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This White Boy Aint Scared ...

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Beyonce Knowles Is The Blackest Woman On The Planet • Congratulations • Get A Chick

They Don't Make Black Men Like They Used To ...

Videotaping While White? Plantation Crackas No Better Off Than Plantation Negros

Denmark Vesey said ...
One of the things about Plantation Negros that never fails to amuse me is their blind allegiance to the meme of "A Global System of White Supremacy".

They operate as if there truly exists advantages for some people in this country ... merely BECAUSE these people happen to have white skin.

Conditioned to obsess about race and to only experience reality through a muddled racial lens these people can be heard parroting memes like: "He was guilty of driving while Black" or "If I had said such-n-such to that cop ... he woulda whipped my ass!" or "See what happens to Black men in America!!" (punk ass Henry Louis Gates Jr)

Even when presented with evidence of white men also suffering the consequences of police brutality ... the Plantation Negro immediately dismisses, minimizes and refuses to consider the implications of this common denominator.  Why?  Because it would require the Plantation Negro abandon his very IDENTITY - which has devolved to not much more than a victimized Negro oppressed by all powerful whites simply because of his blackness.

The meme of perpetual white advantage and endless black disadvantage is very useful to the Plantation.
1) It permanently pits one group of the peasant class against another group of the peasant class. (divide n conquer)
2) It keeps people fixated on race while ignoring more operative issues like a) Class and b) Status.

This "police officer" assaulted this man in the video not because he was black or white but because this man, like 99% of Americans, is an indentured servant of a corporate dictatorship.  

If anything ... there is a "Global System of Fascist Supremacy"

Gaddafi Did More For Black Africa Than All Of The Black African Plantation Negro Globalist Ass Kissin' 'Presidents' Combined

The fact that Barack Obama allowed the NWO to destroy this man and this nation on his watch is the Ultimate Plantation Negro betrayal.

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Anyone Else Notice The Hurricane Irene Hype Is A Bit Extra?

Later For Keats, TS Elliot, James Joyce or William Shakespeare. Jay-Z Is The Greatest Poet In The History of The English Language

What's up, what's up, what's up mothafucka 
where my money at?
You gonna make me come down to your house 
where your mommy at
Mummywrap the kids, have ‘em cryin’ 
for they mommy back
Dummy that your daddy is, 
tell ‘em I just want my racks
(Racks on racks on racks
Maybachs on bachs on bachs on bachs on bachs)
Who in that? 
(Oh shit, it’s just blacks on blacks on blacks)
(Hundred stack) 
How you get it? 
(Nigga layin’ raps on tracks)

I wish I could give you this feeling
I’m planking on a million
I’m riding through yo hood, 
you can bank  
I ain’t got no ceiling
Made a right on 79th, I’m coming down South Shore Drive 
(I remain Chi-town) 
Brooklyn ‘til I die

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More Intelligent & Relevant Political Discourse Coming From Within The Hip Hop Community Than From Within The Entire "Education System"

The Doc said...
Yo DV, did you catch Prodigy on Alex Jones' radio show a few weeks ago

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

I got the feeling he held back a lot. He was telling Alex about how he learned a lot of what he knows from the muslim guys on his block, the... what was it... "50 page book" brothers Cnu was talking 'bout back in the gap. I think since a lot of it was based on a black nationalist philosophy he felt he had to choose his words very carefully for Jones' predominantly white audience. Not saying Jones' audience would be hostile, but y'know, stuff about black people building the pyramids, that sort of thing. Probably just a button he didn't want to press right then.

Not to mention he was very diplomatic in his criticisms of our clay-footed emperor, Obama. Because y'know, black people in general and our celebs in particular had better not say anything bad about him.

He needs to drop in to DV.net and have his mind broken out of that old paradigm. Still, it's a ballsy move on his part to even say as much as he did. It was a good interview.

Predictably, none of these so-called black blogs have uttered one peep about it. But just let prodigy get caught in an Escalade snorting coke off a hooker's tits while pistol whipping Busta Rhymes...

Luke 21:25--There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves,

The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. They denounce as public enemies all who question their methods or throw light upon their crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.”  Abraham Lincoln

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Fight The NWO • Homeschool

Hand of God?

