Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Is Really More Of A Slave?

Government Warns Neurologist In Confidential Letter That Vaccine Could Cause Brain Disorder - Where's That Negro MD?

A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.

The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked to The Mail on Sunday, leading to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins.

It tells the neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine.

GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.

The letter, sent to about 600 neurologists on July 29, is the first sign that there is concern at the highest levels that the vaccine itself could cause serious complications.

It refers to the use of a similar swine flu vaccine in the United States in 1976 when:

* More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu.
* 500 cases of GBS were detected.
* The vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times.
* The vaccine was withdrawn after just ten weeks when the link with GBS became clear.
* The US Government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.

Nearly Half of British Doctors Say They Will Turn Down H1N1 Vaccine. Why Has Not 1 Black Doctor Spoken Up In This Country?

Up to half of family doctors do not want to be vaccinated against swine flu.

GPs will be first in the line for the jabs when they become available but many will decline, even though they will be offering the vaccine to their patients.

More than two thirds of those who will turn the jab down believe it has not been tested enough.
Most also believe the flu has turned out to be so mild in the vast majority of cases that the vaccine is not needed.

Last night Government experts criticised GPs who decide not to have the jab, saying they will put vulnerable patients needlessly at risk.

A week ago, a poll of nurses showed that a third would turn down the opportunity of being vaccinated against swine flu.

News that medics are unconvinced by the need for a vaccine will cause grave concern to patients who will be invited for the jab over the next few months. A poll of doctors for Pulse magazine found that 49 per cent would reject the vaccine with 9 per cent undecided.

A separate survey for GP magazine found that 29 per cent would definitely opt out of having the jab, while a further 29 per cent were unsure. Just 41 per cent said they would definitely have the jab. Of those who said they did not want to jab, 71 per cent said it was because of safety concerns.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Plantation MD Challenge: Before You Allow Yourself To Be Injected With The H1N1 "Vaccine" Ask Your "Physician" To Sign The Following Warranty:

fist tap CNu
Physician's Warranty of Vaccine Safety

I (Physician's name, degree)_________________________, _____ am a physician licensed to practice medicine in the State of ________________. My State license number is _______________ , and my DEA number is _______________. My medical specialty is ________________________

I have a thorough understanding of the risks and benefits of all the medications that I prescribe for or administer to my patients. In the case of (Patient's name) ___________________________ , age _________ , whom I have examined, I find that certain risk factors exist that justify the recommended vaccinations. The following is a list of said risk factors and the vaccinations that will protect against them:
Risk Factor ____________________________________________
Vaccination ___________________________________________
Risk Factor ____________________________________________
Vaccination ___________________________________________
Risk Factor ____________________________________________
Vaccination ___________________________________________
Risk Factor ____________________________________________
Vaccination ___________________________________________
Risk Factor ____________________________________________
Vaccination ___________________________________________
Risk Factor ____________________________________________
Vaccination ___________________________________________

Obama Cont ...

Obama claims to be a uniter, but the simplest empirical survey will show that he is the most explosive divider seen in this country in decades, since he has succeeded in splitting both the Democratic Party and the US population in general according to the classic fault lines of white against black, black against Hispanic, black against Asian, black against Jewish, men against women, old against young, rich against poor. Having seen Obama accomplish all of this in less than a year and a half on the campaign trail, we can confidently predict that an Obama presidency would in all probability put the United States well on its way to civil war. Giving Obama and his financier controllers the White House would represent an act of national suicide for this country, with the most catastrophic implications for the world as a whole. This analysis is corroborated by the fact that Obama, alone among all the protagonists of the 2008 presidential contest, possesses either a postmodern fascist mass movement, or a very plausible facsimile thereof. These are the lemming legions who are not supporting a program of measures that the government might take, but who are hysterically loyal to and obsessed with Obama as a fantasy figure and charismatic savior -- in other words, as an emerging fascist leader. As those who lived through Italy in 1922 and Germany in 1933 remind us in the writings they have left behind, there is simply no comparison between a normal, corrupt, bourgeois parliamentary regime and a fascist seizure of power. These are qualitatively distinct, and set Obama apart from all of his competitors in a way that we can only ignore at our own very great peril.

