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Michelle Obama: "My Babies Aint Gonna Be Dancin' On No Tables"

WASHINGTON (AP) - The wife of Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama says she's scaled back her professional work to campaign, to tend to her family and to ensure that the couple's two daughters don't grow up to be partiers.

In a speech to female campaign donors today, Michelle Obama didn't mention the current presidential daughters -- Jenna and Barbara Bush --- and their reputation for enjoying good times.

The campaign said she wasn't referring to the Bush twins, but the crowd made the connection.

Michelle Obama drew laughs by saying her two daughters wouldn't be "dancing on tabletops."

She says the campaign wants to show the country that family is important. She asked the crowd, "How do you lead if your own home isn't in order?"

The Obama's daughters are 8-year-old Malia and 6-year-old Sasha.

Don’t Mourn Brown v. Board of Education


LET us now praise the Brown decision. Let us now bury the Brown decision.

With yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling ending the use of voluntary schemes to create racial balance among students, it is time to acknowledge that Brown’s time has passed. It is worthy of a send-off with fanfare for setting off the civil rights movement and inspiring social progress for women, gays and the poor. But the decision in Brown v. Board of Education that focused on outlawing segregated schools as unconstitutional is now out of step with American political and social realities.

Desegregation does not speak to dropout rates that hover near 50 percent for black and Hispanic high school students. It does not equip society to address the so-called achievement gap between black and white students that mocks Brown’s promise of equal educational opportunity.

And the fact is, during the last 20 years, with Brown in full force, America’s public schools have been growing more segregated — even as the nation has become more racially diverse. In 2001, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that the average white student attends a school that is 80 percent white, while 70 percent of black students attend schools where nearly two-thirds of students are black and Hispanic.

"Israel is a model of what Iraq should become. Israel is able to carry out it's democratic functions despite the constant threat of attacks." GW

"These words might be the stupidest ones ever uttered by a US President. Given there likely impact on the US war effort in the middle east, they are outright criminal." Juan Cole

"The Kobe Video"

This video was hyped in the media all week as the "Kobe Rant". He sounds on point to me.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

'Finding of Moses in the Nile' - 1650

Oil on panel, 48 x 64 cm
Private Collection, Amsterdam

How in the hell does a baby, floating down an African river, in 1350 BC look anything like these people?

Brazil Police Kill 19 in Rio Slum Siege. Will this happen in Brooklyn and South Central?

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) - Police backed by helicopters raided a notorious Rio shantytown and killed 19 suspected drug traffickers in pitched gunbattles.

Police recovered 13 bodies and six more were left, apparently by the drug gangs, inside a van parked outside a police station near the scene of Wednesday's fighting.

The assault led to the worst urban combat in a two-month siege of the Alemao shantytown, where fighting has killed at least 40 people and injured more than 80 since May.

Authorities sent 1,350 officers and elite federal police to the slum long ruled by gangs. They were met with grenades and fusillades from automatic weapons.

Eleven people were wounded, including innocent bystanders, gang members and one police officer.

But all those killed were suspected members of gangs that dominate the area's thriving street-corner drug trade, said Rio de Janeiro state security chief Jose Mariano Beltrame.

``No innocent people were killed,'' Beltrame told reporters, adding that the operation was a ``bitter remedy'' but would continue indefinitely.

Parents frantically tried to protect their children from the gunfire after classes were suspended. Gang members dumped oil on streets to try to prevent armored cars from entering and police had to use a backhoe to remove a truck blocking the entrance to the adjacent Grota shantytown, where some of the heaviest fighting took place.

Wednesday's daylong battle was the biggest police show of force since the killing of two officers on May 2 touched off repeated exchanges of gunfire. Police took over low-lying areas of the hilly Alemao area, then moved up several of the narrow alleys that line the hillside shantytowns.

What The Big J's, Mike Fisher's, Stanley Crouch's and Other Rap Haters Can't / Wont / Are Afraid to Understand

paul said...

