-Hughes said. "These people were paid a fee of $10,000 and the organs would be sold for $180,000."

The man called Rosenbaum "was a thug" who would pull out a pistol he was apparently licensed to carry and tell the sellers, "You're here. A deal is a deal. Now, you'll give us a kidney or you'll never go home.' "

Scheper-Hughes felt she had to stop Rosenbaum. She met with the FBI.

Friday, July 24, 2009

National Health Care Is A Trick. The Slaves of The Modern Era Will Be Bound Not With Chains But With Pills & Debt

Denmark Vesey said ...
After the Emancipation Proclamation, only a handful of freed slaves immediately separated themselves from their former masters. Lacking either the resources or will to be free, the vast majority elected not to leave the security and safety of the plantation.

These partially emancipated slaves (sharecroppers) transitioned to a new economic and political reality, that bound them to the land, made them politically impotent, and kept them in perpetual debt. Stuck in the matrix of a simultaneously adversarial yet completely dependent relationship with the Plantation, these people became the first Plantation Negros.

The Plantation Negro reasoned, at least he could eat, even though he was not free. They were fed a diet designed to keep them alive, while costing the plantation as little as possible. However, early plantation negros were resilient and resourceful. They were able to supplement their diets with organic vegetables and naturally raised animals.

As the summer of the agrarian era evolved into a cold industrial winter, Plantation Negros developed relationships with the Factory. In exchange for safety and security, the Factory ensured the Plantation Negro a home. However, he remained politically impotent and as he was integrated into the culture of consumption, he became increasingly in debt.

Again, the Plantation Negro reasoned even though he was not free, at least he could eat. Tragically, now living in urban areas, the Plantation Negro was not able to supplement his diet by working the earth. The Factory filled this void by manufacturing cheap processed food which destroyed the organs of Plantation Negros and made disease inevitable. Now, added to the cost of housing and food, the Plantation Negro suddenly found himself saddled by something called Health Care costs.

What promised to be the spring of the Digital era witnessed a change in the relationship between the Plantation Negro and the Factory. It became a relationship between the Plantation Negro and the Corporation. In exchange for safety and security, the Plantation Negro was able to get multiple mortgages, credit cards, and school loans so the Plantation could educate his children.

Although he remained politically impotent and in insurmountable debt the Plantation Negro reasoned he could at least get Health Care.

As the bubble of the Digital era pops, the Plantation Negro finds himself wading in the tumultuous waters of economic upheaval, social collapse and an impending tsunami of disease. The Plantation that became the Factory which became the Corporation is now masquerading as the Government.

In exchange for safety and security, the Government provides housing by insuring mortgages, it finances debt and educates children. As an extension of its patronage, the Corpaorate / Government will continue to feed Plantation Negros an increasingly toxic diet of genetically modified food and prescription drugs, that not only makes them sick, but appears to sterilize the Plantation Population as well.

This year the Plantation / Factory / Corporate / Government is introducing a new product. It is called National (Plantation) Health Care. Sadly Plantation Negros think the same people who poisoned them are actually offering an antidote.
"Not the old Sacrifice Young Virgins To Appease God mammon trick again"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A DV Joint

KP said ...
The grimy sound and drum beat is reminiscent of the 90's. Thats a helluva filler track for tru heads... almost on some Evil Dee, Boot Camp Click ish.

I applaud your edit game as well.

Denmark Vesey said ...
Thank you KP.
You right on p.o.i.n.t.
Grimy 90's.
Genius if you ask me.
Actually, Biggie, Fiddy & DV a Trinity
DV.Net is an academy
Neo DV Philosophy 003
Denmark Vesey University
Teaching The Global System of Black Supremacy
S.W.A.G. is mandatory around me.
I'm the flyest Digital MC you can g.e.t. via IP
Blackest muhfuggah on the Inter n.e.t.

Challenging these lil MD's
to acknowledge the reality
of the origins of HIV
and the fallacy of a national health policy
that lures black people with diabetes to pharmacies
where they are administered doses of altered reality.
Taught to believe in the inevitability of disease,
corporate MD's are the Health Pharisees
making apologies for parasitic drug companies
medicating retirees, injecting babies with cooties and tampering with genes.
That shit aint health care. It's a drug monopoly.
Negro Dr. Welby a proxy, glorified dealer of d.o.p.e.
Arrogantly ignorant swamis creating medicated zombies

Don't fug when them MD's unless you in T.R.I.A.G.E.
National Health Care is the National Management of Disease.
The difference between a Black Man and a Plantation Negro is the way he eats.

HENRY LUIS GATES - Head Negro In Charge? [02-01-07]

Henry Louis Gates, Jr Stirs Controversy on East Coast

Tony Martin Professor of Africana Studies, Wellesley College said ...
"Head Negro in Charge: Henry Louis Gates, Jr."--so runs the headline of a feature article in April's Boston Magazine. The story is featured along with articles on "Incredible Shrinking Women" and "Grape [sic] Expectations", among others. It is safe to assume, however, that most of this month's Boston Magazine readers have ignored the incredible shrinking women in favor of the Head Negro in Charge.