The only way to conduct a satisfactory analysis of the Obama agitation is to use a class standpoint, rather than a racial criterion or an outlook based on gender. Obama is an operative for the finance oligarchs. The Democratic Party bureaucracy is supporting Obama and opposing Senator Clinton because this is the decree of Wall Street, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberger group, the Ford Foundation, Skull and Bones, the Chicago School, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other ruling class institutions. The Democratic Party bosses like Howard Dean and Donna Brazile are not supporting Obama because they care about what happens to black voters. The Democratic Party has proved repeatedly that it cares nothing whatever about the fate of black voters. At the same time, it is very naïve to assume that the explanation for the slander campaign of the controlled corporate media against Hillary Clinton is that the media whores for Obama are motivated by misogyny and hatred of women. That may be a factor in individual cases, but the main reason the controlled media are vilifying Senator Clinton is that they have been ordered by their Wall Street paymasters to do so. The main issues in this contest are class issues, and not racial or gender issues. Blue-collar working-class voters are not generally opposed to Obama because of race, but rather because they can sense in his elitism and condescension that he is a candidate loyal solely to the dictates of the financiers.


We are arguing, in other words, that Obama's embrace of the philosophy of academic postmodernism has constituted an important stage in his development towards fascism. The postmodernism of which we speak has of course been the dominant intellectual outlook among most college and university faculties since about the 1970s. Intellectually speaking, it is a thin and unappetizing gruel, suitable for crabbed little people operating in a phase of imperialist decline. The starting point of postmodernism is the despair, disorientation, demoralization, and defeatism which emerged from the collapse of the positive social movements of the 1960s. From its very beginning, postmodernism has been much more interested in race and gender than in class. Postmodernism is an unsavory stew of existentialism, structuralism, deconstructionism, anthropological relativism, and Malthusianism, all thrown together in the cauldron of historical pessimism and cultural pessimism. The aspect of relativism has been especially important for the rejection and destruction of classical culture with its indispensable notions of human reason, human freedom, human greatness, and the heroic sense of the world historical individual. Instead, the drawings of patients in mental institutions are placed on the same plane as the works of Leonardo and Rafael, and Athens and Florence are compared unfavorably to hunting and gathering societies where cannibalism and infanticide proliferate. Postmodernism is the creed of the morally insane. A thoroughgoing postmodernist (or "postie") must axiomatically reject any notion of objective reality; postmodernism when challenged beats a hasty retreat into a dream world of myth, metaphor, and archetype. Postmodernism gets its philosophical underpinnings most of all from Nietzsche and the other exponents of what the academics like to call "Continental philosophy," so as to avoid talking about the strong fascist overtones of many of these thinkers. The latent fascist potentialities of present day academic postmodernism are immense, and have only been waiting behind masks of cynicism and apathy for the appearance of an appropriate demagogue to mobilize them into the obvious forms of frenetic sociopathic activism.


Fundamentally, Obama is an apolitical and anti-political candidate who is opposed to a form of government in which economic questions are decided primarily by the give and take and haggling inherent in the parliamentary and legislative processes. Obama thinks that these decisions ought to be made by bankers speaking among themselves in the measured tones of the corporate boardroom. His entire campaign therefore has a decidedly anti-parliamentary thrust, a characteristic that it shares with the early Italian fascism of Mussolini between 1919 in 1922. The Duce once described the Italian parliament as a cattle pen, and his contempt for parliamentary methods was always flagrant. Obama offers the same attitude in a somewhat laid-back postmodern or new age form, but...