I've heard a few tracks from TI's new album...peep these lyrics from "touchdown" Interesting perspective:

It's ironic how the shit we bumpin' make us psychotic/
Threat to corporate America, that's why they runnin' from it.

How could they be so ignorant? Look what hip hop has done/
It's the livest route of business. Legitimated our money.

Got us out of the ghettos and relocated our mommies/
I made it all the way here ain't no way you taking it from me.

So excuse me Oprah, honey, I'm sorry, really I promise/
But niggas, hos, bitches really exist, I'm just being honest.

For that I'm being punished. Why are you so astonished/
No I ain't got a degree just intelligence in abundance.

So you ain't got to like me. I know millions of folk who love me/
You can tell how they yellin' and screamin' and waitin' for me

when I touchdown.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

FIDDY: "Cowards Find It Easier To Attack Me, Than To Attack the System. Fuck em."


Every time I see this girl, I marvel at her amazing talent, relentless beauty, and over the top soulfulness. During this era of cult like celebrity gossip, Beyonce has managed to maintain her dignity and grace. Keep doin' what you doin' B.

Ciarra is cool. Great dancer. Can sing a little bit. But she aint no Beyonce. Here she is making it rain with Benjamins ... or are those Washingtons?

What's up with John Singleton looking like John Amos? How did he get that old that quick? Remember when he was Tyra's man? I knew he couldn't hold that down.

Mo'Nique ... was Mo'Nique. My Baltimore home girl is funny. She can be a little ghetto and she can stumble through the serious moments, but her heart and spirit are good. With that many black folks and that much ego in one spot, a calming energy was needed.

Grammy's are corny (even white folks don't want Country and Rock). Academy Awards are dull (How many Holocaust movies can get Oscar's). American Music Awards are ... whatever.

I couldn't help but notice the gratuitous and conspicuously corporate "SAVE DARFUR" bullshit rammed down the throats of black America last night. Who ever is sponsoring that propaganda has deep pockets. I'm surprised my man Don Cheadle is falling for it.

Quiet as it's kept. The BET Awards is the best award show with the best performances on television. Now it would be nice if BET was owned and operated by brothers instead of Murray Rothstein.

These Hip Hop cats have started their own labels and publishing companies, created clothing lines, financed films, marketed beverage companies and purchased NBA Teams. Who knows? Let's give these rap cats a couple of years, hopefully they will manage to do what Corporate Negros couldn't do - launch a real black television network.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Dying God, The Hidden History of Western Civilization

A 37-year-old Montreal historian, David Livingstone has written a stunning book that casts modern civilization in a new and troubling light.

In The Dying God, The Hidden History of Western Civilization, Livingstone shows that modern secular culture is really the product of an occult tradition that can be traced back to ancient Babylon through Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Templars, Plato and the Cabalists.

Essentially, this tradition adopted Lucifer as symbol of mankind's rebellion against God. It enshrined human reason, appetite and will as the ultimate standard of goodness and truth.

It usually defined freedom in terms of destroying the moral and social order. Freedom means dissipation not uplift and empowerment.

The occult's real aim is to empower the elite. Livingstone, who is not "religious" explains:

"The basic principle of most religions is to behave unto others as we wish to be treated....a principle of justice...[In contrast] the lured by his vanity to seek a type of knowledge that sets him apart from others, maintaining that it is the preserve of the elite."

Lil Wayne is to Hip Hop what Miles was to Jazz. Squares didn't feel Miles in 1957. Squares don't feel Weezy in 2007.

Lil Wayne - Shooter
feat. Robin Thicke

So many doubt 'cause I come from the South
But when I open up my mouth, all bullets come out
Bang! Die bitch nigga die I hope you bleed a lake
I'ma play x-ray, helpin' y'all see the fake
I'm just tryin' to be the great, tryin' to get a piece of cake
Take it offa your plate, eat it right in your face
They got a whole lot to say but I don't listen
Call me automatic Weezy bitch I keep spittin', pow

And to the radio stations, I'm tired o' being patient
Stop bein' rapper racists, region haters Spectators, dictators, behind door dick takers It's outrageous, you don't know how sick you make us I want to throw up like chips in Vegas
But this is Southern face it
If we too simple then y'all don't get the basics

Who you callin' a bigot?

skip sievert said...
Hey you bigot soteria...

