Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ludacris & Barack Obama - The Exploding Political Power of Hip Hop - "Obama Is Here!"

Undecided Guy said ...
This Ludicrous monkey, by far, must be the stupidest coon that I've ever seen. His advisers must also be stupid coon monkeys. If they think that recording and releasing a song like this will help Obama become president, they have to be just as stupid as the fried chicken they eat. This, for lack of a better word, song just reinforces the negative beliefs that (real) Americans have known about these monkeys for years. McCain will be our next president. I'm 100% certain of this.

Black Is The New Black - Italian Vogue's Entire Issue Features Black Models

Black is back. Black is beautiful. Black may even be the new black. Certainly Franca Sozzani, long-time editor of Vogue Italia and one of Europe's top arbiters of high fashion, gave that view an enthusiastic endorsement when she made this month's edition of her magazine the first ever "Black" issue, featuring only black models and articles about black-related subjects.

Secular Sloganeering

Are American Men Being Turned Into Bitches?

KP said ...
I don't know about the other men on the blog but if I even tried to cross my legs (thighs touching) I'd have to force them with my hands and make a conscious effort to keep em there. I'm 6'2 220 so that could be it. I never understood this in men. nothing comfortable about it.

as far as the loafers & nair shorts, I let white boys be white boys. They don't know why I brush a low fade or taper and I don't understand this shyt.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Batman - The Dark Knight - Joker vs. Jesus - A Denmark Vesey Joint

Is The Number One Box Office Hit in History A Mass Meditation on Evil?
'the pot smokin thug said...
Game recognize game you a bad dude DV. Well done. Now..
Is your christianity another form of you empowering yourself mentally? HMM ok.. What Im asking you DV is did you create your God? Did God create you? Is this a compensatory method for humanity? Because I want to believe in the bible and Christ but . My intellect refutes it on sooo many levels. The Bible is a pretty interesting piece of work I might have to reblanc ( I made it up in the place of renege) on me wanting to believe in the bible but I sincerely ask How can you be such a progressive thinker and believe that in which you know the clear history of and take it as fact????
Soteria said...
Also DV, the video was fabulous...and you are on point in your observation...

I remember reading that passage about fighting against principalities years ago and it suddenly became clear to me of this phenomenon all around me. I once heard a pastor say "The devil wants to kill you" and I thought that was pretty deep. I look at things, places, situations from that lens now. To me, the devil is any person, place or thing whose intention is my demise.

Crack - devil
Leading a sedentary/inactive lifestyle- devil
Cigarettes - devil
Living in a sea of debt - devil
Sex outside of Marriage - devil
Fried pork cracklings - devil
George W. Bush - devil
God is LIFE.
In John 10:10 Jesus states "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” Look around you...if you see things that are not manifesting a more abundant is not of God.

Big J Gives A Karate Demonstration - Don't Try This At Home

"Oh God! Are you OK!"
"... yeah. I'm fine."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Has Atlanta Become The Black San Francisco?

Global System of White Supremacy?

Monday, July 28, 2008

One Day You're On Stage, Masturbating With A Crucifix, The Next Day A Witch On Meth Late To A Kabbalah Ritual

"It is better to lose a tooth than one's life."

Reports say that Gabriel Almeida was playing in his uncle's backyard in the town of Belo Horizonte when the vicious dog lunged at his left arm.

In an act of self-defence the young boy grabbed the dog by the neck and bit him - so hard in fact that he lost his canine teeth.

Group Identity Politics

White homosexuals
Got Negro Liberals
Championing their issues
with passion
like Gay is the new Affirmative Action
Casper said...
If I am the ignorant Negro... Then you must be the overly closet cased oreo overly fascinated with every thing gay... While you foam at the mouth with anti-gayness/promotion of marriage and gangsta rappers who demoted meaninful relationships with women (contradiction #62) your tax dollars and the government by which controls the laws and roads by which you travel to your white golf resorts is crumbling beneath your Gucci loafers. So keep on calling moi names soul brother #68... Cuz someone obviously owes you ONE!... If you know what I mean. WASHINGTON — The next president will inherit a record budget deficit of $482 billion, according to a new Bush administration estimate released Monday.

Jim Jones Calls Nas An "Irrelevant Dweeb" & Nas' Attack Of Fox News A Publicity Stunt



Sunday, July 27, 2008

13 Reasons Why Science Is A Religion

The point. The line. The plane. The numeral 1. The numeral 2. The numeral 3. The numeral 4. The numeral 5. The numeral 6. The numeral 7. The numeral 8. The numeral 9.
The numeral 0.

All of these are abstract concepts that are accepted on faith. That is, consensual definitions. Truly, they are effective. Truly, they achieve things. Truly, they do not exist in the entire cosmos except as the result of the human mind. They are abstractions. They posses no physical reality. They do not exist in the material universe. This is precisely the objection that so-called "secular humanists" have with religion.

