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Be A Man. Get A Chick. Marry Her. Make A Baby... Everything Else Is Talk

Halloween is Christmas for Satanists

Richard Evans said ...
The significance of Halloween today isn't whether or not it was a day of mass human sacrifice by the Druids, derived from the Phoenician sacrifices to Moloch, even though it certainly was.

What we must understand about Halloween in modern times is that it's a mass magickal operation.  To understand that, we must understand how an occult magic operation works.

The late 20th century customs of Halloween especially in the United States may as well have been composed and directed by Aleister Crowley.   Crowley wrote rituals in the form of dramatic plays.  The actors would take on the the character of a god or goddess, or demons the magickian sought to invoke. 

It's really very simple.  By acting like the thing, you become the thing.  Crowley combined masquerade with Kabbalist invocations of demonic personality traits. He embedded them in dramatic scripts and in song lyrics.

It doesn't even matter if a participant is aware they're to become possessed, they only need to be persuaded to act out and hear the words.  This in fact is the how behavioral engineering has been done through the Hollywood movies, television shows and music industry.

Halloween has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  Halloween as we know it didn't exist in 1950.  Before 1966, it was  benign pointless excuse for children to parade door to door collecting free candy and an annual re-run of "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." 

However, the 1966 Madison Avenue marketing blitz called "The Year of the Monster" glamorized Halloween as a 'lifestyle'.

The blitz included a plethora of gory toys, glamor sustained through television shows and movies, including two prime time sitcoms, "The Adams Family", and "The Munsters".  Halloween as we know it was created by interests which we now identify as 'Illuminati' and Satanic.

Anton La Vey (Howard Levey) inaugurated the Church of Satan in 1966.  This wasn't coincidental.  La Vey's cult photos were disseminated in the major magazines.  La Vey thus was providing that Mardis Gras, Halloween image as a lifestyle.  The engine of conversion was sex  - let's be honest, any Satanists out there.  Halloween graduated from benign harvest celebration into a Sex and Death festival.   Sex and Death = Thanateros. Don't tell me that mix of costumes I saw at the grocery store last night dressed either as zombies, or SM sluts, (and I saw two cross dressing males)  isn't a merger of sex and death.

Snack ... What You Supposed To Be For Halloween? "I'm An Andy-War Activist Daddy!"

Plantation Negroitis

A man gets on his knees next to a car carrying U.S. President Barack Obama as he pulls away from Valois restaurant in Chicago, October 31, 2010.

DV Told Plantation Negros About Taking Their Shoes Off At The Airport - Give Technocrats An Inch They Take A Yard - Intro To Mass Mind Control & Social Engineering 002

October 30, 2010
The absurd accumulation of junk found on a UPS plane from Yemen to Chicago ridiculously described as an al-Qaeda bomb has provided the government with an excuse to conduct “an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams” and intimate “pat-downs,” more accurately described as breast and crotch groping.
It has been almost a decade since we were told Muslim cave dwellers made NORAD stand down and performed miracles with the laws of physics. Since that time not one airport instance of officialdom molesting millions of air passengers has produced a hidden bomb or threat to aviation.

In fact, as in the case of the fizzle pants non-bomber, the government has allowed potential threats to board aircraft. The idea is to get you accustomed to physically submitting to government thugs at airports and soon enough at the post office and local mall.
Anonymous said...
"Denmark Vesey is The Blackest Man on The Internets Mr. President"

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Baracka Flacka Flames Is The Blackest President On The Planet

fist tap HotMF Wax's daughter
Contemporary Plantation Negros will find themselves bothered by this video largely because they harbor a deep seeded impulse to impress white people.

Decades of "Black History Month" ingrained within them notions of Negro success characterized by the celebration of black precedent:  "The first black college graduate". "The first black baseball player".  "The first black mayor".  "The first black patent holder".  "The first black person to publish a book".  "The first black millionaire."  "The first black Miss America".  "The first black scientist".  "The first black person employed by IBM."  "The first black movie director". "The first black person to make use of the peanut".