That white chick looked pretty good to me.
Your blood ?
I assume you are a human ?
All humans are the same.
The human race.

soteria said...
What is up with think everyone is a bigot huh?

Webster defines bigot as-
a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

How is what I said filled with hate or intollerance? How am I devoted soley to my own opinion and prejudice? You seem to be the intolerant one since you are calling people who don't agree with you, 'bigots and dumb asses'...way to take the moral high road...

Your examples of how white people have rhythm is Fred Astaire and Mikal B?? Interesting...true enough they have their own set of rhythm, but I don't know if they have the rhythm necessary to get their dancehall swerve on... I'm just sayin!

By the way all humans are not the same...we have individual identities based on our life experience and exposure...culture makes us different. I am vastly different culturally than my white friends...even though we were raised in the same type of environments...

Jun 26, 2007 11:16:00 AM


When Guy Richie (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch) first announced RocknRolla, his return to the ensemble British Gangster movie genre, we wondered if the old (pre-Madonna) Richie had also returned. Well finally the ensemble cast has been announced: Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, "T.I." and Idris Elba.

T.I. will star in the mob flick as an American artist attempting to break into the United Kingdom's music scene.

According to Variety, RocknRolla tells the story of a Russian mobster “who orchestrates a crooked land deal, putting millions of dollars up for grabs and attracting all of London’s criminal underworld.”

Production began on June 19th in London.

Et tu, Roseanne?

Roseanne Barr says she follows Christ and that “millions of Jews are not Zionists.”

The comedienne, who has touted her Jewish birth and upbringing in the past, told fans on her blog that she could no longer consider a mainstream TV talk show career “because I have opinions that are not sanctioned by the powers that be who refuse to allow even one dissenting voice over the airwaves of television.”

She added, “I truly believe that millions of Jews are not Zionists, and that even if they are, they do not support Israeli occupation. I believe that Jews all over this planet choose peace in the Middle East over the never-ending death machine of hatred and division and terror that exists there now. I am a Kabbalist, as was Jesus Christ…(the one whom I follow). He tells me to seek first the Kingdom inside of my soul, and leave the rest to Him.”

Monday, June 25, 2007

Now That's What I'm Talkin' About!

Lakers in trade talks to get Garnett
Trade discussions involve sending Odom and Bynum for the Timberwolves star in a possible four-team deal.
By Mike Bresnahan, Times Staff Writer
12:00 PM PDT, June 25, 2007

The owners of the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves have begun talks for a trade that would involve sending Kevin Garnett to the Lakers, league sources said Monday.

A multi-team trade discussion is underway involving the Lakers, Indiana, Minnesota and possibly a fourth team, with the Lakers getting Garnett and the Pacers getting Lamar Odom and teenage center Andrew Bynum from the Lakers. Another minor player might be added to make the deal work financially.


A judge ruled Monday in favor of a dry cleaner that was sued for $54 million over a missing pair of pants.

The owners of Custom Cleaners did not violate the city's Consumer Protection Act by failing to live up to Roy L. Pearson's expectations of the ``Satisfaction Guaranteed'' sign that was once placed in the store window, District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff ruled.

Bartnoff ordered Pearson to pay the court costs of defendants Soo Chung, Jin Nam Chung and Ki Y. Chung.

"Demeaning" to Black Women?

Did Halle Go Too Far?

As more and more of what happens in pop media is chalked up to that fast growing category called "Demeaning to Black Women", I wonder if the over the top sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Barry in Monster's Ball would qualify as demeaning.

Or is it fine for white boys to screw black women like they stole something on screen and only "demeaning" when a young black man (rapper) is involved?

