Monday, June 30, 2008

DV The Greatest Rapper On The Internet - My Latest Challenger

Art or Porn?

Sista. Harlem. Circa 1947

Big J Makes A Challenge For The Thrown

Big J said...

"Ill Math look like Marlo
More like broke ass Detroit - 'wit a car show
Young buck on the block tryin' to take J's crown
I'm the String of this shit
So Muthafuckas sit down
I pimp glasses in the courts
Keep the .40 at the fort
Keep the facade legit so I skip all the drama
Niggaz best to hope they ain't got a fine ass baby mama
Turn this dope game of sorts
Make it like Sabotka's ports
Denmark sprang from me
Don't believe me ask around
Read up on "Bright Lights"
And that flashback sound"

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Mike Fisher Experience

Michael fisher said...

"WASHINGTON, July 4 — When the TransAfrica Forum..."

Fuck a TransAfrica, Cap.

Transafrica never led jack. All they did is lead diversion.

The anti-apartheid movement was initiated and led by black folks who were Pan-Africanists under the demand "Africa for the Africans, at home and abroad".

Organizationally that took the form of the African Support Liberation Committee founded in 1971 by Owusu Saudaki (Howard Fuller) and the Anti-divestment student movement founded by yours truly and another brother within the organizational structure of the Black Student Alliance at Yale as well as a now deceased Korean-American Yale student name of Sergei Demanyenko in under the guidance of David Sibeko, the leader of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) who was assassinated in Tanzania in 1979.

It was us black kids who trained these white kids how to do anti-apartheid work and it was us black kids who set up NECLSA (North East Coalition for the Liberation of Southern Africa - the largest American anti-apartheid student movement ever with anti-apartheid committees at hundreds of campuses) as well as it's Mid-West and West Coast counter-parts.

Transafrica was brought in and financed by white "liberals", Communists, Trotzkyites, etc. in order to divert the liberation support work from "African Land to Africans" to "Let's have the right to take a shit next to white people".

The Mandela ANC was never led by black people. Everything the ANC did internationally was led and determined by the American Committee On Africa (led by George Hauser and South African white Trotzkyite Jennifer Davis) and in Britain by the Anti-Apartheid Movement.

Why the hell do you think that white folks throughout the planet are celebrating Mandela's birthday in Hyde park? Because he liberated South Africa from them?

Be real. Study history

Why Not?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Architecture - Central Chinese Television Building

Set on a site that’s about as large as 37 football fields, Rem Koolhaas’s television authority headquarters in Beijing may initially seem intimidating. This 54-story tower leans and looms like some kind of science-fiction creature poised to stomp all over the surrounding central business district.

A rendering of the Central Chinese Television building.
But if the five-million-square-foot building is one of the largest ever constructed, its architect sees it as a people-friendly reinvention of the skyscraper.

“Awe is not usually a condition our buildings inspire,” Mr. Koolhaas said in an interview at the Museum of Modern Art, where a show devoted to the Central Chinese Television building — known as CCTV — opened yesterday. “Amidst all the skyscrapers there, it’s relatively low. It will feel accessible.”

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just One Ass Whippin' Too Few

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Retired US general criticizes McCain's military experience

“I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.” Welsey Clark

My Favorite Whiteboy!

ILLMATH said ...
That was actually yours truly ILLMATH smashin on Byrd . I think you need to re read what I said to son. OK you've raised the bar and I will definitely take the gloves off for the next round..At first you were rappin like sugarhill so I didnt want to completely smash on you but now that youve shown some skills..Im bringin my B game to the game playa. I liked your little ditty but Im a have no pity... and Byrd cant come back thats as absurd as the bird fuckin with a silverback.

Byrdeye said...
Somebody called?
It's a bird, it's a plane
Swoopin down from the sky
To drop turds on ya name
Birdshot to the dome
Make ya head explode
Bloodbath for Ill Math
Untouchable flows blow
Through you like Drano
Don't you fuck wit me
I leave ya high & dry
As a Katrina refugee
Ya e-thuggin shit
Lame since 96, c'mon
Picture Pac rollin'
In grave robbers stolen
Born thugs die younger
Gangbangin' to gangbusters
But K-game stays legit
To live long and prosper.

Big Wayne said...