Though shrouded by the Plantation in the accoutrements of prestige and accomplishment these ... memes ... proved to be a double edged sword.  On the surface they celebrated black achievement.  Beneath the surface they chiseled in stone the suggestion that Black people never did shit before this "first".

The first black "medical doctor" was NOT James McCune Smith, in 1837.  Brother Smith was beaten to that distinction by a brother who existed at least 6 or 7,000 years prior.  But that's another story.  Buying into this particular chain of memes serves to book-end and frame the Negro worldview and self-perception.

Today's Plantation Negro is anesthetized by the warm fuzzy of having "The First Black President" in the White House.  They perceive value in things that are ultimately valueless.  "The First Black President" is capitalizing on Plantation Negro solidarity while providing a diversion for those less invested in America to rob this nation blind, entangle us in unwinnable wars and to make Americans slaves to a creeping Technocratic bureaucracy and totalitarian police state.

The choreographed irreverence of this particular video is memetic genius.  Just because the President is black does not make the Presidency nor the Plantation sacrosanct.

Director Martin Usher and comedian James Davis have not produced coonery but probably the most important black commentary about the Presidency since Frederick Douglas waxed poetic about Abraham Lincoln.

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Farewell Brother Isaacs 1951 - 2010

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The Paris Davis Play List

What Mike Fisher's Generation Never Understood About Hip Hop

Intro To Memetic Guerilla Warfare 001 • DV University Fall Semester 2010 • Professor Emeritus Denmark Vesey • 3 Credits

Anonymous said...

"I love how black conservatives will believe any scientific study that backs up their worldview, no matter how wild it is. Why don't you believe the multitude of studies that prove that black men are intellectually inferior to whites and have a natrual affinity for crime?

 Denmark Vesey said ...
Because John Keats can't fuck with Biggie Smalls and George Bush sold more coke than Big Meech.

Got Chicken?

Anonymous said ...
Pathetic Americans live on garbage food and thus they have no resistance to any sort of germs. Yes, believe it or not hamburgers have no ability to fight disease, only promote it.

Then these ignorant drones move like sheep to the slaughter to get their vaccines. The toxins infect their little pin heads and cause them all sorts of harm. Then they go back to the quacks who injected the toxins into them looking for some magic bullet. The quack then searches his bag of tricks for more poison. In the end the ignorant drone is rendered a drug dependent drooling pathetic fool.

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Anybody Commit "Suicide" After This?

“Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems. Mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping. All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control.” - Secret and Suppressed, 2003

HotMFWax 1 ... DMG 0

HotmfWax said...
Speaking of scientific studies, The plantation media is starting to question themselves and their relationship to the real quacks.

New York Times?!

"He’s what’s known as a meta-researcher, and he’s become one of the world’s foremost experts on the credibility of medical research. He and his team have shown, again and again, and in many different ways, that much of what biomedical researchers conclude in published studies — conclusions that doctors keep in mind when they prescribe antibiotics or blood-pressure medication, or when they advise us to consume more fiber or less meat, or when they recommend surgery for heart disease or back pain — is misleading, exaggerated and often flat-out wrong. He charges that as much as 90 percent of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed. His work has been widely accepted by the medical community; it has been published in the field’s top journals, where it is heavily cited; and he is a big draw at conferences."

90% flawed!!!!!!!!! DV Atlantic Monthly!?

Rats jumping of the ships?.....

"Much of what medical researchers conclude in their studies is misleading, exaggerated, or flat-out wrong. So why are doctors—to a striking extent—still drawing upon misinformation in their everyday practice? Dr. John Ioannidis has spent his career challenging his peers by exposing their bad science."