Nelly get's attacked for sliding a credit card through a woman's ass in a music video. Halle get's an Oscar for letting a man bone her in the ass in an internationally released motion picture. Double standard?

The Sperm Lottery

So Eddie is the daddy. Now what?

A DNA test has shown that Eddie Murphy is the father of Melanie Brown'$ baby. Now the only question that remains is - "how much"?

A DNA test has confirmed actor-comedian Eddie Murphy is the father of the newborn daughter of Spice Girl singer Melanie Brown, People magazine reported today, citing Brown's representative.

Brown, 32, gave birth to Angel Iris Murphy Brown in April and listed Murphy as the father on the child's birth certificate, but the star of movies like Beverly Hills Cop and Dreamgirls has never publicly acknowledged paternity.

Earlier this month, media outlets reported that Murphy, 46, had taken a DNA test and Brown's representative, Liza Anderson, told People the results, confirming Murphy's paternity, were given to Brown yesterday.

Is this "Demeaning" to black women too? If Eddie didn't pull a Nelly and slide a credit card through Melanie Brown's ass, he should have.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Black Cop! Black Cop! What You Gonna Do When Dey Come for You?

White Woman's Body Found; Black Boyfriend, A Canton Police Officer, Charged

CANTON, Ohio (AP) - A massive search ended in sadness Saturday when authorities announced they found a body believed to be a pregnant woman who vanished from her home a week earlier. A police officer believed to be the father of the unborn child was arrested on two counts of murder. Jessie Davis, 26, who was due to deliver a baby girl on July 3, was reported missing after her mother found Davis' 2-year-old son home alone, bedroom furniture toppled and bleach spilled on the floor.

The boy gave investigators their first clues. ``Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy's in rug,'' the boy said.

Thousands of volunteers had searched for Davis over several days, while investigators continued to question Bobby Cutts Jr., 30, who is the father of Davis' son but is married to another woman.

Investigators were mum on many details of their work until they announced Cutts was taken into custody Saturday and was to be arraigned on charges of murder in the deaths of Davis and her unborn child.

How will the media spin the racial implications of this murder?

Reverse Misogyny?

Detroit Police Officer Lathuya Weaver.

...Officer Weaver took her department issued weapon from a backpack that was lying on the floor next to the bed and fired one (1) shot over Mr. Weaver's left shoulder. The bullet went through the west wall of the bedroom and exited the west side of the house...

..."We first received a call from the husband, then we received a call from (Lathuya Weaver), who said she was assaulted." There wasn't enough evidence at the scene to indicate that Weaver's husband assaulted her, and warrant requests seeking charges against the husband were denied...

I'm sorry. But any woman named "Lathuya" is bound to shoot somebody sonner or later. They should have known better to give her a gun.

Half-naked female soldiers: Israel’s latest propaganda campaign

By Karima Saifullah

The Israeli government is desperate to improve its image and manipulate people who only link the Jewish state with wars, occupation and brutal aggression against the Palestinians. Recent polls show that Israel isn’t well-regarded in the country’s closest ally, the United States, where the majority of young men believe that the Jewish state is “too religious and too militaristic.”

In an attempt to improve its tainted image, the Israeli consulate in New York came up with what could be described as a cheap idea: resorting to pornography by publishing images of half-naked female soldiers in the U.S. men’s magazine Maxim; a move that was strongly condemned by Israel’s religious right, who said that the government was degrading the Jewish state and promoting sex tourism.

"We found that Israel's image among men aged 18-38 is lacking, so we thought we'd approach them with an image they'd find appealing,” said David Saranga, consul for media and public affairs at the Israeli consulate.

Maxim magazine, which promises its readers "girls, sex, sports" and usually avoids politics, initially refused the Israeli consulate’s request to publish the photographs, but it changed its mind after it saw the pictures of 12 of Israel’s top models.

"The Israeli models", Saranga said, were a "Trojan horse" to present Israel as a modern country with pretty women.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Let the square ass Rap Hatin' lames Flash "back" on Friday's. We'll stay in the present.