In my book Obama -- The Postmodern Coup: The Making of a Manchurian Candidate, I argue that presidential candidate Barack Obama is a wholly-owned puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski and his associates of the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller. As some have noted, Brzezinski has been attempting to conceal his actual domination of the Obama campaign, for which he is the chief guru and controller. Now a rhetorical outburst by Obama on the campaign trail in Oregon at the close of the primaries once again pointed to the reality that Obama is a ventriloquist's dummy, with the Russia-hating fanatic Brzezinski, a barbarous relic of the Cold War, acting as the ventriloquist.

At a campaign stop in Oregon, Obama intoned:

"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," Obama said. "That's not leadership. That's not going to happen," he added. If India and China's "carbon footprint gets as big as ours, we're gone." (AFP)

This remarkable statement reveals the true program of a future Obama administration: savage austerity, brutal economic sacrifice, and a massive further reduction in the standard of living of the depleted and exhausted US population -- as demanded by David Rockefeller, George Soros, and Obama's Wall Street backers. This will be done under left cover -- through a global warming tax, a third world solidarity tax, and other demagogic frauds, with the revenue going to bail out Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and JP Morgan Chase. The tired, discredited post-9/11 "war on terror" slogans will be largely dumped. Most interesting is that Obama's sound bytes are actually a sloganized version of a key passage from Zbigniew Brzezinski's recent book Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower.169 This book contains Zbig's desperate strategy for preserving the crisis-ridden US-UK world empire, including by making the US "social model" more attractive to developing sector publics. Zbig writes:

In mutually compounding ways, material self-indulgence, persistent social shortcomings, and public ignorance about the world increase the difficulty the American democracy faces in formulating a globally appealing platform for effective world leadership. Americans must recognize that their patterns of consumption will soon collide head-on with increasingly impatient egalitarian aspirations. Whether through the exploitation of natural resources, excessive energy consumption, indifference to global ecology, or the exorbitant size of houses for the well-to-do, indulgent self-gratification at home conveys indifference to the persisting deprivations of much of the world. (Just try to imagine a world in which 2.5 billion Chinese and Indians consume as much energy per capita as Americans do.) That reality the American public has yet to assimilate. To lead, America must not only be sensitive to global realities. It must also be socially attractive. That calls for a broader national consensus in favor of correcting the key failings of the American social model.


During June 2008, the Democratic Party split. There emerged a coherent movement of opposition to Obama and to the postmodern fascism he represented. These were the PUMA Democrats, who first emerged on May 31 when Soros' man Howard Dean had cut the Florida and Michigan delegations in half on the basis of his Wall Street doubletalk. PUMAs were suddenly all over cable television threatening to vote for McCain, but it was clear that what they really wanted was to prod Senator Clinton to come back into the race. They said they were not calling for some futile and self-defeating gesture, but rather pointing to the path that lead to victory in November. The preconditions for a Clinton resurgence were an open convention not subject to the totalitarian control of discredited and hated figures like Dean, Brazile, and the other machine bosses and hacks. Then, there had to be the chance to vote through a formal Roll Call of the States, the centerpiece of every American convention since time immemorial. But Dean and Brazile were already attempting to cancel the Roll Call of the States, and orchestrate a convention of mindless Obama hoopla, preventing even platform debate. Obama was demanding that he give his acceptance speech in the Denver ball park, and was trying to schedule a speech before the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on his upcoming trip to Germany so he could posture as the new Kennedy.


My book Obama -- The Postmodern Coup: The Making of a Manchurian Candidate grew out of the realization on the weekend between the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary that the Obama bandwagon was not a normal political campaign, but rather an application of the methods of the neo-imperialist and neo-liberal people power coup/color revolution (as we had seen them in Ukraine, Georgia, Lebanon, etc.) brought home to the United States. It was a postmodern coup under the cover of an election. A little digging showed that Obama's handlers and controllers -- Zbigniew Brzezinski, Mark Brzezinski, Joseph Nye, Austan Goolsbee -- represent the core of the Trilateral Commission-Bilderberger group, closely associated with the Rockefeller interests. Some of these people, especially Zbig and Paul Volcker, are the handlers who directed the catastrophic Carter Trilateral presidency thirty years ago.