The Blackest Lunch On The Planet ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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The Hand Of God?

Fred The Godson • The Greatest Rapper You Old Rap Negros Aint Never Heard Of

Later For Keats, TS Elliot and James Joyce. Fred The Godson.
I'm Too Fat!
The Doc aka "The Montage, the Renaissance, the Rebirth, the Avant-Garde" said...
Oh shit, DV. What you know about Fred the God? 

Really, y'all? Nothing special about son.... rrrrreeeeeaaaaallllyyyyy??? 

"She say what I say, 
she a mockin' bird, 
I'm tryin' jay her, 
a mockin' Bird... 
Larry for the slow-minded, 
I cop a house no credit, 
the Bronx co-signed it."

Dude's ill as a mutha, mane. Y'all trippin'. You haven't heard of dude, but give it a lit bit. Trust me, you will. DV, there's hope for your Wayne addiction yet. :p

Her Side said...
Lovely, and the real definition of "attractive" - so engaging you have to pull yourself away.

My mother taught in the public school system for 36 years. When I was a child, she would talk about "the light behind a person's eyes," particularly how you could tell how a child was being raised at home. The light (or lack of) tells a lot, and I grew to understand what she meant.

This sistah is lit! :-)

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Ahhh Helll Naaaa .... Is This The MLK Monument Or The Notorious BIG Memorial?

See what happens when you allow BET to produce a National Monument.

Stuck ... Like Black On Rice

Later for "wild rice". Black rice is the only rice you should even consider eating.

But for those of you who need to hear it from white folks before it means anything to you:

Black rice – revered in ancient China but overlooked in the West – could be one of the greatest "superfoods", scientists believe.

The cereal is low in sugar but packed with healthy fibre and plant compounds that combat heart disease and cancer. It was known as "forbidden rice" in ancient China because only nobles were allowed to eat it. Today black rice is mainly used in Asia for food decoration, noodles, sushi and desserts.

"Just a spoonful of black rice bran contains more health-promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than are found in a spoonful of blueberries, but with less sugar, and more fibre and vitamin E antioxidants," said Dr Zhimin Xu the food scientist who led the research.

The Slaves of The Modern Era Will Be Bound Not With Chains But With Pills & Debt (Redux)

Denmark Vesey said ...
After the Emancipation Proclamation, only a handful of freed slaves immediately separated themselves from their former masters. Lacking either the resources or will to be free, the vast majority elected not to leave the security and safety of the plantation.

These partially emancipated slaves (sharecroppers) transitioned to a new economic and political reality, that bound them to the land, made them politically impotent, and kept them in perpetual debt. Stuck in the matrix of a simultaneously adversarial yet completely dependent relationship with the Plantation, these people became the first Plantation Negros.

The Plantation Negro reasoned, at least he could eat, even though he was not free. They were fed a diet designed to keep them alive, while costing the plantation as little as possible. However, early plantation negros were resilient and resourceful. They were able to supplement their diets with organic vegetables and naturally raised animals.

As the summer of the agrarian era evolved into a cold industrial winter, Plantation Negros developed relationships with the Factory. In exchange for safety and security, the Factory ensured the Plantation Negro a home. However, he remained politically impotent and as he was integrated into the culture of consumption, he became increasingly in debt.

Again, the Plantation Negro reasoned even though he was not free, at least he could eat. Tragically, now living in urban areas, the Plantation Negro was not able to supplement his diet by working the earth. The Factory filled this void by manufacturing cheap processed food which destroyed the organs of Plantation Negros and made disease inevitable. Now, added to the cost of housing and food, the Plantation Negro suddenly found himself saddled by something called Health Care costs.

What promised to be the spring of the Digital era witnessed a change in the relationship between the Plantation Negro and the Factory. It became a relationship between the Plantation Negro and the Corporation. In exchange for safety and security, the Plantation Negro was able to get multiple mortgages, credit cards, and school loans so the Plantation could educate his children.

Although he remained politically impotent and in insurmountable debt the Plantation Negro reasoned he could at least get Health Care.

