Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Was The Masterplan? The Sweat Up Inside Your Hand? Does Age Turn Black People Into Plantation Negros? How Could The God Get So Plantationized??

2 versions of the same thing is not a choice.

an election between 2 versions of the same thing is not a vote.

If voting is so important, why not have one for real?

War vs No War

Federal Reserve vs No Federal Reserve


GMO Labeling vs NO GMO Labeling


uglyblackjohn said...

LOCAL elections matter national elections don't.

Denmark Vesey said...

Blaaaaackkkkkk Johhhhhhhn!

What's happenin' bruh?

LOCAL ... elections matter?



In a true republic, I'd agree.

But in this 1 Party totalitarian corner into which we've painted ourselves ... nahhhhhh.

No mayor has any power.

No council member.

All governments are broke.

"EL"ected officials work for their masters.

The bankers.

And the bankers work for their masters.

The ____________ .

speak up class.



uglyblackjohn said...

They matter in smaller towns because one actually interacts with those who make decissions.
In my neighborhood there are; one federal judge, a state rep, the city attorney just bought a lot on which to build, two members of the city council, a county commissioner, and a few more people who atually get things done.
The most recent school board president was a Black dude who made more than $450k a year and had more than $650 million to spend as he saw fit (which many whites here in the area are still protesting about).
I DON'T vote predicated on ones race ("I'm Black - vote for me." - is not a platform.) but I do support those who I feel will do the most good.
My club hosts many meetings which could not be reported on in the local papers.
The smaller the population the greater effect an election has.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]LOCAL elections matter national elections don't.[/quote]


This is only true IF the Negro believes it to be the case.

I just had a respectful but intense bar room debate with 3 other brothers that vacillated between politics and "The Black Community".

I told them that despite the fact that the Black community voted in majority for their last several mayors and school boards - they are STILL claiming that someone is doing them wrong. (Now its the STATE Republicans, they say).

When they talked about "Stop And Frisk" I reminded them that they supported the Black police chief that ushered in the policy.

YES "local politics" are more important.
YES you must get the NEGRO to value IS COMMUNITY more than HIS NATIONAL POLITICS, which is damned near impossible to do.

Constructive Feedback said...

Brother DV:

I am going to tell you one more time:

WHILE YES the "United States GOVERNMENT" largely does the same thing regardless of who is in power:

* BOTH FORCES can't get the Negro to invest 95% of their BALLOTS into the cause

* BOTH FORCES are not equally able to have Black people TALK about "The Black Race" and the PARTY'S INTERESTS in an interchangeable manner

* Both Forces do not represent the "Legacy of WHITE SUPREMACY" despite their abundance of WHITE PEOPLE.

I can't agree that these two parties are a "Difference Without Distinction".

I ask you to LOOK AT THE NEGRO'S REACTIONS and not THE GOVERNMENT for you to see that this is truth.