Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another Brother Speaks Up For Ron Paul

Global System of Black Supremacy?

1 dead, 1 held in racially charged road rage

Shouting racial slurs, two men, one with a knife, pounded on Hygens Labidou's truck, yanking on its doors, demanding he let them get at him. Instead, Labidou, a 49-year-old Wellington resident and business owner, pulled out his gun and fired until both men lay bloodied on the road in front of him.
"I shot them!" he screamed into the phone moments later to a 911 dispatcher.

That is how, according to Broward investigators, an afternoon last week exploded in terror in the middle of a busy Broward intersection leaving one of Labidou's attackers dead, the other facing a murder charge. Edward Borowsky, 28, died Sunday three days after being shot. Steven Lonzisero, 43, is charged with murder in the commission of a crime, under a Florida law that assigns responsibility for a homicide to the person found to be committing a felony that caused the death. He also is charged with a hate crime.
Labidou, a concealed weapons permit holder, fired in self defense, Broward Sheriff's investigators determined.
Labidou could not be reached at his spacious Wellington home, where an elaborately lit Christmas display of grazing reindeer.

According to investigators, all were travelling north on Powerline Road in Deerfield Beach when Lonzisero became incensed with Labidou's driving. At the intersection of Green Road, he pulled his truck in front of Labidou's, and leaving his 15-year-year-old daughter in the passenger seat, the 350-pound Lonzisero and Borowsky got out.
Fist Tap Intellectual Insurgent

Startling New Evidence Linking Mossad To JFK Assassination

Who Killed JFK?
Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination

Conspiracy theories abound regarding the Kennedy assassination. However, a new well-written and documented book sites compelling evidence that the Israel’s Mossad and David Ben Gurion were behind the assassination. The reason: Kennedy's disagreement with Ben Gurion's nuclear program...

What the book does say is that: When New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison charged businessman Clay Shaw with participation in the JFK assassination conspiracy Garrison stumbled upon the Israeli Mossad connection to the murder of President Kennedy. Shaw served on the board of a shadowy corporation known as Permindex. A primary shareholder in Permindex was the Banque De Credit International of Geneva, founded by Tibor Rosenbaum, an arms procurer and financier for the Mossad...

Miss France keeps title despite photos

PARIS -- Miss France 2008 will keep her crown, despite racy photos that appeared recently in a gossip magazine, but will not compete in the Miss World or Miss Universe pageants.

Valerie Begue, 22, will not be stripped of the title she won Dec. 8, but will not be allowed to take part in upcoming international competitions, Miss France organizers said Friday.

Begue described the outcome as "a compromise which satisfies all parties."

The pageant's criteria stipulates that candidates must "never have posed or exhibited (themselves) in dubious outfits or poses, partially or totally nude."

Photos published in Entrevue magazine last week included one of a bikini-clad Begue lying on a cross in a swimming pool and another of her licking what appeared to be yogurt or evaporated milk.

Begue is a native of France's Indian Ocean island of Reunion. She is to be replaced in international pageants by the first runner-up, Vahinerii Requillart, Miss New Caledonia.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Nas Says 'Get Over It' - Titles New Album "Nigger"

aka lynn said...
Nas is a small minded boy. If one wants to spew, think, or greet his fellow AFRICAN americans along those terms, then that's one him, as equal as the right for self respecting Black folk who do not desire to hear the term called out. How quickly we are ready to degrade our own for profit! Nas has only given the white man more fuel to his weaning fire.

Denmark Vesey said ...
Nas is a genius. He's illustrating that this word has no more power than we give it. He is demonstrating that most race based impediments, are completely voluntary and ultimately have nothing to do with "the white man". Old Plantation Negro thinking that awards too much power to white people (MF and his GSWS), and ultimately makes them responsible for what happens to us, is a far greater detriment to the empowerment of black folks than anything "white people" have done to us.

Nas acknowledges the obvious: The word "Nigger" has multiple meanings. It is nuanced, it has gradations that include everything from hate to love. It depends on how we use it. Assigning an automatic, bug-eyed, over-the-top reaction to a word, creates a self-denying prophecy.
Would white people be all up in arms about an album titled "Cracker"? Then why is it nearly the Apocalypse for Negros?

