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Why are Hip Hop artists blamed for everything from gun violence to tooth decay? What fuels the hypocrisy of the Rap Haters?

paul said... Mr. Fisher,

Being an entrepreneur myself, I respect Curtis Jackson's ability to generate large sums of income. One of the products he sells (rap) can strongly be argued to have a negative impact on our community and I would love for him to take accountability for that. In a similar fashion, I would love Hank Aaron to take accountability for the 13 artery clogging Church's Chicken fast food joints he owns. We live in a capitalistic society and neither one of them is doing anything illegal. Should he get the 'noble uplifting product of the year' His ethics obviously can be questioned. Is he (and Hank) a damn good business man...absolutely.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hip Hop. Method To The Madness.

Exodus Mentality said...

"I hope 50 didn't just make half a billion dollars." He on the fast track to dead right now with the millions he already has. Give him unlimited money and he'll be a dead fool in very short time. Money, unfortunately has not made him much smarter by all appearances.

Denmark Vesey said...

First of all, the Freudian implications of hating on a brother's pockets are difficult to ignore.

Secondly, you probably have a better chance of getting killed than Curtis Jackson. In case you haven't noticed, security is a private industry product.

What about the man, do you find "not smart"? Is it because he is not a graduate of one of our nation's esteemed diploma factories? Is it because he sells a product that is not completely noble and pure?

Who does?

I would consider any man smart, who uses the resources available to him to escape the societal traps placed at the foot of his cradle. Judging this young man by his actions, he is much more formidable, intelligent and courageous than a Harold Ford Jr.

Millions of young black boys just witnessed a black man make millions of dollars in an intelligent, legitimate, and bold financing venture. How many young black men would even recognize Dick Parsons or Ken Chenault?

Widely applauded as African-American success stories, those cats are simply custodians for business owned by white men. They may as well be Vladimir Putin and Arnold Swarzenegger to the legions of young black kids with little interest in the glorified indentured servitude of corporate America.

Hip Hop Niggas are doing for themselves what Plantation Negros are begging Massa to do for them.
Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I King of Kings Lord of Lords The Conguering Lion Of The Tribe OF Judah!

"InI the Rasta know that His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I is the Messiah as prophesized in the bible. Rasta doesn’t believe, he knows.

InI know that His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I is a direct descendent of David; 225th in line of Ethiopian kings stretching in unbroken succession from the time of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba.

InI know he is the King of kings, Lord of lords, and the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

InI know his name JAH RASTAFARI shall reign supreme forever."

InI know he is the root of David. Rev. 5:2-5, And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book and loose the seals thereof? And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, nor to look thereon. And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


50 Cent Nets $400 Million From Coca-Cola Deal

Funny thing is, this former crack dealer from the streets of Queens has just taught more young black people about finance, investment, economics, money, marketing and capitalism, than all the HBC's, Ivy League Schools, and The United Negro College Fund ... combined.

By Staff
May 29, 2007

Rapper 50 Cent is going straight to the bank - he's reportedly received a massive $400 million (£200 million) paycheque after The Coca-Cola Company bought the firm behind his energy drink Formula 50 last week (25May07).

Drinks makers Glaceau, which produces the Vitamin Water range inspired by the Candy Shop star, was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company for $4.1 billion (£700,000 million) last Friday.

"I don't know why niggaz like to talk bad about me
I'm the richest nigga they know without a G.E.D.

Man it could be the money, it could be the ice
It could be they'd like to be me and can't live my life"

Kiss My Black Ass!

"I take care of me."

MLB and The Hall of Fame at Cooperstown wants Barry to hand over his collection of baseball artifacts.

Barry essentially says "Kiss My Black Ass".

I feel for Barry. This cat stands on his own. The media has been crucifying him for years. An athlete as accomplished as is Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds
has endured a storm of cynicism, scorn and hypocrisy for years.

Bonds Hording Historical Artifacts for Himself
Giants Slugger Might Keep Memorabilia From Hall
NEW YORK (May 28) - As Barry Bonds nears his record 756th home run, he's stockpiling quite a collection of souvenirs - bats, balls, helmets and spikes, pieces of baseball history perfectly suited for the Hall of Fame.

Whether he'll donate any of them to Cooperstown, however, is in doubt.