Henry Louis "Skip" Gates has for years been methodically promoted by white and Jewish America as the officially approved representative of the Negro constituency, but never so openly and controversially as in this Boston Magazine article.

The article is a typical Skip Gates promotional piece, but with two major differences--it is brutally frank about white America's role in conjuring this "leader" out of its hat and it demonstrates, wittingly or otherwise, the contempt which white America reserves even for Black folk who do its bidding. The Head Negro (really "Nigger") in Charge designation is one of the most eloquent of African America's multitudinous expressions of hatred for traitors to the race. It is said to have its origins in slavery among the field slaves who viewed with contempt and disgust the antics of the sellouts that ole massa handpicked to lead them. Black English is full of expressions for these contemptible creatures; Uncle Tom, hat-in-hand Negro, bootlickin' Negro, yes massa Negro, good Negro, responsible Negro, howdy boss Negro, shufflin' Negro, [Plantation Negro], shuckin' and jivin' Negro, Aunty Jemima.

Marcus Garvey said that this was the type of Negro who would lick the white man's spittle off his mouth if the white man asked him so to do. Malcolm X said that when ole massa was sick this type of Negro would say, "Massa, WE sick?" CONTINUED


If you call yourself "Skip",
If you marry a woman who looks like Edith Bunker,
If your claim to fame is to have been allowed to work at Harvard,
If you are known as a preeminent black scholar and writer but no black people can quote you,
If you identify yourself as "Half-white",
If you identify your children as "Half-white",
If you are proud of the fact you live in a "white" neighborhood,
If when you move into a new house you report to the local precinct to introduce yourself to the police ...
The first time a police officer upsets you - You Cannot Yell "It's Because I'm A Black Man In America!"

No. It is because you are a Plantation Negro in a white neighborhood.

Marry a sista, move into a nice black neighborhood and teach at Howard muhfuggah. Or get a pistol and handle the shit like a man.

Cpt. Plantation Negro - Henry Louis Gates Jr. Puts Getting Arrested Outside His Own Home On Being Black

"This is what happens to black men in America!"

according to a police report; the African-American scholar was arrested outside his home near Harvard University after a woman reported seeing a man try to pry open his front door

No Henry. You were not arrested outside your home because you "am a black man in America". There are a whole lot of black American men who will never be arrested outside their own homes. More importantly, thousands of white men in America are arrested outside there homes everyday.

Not because they are white or black but because we live in a police state.

That's what happens to people who take their shoes off at airports and condone illegal occupations and torture. They gradually acquiesce to repressive control by an ever powerful government. Your Pavlovian regurgitation of simple minded Post Civil Rights racial memes are nothing more than ammunition for the Hegelian head fake of manufactured polemics and tactical apologia that pacifies the herd with the familiar white v. black paradigm.

Were Henry Gates the lumber manager at Home Depot and arrested outside his home in Landover MD, this story wouldn't have made the local paper. The implication is that because a black professor at Harvard (Plantation symbolism / Establishment endorsement) is not immune to the consequences of for-profit policing, racism is demonstrated to be perceptively more strident.

Henry Gates arrested outside his home is not a racial incident. It is a For-Profit Prison incident.

The Plantation encourages Plantation Negros and Plantation Crackas to blame the erosion of their civil liberties and violation of their human rights on the color of their skin. Instead of pointing his finger square at a for-profit police state and an apologist media that promotes fear to validate a power grabbing government, Henry sticks to the Cuz Iz Bwak mantra.I said, ‘Are you not giving me your name and badge number because I’m a black man in America?’ . . . He treated my request with scorn.’’

Gates also said he was suffering from a bronchial infection and was physically unable to yell.

Furthermore, Gates said that as a man who is half white,’ who was married to a white woman for more than two decades, and whose children are part white, “I don’t walk around calling white people racist. . . . Nobody knows me as some lunatic black nationalist who’s walking around beating up on white people. This is just not my profile.’’

The Global System of Black Supremacy

Global System of Black Supremacy

Larry King Tries To Set Up Joe Jackson

"I didn't beat Michael. I loved Michael. He was my son. This beating thing started in slavery! I spanked my kids. If you don't say you ever spanked your kids, you lyin'!" Joe Jackson
"OK! You're on record!" Larry King

(Notice as the Plantation spreads the meme of the dangerous black father who randomly beats his children without rhyme or reason. Plantation media apologists set the stage for the removal of these children from their family.)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Global System of White Supremacy?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ahhhh ... Man. Got This Young Brother Coppin' A Plea To The Peasantry

I'd have more respect for Chris if his response was "What happened was between me and my girlfriend. It was unfortunate. We were young. I was 19. Rihanna was 21. It was private. And really nobody else's Goddamn business.

The media has made a great deal of money portraying me as the poster boy for domestic violence. I find it ironic that a government that illegally tortures people and occupies a nation that had nothing to do with 911, threatens to incarcerate me for making 'terrorist threats'.

