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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rick Ross Is A Greater Writer Than Langston Hughes ... Unless You Went To Public School

You know the crib on the water now
The Maybach stay watered down
Project niggas  
giving orders now
The gold presidential just to sport around
I'm from the era of fitted caps and rental cars
Dope pushers with ambition and pretty broads
Walking on Jewish marble,
hand painted the ceiling
Happy Hanukkah nigga,
it's a wonderful feeling
Got my seats on the wood,
playas giving me dap
Lyor like how I move,
want to ride in my lap

I multiplied my hustle,
stimulated my mind
Motivated my niggas
and we'll never divide

These niggas won't hold me back
These hoes won't hold me back
These hoes won't hold me back
These niggas won't hold me back
These niggas won't hold me back

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Was The Masterplan? The Sweat Up Inside Your Hand? Does Age Turn Black People Into Plantation Negros? How Could The God Get So Plantationized??

2 versions of the same thing is not a choice.

an election between 2 versions of the same thing is not a vote.

If voting is so important, why not have one for real?

War vs No War

Federal Reserve vs No Federal Reserve


GMO Labeling vs NO GMO Labeling

The Blackest Man On The Planet • Plantation Negros Trained In Plantation Schools To Obey Authority Find This Offensive

fist tap Anonymous
"Oooooh Massssa!!! Ooohhhhh Masssa!  Lil Weezy Talkin' Back Massaaa!

Beat him Massa!!

Hurt him Massa!!

Who dat little nigga think He Iz?!?!

He think cuz he rich he can talk back!!

Make him wespect your Uhthority Massa!!

He aint got NO Respect fo thuh Lawyer or Duh Cowt!"

(lol.  Facebook Plantation negros all day)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

History Will Reveal Lil Wayne & Rick Ross To Be More Politically Significant Today Than Fred Hampton and Huey P. Newton Were 40 Years Ago

Remember where you heard it first.
The Doc said...
Damn, DV. I ride wit' you on a lotta things, my dude, but putting Rick Ross and Weezy on the level of Huey P. and Fred???
I might say Pac, or Kanye followed in their footsteps a little bit, but even they've got some biiggg shoes to step in. Nah, mayne, I don't see it.
AnonymousDenmark Vesey said ...
The Doc!  I feel you man. But you know my shit is cutting edge and a little difficult to grasp the first time one encounters it. You are one of the fastest cats on the team, but I can see how this is a bit hard to swallow ... at first. Let me see if I can speed up the appreciation process: The Huey P. Newton / Fred Hampton political archetype was engraved in our minds as the epitome of black political experience.  They have become icons of urban black resistance.  In the Post Civil-Rights era that particular ... meme ...  served as the militant memetic alternative for brothers who couldn't completely endorse the sappy Plantation Negro fairytale marketed as "The Civil Rights Movement". The IDEA of Huey and Fred was for the brothers who preferred Malcolm to Martin but weren't ready for the Muslim stuff. Other than that. They were rappers without beats. Hip Hop without money. What's that you say?  Wayne talks about guns?   Huey and Fred talked about guns.   What's that?  Weezy, Rick, Jay and all those other rappers talk about money?  The panthers talked about money.   Lunch program?  Cash Money gives out turkeys every Thanksgiving. It's been fashionable for a decade now to appreciate the political potential of Tupac Shakur.  Tupac mixed a little Panther rhetoric with a dab of urban anarchy and called it Thug Life. But cats weren't talking about Tupac's kinetic political potential back in the day, when he shot those two cops in the ass in Atlanta.  Or after he was sent to jail on fake rape charges.  (DV was) How many black people .... actually read anything Huey wrote?  How many ever heard anything he said?  If Fred Hampton was sitting at their breakfast table this morning ... 98% of black people wouldn't have any idea who the cat was. Huey P. Newton has 400,000 views on YouTube. Lil Wayne was viewed on YouTube 81,000,000 times...  in just 1 video.  He's got over 1 million videos online.  The political power of Lil Wayne's memetic reach right now rivals that of Barck Obama.   The Arabs have oil.  Black people have Hip Hop.  Hustle Hard. -

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Global System of White Supremacy?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

This Is Why They Didn't Want To Give Women The Vote

Anonymous ed said...
Damn, I saw her when they put her face on when Obama spoke at the DNC and wished everyone forgot about her.
This picture perfectly represents the sad, pathetic notion in our community to find a hero and a savior instead of looking within ourselves. 
Notice all of the energy and ki in this picture relying on an external factor instead of the energy of self-reliance and self-love - a picture is worth a thousand words 
Anonymous that dude said...
They didn't want to give women the vote because voting is power. Voting acknowledges you are a member of society, and not property.

Denmark Vesey said ...
I hear you Dude.

I hear you.

But it sounds like you are just parroting old cliches.

Voting ... EQUALS ... Power?

Come on man.  In what country?  Enough with the Black History Month Mantras and the Civil Rights Affirmations.   What is this?  1975?

Where in the WORLD  does voting = power?? 

Black people LOST POWER since we exchange our political and economic aspirations of independence and self sufficiency for the promise of free rides and social entitlements parceled out by the Democratic party while they tirelessly defend us from the big ol' bad white Republican party.

This woman is not engaged in an electoral process.  She is engaged in a process of salvation.

She, like too many Black people, is too easily taken advantage of emotionally.

To control the masses of Black people in America all you have to do is promise them some slight and meaningless "One Up" against "white folks".

"Better vote fo Obama cuz dey don't want no bwak man tuh have 2 terms!  George Bush wasn't shit either and he got 2 terms!  Why can't Obama ha' 2 terms!"   

Obama could drop a nuclear bomb on Africa ... and if the news tells black people white Americans don't want Obama in office ... they would vote to reelect him every time.


Obama and Romney are THE SAME candidate.

Dude, it takes more love and kindness to expect political maturity from this woman than it does to just look the other way and chalk up her nonsensical emotional display as understandable because she is old and a mother.

What if Harriet Tubman had her attitude?

She would have been leading escaped slaves SOUTH.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Should We Really Be Teaching Black Kids To Want To Be "Doctors", "Lawyers" & "Obama Scholars"?

Black doctors have not made us well. Black lawyers have not kept us out of prison. 

The Black president has expanded the war and strengthened the banks.

Why are we training our kids to be like them?

... Plantation Negros going through the motions.