"I'm not worried about the Hall," the San Francisco slugger said during a recent homer drought. "I take care of me."


We Gon' Party Like It's Yo' 13th Birthday


David H. Brooks, CEO of bulletproof vest maker DHB Industries, spared no expense for his 13-year old daughter’s entry into adulthood.

The girl and 300 of her closest BFFs were entertained recently in New York’s Rainbow Room by Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, Kenny G, Aerosmith and, believe it or not, 50 Cent.... It was hosted by Tom Petty. The reported cost: $10 million. ...

We Gon' Party Like It's Yo' 13th Birthday!

50 Cent refused to appear for less than $500,000. He got it.

Where does a guy get $10 million to blow on a Bat Mitzvah? Well, it appears, from you, the American taxpayer. According to United for a Fair Economy, Brooks and Co. have made a tidy profit outfitting our nation’s fighting men and women in body armor that allegedly couldn’t take a hit from a 9mm round:

David H. Brooks, CEO of bulletproof vest maker DHB Industries, earned $70 million in 2004, 13,349% more than his 2001 compensation of $525,000. Brooks also sold company stock worth about $186 million last year, spooking investors who drove DHB’s share price from more than $22 to as low as $6.50 [DHB was trading at $4.20 Wednesday]. In May 2005, the U.S. Marines recalled more than 5,000 DHB armored vests after questions were raised about their effectiveness. By that time, Brooks had pocketed over $250 million in war windfalls.


Why hasn't Osama Bin Laden, the alleged leader of Al Qaeda network, been captured up till now?

Does Al-Qaeda really exist? Or is it just a media abstraction used as an umbrella term to label all resistance to corporate and government hegemony? Is there really this vast, organized group of terrorists with financing and resources spread around the world ready to attack America with a moments notice? Do they have a website? Do their operatives have Blackberrys? Do they travel around on their frequent flier miles? We know they were lying about the Iraq-Al Qaeda connection and the existence of WMD's. How do we know they are not lying again now? When a bomb goes off in Iraq, how do we know it's who CNN and Fox News says it is? Instead of "Sunni vs. Shia", instead of an "Al Qaeda cell" how do we know it is not an Israeli Black Ops designed to further push Iraq into turmoil?

Interesting editorial that tackles some of those questions:

The Power of Nightmares
Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?

Is it conceivable that Al Qaeda, as defined by President Bush as the center of a vast and well-organized international terrorist conspiracy, does not exist?

To even raise the question amid all the officially inspired hysteria is heretical, especially in the context of the US media's supine acceptance of Administration claims relating to national security. Yet a brilliant new BBC film produced by one of Britain's leading documentary filmmakers systematically challenges this and many other accepted articles of faith in the so-called war on terror.

The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear, a three-hour historical film by Adam Curtis recently aired by the British Broadcasting Corp., argues coherently that much of what we have been told about the threat of international terrorism "is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians. It is a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services and the international media."

Stern stuff, indeed. But consider just a few of the many questions the program poses along the way:

1 If Osama bin Laden does, in fact, head a vast international terrorist organization with trained operatives in more than forty countries, as claimed by Bush, why, despite torture of prisoners, has this Administration failed to produce hard evidence of it?

2 How can it be that in Britain since 9/11, 664 people have been detained on suspicion of terrorism but only seventeen have been found guilty, most of them with no connection to Islamist groups and none who were proven members of Al Qaeda?

3 Why have we heard so much frightening talk about "dirty bombs" when experts say it is panic rather than radioactivity that would kill people?

4 Why did Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld claim on Meet the Press in 2001 that Al Qaeda controlled massive high-tech cave complexes in Afghanistan, when British and US military forces later found no such thing?

The fact is, despite the efforts of several government commissions and a vast army of investigators, we still do not have a credible narrative of a "war on terror" that is being fought in the shadows.

Consider, for example, that neither the 9/11 commission nor any court of law has been able to directly take evidence from the key post-9/11 terror detainees held by the United States. Everything we know comes from two sides that both have a great stake in exaggerating the threat posed by Al Qaeda: the terrorists themselves and the military and intelligence agencies that have a vested interest in maintaining the facade of an overwhelmingly dangerous enemy.