"Of course, medical-science “never minds” are hardly secret. And they sometimes make headlines, as when in recent years large studies or growing consensuses of researchers concluded that mammograms, colonoscopies, and PSA tests are far less useful cancer-detection tools than we had been told; or when widely prescribed antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil were revealed to be no more effective than a placebo for most cases of depression; or when we learned that staying out of the sun entirely can actually increase cancer risks; or when we were told that the advice to drink lots of water during intense exercise was potentially fatal; or when, last April, we were informed that taking fish oil, exercising, and doing puzzles doesn’t really help fend off Alzheimer’s disease, as long claimed. Peer-reviewed studies have come to opposite conclusions on whether using cell phones can cause brain cancer, whether sleeping more than eight hours a night is healthful or dangerous, whether taking aspirin every day is more likely to save your life or cut it short, and whether routine angioplasty works better than pills to unclog heart arteries."

Rent Is Too Damn High Party! 50 Page Book Brothers More Relevant Than The EduMaCated Do Nothing Negros

Secularism Is A Religion Too ... Remember Where You Heard It First

Sam Harris addressed attendees at a debate sponsored by the Council for Secular Humanism last Saturday in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES — Energized by a recent Pew Research Center poll showing that atheists are more educated about religion than religious people, 370 atheists, humanists and other skeptics packed a ballroom at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel last weekend to debate the future of their movement.

They agreed on two things: 1) People can be good without religion, and 2) religion has too much influence. But they disagreed about how stridently to make those claims.

Politics Memes & Spells

Study Says Plantation Medicine Makes Breast Cancer Worse. Can DV Call 'Em or Can DV Call 'Em?

Hormone therapy raises breast cancer deaths: study
(Reuters) - Women who took hormone replacement pills had more advanced breast cancers and were more likely to die from them than women who took a dummy pill, raising new concerns about the commonly prescribed drugs, U.S. researchers said on Tuesday.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is the first to report more breast cancer deaths among women taking hormone replacement therapy.
And it contradicts prior studies that suggest women taking the drugs had less aggressive, easier-to-treat breast cancers.

"As opposed to the prevailing thought of two years ago, that cancers associated with estrogen plus progesterone would be favorable and not much of a problem, we are actually showing they are associated with an increased risk of death from breast cancer," Dr. Rowan Chlebowski of the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, who led the study, said in a telephone interview.

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Lisa Lampanelli Is The Blackest Fat White Bitch On The Planet

Cornell West Starting To Sound More & More Like Denmark Vesey ... Except For Seeking Salvation From The Federal Government

"Yes. I Too Am A Pawn In This Deadly Corporate Game of War For The Sake of War. Yes I Too Am A Bitch For The Israel Lobby". (August, 2007)

"What has always struck me about Senator Obama — and this is one of the reasons that I have endorsed his candidacy for president — is that a love for Israel and a desire to keep the Jewish people secure is evident not just in his work, but also in his heart," Rep. Robert Wexler

The US presidential hopeful Barack Obama will today say he is prepared to send troops into Pakistan to hunt down terrorists if he is elected to the White House.

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QUICK! Name 1 POLICY Difference Between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The War? Abortion? Foreign Policy? Federal Drug Laws? Income Tax? (January, 2008)

Couldn't help but notice Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave damn near the same speech. "Yes We Can" ... "Health care for all Americans" ... "Relieving us from the Tyranny of Oil" ... "Pay teachers what they are worth" ... "Bad drug companies" ... "Evil oil companies" ... "Change" ... "Change" ... "Change".

Obama was head and shoulders a better speaker, but they are both reading from the same script.

In fact. I'll Paypal anybody $200 who can name a POLICY difference between Clinton and Obama.

The only man still willing to talk to the American people like they are grown and have some sense is Ron Paul. While the pundits and peasants concern themselves with whether or not Hillary "seemed" authentic - Paul champions genuine policy changes that could save America.

There is something special about Obama, but he needs to take a chapter from the Ron Paul book and actually deal in issues and stop pacifying the intellectually lazy who vote for whom they "like".