The players may change but the game stay the same,
Move over push aside and make room for Big Wayne
See I'm the Big not the Lil so dont get it twisted,
I'll say it again "Big Wayne" in case the 1st time you missed it,

Heard u suckas over here think that you got flow,
Thought I'd drop on by, just to let you suckas know
There's only one...the ruler..the King I be
Here to drop a quick line to the homie, DV.
See I blaze this joint, that's right I'm hotter than a flame.
So bow down, pay homage, to the Prince BIG WAYNE.

Y'all dont want it with Big Wayne.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Can Tell A Lot About A Man By His Shoes ...

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Bitchifying of American Men

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TEST: Chronic Feminist Fatigue - Do you suffer?

It's strong. The Feminist meme game is like candida. All up in your guts and you don't know you got it. You just quietly suffer the symptoms.

Apparently it is counter culture to even suggest a young girl be taught to depend on a man. Reference the sidestepping comments below.


For years mothers, and grandmothers and even fathers suffereing from CFF (Chronic Feminist Fatigue) have repeated that petit bourgeois feminist mantra "I jus wan hu ta get ah ejoocation - so she won't haf ta DEPEND on no man".

So millions of women went to college, got in debt, got a job and now ... depend on ... corporations.

Out the frying pan ... Switcheroo ... like when atheists realize "No God" is a religion too.

We wouldn't train a point guard, not to depend on his center. We wouldn't encourage a quarterback not to depend on his receivers. We wouldn't suggest a pilot not depend on his copilot. Why not teach young girls the art and skill of building an interdependent relationship with a man? Why project the attitudes and disposition of lesbian women as the ideal model for all women?

Is This The Corniest Negro In America?

How Shaq wanna be a "cop" when he retires?

That's like wanting to be a security guard at Kinko's when you grow up.

Now he has to hear "Kobe, how my ass taste" for the rest of his life.

How smart can that be? I don't know why I am surprised. I've never met a smart cock-eyed person anyway.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen .... Submariner

Submariner said...
My admiration for China isn't based on a specific policy proposal. It is because China is a vivid example of devalued and subjugated people with a proud but remote past coming together and entering into global partnership on mutually acceptable terms.

Like I said earlier, I know a thing or two - meaning I don't purport to have intimate encyclopedic knowledge but I certainly know more than what is discussed on TV.

Everyone is dependent on someone else for their understanding of the world around them. Only the most egocentric would state that personal subjective experience constitutes the core of understanding. And there is a world of difference between spin and the works of scholars who've dedicated their whole lives to a subject. As Fisher has averred and a casual wikipedia search will show, Schurmann and Fairbanks are well respected in Asian studies.

For a certain political persuasion the argot of k-gamer and r-gamer is readily accepted. But what Byrdeye is peddling is a stereotype elevated from its lowly origin but not much higher than a bee on its knees. Consider the following examples from real life:

-a millionaire Mormon with thirteen kids by three wives
-a housewife who turns tricks from her suburban home
-a drug addicted son of a former Vice-President of the United States with yet another police encounter
-a cartel whose members traffic in narcotics from their college campus

Which one is an r-gamer and which is a k-gamer?
And why?

As for the presumptive military dominance of the global North, I would direct you to read up on Korea, Vietnam, Kenya, Namibia, and Cuba. Plus check Al Jazeera for an unfiltered view of Afghanistan and Iraq. In none has the popular will ever succumbed to military might of the West.

Moreover, to limit the successes of China and India to demographics is a display of hemianopsia. These folks are winning in the boardrooms. China's future military supremacy is the stuff on nightmares and novels. It's not just me saying this but insiders like Richard Clarke. A military schism, highlighted by dismissals of CINCPAC, Air Force Secretary and Chief of Staff in a span of a few months, has occurred because while Bush and company are focused on repelling insurgencies in the Middle East, military elites are horrified by the erosion of our might against the Chinese.

Is Participation In Mass Vaccinations Evidence of Mass Mind Control?

It should be pointed out that today's children receive 22 or more vaccines before school age, whereas today's senior citizens received only one, the smallpox vaccine.

With growing public concerns about potential adverse reactions on the immature immune systems of children, is it reasonable to ask ourselves what is already known about such reactions? There is a school of thought that the so-called "minor childhood illnesses" of former times including: Measles Mumps, Rubella (German measles) and Chicken pox, that entered the body through the mucous membranes, served a necessary and positive purpose in challenging and strengthening the immune system of these membranes.