Such a state of national ignorance about an endless war is, as The Power of Nightmares makes clear, simply unacceptable in a functioning democracy.


In America, one can curse God Almighty without a problem. But offend Homosexuals and not only will your livelihood be threatened, but you will be forced to make atonement on National Television. Radical Secularism Out of Control.

Friday, May 25, 2007

PlayStation III v Nintendo Wii

Is Making "Rosie" The Face of The Anti-War Movement A Clever Ploy?

Rosie O'Donnell has suddenly become the most prominent war critic on television. Although she makes some good points and is speaking the truth - is Rosie really representative of the heart and soul of the anti-War movement?

Or does propping up a figure like O'Donnell in the media, who is easily "Fringed", serve the purposes of those who wish to fracture the opposition to endless war?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"But Saddam did support the AlQaeda movement, we've seen plenty of positive proof of this."

A Patriotic American said...

But Saddam did support the AlQaeda movement, we've seen plenty of positive proof of this.

So do we need this war? Unfortunately yes, because our nation should never have to endure another 9/11. Remember how you felt that day. I cried for days. And we all wanted retribution. We all expected President Bush to strike back. Hell... we demanded it.

Michael Fisher said...


"because our nation should never have to endure another 9/11. Remember how you felt that day."

Lemme tell you how I felt that day.

That day, at exactly 8 am in the morning my little daughter and then wife were scheduled to be in the World Trade Center.

I was in Brooklyn and could not get across the bridge. For the whole f****ing day I heard NOTHING from my family. I thought my baby and her mother were wiped out. You can't FUCKING IMAGINE what that felt like. So take your sanctimonious Television-watching crying ass back where you came from.

It was by the grace of God that my ex had taken the wrong Path train from Jersey that morning and enede up on 34th Street.

If you gave me Bin Laden's address today, I'd get even Insurgent I to teach me enough Arabic to find that asshole and slit his fuckin' throat.

This so-called President has yet to find the perpetrators of this crime against me and my family and the thousands of other families.

Instead he used this crime to invade a whole other country on, at the very best SPECULATION, and created a whole new generation of folks whose kids DID get killed and can't wait to get at us.

May 24, 2007 3:30:00 PM


We Invaded Iraq. Iraq did not attack us. "650,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who are the terrorists?"

Anonymous said...

i am an american soldier who has fought in iraq for 2 tours. she calls me a terriost well its because of me her fat ass can even have a view.

or the people like her i wish she would say something to me face to face but that requires courage something she lacks but many american sevice men do i am ashamed that abc lets her even speak and that i defend a popus ass such as her she does't now the factsand or doesnt care to know them please remove her from society we will all be better off

thank you

3,500 dead American soldiers
650,000 dead Iraqi people
0 WMD's

Somebody Lied.


Prosecutor: Not enough evidence against Vick
Poindexter says he has no eyewitnesses to dogfighting

Published on: 05/24/07

Chesapeake, Va. — The prosecutor investigating whether property owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was part of a dog fighting operation said Wednesday he still doesn't have solid evidence linking Vick to dogfighting.

"I know everybody is saying, 'When are those fools in Surry County going to get up off their butts and do something?'" Gerald Poindexter told The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk on Wednesday. "But what are we going to do?"


Vick donates money to Va. Tech victims

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick Thursday donated $10,000 to the families of the mass killings at Virginia Tech, his alma mater.

The Newport News, Va., native played at the school from 1997-2001. He has partnered with the United Way on the project, and is making the donation through the Vick Foundation.

"When I saw what happened at Virginia Tech, I knew I needed to do something to help," he said on the Falcons' Web site. "I am challenging my teammates and other NFL players to give their time or money to help these families, too."


We Invaded Iraq. Iraq did not attack us. "650,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who are the terrorists?"

(CBS) NEW YORK The bubbling political and personal tension between Rosie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck erupted on "The View" today when O'Donnell and Hasselbeck resurrected their fight about O'Donnell's comments on U.S. involvement in Iraq and terrorists.

Last week, O'Donnell pointed out that 650,000 Iraqis have died since the United States invasion and asked "who are the real terrorists in Iraq?" angering many conservative pundits. On Monday, Hasselbeck said that O'Donnell should explain what she really meant.