Classical One said...
Perhaps after O's defeat tonight he will be forced to start talking about some real issues. The reason that Hillary and Obama don't talk more about the real differences between them is because there is so little difference between them.
Their idea of change looks down right quaint, compared to Ron Paul's idea of change. And really, are either one of them prepared to go far enough to change this country's trajectory?

Lil B Is The Blackest Rapper On The Internet - Brothers Reinvent Filmmaking - Global System of Black Supremacy

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Fight The New World Order. Make A Baby

Ab said...
"Fight the new world order-Make a baby" I love this one Denmark Vesey & the comments. 

When Groove Theory drops a new album i'm sure we'll all be motivated to fight & reproduce with the help of melodies, lyrics and lots of love.

The Plantation Negro Mind Deconstructed & DMG Explained ...

The Epistemological Cartel
In The Architecture of Modern Political Power, Daniel Pouzzner outlines the tactics employed by the elite to maintain their dominance.

Among them is: 'Ostensible control over the knowable, by marketing institutionally accredited science as the only path to true understanding'.  

Thus, the ruling class endeavors to discourage independent reason while exercising illusory power over human knowledge.

The Gay Teen Suicide Scam ... Can DV Call 'Em or Can DV Call 'EM?

Gay teens Asher Brown, 13, Seth Walsh, 13, and Justin Aaberg all committed suicide in 2010 in the face of alleged anti-gay bullying
by Richard Evans
The gay teen suicide scam has been working.  I say it's working because people I've asked about it here had fallen for it, until I asked the same question you did the other day:  why are gays supposedly suddenly ending it all when they're on a roll?

Of course they're not. The whole media campaign was packed and ready to pop like a Jack in the Box . Magazine covers in the checkout lines,  all- morning radio and TV talking head shows harping on it for two weeks.

One example of bullshit cases they're using as 'evidence' is a Seattle City Council meeting at which a gay guy showed up to ask that October be declared Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) history month. 

The City even endorsed it, but the punk went home and killed himself because somebody on the Council 'hurt' his feelings. Now the parents are blaming the City Council for his suicide - and so is national media.

Expert says media dangerously ignore mental illness in coverage of gay teen suicides

But that story is a setup for results already manufactured by this British study:

"Results Of the 1285 gay, lesbian and bisexual respondents who took part, 556 (43%) had mental disorder as defined by the revised Clinical Interview Schedule (CIS - R). Out of the whole sample, 361 (31%) had attempted suicide. This was associated with markers of discrimination such as recent physical attack (OR=1.7, 95% CI 1.3-2.3) and school bullying (OR=1.4, 95% CI 1.1-2.0), but not with higher scores on the CIS-R.

Conclusion of the study?: "Gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women have high levels of mental disorder, possibly linked with discrimination."

Yes.  They're saying that any mental disorder diagnosed in a homosexual or lesbian is a result of discrimination against them by a sexually repressive society and homophobes.  Kinsey's laughing his ass off - in hell.

The "Gay" Myth Starts To Unravel

So ... Paul Cameron Was Right
When most social scientists speak of homosexuality, they speak of sexual orientation and attractions with the understanding that homosexuality isn’t a choice.

This is true when it’s Focus on the Family, NARTH, and Exodus explaining homosexuality through the lens of modified Freudian theories.

This is also true when gay-affirming theorists promote a biological premise for homosexuality. The two sides rarely agree on anything, but at least they generally agree on this: Homosexuality is not a choice.

This is nonsense as far as Cameron is concerned.

Like most pro-hetrosexual activists, he dismisses outright the possibility that there might be a biological component to homosexuality. But unlike other anti-gay activists, he publicly scolds Dr. James Dobson and the entire anti-gay movement for promoting “the hocus-pocus of Freudian thought.” 

It turns out that in Cameron’s world there are only three causes of homosexuality: In FRI’s analysis, most of those who engage in homosexuality adopt these sexual activities and rebellious attitudes as a result of three kinds of experiences: (1) direct recruitment to homosexuality by seduction or molestation (particularly of the underage); (2) indirect recruitment via cultural institutions (e.g., the schools, media, churches) preaching that ‘homosexuality is another way to fulfillment and personal satisfaction;’ and (3) being around homosexuals as friends, acquaintances, or family members.