In contrast, so the theory goes, the respective vaccines of these diseases are injected by needle directly into the system of the child, thereby bypassing the mucosal immune system. As a result, mucosal immunity remains relatively weak and stunted in many children, complications of which may be the rapid increase in asthma and eczema now being seen, both in terms of frequency and severity.

This concept tends to be confirmed by four controlled studies, widely separated geographically, in which vaccinated children were found to have significantly more atopic disorders than controls.

In commenting on the increased incidence of asthma and other atopic disorders in the United Kingdom in the article, "Measles and atopy in Guinea-Bissau," the authors made the following comment:

"The rise of allergic disease among children in the UK over the past 30 years remains unexplained. One hypothesis is that infections in early childhood prevent allergic sensitization, and that successive generations of children have lost this protection as their exposure to infectious disease in early life has declined. Consequently the prevalence of atopy and concomitant allergic disease has risen."

It is true that in former times there were occasional serious complications from these childhood diseases, but this is an area in which nutritional approaches and homeopathy traditionally have been at their best. If these approaches were made widely available, it is probable that most of these complications could be eliminated. No one wants to see serious complications in our children, but the vaccine route may in time prove to be the worst possible choice that could have been made, as concerns the minor childhood diseases.

Denmark Vesey - The Movie

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Denmark Vesey Elevation of The Discourse Award

Classical One said...

The problem nowadays is not reproducing, its reproducing too much. The world is so vastly overpoulated and becoming more so every day. Global warming, water shortages, destruction of ecosystems, high food prices and sky rocketing oil prices can all be traced back to too many people.

Kalena said...
Is Classical One a part of the Illuminati? lol Wow. Global Warming - Industrialization. Pumping nasty ass gases, chemicals and fumes into the atmosphere to produce, like 2 Ford Explorers.

Water Shortages - Do you know how much water is used each day to water the golf course's in California alone? The average golf course uses about 50% more water PER DAY than the average family of four uses PER YEAR. (about 315K gal per day versus 200K per year)

High Oil & Food Prices - Let me guess, supply vs demand? Wrong. But i won't answer this one, my boy Ahmadinejad can school you on the 'Food Shortage'.

Denmark Vesey said ...
Ahhh .. the sweet irony. "K-gamers" fuck up the planet and commit collective suicide in the process, yet come up with grandiose conspiracy theories that point fingers at people who haven't poisoned their wombs - to the point where they can barely reproduce - as the culprits behind global devastation.

Funny thing is that when it's said and done, Becky from Harvard will go the way of the dodo bird and Shaniqua from South Side Jamaica Queens will be fussin' wit her baby daddy into the next millenium.
"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." Matthew 5:5

"Hip Hop's Dead" ... "Dey Aint Sayin' Nuttin'"... "Wu Tang Dis, Common Dat" ... Yada Yada

Gisele Says "Fuck The Dollar"

The American dollar is so weak Gisele Bundchen refuses to be paid with it anymore. The Brazilian supermodel officially demanded her most recent Pantene salary in euros, putting her in the esteemed ranks of important people including numerous hedge fund managers, Elizabeth Kucinich, Warren Buffett and his protege Rachel Zoe, with this public statement as to how the Bush Administration's fiscal irresponsibility could sentence the American people to a lifetime of even-more-ludicrously-expensive-than-usual Louis Vuitton.

In South Africa, Chinese is the New Black - Global System of Black Supremacy

A high court in South Africa ruled on Wednesday that Chinese-South Africans will be reclassified as “black,” a term that includes black Africans, Indians and others who were subject to discrimination under apartheid. As a result of this ruling, Chinese will be able to benefit from government affirmative action policies aimed at undoing the effects of apartheid.

In 2006, the Chinese Association of South Africa sued the government, claiming that its members were being discriminated against because they were being treated as whites and thus failed to qualify for business contracts and job promotions reserved for victims of apartheid. The association successfully argued that, since Chinese-South Africans had been treated unequally under apartheid, they should be reclassified in order to redress wrongs of the past.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DV's Rorschach Test - What Do You See?