But it didn't die there. Today, the fight got started again when Rosie said she is criticized because she is a "fat lesbian" and Elizabeth is sweet, pretty and Christian. O'Donnell called Hasselbeck cowardly for not defending her and Hasselbeck said: "I'll tell you what's cowardly, asking a rhetorical question that you cannot answer yourself."

NCAA WAS PAID $6 Billion for Tournament TV Rights. Should Athletes Be Paid?

In college sports, it seems that everybody gets paid except the athlete. That's a raw deal. The players provide the labor that produces winning teams, which in turn, generates heightened fan interest. As a result, football stadiums and basketball arenas are filled to capacity, translating into fatter operating budgets for the athletic powers.

The money trail doesn't end there. Here's a sampling:

* University of Florida football coach Steve Spurrier earns $2 million a year. Perks include performance bonuses (for his teams winning conference titles and going to bowl games), a clothing allowance, money for radio and television shows, a sportswear contract and two free cars -- one for the coach, the other for Mrs. Spurrier.

* Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt doesn't fare badly either. Summitt's $500,000 a year income breaks down into a $175,00 base salary, $150,00 for radio and television shows, a $125,00 sports apparel contract, plus a $50,000 retention bonus.

* Tulsa basketball coach Bill Self got a sweet deal after his team fell one win short of advancing to this year's Final Four of the National Collegiate Atheletic Association tournament. He turned down an offer from the University of Nebraska that would have paid him anywhere from $800,000 to $1 million annually. Self, however, is being well compensated for staying put. He's now making $650,000 -- a whopping $300,000 raise -- and for good measure, the school tossed in a $1 million annuity that kicks in if he stays with the program for five more years.

* Shoe contracts are becoming a regular source of income at most of the major colleges. Schools don't usually reveal how much they make from shoe contracts. But that's not the case at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, which has a five-year, $7.1 million contract with Nike.

Clearly, big-time college sports means big business. Last year, the payouts for football teams playing in bowl games ranged from $750,000 to $13 million.

Last fall, the NCAA cut a new deal with CBS for TV rights fees to air exclusive broadcasts all NCAA men's basketball tournament games. That contract is worth $6.2 billion and has been extended to the year 2013.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Denmark Vesey Theory

Rap Haters ask us to believe the immense impact on the collective imaginations of young people all around the world by Hip Hop stars, is NOT a marketplace response to their artistic expression, cultural commentary, extraordinary musicianship, marketing genius, political sensitivity, raw soulfulness, heart or hustle.

The Hip Hop Hater wants us to attribute the Beatle like dominance of pop culture not to the men who dominated it, but to it’s white corporate functionaries acting as manipulators of these “tokens” and “tools”.

The Rap Hater invents 911 like Rap Conspiracy Theories and white boogeymen who … “allow” … these young black men to fascinate the imaginations of millions. These same white boogeymen deny “conscious” rap (rap consistent with their worldview) from earning the place it deserves in the minds of young people.

Rap Haters harbor an almost religious like insistence that bad language, violent imagery and sexual lyrics of Hip Hop stars are particularly destructive because “young blacks can’t discern the difference between rap and reality”.

Their self-inflicted racism is apparent each time they allow their children to consume just as violent and more overtly sexual imagery from white media. “It’s OK for Bruce Willis to have a gun. But not Nas!” “Sharon Stone can flash her vagina, Madonna can tongue kiss Britney but Cocoa can’t drop it likes it hot.”

I find the rhetorical theater of Rap Haters, Plantation Negros and Corporate Slaves far less sophisticated than the current generation of Hip Hop superstars they so loath.

Hip Hop’s superstars shrewdly and artistically present a romanticized, rich and empowered interpretation of the black experience to a global audience while simultaneously spinning fantasy tales of bourgeois wealth to Americas huge consumer class.

That’s a great hustle. That’s media savvy. That’s marketing genius. That is an example of what works in America. That’s Donald Trump. That’s Dynasty. That’s Dallas. That’s Horatio Alger. That’s Joe Kennedy. That’s Micahael Corleone. Bill Gates is no more of a genius than is Jay-Z.