As the bubble of the Digital era pops, the Plantation Negro finds himself wading in the tumultuous waters of economic upheaval, social collapse and an impending tsunami of disease. The Plantation that became the Factory which became the Corporation is now masquerading as the Government.

In exchange for safety and security, the Government provides housing by insuring mortgages, it finances debt and educates children. As an extension of its patronage, the Corpaorate / Government will continue to feed Plantation Negros an increasingly toxic diet of genetically modified food and prescription drugs, that not only makes them sick, but appears to sterilize the Plantation Population as well.

This year the Plantation / Factory / Corporate / Government is introducing a new product. It is called National (Plantation) Health Care. Sadly Plantation Negros think the same people who poisoned them are actually offering an antidote.

KonWomyn said...
Re-reading at the first half of this post there are deep differences between the past revisioned by Denmark Vesey the Blogger and the reality lived by Telemaque "Denmark" Vesey. One would hope you'd have revised this before re-posting. Not only bec the flaws were pointed out by Fish, Sub, Mahndisa and Makheru, but more importantly as homage to and recognition of the life and times of your ideological ancestor.

It's not the 'resourcefulness or resilience' of Black folk that lead them to grow organic food - it was the condition of the times that food was grown naturally. As for the origins of the "Plantation Negro" - has one not always existed prior to the Emancipation Era? Hence the house/field "negro" complex.

Finally, I Black people did not 'suddenly find themselves burdened with Health Care.' I think an historical analysis of Black Health and Uncle Sam would give more intellectual merit to your argument DV. The contradictions of simultaneous health debt/care, racial segregation, brutal denial of treatment as well as subjection to medical experimentation would be worth exploring. At least it would be the starting point of a discussion on health today for African Americans.

Denmark Vesey said ...
"has one not always existed prior to the Emancipation Era? Hence the house/field 'negro' complex.KW

The Plantation Negro has nothing to do with the field negro / house negro cliche oft repeated by those still channeling Malcolm. The Plantation Negro of today is not the historical descendant of his biological ancestors. His history is not a product of his ancestors reality. His history is as refined and processed a product of the Plantation as is his food.

As indicated in the comments, the more imaginative and creative minds on this thread recognized my treatise not as an exercise in historical revisionism, but in memetic deconstruction.

The Plantation Negro is the direct memetic descendant of the sharecropper. He is at war with an enemy he is completely dependent upon. He eats what his enemy feeds him. He teaches his children what his enemy wants him to teach. He injects toxic chemicals into his bloodstream. He has mortgaged his neurological system and his reproductive potential to the Plantation.

Now, invested and dependent upon the plantation, the Plantation Negro eventually defends the memetic interests of the plantation as if his very life depended upon the hegemony and perpetuation of plantation myth. (The Vaccine Myth for example)

There is a legend about Denmark Vesey that suggests he was quite a character during his years in Charleston. I imagine being free wealthy and black in Charleston South Carolina at the turn of the 19th Century would make any man a character. Denmark is remembered to have once chastised a group of black men for shucking and jiving when in the presence of white men.

Denmark Vesey challenged:

"Why do you bow and scrape so when in the presence of these white men?!"

One of the negros responded and then basked in the approving laughter of his companions:

"why we slaves ... aint we!"

Denmark responded:  
"Yes... And you deserve to be".

Now as Denmark Vesey's ideological, spiritual, possibly biological and certainly digital descendant I take that to mean a man deserves what he accepts.

Slavery is 80% Mental. The Plantation Negro meme refers to the voluntary nature of mental slavery. Even among those who pretend to resist on the surface, ultimately choose to be slaves.

The more articulate Plantation Negro expresses this phenomenon by engaging in quixotic, circular and self-defeating conspiracy theories like a Global System of White Supremacy. In an attempt to rationalize the voluntary aspects of his slavery. He pretends he has no choice.

So despite what Fish, Sub, Mahndisa and Makheru say, the fact that some black people left the physical plantation ... 100 years later than others... speaks for itself.

Unless those millions of sharecroppers were really Mexicans.

The Blackest Man On The Planet

Proof Obama the Corporate Media & Military Industrial Complex Are Faking Libyan "Uprising"

Images of Victorious Libyan "Rebels" Storming Tripoli and Qaddafi's compound broadcast across Plantation media channels for Plantation Negro & Plantation Cracka consumption STAGED on studio set.