Jew Lobbyist 'Accepts' Will Smith 'Apology'

After making analogy that included a reference to Adolph Hitler in The Daily Record, a Scottish newspaper and later apologizing for it, actor Will Smith and his apology have been accepted by the Anti-Defamation League.

"He took immediate steps to clarify his words and unequivocally condemn Hitler as an evil person," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director in a statement.

This fiasco began after Smith simply said: "Hitler didn't wake up going, 'Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.' I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good.'"

Once the quotes were published it soon made headlines on several celebrity gossip Web sites, infuriating many Jewish lobbyists. According to Smith, his words were taken out of context and a representative for actor/rapper was quick to issue an apology.

Why is it so important to Jewish Lobbyists to maintain Hitler and what happened to Jews in WWII as THE MOST AWFUL thing to ever happen to human beings? 40 million people died in that war. Most of them Christians. Millions of people are being killed all around the world as we speak. What about that evil? Is anyone "clarifying their words to unequivocally condemn the NeoConservatives as evil people?"
og said...
Well I can sleep good tonight knowing that Will Smith is straght with the ADL. I can sleep well because I know now that the millions of Africans who lost their lifes ,culture and history really dosent matter because the ADL is satisfied that Mr.Smith apologized.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Reverend Racism" - Michael Fisher - High Priest of the Cult of Global System of White Supremacy

"So I can only conclude that you either really genuinely love these cats and want to convince these cats (the community that reads these blogs) that the fight is worth fighting and is essential to their progress and survival, or you don't really love these folks and you just have some savior complex that won't allow you to agree to disagree. Yes?"

Michael Fisher said...
That's an interesting thought. I certainly have no love for DV becasue I think he is intellectually dishonest and manipulative. Nor do I believe that I will ever convince him. Nor have I the desire too.

I do it because of the black people who read these blogs.

Folks like DV abound throughout the black community confusing the hell out of our youth in particular. So confronting them with rational logical arguments and having folks witness the outcome of these discussions may help black people to reduce the confusion.

If DV didn't exist he'd have to be invented. Plus look at what has been accomplished. DV has been talking, ranting, and raving about the Global System of White Supremacy for many weeks now.

The fact that he says it is a crock of bull it ain't important at all. He brought the concept to the table.

Now people have to think about it one way or the other. Once they start using logic... See?

Denmark Vesey said ...
LOL. That's cute Mike.

Nah man. I've told you and your underlings before - I don't need white people enough to consider them racists.

I read a study while in school. They put a group of Rhesus Monkeys in a cage at birth, and placed the cage in the middle of the forest. The monkey's were fed periodically, and remained in the cage for a number of years. They raddled the cage, screamed and seemed to want to escape by wedging their bodies between the bars.

Suddenly one day, the door of the cage was thrown open. The monkeys were free to escape into the forest to join the other monkeys.

They remained where they were. For days. Not even when they were facing starvation did they venture beyond the doors of the cage. Eventually the researchers had to domesticate them.

Despite all the shit the monkeys had been talking. They were more comfortable in their captivity.

Mike Fisher and his crew are little Racist Monkeys, clinging to their comfort zone.

They resent free black men who laugh at them, huddled in the corner of a cage, with an open door.

Michael Fisher said...

A proven white racist who agrees with the "blackest man on the internet" who "courageously" hides behind an avatar depicting a life-long fighter against white supremacy - Harry Belafonte - and misappropriates the name of another great fighter against white supremacy - Denmark Vesey - and who worships light-skinned women, having practiced what he preached and produced at least one child who looks as far removed from himself, skin-tone-wise, as possible.

As I said, interesting, indeed.

Denmark Vesey said ...

Mike, this little girl is blacker than you will ever be and far more free.

If you truly love your little girl, the one you almost had with your "half-Sudanese-half-German, half Arab, half light-skinned, almost baby momma", you won't place the heavy shackles of mental slavery around her little ankles by teaching her to worship the God of Racism like her daddy.

The Secular Religion and NeoLiberal Hypocrisy

Promo shot of Rihanna for the H&M “Fashion Against AIDS” campaign. Twenty-five percent of the profits from this line will be donated to AIDS and HIV prevention.