In contrast:

Plantation Negro and Corporate Slave iconography inanely presents a minimized interpretation of the black experience as wanting, as second class and as a victim. It’s stories of Affirmative Action, defeat and Civil Rights sentimentalism are widely ignored by young people today. It's icons are Harold Ford and Congo Lisa Rice. Not surprisingly, not much market share is left.

Hip Hop is to black people is what oil is to Arabs.
Hip Hop is to pop culture what HBO is to cable.

It's an extremely valuable media asset.

"We" don't control the distribution? Well maybe some "we" Corporate Negros need to step their games up, employ their Ivy League educations and build some black owned distribution channels instead of bitching at black Artists for playing the game available to them.

The Michael Fisher Theory

Makaveli in this... Killuminati, all through your body
The blow's like a twelve gauge shotty
Uhh, feel me!
And God said he should send his one begotten son
to lead the wild into the ways of the man
Follow me; eat my flesh, flesh and my flesh

I ain't a killer but don't push me

Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin pussy
Picture paragraphs unloaded, wise words bein quoted
Peeped the weakness int he rap game and sewed it
Bow down, pray to God hoping that he's listenin
Seein niggaz comin for me, to my diamonds, when they glistenin
Now pay attention, rest in peace father
I'm a ghost in these killin fields
Hail Mary catch me if I go, let's go deep inside
the solitary mind of a madman who screams in the dark
Evil lurks, enemies, see me flee
Activate my hate, let it break, to the flame
Set trip, empty out my clip, never stop to aim
Some say the game is all corrupted, fucked in this shit
Stuck, niggaz is lucky if we bust out this shit, plus
mama told me never stop until I bust a nut
Fuck the world if they can't adjust
It's just as well, Hail Mary

Michael Fisher said...

Oh Lawd.

None of you understand why Tupac was marketed as "TUPAC".

I can't blame ya, but here is the real story.

It is the early nineties. "Conscious", militant Hip Hop still reigns. And while Gangsta in the form of NWA has finally made some major inroads, it has, by far, not yet won the day.

In order to make Gangsta palatable to the legions of Hip Hop fans who grew up on conscious,militant, Hip Hop one the one hand, and party Hip Hop on the other Gangsta had to be packaged as "revolutionary".

The first move that was made in this direction was the recording of Ice Cube's debut album.

PE's bomb squad were engaged as producers and the album was named "Amerikkka's Most Wanted"

The association with "revlutionary" Hip Hop, that is PE, gave "Gangsta" immedediate credibility as "black rebell" music. Which, of course, it was not.

They took the whole thing a step further with Tupac. Given his mom Afeni's Panther background they could erect legend as a kind of black radical James Dean around Tupac and, via he "revolutionary" trimmings introduce the Thug aspect as a "genuine" aspect of black revolutionary culture.

Of course, once again, that was bullshit.

Chuck D wrote Tupac a letter while he was waiting for Pac to join a tour "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" which yours truly conceived, produced and executed.

In the letter he warned Tupac about what they were doing with him and how they were using him. Pac answered the letter but never sent it of. It was published after his death.

Pac knew what they were doing and how they were using him to introduce Gangsta into the mainstream. He made the conscious decison to take the money.

I spoke with Pac at length about the possibility of that happening while he was on trial in NYC on the rape charges.

He knew. But he wanted that paper.

He got a little bit of that and more.

C'est la vie, c'est la morte.

May 22, 2007 5:48:00 PM



Young Brotha Got Heart

My man completely misunderstood my my use of Tupac as a reference point, but he makes some damn good points of his own. And he is far from a hater. Big ups.

paul said...

ha ha....jealous hyenas? I guess you inferred the hyena part from the fact that what you said was real funny. I don't know where you got the jealous part because I'm far from a rap hater. I grew up on rap. 75% of what I listen to TODAY is rap. It's not a personal attack on 50. I'm happy for any brother that can turn a negative (getting locked up for selling drugs) into a positive (successful business owner). He broke the cycle of poverty. Hell, his mother was a drug dealer and was murdered. That's not the way we need to go. I'm proud of my brothers: 50, Jay-Z, TI, Biggie, Snoop, Young Jeezy and Young Buck. All were former drug dealers and are now making legal money. That's a few less brothers we have to worry about loosing to legal slavery being caged like an animal for the love and need of a quick buck. I applaud that.