Fist Tap Mike Fisher

Will G.W. Bush Be Prosecuted For Murder? Americas #1 Prosecutor Says "Yes"

In my book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, I set forth an airtight legal case against George Bush that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that George Bush took this nation to war under false pretenses, on a lie, in Iraq, and therefore, under the law, he is guilty of murder for the deaths of over 4,000 young American soldiers in Iraq fighting his war, not your war or my war or America’s war, but his war.

I set forth the legal architecture against him, the overwhelming evidence of his guilt and the jurisdiction to prosecute him. And I say that if justice means anything at all in America, and if we’re not going to forget about these 4,000 young American soldiers who are in their cold graves right now as I am talking to you and who came back from George Bush’s war in a box or a jar of ashes, I say we have no choice but to bring murder charges against the son of privilege from Crawford, Texas.

I’m telling you this: I am going after George Bush. I may not succeed, but I’m not going to be satisfied until I see him in an American courtroom being prosecuted for first-degree murder.

Aight Aight Aight Bra Sub ... Celtics Beat The Lakers. Congratulations. But Why Does It Feel Like Jerry Quarry Just Beat Muhammad Ali?

Submariner said ...You're inadvertently showing your plantation negro side by confusing nomenclature with substance. With some of the most upright brothers currently playing basketball and a black head coach, the Celtics are an example of what you casually refer to as "black supremacy". Sure they have houligans cheering them on, but so what? Most fans forget that Bird, Parish, and McHale were coached by K.C. Jones, a black man who, unlike Detroit's Chuck Daly, is willfully ignored. And Bill Russell was the showed his genius as both player and coach.
Denmark Vesey said ... Yeah that's true Sub. I failed to give it up properly to the young brothas in the green and white. Doc Rivers is a tremendous coach who deserves all the respect in the world. If they played for a team called the Alabama Ku Klux Klan - it wouldn't make a difference. I stand corrected.

However, peep an example of the origins of my anti-Boston bias:

"It is perhaps somewhat ironic that I came back for my postgraduate work to Boston, a city my father once described as the most racist in America. My father is Bill Russell, center for the Boston Celtics dynasty that won 11 championships in 13 years. Recently, I asked him if it was difficult to send me to school here. When he first went to Boston in 1956, the Celtics' only black player, fans and sportswriters subjected him to the worst kind of unbridled bigotry. When he retired from the National Basketball Association in 1969, he moved to the West Coast, where he has remained.

One night we came home from a three-day weekend and found we had been robbed. Our house was in a shambles, and ''NIGGA'' was spray-painted on the walls. The burglars had poured beer on the pool table and ripped up the felt. They had broken into my father's trophy case and smashed most of the trophies. I was petrified and shocked at the mess; everyone was very upset. The police came, and after a while, they left. It was then that my parents pulled pack their bedcovers to discover that the burglars had defecated in their bed." By KAREN RUSSELL; KAREN K. RUSSELL IS A 1987 GRADUATE OF THE HARVARD LAW SCHOOL.

Should Michelle Obama Bow To Pressure and Remake Her Image?

Conservative columnists accuse her of being unpatriotic and say she simmers with undigested racial anger. A blogger who supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton circulates unfounded claims that Obama gave an accusatory speech in her church about the sins of "whitey." Obama shakes her head.

"You are amazed sometimes at how deep the lies can be," she says in an interview. Referring to a character in a 1970s sitcom, she adds: "I mean, 'whitey'? That's something that George Jefferson would say. Anyone who says that doesn't know me. They don't know the life I've lived. They don't know anything about me."

Now her husband's presidential campaign is giving her image a subtle makeover, with a new speech in the works to emphasize her humble roots and a tough new chief of staff. On Wednesday, Michelle Obama will do a guest turn on "The View," the daytime talk show on ABC, with an eye toward softening her reputation.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Corporate Branding Consumerism Memes & Mind Control

Neuroeconomics is using brains to do economics. In neuroeconomics, theories are constrained by facts about how the brain actually works. Neuroeconomics is a branch of "behavioral economics." Behavioral economics uses facts and ideas from social sciences that are neighbors of economics (psychology, sociology, anthropology) to show how willpower, concern for other people, limits on calculating ability, and biology influence economic behavior. Neuroeconoimcs expands behavioral economics by using facts about brain activity.