They object that the fundamental premises of religion are faith based and they do not exist in the material world. Show me God, they say. Show me the spirit, they say.

Show me a 5.

No, not the symbol of a 5. No, not 5 things. These are indirect and are not 5 itself. Show me 5. You cannot. It does not exist. Except for one instance: When people accept that it exists and begin their operations based upon that consensual agreement.

"Science" is faith based. It is a belief system. It is a religion. Technology Guru's are mere evangelists and preachers spreading their version of the gospel. Einstein was a "prophet".

God's Son In The Fatherland ... Global System of Game Supremacy

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jewish Seminary Student Steals Obama's Prayer From Western Wall. Published In Maariv.

Senator Barack Obama probably thought that the prayer he penned in the solitude of his King David hotel room in Jerusalem would remain between him and the Almighty. But an Orthodox Jewish student had other ideas.
Following Jewish tradition, Obama donned a yarmulke and went to the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site, where shortly before dawn on Thursday he stuffed his prayer into a crevass between the giant white stones, hewn over 2,000 years ago. Traditionally such prayers, and there are over a million every year, some arriving by fax and email, are collected twice a year and buried on the Mount of Olives. It is considered taboo to read the prayers.

But after Obama and his entourage left the sacred site, an orthodox seminary student went to the Wall, fished out Obama's personal note and delivered it to Maariv newspaper, which duly printed the senator's prayer.


James Brown vs. Jamiroquai - Global System of _____ Supremacy?

Friday, July 25, 2008

God's Son Does Paris

"I wish Barack Obama luck — if it's him, France will be very happy," Sarkozy responded to a question asking whether his ebullient praise of Obama was an endorsement. Referring to his initial 2006 meeting with Obama in Washington while Sarkozy was preparing his run for the French presidency, the Frenchman recalled, "There were just the two of us in the room, and one became President. Now it's up to the other to do likewise."
Byrdeye said...
Obama is a change in skin color

...not policy.

Get it straight, folks.

He's from the Blue Pill, not the Red Pill, Party.

Submariner said ...
Byrdeye is completely wrong. Obama may not be revolutionary but he is a distinct difference. What has been obscured during the last seven years is the radical upset in the foreign and domestic framework and Obama is a return to the order established by Roosevelt.

Senator Obama's mastery of political chiaroscuro resembles that of a Renaissance painter. His tasks and promises are:

1)reestablish footing for the entrenched middle and upper-middle classes (There is no surer path to revoltion than a large cadre of dissatisfied cultural elites.)

2)reinvigorate the postwar global relationship in which the US maintains its status as first among equals in exchange for restraints (i.e. consensus) on its exercise of power.

3) facilitate the entry of Iran into the pantheon of leading nations. This can take the pattern of minimal disruption and absent the nuclear issue the way it did with Brazil and South Africa. Or it can be the long, arduous, mutually destabilizing process that accompanied the rise of China (proxy wars in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and fractured reigns of LBJ and Nixon.)

Of course, the sword of Damocles looming overhead is the Earth's finite capacity to accomodate current patterns of human consumption.
CNulan said...
"Obama is a return to the order established by Roosevelt."

Which order is utterly and completely unsustainable.

Watching how long his illusory Rorschachian production can help sustain the larger cinematic diversion of which it's a part - should nevertheless prove interesting.

For those of us just clockwatching, it's a more the merrier proposition timewise...,

RJEsq & Byrdeye = Genuine Diversity

RJEsq said...
Byrdeye, let me ask you a question.

Why exactly is it that you break your neck, day in and day out, to rub elbows and experience "the dumbest folks on earth" or the "worst reared people on earth."

You have mastered the historical ins and out of our struggle at the hands of jews and evil government.

You dabble in our music, our art and even our vernacular.

To be so inferior, we Black folks sure do captivate the hell out of you. And you aint even laid eyes on any of us.

You might shit your pants if you got to experience the greatness of Black folk live and in color.

Byrdeye said...
Lol at people attacking the messenger here when they can't attack the message! :D

BTW, when DV stereotypes Blacks as having bigger dongs or real "soul," I don't throw a fit...and I don't see anyone else here, either. [Damn Good Point]

Sooo, I guess only some racial stereotypes are taboo?

Meanwhile, MF claims races don't exist with one breath and then starts yapping about Black vs White with every other.

Look, get off your high horses hypocrites. There are clearly some racial bell curves, that lie deeper than just nurture. The existing race-denying paradigm is simply WRONG and is not upheld by REALITY, FOLKS. I AM NOT WRONG ON THIS. It is plain as daylight. If you gotta problem with that, then take your beef to God.

I swear this entire culture has been hypnotized to ignore the obvious and believe the opposite of what they see.

Now, for all you who REALLY wanna debate me - put your $$$ where your mouth is. I will bet anyone here $3000 that the winner of the 100m sprint in the 2008 Olympics will be a Black man. Is that racist stereotyping? You betcha! Is it WRONG? If you really think so, then pony up $3000.