I just want more diversity in rap MSM. Unfortunately and sadly rap MSM is helping to influence an entire generation of young Black males and it's having a negative affect. DV, you amaze me by praising how powerful rap is but failing to realize the powerful negative impact it's having on our youth. I love my community and I don't like the direction it's headed. You say all the present leaders are plantation negroes loving massa. I just think it would be great (considering how powerful rap is) to have a present day Black leader/rapper who was not a plantation negro. Say what you want about Pac, but you can't say he was a plantation negro. Pac was becoming a revolutionary leader. Pac was just starting to see the light when he was assassinated at the young age of 25. Pac was playing chess to get the masses of people to listen to him. His message was just to starting to get out there.

DV said Tupac shot off-duty Atlanta cops....Hell yea!!!! he was packing (which is our constitutional right) and was sick of the police brutality and harassment that has plagued young Blacks. He "beat the charges" because he was defending an innocent motorist against two drunk crooked cops who were armed with stolen guns from an evidence locker.

DV said "15 years ago Tupac appeared on MTV ... high." Who cares? I think it's BS that alcohol and cigs are legal but not marijuana. It's political. We all know the gov't doesn't give a shit about our health. I'm all for legalizing marijuana. Robyn check this pic out...ha ha

Before you judge and humorously try to compare Pac with 50 and label me a hypocrite, study and analyze Pac's movement called "Thug Life."

"Thug Life became a calling card for how Shakur viewed his influence on society. He had people from all walks of life -- criminals in jail and poor black kids in the ghetto -- wanting to know how they could be a part of his movement. Shakur admitted this sudden power he had over people frightened him. But he used the idea of Thug Life to transform the desires of these people into something he viewed as positive, a way to reach out to the poor, the disenfranchised, and the oppressed."

Wow...he was just starting to realize the power Hip Hop gave him! Sorry, 50 is no Pac.

May 22, 2007 5:01:00 PM


Casper said...

Notice the difference...

Tupac They Dont Give A Fuc about us

paul said...

Love that pac youtube video above. Imagine the affect THAT would have if they played THAT on BET/MTV. They are too scared to play/approve a video like that. It's not destructive to the Black's revolutionary to the Black community.

DV said, "He has latched onto the rather droll idea that Hip Hop is the pathogen causing societal illness in the black community and Rappers are the pied pipers of of dysfunction"

It's not the pathogen, but it damn near is adding fuel to the already raging fire.

LOL. That's cute. It never ceases to crack me up, how the current crop of Rap Haters bend over backwards in praise of Tupac while blaming everything from gun violence to tooth decay on today's rap icons.

15 years ago Tupac appeared on MTV ... high ... with a clearly visible .9mm Glock tucked into the waistband of his pants, right below the "ThugLife" tattoo.

Could you imagine if Fiddy or Jay or Nas did that today?

In 1993 Tupac shot two off-duty Atlanta Cops ... in the ass ... and beat the charges.

Could you imagine if Fiddy or Jay or Nas did that today?

Tupac raps included lyrics referencing money bitches and ho's and guns and gangs and killing and cops and drugs. Sure there was Dear Momma and Brenda's Got A Baby.

However, the deconstructed lyrical content from today's power house rappers really is not much different. In fact ... it is an extension of what Tupac was doing. Just as what Tupac rapped about was an extension of the outlaw / revolutionary / pimp / hustler black icons of the 60's and 70's.

Yet the naive HYPOCRISY of today's rap haters blinds them to the logical extension of Tupac to Nas to Fiddy to Whomever is next. It also blinds them to the forces that feared Tupac also fear 50 and Jay.

Today's Rap icons must navigate a different world and a different time than what Tupac had to navigate. The music is probably 15% of what they do. It's time for the manipulated Rap Haters to stop acting like a pack of jealous hyenas ... step back ... and view the big picture.