We would argue that these same mechanisms also account for most of those who take up smoking, drug abuse, or other common ‘bad habits.’

In Cameron’s world, homosexuality is not an orientation. It’s strictly about pleasure, a choice of entertainment: Homosexuality is particularly ‘sticky entertainment.’ Like drug addiction, it’s hard to break away from. But homosexuality transcends ‘sticky.’ It is so all-consuming that it tends to degrade the logic and character of those who indulge in it. …You have to be careful what entertainments you choose — what starts out as ‘fun,’ ‘interesting,’ or ‘a lark’ can end up controlling you. Societies have to be careful lest they aid and abet such foolishness.

Babylonian Jedi Mind Trick ... Calling Homosexuals ... "Fathers"

"How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris is a new father.  (NOT. More Sci-Fi Nerd Plantation, Say-Its-So-Makes-It-So, Hocus Pocus Memetic Bullshit)

The Emmy-winning child star-turned-comic actor and witty awards-show host welcomed twins earlier this week and tweeted the news Friday (October 15). "Babies!! On 10/12, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace entered the Burtka-Harris fold," Harris wrote. "All of us are happy, healthy, tired, and a little pukey."

Harris announced in August that he and his longtime partner, David Burtka, were expecting a pair of little ones. The couple became fathers with the help of a surrogate, according to reports.
fist tap Joanna


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Disease Is Man Made - God Don't Make No Mistakes • DV University Fall Semester 2010 • Professor Makheru Bradley

Cancer is a man-made disease fuelled by the excesses of modern life, a study of ancient remains has found.

Tumours were rare until recent times when pollution and poor diet became issues, the review of mummies, fossils and classical literature found. Daily Mail UK

Thordaddy said...

 "the light and the truth?" 
buttjew u faithless, doc 
an unambiguous self-rebuke... 
doods come to u cuz u got killa skills 
butt-up on DV, u justa fluke 
stay comfy in yur health zone 
smilin' at homosexuality while otha dood puke 

average life expectancy 
'bout MID-40's, ain't the truth... 
and the light? 
u a doc, butt buggery all right... 

Theez felines self-annihilatin' 
n u joinin' n they fight... 
u don't care 'bout that orientation 
euphemized by day/destructive at night... 
that's cuz u faithless doc 
u can see, but got no sight... 
what u think 'splain theez doods

...droppin' like flies???"

Joanna said...

DV- I hate you. 

You want to know why? Because being on this blog points out the glaring discrepancies between what I am SUPPOSED TO believe, and what I ACTUALLY believe. Talk about confusion escalating almost to the point of an existential crisis!! 

I guess it is a good thing though.. maybe I don't really hate you that much!

 ...right on cue:
  "Nah Joanna, "actually believing" that the misogynist freak Henry Makow has anything credible to say about a "traditional family structure" he equivalent of being turned out." - CNu
bustacheri said... 
She even called it. And now the outdated feminist cheerleader is panicking when his angry lesbian-approved attempts to patronize women for their approval no longer work.

See What Happens When You Listen To A Plantation MD?

DMG said ...
Men have breast tissue. Not some men, ALL men. Including your ignorant ass.

3.4 Billion men. 

If there were "massive amounts of estrogen" in the food supply then why aren't more men getting breast cancer? -DMG

HotmfWax said...
Yall need to understand that this guy is not a "real doctor" but a guy with a really nice vocab who is working for the plantation and ain't really trying to help. Just Dis-info and major bluffing and he expects you to cave.

Read this article.
See what they say about estrogen. See what it says about the increase. Then view this article below from the plastic surgeons making money from cutting it out: I Quote:  "Male Breasts (Man boobs) and Cancer Over the last decade, there have been increasing incidences of male breast cancer due to high estrogen in our food supply as well as obesity."