Any takers who can walk their talk???

Kay Ryan Appointed America's Poet Laureate - But Can She Get With Lil Wayne?

Lesbian Takes Poet Laureate Post
by Kilian Melloy

Kay Ryan, America’s 16th Poet Laureate
A lesbian has been selected to the post of America’s 16th Poet Laureate.

Kay Ryan, 62, was slated to don the mantle of the country’s top poet on July 17, reports a New York Times article published that same day.

Their purpose wraps
around the backs of things
and under arms;
they gouge and hatch
and glue on charms
till likable materials–
apple crates and canning funnels–
lose their rural ease. We are not
pleased the way we thought
we would be pleased.

Un-fuckin-believable, Little Wayne's the President Fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, even if they celibate I know the game is crazy it's mo crazy than it's ever been I'm married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federline It's obvious that he'll be Cash Money til the death of him The ground shall break when they bury him, bury him I know one day they gonna bury him But I lock my casket tight baby so I don't let the devil in Nigga it just me and my guitar, yeah bitch I'm heavy metal And you can get them fuckin Led Zeppelin Nigga's as bitches bitches I think they full of estrogen And we hold court and take your life for settlement Yes I'm the best, and no I ain't positive I'm definite I know the game like I'm reffin' it This is the Carter, Tha Carter III, the New Testament And I'm the God and this is what I bless em with

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Race Cop IV - Twoness within Twoness

Joe Frasier Black vs. Muhammad Ali Black

Ist Ein Berliner!! - God's Son Does His Thing In Germany

'The new, black Kennedy'
Berlin toasts Barack Obama

A supporter of U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama waits for his speech in front of the Victory Column in Berlin July 24. Obama met earlier with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Chancellery and is set to make a foreign policy speech in front of an expected crowd of tens of thousands.

ILL said...
Yummy I love it..smokin hot babe right there... Uh DV I can't help but to think that youre being passive aggressive towards ILLMATH by keeping that rhyme as a staple of the page. Are you telling me something ... Did I strike a cord with the last rhyme? I like coming here brosky but Illmath feels a little haterism's your blog and waynes rhyme was good but completely innaccurate.. Look I tout this blog to some great people that I trust. I speak of you highly but if you gon' try play ILL i have no choice but to leave the company of my brothers in arms. It probably wouldn't be a bad thing because I work around jews all day everyday (not EVERY) and the more I come here the closer I get to a kramer moment... So whatever's clever cuzin Ive dealt wit cats like you too DV older fly niggaz who got theyre minds right.. except when it comes to that young fly captain who only wants to get some of your knowledge Youre Eddie Murphy Im JAmie Foxx.. youre Ice t Im soulja boy youre Bill Im Terrence... I highly doubt you'll take it down but if you did it would mean I can continue my morning routine with a little mike fisher DV mediatakeout and as scoche of porn (how do you spell schoch?)
Denmark Vesey said ...
LOL. Nah Ill
We cool as a fan
I'm still DV
You still my man
I'm the Cocoa Butta Brotha
You still my fan
I'm the King of the Jungle
like a Black Tarzan
My intellectual wingspan
impress the Imperial Wizard
of the Ku Klux Klan
Got a permanent suntan
when I was King of Sudan
I like breasts
but more a legman
Don't let your kids see Batman
Hot as Cayenne
Flow can't be outran
I won before we began
Got it wrapped like saran
Poetic as the Koran
Them bastards gonna bomb Iran
Barack talkin' 'bout Afghanistan
It's dem NeoCons man!
They had this shit planned
Israelis in white vans
Taking pictures when shit went BAM!
Don't trust the newsman
Ahmadinejad aint no madman
I push a black tinted out sedan
DV got a Master Plan
Summin like a Shogun in Japan

Don't ask me to take shit down. Throw shit up.

What you want to rap about young brother? The floor is yours. Right here. Spit.

Why Women Should Eat Well, Do Yoga & Leave The Gym Alone

Michael Fisher said...
Byrdeye, you are not being the shining example for superior white mental acuity that you ought to be.

I never said that there are no genetic differences between people. I didn't even say that there are no genetic differences or similarities between groups of people. Fact is, I said the opposite.

I said that I can take any one or several of the myriad of genetic, that is, physical attributes and construct a race out of them.

I can construct a race out of color, another out of nose size, another out of the number of hair follicles on people's ass, or, for that matter, another out of having-HIV-genetic-trait.

The question is, which race that is constructed in that fashion is any more or less legitimate than any other race so constructed?

In addition, I bet you that I can correlate IQ with the hair-follicles-on-people's-ass having race as opposed to the hair-follicles-on-people's-ass not having race.

In other words, the notion of biological race is meaningless because I can construct as many biological races as I desire.

Unless, of course, you can make a conclusive and convincing argument why the physical (genetic) trait "color" objectively scientifically is of any greater legitimacy in constructing race than the physical (genetic) trait hair-follicles-on-people's-ass.

Can you do that?