Advanced Hegelian Head Fake • DV University • Summer 2011

Why do Plantation Negros tolerate these types of devious lies, gross injustices and inhumane war crimes perpetrated against Africans ... under the leadership of a so-called "African-American" president?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Run! Don't Walk! Remove Your Children From The Plantation School System Before It Is Too Late

In addition to selling hybridized starch and meat full of estrogen mimicking chemicals ... in a program designed to coincide with the start of a new school year ... McDonald's has partnered with the government to scare the unwashed hordes into injecting their children with untested dangerous vaccines linked to an array of autoimmune disorders.

If this doesn't convince you the medical doctors who endorse the unscientific quackery of mass vaccinations for profit ...  are useless corporate peons ... you'd rather be sick than to know the truth.

If You Still Bother To Vote ... You Just Don't Get It

Brothers Gonna Work It Out? Black Men Getting Clean Again ...

 RBGAnonymous...yes that's me said...
hey dv,
saw this article and thought you would like it. cuz i know you are the blackest & stylish.

i hope these brothas inspire a nationwide trend to get young black men to wear tailored pants.

DV you need a booth and to speak at this: http://www.greenfestivals.org/


Friday, August 19, 2011

In Plantation Negro News ...

HaitianChick said...
Hey DV,

Plan on discussing the Nivea ad? I certainly wasn't surprised to hear the ad was created by Clif Carson, a black PR agent from New York.

Black men want to dip their hand so bad into the white man's cookie jar that they don't give a damn if they have to use their own people as a stool.

A sista would've never created such an ad.

Y'all negroes make me sick. Actin like being wit a black woman should suddenly be congratulated. Listen up, just because you date your own kind don't give you clearance to talk ish about us. And quit bragging that you play golf with the company VP on the weekends. We still aint impressed.

White corporate execs go crazy over black pussy (ask me how). If you want that promotion that bad-- just say so. Stepping on your own people is unbecoming.

What's Black Got To Do With It?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When Does The News Media Protect The Identity Of A Criminal ...?

Monday, August 15, 2011

About As UnPlantation Negro As It Gets

The Blackest Muscadine Grapes On The Planet



Never In Your Life ...

As Long As You Are Black ...

Never Eat Fruit Without A Seed ... 

Save Black Children • Home School

Indigenous Black Woman of North America

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What Did Black People Look Like Before Genetically Modified Food?

Howard University - Lifesaving Class - 1948

Friday, August 12, 2011

"The Help" - The Original

The Global System of Black Supremacy
Agüeybaná said...
I was playing pool with a guy in Brazil today. I usually consider myself good, but the pockets here are smaller and they have different rules. Add that to the fact that my portuguese is a solid 3.5/10 and I'm a little frustrated... Add that to the fact that this brotha has two of his balls blocking the two closest pockets to mine and I'm getting a little heated. I recall thinking "I'd be good if this clown would just get those two balls out of my way." Some inner voice thought it would be fair and proper for the sake of the game that he free up the two pockets he was blocking. As each of his turns passed he didn't even look at the two blocked pockets, and it took me until the third time he shot to stop hoping he would do so... I thought, "why would I expect him to help me if we're in competition against each other (I cant find question marks on this keyboard).

Then I caught the metaphor... Learned helplessness and/or the "plantation negro mindset" is so deep that it followed me all the way to South America into a friendly game of pool to remind me that I must resist.. even on vacation.

I think I'm intelligent, like everyone else who shares on this blog. We get to diagnosing the problems of black america, who's a plantation negro, etc... and we forget that it's in all of us. If you're cringing at the thought, good. You should be...
 Denmark Vesey said ...



I don't know about that one bra.  Some of us quite Plantation Negro free.

Are Black People A Political Joke?

Peep the irony.

  • There is a Black man in the White House.  
  • Black Americans don't have any more real political power than they did during slavery.
  • There is an "African-American" President of the United States.
  • The "African-American" President is bombing Africans while waging an illegal war for oil in Libya.
  • 80% of "African-Americans" can't find Libya on a map