Neuroeconomics is also a new kind of "experimental economics." In experimental economics, we create simple bargaining games and markets, with economic motivation, to test theories and establish what variables cause economic outcomes. Neuroeconomics expands experimental economics by measuring biological and neural processes as people choose, bargain, and trade.

God's Other Son Does It Again ... And Again ... And Again ... And Again ...

The gallery ignites with applause as Tiger Woods begins celebrating his birdie on No. 18 during the final round of the U.S. Open on Sunday at Torrey Pines. Woods forced a playoff with Rocco Mediate.

If God came to earth and decided to play a round of golf, he would play like Tiger Woods.

Obama Scolds Men Who Fail To Be Good Fathers - Would Children Be Better Served If Obama Addressed The War On Men & Fathers That Is The Real Culprit?

In a stern Father's Day address, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., told an African-American congregation today that too many fathers -- including his own -- have failed their children.

"They've abandoned their responsibilities," said Obama, the putative Democratic nominee for president. "They're acting like boys instead of men, and the foundations of our families have suffered because of it. You and I know this is true, but nowhere is it more true than in the African-American community."

Michael Fisher said...
As a black man who never for a minute abandoned his child and who is the son of a black man who never abandoned his child I gotta say this fuck a Barack for pandering to white racists.
That guy is rapidly losing my respect.

I'm sick of negroes acting like someone can't call out trifling behavior as trifling behavior...if the shoe fits wear it! And Mike F, if you have always been there for your kids...why would you say F*ck Barack!? Or is the GSWS responsible for this too?! GTFOOH!!

Laws of Man vs Laws of Nature - Would The World Have Been Better Served By Sending R. Kelly To Prison?

Nasty? Yes. Poor taste? Yes. Deserving of An Ass Whipping? Yes. Criminal? No.

1) All 14 year old girls are not just alike. 2) 14 year old girls have been having sex with 28 year old men for thousands of years. None of us would be here had that not been the case.

My grandmother was married and had my uncle at 14.

Statutory law is one thing, human nature is another. In this case they clash. State legislatures could pass stricter statutory rape laws, make the punishment for breaking them death, and place police officers in every bedroom in America - and some girls are still going to have sex with some men.

15 year old Mylie Cyrus in Vanity Fair - > Is a society that tolerates the objectification of children just as guilty as the R. Kelly's that have sex with 14 year olds who conduct themselves like porn stars?

I don't blame R. Kelly and the girl / young lady nearly as much as I blame her parents and our society. We tolerate a mass culture that has reduced children to sex objects. From schools to music videos to clothing merchandisers to television to music our culture engineers hyper-sexed preteens who now screw like rabbits.

We pass out condoms in school and discuss anal sex in class rooms as if it were a right of passage. We celebrate Brittany Spears for her striptease act and make Paris Hilton the national de facto Princess of America after her "Celebrity Sex Tape" is revealed. The underlying message of Radical Secularism is: "Sex is inevitable. Sex makes you happy. Sex is Power. Do it. Oh ... Be Safe."

Why are we so tolerant of every abominable, vile, aberrant sexual deviation imaginable between members of the same sex, but suddenly become pious and indignant regarding heterosexual sex between sexually active people of different ages?

Not saying it's "right". Simply pointing out the hypocrisy of asking the government to play sex police in this case, but not in others.

After all, if we are going to lock people up for nastiness, should R. Kelly really be the first?

"child abuse occurred by that sick bastard"
Byrdeye said...
Um, many Britney Spearses today toss their V-cards out by 14, 15, 16 on their own anyways. Because feminism has turned this into a Girls Gone Wild Raunch culture. It's a whole different ballgame now and many 14-yo girls are far from innocent Pollyannas. A lot of these girls rack up a dozen partners and a few abortions or babies by 20.

Britney's own 16-yo sister is already pregnant. And unmarried. Whether you like that or not, that's simply the new reality.

So, to apply social standards from 50-years ago to radically-different girls today - is just out-of-touch - whether you agree with it or not.

And I think continually absolving "blame" from girls for this only keeps them doing it more. Because then, what have THEY got to lose? Nothing. But shouldn't feminism be advocating equality here?

If a 14-yo girl willingly breaks the same law - shouldn't she suffer the same punishment as well? I think if that happened, they might stop having sex until they're of age? But as long as they are immune to any reprecussions, why should they?