An attempt to obscure the real nature of fascism as an anti-establishment, anti-parliamentary mass movement came from the former CIA employee Ray McGovern. McGovern was one of those left-liberal personalities who had stubbornly refused to go beyond the CIA's blowback theory of 9/11 to examine the more realistic alternative explanations of the MIHOP school.219 In the March- April 2008, McGovern authored an article entitled "History's Lessons: Creeping Fascism -- Lessons from the Past." ( Here McGovern presented the question of fascism solely and exclusively as a problem of top-down police state measures, with no reference whatsoever to historical fascism as a mass movement of idealistic students, goons, and guttersnipes backed by financiers and operating under anti-politician and anti-establishment cover. Fascism for McGovern was a matter of Bush's violation of the FISA wiretap law and similar top-down measures. Interestingly, McGovern cited the late, notorious, British agent of German nationality, Sebastian Haffner. Haffner had written about the National Socialist seizure of power in 1933, criticizing the "sheepish submissiveness" and the "cowardly treachery" of the labor-based Social Democratic Party. Haffner found that "it is in the final analysis only that betrayal [by the Social Democrats] that explains the almost inexplicable fact that a great nation, which cannot have consisted entirely of cowards, fell into ignominy without a fight." But it is very easy for modern-day left liberals with CIA connections to fault the German labor politicians of 75 years ago. Haffner did not mention that his British paymasters had thrown their support to Hitler, as in the case of Lady Astor and her Cliveden Set. What can we say of Howard Dean, Pelosi, Jay Rockefeller, Ted Kennedy, and the other rotten Democratic politicians who have rushed to support postmodern fascism in the form of the Obama campaign long before any seizure of power? The modern American politicians do not fare well in this comparison.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein Found Dead With Crack Pipe In Mouth - Media Sympathetic & Understanding - Imagine If Lil Wayne Was Found Wtih A Crack Pipe

Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein suffered a drug relapse after developing a dependency on anxiety medication following a near-fatal plane crash in South Carolina last September, according to a new report.

The For-Profit-Prison system warehouses over damn near 1,000,000 black people with the same ... addiction and anxiety issues ... as Adam Goldstein. Where's the empathy in their case?

Friday, August 28, 2009


DMG said...

Your point
again is what?

Denmark Vesey said...

My Point?

1) You are ignorant of synthetic viruses.

2) You are unwilling to acknowledge the implications of the man-made nature of the H1N1 virus and the subsequently manufactured pandemic because to do so would beg the questions:



3) Even addressing issues of this nature is anathema to an establishment physician because to do so reveals the completely compromised nature of orthodox corporate medical doctors.

4) You cannot take a position not predetermined by the epistemological cartel which employs you. Your opinion is not your own. It belongs to the institutional conglomerate which provides you accreditation and employment. You are not your own man. Your opinion & position belongs to the Plantation. Egro: Plantation Negro.

5) Little of what you have to say regarding vaccines and health care in general can be taken seriously because you are simply an agent, regurgitating the official position of a medical cartel that has virtually declared war on humanity and black people in particular.

Creators of H1N1 Vaccine Refuse To Take Vaccine

KonWomyn said...
DMG Me a racist? No different to who?

ROFL! You're hilarious! Seriously I'm laughing Bra, but here's a li'l advice in the interest of maintaining your pietous image STOP with the superficial comparisons and drop the finger too. Its an undignified, embarassing contradiction of your moralism...

To you ethnicity may be 'just a description' but that's what governs power relations between the slaved and enslaved and (to an extent) btwn the minority/invisible majority in the US and Europe.

Needless to say; the possibility of reversing these social configurations of power through symbols such as art or film alone is enough to make : ) And before your fingers start typing that silly r- word again & start the furious fingerwagging which is sooooo unbecoming; my response would be the same if I'd seen something like this at Journey, the anti-sex slavery art exhibition in London last year.