“Fifty percent of the people newly infected with HIV are aged between 15 and 24. There’s an urgent need to do something in this target group. By combining fashion with music in this way we hope to get these young people to stop and think.”

While claiming to "fight AIDS" (whatever that means) Secular high priests fight the fire of unhealthy sex with the gasoline of casual sex.

Would You Trade Andrew Bynum for Amare Stoudemire? How About Yao Ming? 2 Months Ago - Hell Yeah. Today - I Don't Know.

It doesn't take all day to recognize sunshine. Bynum may be the third best center in the league right now, after Dwight Howard and Tim Duncan. Who would you rather have? Chris Kaman? Nah. He has better numbers but they don't seem to be helping the Clippers. Shaq is having trouble just staying on the court. Stoudemire is a forward playing out of position. Tyson Chandler is one dimensional. Same with Marcus Camby. Who else? Eddy Curry? Please. Ben Wallace?

If Bynum doesn't make your top three now, he will by the playoffs.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Denmark Vesey Best Poet Alive Award 2007 - Lil Wayne Is Hip Hop's Paramhansa Yogananda

Stop hatin on a Nigga that is a weak emotion
the lady of a Nigga
And You can get TIPPED like you waitin on a Nigga
Put a body bag in the apron on a Nigga
I give my all behind the mic
But you could never see if you sit behind the light
You don't have to pick me
To win the title fight
But I'm gonna WEAR THE championship belt so tight
And if I'm wrong there is no right
And if I'm wrong there is SNOW WHITE
I'm triin to be polite
But you bitches in my hair like the fuckin po-lice
My flow is rare
There's other rappers nice
These other rappers bark
Some other even bite
But I'm much more bright
I give the game sight
So before you dim the light
You just might might wanna

"think it over, think it over, ooo think it over baby"
Stop analyzing
You should realize
What I am is 'n start epitomizing
got the heart of the biggest lion
Confident like Fuck em all
Pull out MY Dick and ride it
My flow sick so sick its like my shit is dyin'
It rains a lot in my city
Cuz my city's cry's'
'cuz my cities dyin''
But I emerge from all of that
I am a livin' pioneer
Fear god not them
Steer my robbin'' coupe through the streets of the BOOT (NEW ORLANS HAS SHAPE OF A BOOT)
Then I leave a tub in the booth
I leave a blood bath
Sorry there's a tub in the booth
Now where the drugs at
Like the strings on the shoe
No ***** **** that
I'm twisted like the strings on a boot
Where new Orleans at?
I FEEL hip hop store me like a bus pass
So in your possession
I must ask

"hey haven't I been good to you tell me haven't I been sweet to you"

Drag my name through the mud
I come out clean
Cast away stones
I wont even blink
A gun is not a math problem
I wont even think
Just leave your dead like the mink under my sink
don't believe in me
don't believe me
I graduated from hungry
And made it to greedy
My flow is like pasta
Take it and eat it
But I'm gonna need cheese if I'm makin'
You niggas want beef
I want a steak and a weevy
Lost in Amsterdam but Jamaica where we be
Hard body ***** takin' it easy
All about my paper bout my paper like EZ
Why do rappers why do rappers LIE TO fans LIE a rappers lot a rappers lie like ACTORS
Cut the mutha fuckin camera
Cut the check
FUCK your props
I am hip hop
And I aint Dead. I'm Alive

Big Brother Out Of Control - Track Your Spouse's Location In Real Time Via Cell Phone

GSM mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network

The Stalin of White Supremacy vs The Martin Luther of Dopamine Hegemony

Gurdjieff said ...
"In a year's time we may say the same things, but you will not wait during this year in the hope that roast pigeons will fly into your mouth. You will work, and your understanding will change--you will be more 'initiated'. It is impossible to give a man anything that could become his inalienable property without work on his part. Such an initiation cannot exist, but unfortunately people often think so. There is only 'self-initiation.' One can show and direct, but not 'initiate.'
Michael Fisher said...
Well, Nulan.

I had been wondering where you got that Dopamine bullshyt from. The fact that you lifted that stuff verbatim from Alan Carter, white boy cult-nut extraordinaire without giving him credit is bad enough.