Monday, May 21, 2007


Jewish Dominance and Exploitation
of the Black Civil Rights Movement

Many observers argue that the presumed Jewish altruism and social activism in the American civil rights movement of the 1960's had baser motives. Benjamin Ginsberg argues that the multicultural coalitions spearheaded by Jews in the civil rights era "was a political tactic" to "undermine the power" of those establishment social forces that hindered further Jewish socio-economic advancement. [GINSBERG, p. 125]

In 1975 Hasia Dinner wrote a PhD thesis about the way that "Jewish support for black causes was a way for Jews to broaden their own rights without becoming conspicuous by advocating their group interests." [FEINGOLD, p. 130]

"Jewish leaders," wrote Diner, "representing different socio-economic classes, ideologies, and cultural experiences committed themselves to black betterment and gave time, money, and energy to black organizations. The spectrum was so wide and the involvement so extensive that one must conclude that these leaders acted out of peculiarly Jewish motives ... [My] book demonstrates that Jewish ends were secured by involvement with blacks." [DINER, p. xiv, xii]

(Similarly, Jewish author Peter Novick notes the changing Jewish strategy in using massive Jewish attack against generic prejudice as a tool in fending off specific anti-Jewish hostility:

"In recent decades, the leading Jewish organizations have invoked the Holocaust to argue that anti-Semitism is a distinctively virulent and murderous form of hatred. But in the first postwar decades their emphasis -- powerfully reinforced by contemporary scholarly opinion -- was on the common psychological roots of all forms of prejudice. Their research, educational, and political action programs consistently minimized diffrences between different targets of discrimination. If prejudice and discrimination were all of a piece, they reasoned that they could serve the cause of Jewish self-defense as well by attacking prejudice and discrimination against blacks as by tackling anti-Semitism directly.") [NOVICK., P., 1999, p. 116]

"The Jewish struggle for equality and fair treatment," says Jonathan Kaufman, "was linked to the struggles of Blacks for greater opportunity. It was not a struggle of equals; Jews did not consider their plight equal to that of Blacks. But they recognized in the Black struggle for civil rights elements that could benefit them and conditions with which they sympathized." [MARTIN, p. 131] Hence, perhaps three-quarters of the funding for the three major civil rights organizations -- the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, The Congress of Racial Equality, and Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference is attributed to Jewish sponsorship. [MARTIN, p. 132]

"Any support of human rights in general by Jews," says Israel Shahak, "which does not include the support of human rights of non-Jews whose rights are being violated by [Israel] is deceitful ... [Jewish] support of Blacks in the South was motivated only by consideration of Jewish self-interest." [SHAHAK, p. 103] "The major role [that Jews] once played in the civil rights movement," says Charles Liebman and Stephen Cohen, "[is a] myth ... [that] enhances the self-image of a Jew as a caring and sensitive minority selflessly contributing to improve the lot of other minorities." [LIEBMAN/COHEN, p. 17] "Among the many myths life and history have imposed on Negroes," wrote Black author Harold Cruse in 1967, "... is the myth that the Negroes' best friend is the Jew." [CRUSE, p. 476]

For years W.E.B. DuBois was the only Black officer in the NAACP, which was largely directed, funded, and controlled in its early decades by Jews like Henry Moskowitz and Joel Spingarn. [ARSON, p. 140] (In 1913 Spingarn announced a yearly award named after himself, the "Spingarn Medal," for the "highest and noblest achievement of an American Negro." [DINER, p. 138] ) In a later era, and another Black organization, the Southern Leadership Christian Conference, a Jew -- Stanley Levison -- even wrote Martin Luther King's speeches for him. [MARTIN, p. 132] Levison has been described as one of King's "closest personal advisers." [KAUFMAN, J., 1988, p. 66] This voice of "Christian Leadership," Levison, was also discovered by the FBI to have been a former Communist party member. [KAUFMAN, J., p. 66] Another Jew, Marvin Rich, was the "chief fundraiser and key speech writer for the Congress of Racial Equality -- CORE", [GINZBURG, p. 145] and his position was later filled by another Jewish attorney, Alan Gartner. In the 1960s, "in CORE, younger and more militant members blocked efforts by [James] Farmer to name one of his Jewish advisers president of CORE, insisting the post be filled with a black." [KAUFMAN, J., 1988, p. 76] In the same era, the Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress, Will Maslow, was also a CORE national board member. (He resigned in outrage when one African-American CORE official, Clifford Brown, angrily declared that Hitler hadn't "killed enough" Jews). [UROFSKY, M., 1978, p. 327]


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