Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plantation Negros Gone Wild • Marcus Garvey Was Right • Government Dependence Is Genocide


Constructive Feedback said...

Brother DV:

1) No comment on your buddy Rick Ross getting into a fisticuffs with Young Jeezy at the BET Awards in Atlanta?

2) No comment on the killing of Chicago rapper Lil Jo Jo after he taunted the crew of Chicago rapper Chief Keef? BOTH of them have heavy "gun play" in their videos.

stylisticMF said...

Wow. From Cleveland. :(

CNu said...


You CUH-LEARLY fail to appreciate dat deez niggaz are greater artists than Langston Hughes and more politically significant than Huey P. Newton - and thus beyond any pained plantation pickaninny standard of judgement you might seek to apply.

SHIBUMI nigga...,

Gee Chee Vision said...

CF...this is the best rich Negroes can do. BUT...rap artists are burdened with taking their performance act home with them to reinforce the belief that their pop songs are real life adventures.

"So get to stepp'n
or catch lead like Zepplin
These rap cats look real but they really not like wrestlin'" - Jay Elec

After hearing Bun B talk about having Feds follow him after a show, I'm sure the industry assassinated Pimp C.

Organized crime don't kill over alcohol or weapons or drugs, they kill over the money it produces. Music is a top contender in the game and is a conduit to export cultural colonialism. Can't have cats like Pimp C getting BET minded Negroes to think.

CNu said...

GCV said "real life adventures"