But passing that nut-job's stuff off as your own and supposedly of any use to black folk, when in effect you ain't nothing but the token negro in a white de facto cult ain't exactly honest.

cnulan said...
tsk, tsk, tsk...,

The truth of the matter is that I've always linked back to reciprocality - particularly when referring your addled ass to the phenomenon of the "ghost not" with which you are specifically afflicted.

Not that anything you write matters a damn MF, but if you look at the credits given under the table of contents on the site, I am the "maestro" referenced in those credits.

You're such a pathetic and impotent parasite and dumbass Fisher - with nothing whatsoever to show for your "efforts in life" - it simply boggles the imagination how you even manage to live.
.... While I'm on it though - maybe I get it from Dan F. Umanoff, M.D

Maybe I get it from William Pensinger who definitely introduced me to the terms "normotic illness" and the "monoculture".

Maybe I get it from Fr. John Romanides whose eye-opening scholarship is even more magical than my own - and in whose writings I encountered the phenomenon again as neurobiological sickness.

The fundamental and indisputable difference between you and I MF - IS THAT I GET IT! - and by that fact am consequently empowered to do something about it.

Whereas you simply marinate in the rancid byproducts of your own narcissistic stupidity....,

Sunday, December 23, 2007

White Supremacist or Courageous Thinking American?

Name 1 thing this man says that is not true.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Denmark Vesey Most Censored Stories of 2007

#2 Dangers of Genetically Modified Food Confirmed
Research by the Russian Academy of Sciences released in December 2005 found that more than half of the offspring of rats fed GM soy died within the first three weeks of life, six times as many as those born to mothers fed on non-modified soy. Six times as many offspring fed GM soy were also severely underweight. In November 2005, a private research institute in Australia, CSIRO Plant Industry, put a halt to further development of a GM pea cultivator when it was found to cause an immune response in laboratory mice. In the summer of 2005, an Italian research team led by a cellular biologist at the University of Urbino published confirmation that absorption of GM soy by mice causes development of misshapen liver cells, as well as other cellular anomalies.

Denmark Vesey Most Censored Stories of 2007

#4 The World Bank Funds Israel-Palestine Wall
Despite the 2004 International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision that called for tearing down the Wall and compensating affected communities, construction of the Wall has accelerated. The route of the barrier runs deep into Palestinian territory, aiding the annexation of Israeli settlements and the breaking of Palestinian territorial continuity. The World Bank’s vision of “economic development,” however, evades any discussion of the Wall’s illegality.

Denmark Vesey Most Censored Stories of 2007

#5 High-Tech Genocide in Congo
The world’s most neglected emergency, according to the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, is the ongoing tragedy of the Congo, where six to seven million have died since 1996 as a consequence of invasions and wars sponsored by western powers trying to gain control of the region’s mineral wealth. At stake is control of natural resources that are sought by U.S. corporations—diamonds, tin, copper, gold, and more significantly, coltan and niobium, two minerals necessary for production of cell phones and other high-tech electronics; and cobalt, an element essential to nuclear, chemical, aerospace, and defense industries.

New Orleans - First African American Intifada? Or The Inevitable Consequence For People Too Dependent On The Government?

NOLA Protesters Vow to Keep Fighting
By CAIN BURDEAU – 7 hours ago
— After violent clashes with police at City Hall, protesters vowed that the fight over a plan to demolish 218 public housing buildings for the poor was far from over, both in the courts and on the streets.

On Thursday, police used chemical spray and stun guns on protesters who tried to force their way into a City Council meeting where the members voted unanimously to allow the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to demolish 4,500 public housing units.

The vote allows demolition crews to begin tearing down the buildings within weeks unless they are blocked in the courts. Lawyers fighting the demolition say they have not exhausted their legal options.
Endesha Juakali, a protest leader arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace, said the confrontation with the council was not the last breath from protesters.
"For everything they do, we have to make them pay a political consequence," Juakali said. He vowed that when the bulldozers try to demolish the St. Bernard complex, "it's going to be an all out effort."

Buy Land. They Aint Making No More

Thursday, December 20, 2007

HIP HOP. "The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"

Whether you trace it to New York's South Bronx or the villages of West Africa, hip-hop has become the voice of a generation demanding to be heard.