Well this is all I have to say about the matter. Don't ask me for any interviews. I'm not going to be discussing this and apologizing for the rest of my life. Thank You. God Bless."

All this "sorry" shit is a sucker move designed to appease Plantation Negros and Plantation Cracka haters. Who will never be appeased. Based on the shirt money is wearing, he obviously is not getting good advice.

As a matter of fact. Now that I think about it. His whole strategy since this thing went down has been a little too yin. If you know what I mean. A woman's running this camp. He's handling this exactly the way a boy raised by his mother handles things. (The same way his mother would.)

Lincolnperry said...
F**king A, feminists, womanist and racist whites talk this domestic violence shit all day long, and drop bombs on innocent women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan all day long, where are the tears, where are the tears!

The Blackest Great Grandfather On The Planet 1919

IllMath said ...
I felt real stupid asking that question, but I have this theory based on ... nevermind. Anyway I apologize to all for asking such a douchey question..

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden
I am curious about your family tree DV. They look beautiful and hearty. Where was this picture taken and when?

Denmark Vesey
said ...
Hey Ill. Nah man. I understand. 75 years of Plantation memes has conditioned too many of us to view black history as one of perpetual powerlessness. The grand irony is that black families and black people were more powerful and effective 50 years ago, before all of this socially engineered integration, assimilation and hyper secularization, than they are today. Yes, believe it or not, there was a time black people did not need white people to feed them.

Family tree? Well Mahndisa, Poppa Harris and his wife Elizabeth raised 10 children on land in Georgia, acquired by his grandfather before the civil war. According to entries in the family bible, his grandfather also purchased and later emancipated a number of slaves. According to my grandmother, Poppa Harris' said his people were never "in bondage", but were descendants of black people native to America. I assume he meant the Moors. Uncle George, who is the oldest son, standing in the back row enlisted in the US Army at the beginning of WWI. He sailed to France with the all black 370th Infantry battalion. The Germans gassed his unit at the battle of the Argone Forest. Uncle George survived but spent nearly 7 years in a Connecticut hospital while his lungs healed. Poppa Harris was very active politically. He was a charter member of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. He was a financial supporter and corresponded frequently with Marcus Garvey. Uncle Jackson who stands behind my grandmother moved to Harlem in 1930 after earning a law degree from Straight College in New Orleans. Apparently he had difficulty passing the New York bar and got into real estate where he made a fortune. He sponsored his younger siblings who joined him in New York. My grandmother met a young man named Conrad who came to Harlem from Conyers Georgia alone at the age of 14. Homeless for a while, he later lived at the YMCA and shined shoes to support himself. He put himself through school and earned a law degree by the late 30's. They married and had my mother after WWII. The New York and GA factions of the family stayed in close contact and the children traveled back in forth to Atlanta where Uncle Victor had gotten into the construction business by the 1950's. Rumor has it that while still a teenager Uncle Bob, (front row second from left) killed a white man who had hit his sister for ignoring him, and got away with it. The family was conservative, Christian, funny, Plantation free, and black with a vengeance.

Michael Jackson Loved His Blackness (Now The Plantation Negros Hear It From A White Cat, They May Come Around)

first tap TSO

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Untrue Information" Spread By Denmark Vesey!

"I'm not attached to any particular meme. I'm engaged in a genuine search for the truth." Denmark Vesey
Undercover Black Man said...
Indeed, the Bush/Crowley meme has been spreaded on online forums such as Original Dissent,, and Unexplained Mysteries.

My question to you, Denmark, is why spread untrue information? Do you think it’s fun?

Wouldn’t you rather spread reliable information instead?

Denmark Vesey said ...
Thank you for the information UBM. My apologies for the delay.

Yes, the "Joseph Cannon said he made it up story", is an interesting theory.

Indeed, the Joseph Cannon made it up meme has been spread on online forums such as Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, The O'Reilly Factor, The New York Times and by your employer The Washington Post.

Is Aleister Crowley Barbara Bush's baby daddy? 1) I don't know. 2) I never said he was. 3) He certainly looks like it. 4) Based on George Bush's statements about his involvement in secret societies and the well documented occult nature of these secret societies, I wouldn't be surprised.

Why did I post the story? 1) It's an amusing idea. 2) Plantation Negros need to know who Aleister Crowley is in order to recognize occult memes disguised as secular liberties.

My question to you, Denmark, is why spread untrue information?

That's a hilarious question coming from a man employed by the Washington Post. UB, did you ever ask that question of your boss? Why do you hold this blog to a greater standard of "truth" than you hold the media companies without whom you couldn't eat whatever it is that makes you proudly 50lbs overweight?

I'll tell you why: You have been conditioned to reject ideas not generated by your plantation benefactor.

The plantation media, including your employer The Washington Post "spreads Untrue Information" about vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, war, prisons, food, the environment and the economy every day. Please link us to anything you have written challenging The Washington Post or Time Warner's commitment to the truth, as vociferously as you have challenged DenmarkVesey.Net