When it comes to activism against sex slavery and people traficking - look for my scrawl in petitions and check my cred with European feminist groups, Bra I'm there. Where you? Or y'some armchair activist in between hospital shifts crying foul at images like this, yet when faced with real injustices you do nothing, but sigh shame and squirm?...IF that's what y'do then keep your sorry coz I think y'need it more than those in bondage.


Where Were Black Doctors During The Tuskegee Experiment? Where Are They Today During The H1N1 Hoax?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) seasonal flu kills and estimated 250,000 to 500,000 people each year.[1] Yet the number of H1N1 swine flu deaths are considerably low, implying it is a fairly weak virus with only about 1,000 deaths.[2] Also, most deaths from H1N1 that have been reported were people of previously poor health. Even more curious, guess what is responsible for 13,000 deaths since January? The regular seasonal flu.[3] Why are we not being more concerned about the regular flu, which is far more dangerous than H1N1?
"The Last Time Black Folks Got Free Health Care"

"As always there seems to be one of us conspiring with our enemies to bring "the sheep to slaughter". And so it was with the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments."

There was a Black female who was a nurse during the study from day one who's job it was to ensnare all Black males seeking medical help for their condition into the program:
fist tap Constructive Feedback

Nurse Eunice Rivers was an African American nurse who trained at Tuskegee and was recruited from the John Andrew Hospital when the study began. Dr. Vonderlehr became a strong advocate for her role. As the study became a constant fixture within the PHS, Nurse Rivers became the chief continuity person and was the only staff person to work with the study for all 40 years of its existence. By the 1950s, Nurse Rivers had become pivotal to the study—her personal knowledge of all the subjects allowed the very long follow up to be maintained.

Brother Denmark: Be on the look out for the new "Nurse Eunice Rivers" among us: "The Last Time Black Folks Got Free Health Care".

The Good Nurse said ...

It damn sure won't be me!



I'm eating some coconut milk ice cream and flipping through the channels last night trying to TiVO HBO's Mayweather 24/7 this Saturday. I skim past CNN. I pause lone enough to peep what memes the Ultimate Blogger is pushing today.

The host, is reading "emails from the viewers". The first one reads "Ted Kennedy did more for black people than did Michael Jackson. Why aren't they out in the streets mourning and having funeral parties for Ted?"

Ahhhhh shit. Here we go. LOL. These Plantation Crackas always looking for a bad guy. A target for their contempt. And the Hegelian Head Fakers are right there to make sure they broadcast it to the Plantation Negros to keep them riled up too. Um. Um. Um.

But. It did make me think. I was always fond of Ted Kennedy. I always pulled for him when his adversaries appeared to attack him personally. I pretty much ignored Chappaquiddick. Why? Well, being JFK's brother didn't hurt. JFK was pretty much the last real POTUS. Cat had class. Same cats pushing H1N1 Vaccines / Sterilization and spreading HIV all over Africa in contaminated Oral Polio Vaccines today, killed JFK 40 years ago for calling out the NWO:

But Ted Kennedy aint no Jack Kennedy.

Why the assumption Black people love Ted Kennedy?

Yeah, Ted did support every Faux Liberal ... feel good .... help da po Negro ... Affirmative Action Wild Goose Chase ... Abortion Apparatus Building ... Loan To Israel ... Darfur Oil Hi-Jacking Head Fake ... put in front of him. He was always good for a few words of encouragement in the noble War of The Plantation Negros in the never ending quest for "Wacial Ekwality".

Since election to the Senate in 1962 Ted Kennedy voted 100% in concert with measures, bills and loan requests supported by AIPAC to the tune of Billions of US Tax Dollars.