As Plantation Negros, Corporate Negros and NeoNegro Secular Liberals search for meaning, whine about "glass ceilings", project the boogeyman of "White Supremacy" and parrot the Gay Lobby - the spiritual energy embedded in Hip Hop metaphor rules the world.

His "gauge" menacingly at the ready, L. T. Hutton, left, cuts a thuggish image. In reality, he's a prolific record producer for hip-hop megastars like Snoop Dogg. Is the violence and materialism of much rap music a reflection of reality or just a marketing device aimed at disaffected youth?

Hip-hop comes full circle on a beach outside Dakar, Senegal. Jally, a kora-playing griot who makes a living telling stories at ritual ceremonies (or for tourists), jams with Omar N'Gala Seck, a rapper who infuses the American form with fresh shots of its African roots.

Paco Arias (in Cardinals jersey) escaped a world of gangs and violence when he moved from a rough Chicago neighborhood to suburban Dayton, Ohio. The 14-year-old soon linked up with other teens who share his love of hip-hop, far from the conditions in which it arose.

A streetwise rapper named Mo Slinga busts a freestyle jam on a sweltering night in New York City. In the tradition of African poet-musicians called griots and Jamaican MCs toasting to music, he weaves rhymes on the spot, about the pains and pleasures of everyday life.

Rappers in the working-class areas of Paris give voice to the anger and aspirations of young people from minority communities, where unemployment and exclusion from wider French society fueled recent widespread rioting. Hip-hop served much the same function decades ago as it developed in economically deprived inner cities in the United States.

Patrons at a Seoul hip-hop club dance the night away. Rap's pedigree as a brash creation of urban youth living in harsh post-industrial environments continues to give the music its edge, even as it has been adopted worldwide by young people of nearly every culture and economic strata.

All eyes in the club are on Fátima Milán Cabezas as she moves to a hip-hop beat in Barcelona. A New World creation with African roots, hip-hop has become a vehicle for youth expression and rebellion in cultures from Europe to Asia.

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep Teaches Son How To Shoot Family Shotgun

Here is a video of Prodigy from Mobb Deep teaching his son how to fire a “shotty” on his 7th birthday.

As social engineers and policy makers ban kickball from schools because it fosters competitiveness, and as the Homosexual Lobby reads Gay Fairy Tales to second graders, Hip Hop has become the last refuge for masculinity in America.

Exodus Mentality said...

Thanks to submariner for saving me the trouble of beating DV all about the head and shoulders for that chuckle-headed description of masculinity. DV logic: Man with Gun equals masculinity. Anything to glorify hip hop and make a point, eh DV. "last refuge for masculinity"? Are you out of your ever loving mind!?!?!?

Question for you DV, while you persist in ascibing near sainthood to the current crop of hip hop pretenders to the culture. Is it true that very few of these masculine monoliths you worship, have said anything about protecting Black folks from white folks in a hip hop track. Please don't go find something obscure from a group like Dead Prez, or old school hip hop, because those aren't the type of hip hop artist you tend to idolize. I hear rappers all the time talking about busting caps on other brothers, but very rarely if ever do I hear any of these new school, wanna-be gansters direct all that "masculinity" and bravado at the one group that can actually be said to be actively working to hold them back. No they would rather shoot another brother in the club for disrespecting their pimping. This is your idea of masculinity?

My daughter will not be looking for that fake pimp, fake bravado shit and thinking that's anything close to resembling a real man. I won't presume to instruct you because you have no desire to be instructed, but let me propose just one alternative characteristic of a real man for your consideration.

A real man is consistent. He doesn't talk a good game today, then go out tomorrow and glorify the destructive behaviors that are too common in our neighborhoods.

Apply that one to your hip hop heroes and see who passes the test.

Brooklyn Bedouin said...
made me think about my father teaching me and my brother how to break apart and put together a glock 9, how to shoot it, and the same with his shotgun and 22 rifle, where they were stashed and where the keys were. It was important for HIM to teach us that stuff, and he did it so that

no one else would

and so we did not think that guns were toys

So we understood the responsibility that comes with them.

if need be we could locate them and protect the house if he was not present