Who Was Jesus Cont.

Here in the United States, well over 95% of the 27 to 30 million people of African descent are Christians and they joined most of the rest of the Christian world in observing the birth of Jesus on December 25, Christmas Day. No other historical figure has received the recognition, veneration and unquestioned loyalty of Black people in the Western world that Jesus has. Yet, despite their widespread respect for and worship of Jesus, few Black people in the Americas or elsewhere ever have raised the question of whether He was Black and whether the doctrine He espoused was of African origin. Trained by white theologians or taught in White owned, controlled or financed seminaries, the average Black minister will not only deny that Jesus was a black man and are conditioned to claim that it is sinful to raise the question of His color, but also will insist that Jesus was colorless and declare that the blue- eyed blond painting of him hovering over the minister's pulpit is just a White reflection of Christ's universality. It is quite understandable, then, that the masses of Black Christians, who generaLly hold their ministers in high esteem, blithely continue to bow before, pray to and worship a blue-eyed blond stranger whom they have come to know as Jesus without ever questioning this image and its impact on them, their families and the Black race as a whole.

So ... Who was Jesus?

Geoghagen: That is a very difficult question to answer, for Jesus was and still is many things to many people. To Christians he is a part of the Godhead, the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Prince of Peace, the Word made flesh, the messiah of Jewish expectations. Hence, through his trials, sufferings, temptations, death and resurrection, He provides for the remission of sins, redemption and life eternal for those who follow his teachings and accept him as their personal savior. To me, he is one of the world's 16 crucified saviors -- the last of them, I might add - whose lives fit an almost identical pattern from the time of Horus in 4100 B.C. (according to the most ancient beliefs, he was the first crucified savior) to the time of Judas Christas (Christ the anointed) in the pre-Christian era. In essence, the life that Jesus purportedly led, the activities in which he engaged, his teachings, his trials and sufferings and eventual death and resurrection, are identical to those of Horus and Osiris (two ancient Egyptian gods) and the other 14 crucified saviors. This point of view or revelation, though potentially shocking to the mass of believers, is nevertheless common knowledge to scholars. So Jesus and the belief system that he represents are thus a reappearance of one of the most beautiful ideas of the ancient black Africans of Ta-Merry - now called Egypt - which represented the eternal Father by the ever- coming Son, as in the Child Horus. This was the child of a mother who was the eternal virgin. The doctrines of the Incarnation, i.e., the word made flesh: the virgin birth, the resurrection, the Father-God who is identical to his own son and other doctrines (believed to be specifically Christian) were Egyptian long before there was even the concept of Adam and Eve, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Did Christianity as a religion had its origins in ancient Egypt?

Geoghagen: Yes. In addition to what I have just stated, in the Eschatology of the Egyptians is found a trinity and a unity, and the Egyptians believed in punishment as well as everlasting happiness. Not surprisingly, then, the doctrine of everlasting life and the belief in the resurrection of the "Spiritual Body" are, according to Dr. Albert Churchward(author of Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man, Origins of Freemasonry, The Origin And Evolution of Religion, The Origin And Evolution of The Human Race, etc.) "the brightest and most prominent features of the Egyptian religion, and this we find was their belief before the time of the first king of the first dynasty." The general teachings and cosmological world view of the Egyptians eventually filtered down and provided the foundation for later so-called 'Western Religions,' i.e., Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This point is thoroughly documented by the brilliant and prolific African scholar, Dr. Josef ben-Jochannan, in an epic work, African Origins of the Major Western Religions. These teachings were handed down to the Essenes (a mythical Jewish sect in pre-Christian times) who were responsible for the development of many of the teachings and concepts attributed to Jesus.

Professor Locksley D.M. Geoghagen

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whyt Gal Dem

What is it about Hip Hop and Dancehall that makes some women behave like this?

Meanwhile ... In Brooklyn
skip sievert said...
Hey you bigot soteria...

That white chick looked pretty good to me.
Your blood ?
I assume you are a human ?
All humans are the same.
The human race.