But Ted Kennedy didn't empower enough black people to change a light bulb without government assistance. Were it not for the brain tumor he'd be waving the flag of National Health Insurance right now and herding black people towards the Neo Slavery of Genetically Modified food, Cut Radiate and Burn Plantation Medicine and Corporate Pharmaceutical Addiction. Who really made a greater impact on the lives of people around the world? God's Son or the NWO Politician?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mike Vick Makes His Return - After All The Hate - Standing Ovation - The Global System of Black Supremacy - They Love Us

The New World Order Makes Being A Human Being Dangerous

I AM NOT A RAT! Indian model and actor Milind Soman poses during a campaign against genetically modified food in New Delhi, India. The "I am No Lab Rat" campaign, coinciding with World Food Day, was launched by Greenpeace against genetically modified food being tested on Indians

The Blackest Joint On The Planet

Head of CDC Says Whitehouse H1N1 Flu "Death Toll" Exaggerated

Nearly 90,000 deaths from swine flu this fall? Not quite, the chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says."Everything we've seen in the U.S. and everything we've seen around the world suggests we won't see that kind of number if the virus doesn't change," Dr. Thomas Frieden said in a C-SPAN interview taped Wednesday.

Frieden's downgrading of the swine flu threat marks yet another volley in what appears to be a growing battle between the CDC and the White House's top medical advisors over the dangers of the next wave of the H1N1 virus.

Dr. Harold Varmus, the New York doctor who spearheaded the report, told the Daily News Tuesday the "flu could be extremely dangerous" and "needs to be taken seriously."

But a day earlier, after Varmus' estimates were released, Frieden and White House health czar Kathleen Sebelius virtually ignored them.

Sebelius merely acknowledged that swine flu "will cause a more serious threat this fall." Bolstering the notion that even the White House was at odds with Varmus' report, its release came with little fanfare and no official news conference.

What's more, the panel's dire report appears to have been released two weeks late. It was dated Aug. 7. Varmus, president of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

Can A Brotha Get A Sista?

DX said ...
in paradise,
reflectin’ on life,
save my nubian wife

been there, done dat,
dat cracka meme,
thank GOD i woke up,
ta be redeemed

but, an ebony princess,
who’s eight, i have,
M i call her,
lean darkn’ tall,
its fabulous to see,
her answerin’ the call

no pity party here,
or chantin’ victim,
my destiny is set,
for God’s Son’s a victor

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are You Really Going To Let These People Inject Your Children?

U•Gen•Ics 401

How American corporate philanthropies launched a national campaign of ethnic cleansing in the United States, helped found and fund the Nazi eugenics of Hitler and Mengele — and then created the modern movement of "human genetics."

In the first three decades of the 20th Century, American corporate philanthropy combined with prestigious academic fraud to create the pseudoscience eugenics that institutionalized race politics as national policy. The goal: create a superior, white, Nordic race and obliterate the viability of everyone else.

How? By identifying so-called "defective" family trees and subjecting them to legislated segregation and sterilization programs. The victims: poor people, brown-haired white people, African Americans, immigrants, Indians, Eastern European Jews, the infirm and really anyone classified outside the superior genetic lines drawn up by American raceologists. The main culprits were the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune, in league with America's most respected scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Harvard, Yale and Princeton, operating out of a complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. The eugenic network worked in tandem with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the State Department and numerous state governmental bodies and legislatures throughout the country, and even the U.S. Supreme Court. They were all bent on breeding a eugenically superior race, just as agronomists would breed better strains of corn. The plan was to wipe away the reproductive capability of the weak and inferior.

Ultimately, 60,000 Americans were coercively sterilized — legally and extra-legally. Many never discovered the truth until decades later. Those who actively supported eugenics include America's most progressive figures: Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Global System of Black Supremacy - $100 M Plantation Flicks Aren't Half This Funny

Are American Kids Being 'Dumbed Down' To Make Them Easier To Control As Adults?

Darfur Propaganda Has Changed It's Name & It's Tactics - Now It's After Obama

Jigga On The Scene With The Counter Meme For The Lucifarian Plantation Media Machine

Rush Limbaugh Fires Back
According to Dr. Barbara Starfield in an article written in the Journal of the American Medical Association, doctor mistakes are responsible for over 250,000 deaths in this country per year.

That's 3 times more than H1N1 is supposed to kill. Instead of forced mass vaccinations with dangerous untested "vaccines", we can save more Americans by just skipping doctor visits.

National Free Your Breast Day (Around The Corner From The Crib)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The evolution of the different skin tones is thought to have occurred as follows: the haired primate ancestors of humans, like modern great apes, had light skin under their hair. When Hominids evolved relative hairlessness (the most likely function of which was to facilitate perspiration) , they evolved dark skin, needed to prevent low folate levels since they lived in sun-rich Africa. (The skin cancer connection is probably of secondary importance, since skin cancer usually kills only after the reproductive age and therefore does not exert much evolutionary selection pressure.) When humans migrated to less sun-intensive regions in the north, low vitamin D3 levels became a problem and light skin color re-emerged. (sexual selection and diet may well have played a part in the evolution of skin tone diversity, as well)

Presidents On The Beach - A Global System of Black Supremacy

Bra ...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick! What's A Greater Threat To Black People, Racism or Obesity?

Gender Blurrrrrrrrrrrrr

Leonard Chuene, the head of South African athletics who has stepped down from the IAAF until the matter is settled, said: "We are talking about a child here, whose name has been dragged through the dirt by an organisation which should know better.

"If gender tests have to take place, they should have been done quietly. It is a taboo subject. How can a girl live with this stigma? By going public on the tests, the IAAF has let down this young child, and I will fight tooth and nail to protect her."

Describing the speculation about Semenya's gender as "racist", he added: "Who are white people to question the makeup of an African girl?"

"I say this is racism, pure and simple. In Africa, as in any other country, parents look at new babies and can see straight away whether to raise them as a boy or a girl. We are now being told that it is not so simple. But the people who question these things have no idea how much shame such a slur can bring on a family.

"They are doubting the parents of this child and questioning the way they brought her up. God has his say on what people are. He made us all. A young girl has no input as she enters the world on what she will look like."

About As Anti-Plantation Negro As It Gets

Such is often the case with “science fiction” literature. According to researcher
Michael Hoffman, this literary genre is instrumental in the indoctrination of the
masses into the doctrines of the elite:I don't stand for the black man's side, I don' t stand for the white man's side. I stand for God's side.

I've been here before and will come again.

If you get down and quarrel everyday, you're saying prayers to the devil, I say.

Man is a universe within himself.

Me only have one ambition, y'know. I only have one thing I really like to see happen. I like to see mankind live together - black, white, Chinese, everyone - that's all.

My future is righteousness.

My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.

My music will go on forever. Maybe it's a fool say that, but when me know facts me can say facts. My music will go on forever.

People want to listen to a message, word from Jah. This could be passed through me or anybody. I am not a leader. Messenger.words of the songs, not the person, is what attracts people.

What Is Black? Mike Fisher Don't Know. UBM Don't Know. Submariner Don't Know. CNu Think He Know. Gray Con Recognize It When He See It. KP Know.a

fist tap Kon Womyn
There is no such thing as race. The moment you play that game, you fall into psychological quicksand. The harder you struggle, the faster you drown.

So, your brotha is going to drop a rope down and give you a chance to pull yourself out.

Black is not a color.

Black is a crossover, baseline and clap boards.

Black is Denzel's walk.

Black is Bob Marley dancing to Get Up Stand UP.

Black is Claude McKay: "If we must die, let us die like men."

Black is your grandmother humming while rubbing Vicks on your chest when you are 6 years old and sick.

Black is "I'm going to kill this motherfucker if he puts his hands on me."

Black crossed the Atlantic in the bottom of slave ships and 300 years later pimped so hard, it dragged it's mink on the floor.

Black is why 100 million people, watch 10 brothas defy gravity on a court for 48 minutes, completely mesmerized, night after night.

Black is the audacity to build tombs in the shape of pyramids perfectly aligned with celestial objects, that last 5,000 years.

Black has the middle name "Hussein" and still moon-walks into a post 911 White House.

Aint no "system" Supreme to black.

There's some men who look like Leon Spinks aint a bit more black than Conan Obrien. There's some men look like Marlon Brando, blacker than James Brown.

I'm the blackest man in America.