Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fathers & Sons ... God Don't Make No Mistakes

Faith said...
Wow I had no idea I had stumbled on to such an intolerant site. First the posting about Darfur -regardless of the ill-intent behind any lobbying efforts there are people who have been harmed and you should look to the survivors for answers to who's causing the grief and now this. Being homosexual is about sex as much as being heterosexual is. You can like someone or even love someone and not have a physical relationship with them. Sorry but you are wrong. And for the record I am hetero. There are plenty of gay people who've only had sex with their opposite gender because sexuality is not confined to such rigid standards. And neither is God though people use religion as a battering ram to push people into a peg just the same way. Let's change the subject to white people discussing how Blacks are somehow less than human, or how there's no real racism, or how they get over.'s the SAME mentality. And it's wrong. You don't have to agree but I am certain that many people would be surprised if Jesus came back and said they'd had it all wrong.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Is This A Racist Attack?

Global System of White Supremacy? Demarcus and Taniqua Ware Adopt White Baby Girl

Demarcus, Taniqua and LeQuisha Ware. After 3 unsuccessful pregnancies the Dallas Cowboy Pro Bowl linebacker and his wife were thrilled to be able to adopt a needy child.
Anonymous said...
First, DV, thank you for busting this myth of global white supremacy. There is some form of supremacy -- whether it be religious, financial, political, etc. -- no matter where you go, even when everyone seems to be exactly the same on the surface. Admittedly though, many people have neither the time nor the will power to really do homework on the issues, take any personal responsibility for one’s actions and circumstances, or view the world from outside a narrow ignorant perspective.

Ignorance truly is bliss. Not to mention, blaming some unified ethereal white global conspiracy is quick, easy, and convenient -- all valued commodities nowadays.

Second, Thordaddy, please expound upon this evil of “deracinating a child”. I will assume that was hyperbole because that is like saying the earth is flat. Speaking in such broad generalities ignores all the complexities of an issue in the context of real life.

If we follow that logic, then there should be no mixing of cultures whatsoever and all people should be separated by narrowly defined cultural and racial lines. Even if that is what you actually want, that logic still disintegrates under the slightest scrutiny. There are no examples of any culture or people that are not the result of cultural and genetic admixture unless that culture has been isolated and unchanged since either man and ape parted ways or god created man. However you look at it, it is a baseless assumption.

As you further explain your hypothesis, please consider the following scenarios: would it be deracinating for a hearing family to adopt a deaf child, a Christian family to adopt a child from a Hindu country, a Jewish family to adopt a gentile child, a Japanese family to adopt a Chinese or Korean child, a Hutu family to adopt a Tutsi child? There is a vast and convoluted spectrum of subtle differences that do not fit within your rigid statement. Perhaps it depends on your definition of race and culture (please define). That is my perspective at least and I am interested in the scholarship of yours. --OneLove

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Both Images Are Propaganda

Is The Trayvon Martin Case Another Kony 2012?

The Hegelian Head Fake




Can you think of better propaganda stunt to get black people to support federal anti-gun legislation en masse?

Is It Just Me? Or Is The "Hoodie Protest" A Shallow Gratuitous Gesture Destined To Hurt More Than It Helps? Communication Theory, Propaganda & The Dangers of Group Think • DV University • Spring 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Media Sold The Death of Trayvon Martin As A "White On Black Crime". Why? Intro To Subliminal Implanted Plantation Negro Posthypnotic Suggestion • DV University • Spring 2012

Gee Chee Vision said...
Trayvon didn't have any rights taken from him, he had his life taken from him. He was murdered.

Zimmerman already declared a turf war on any life he devalued. Trayvon didn't have territorial markings to identify any potential threat. The intent behind his murder is just as bad if he were murdered for faith or finance.

We should not be alarmed that there exist individuals that are willing to kill because of race, religion or resources, we should be alarmed about government willing to kill because of race, religion or resources.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is The "New" Black Panther Party A Plantation Front? • Introduction To False Flag Operations And Controlled Opposition • DV University Spring 2012

Plantation Hegemony 2012

Now, your average Plantation Negro will not immediately recognize the hoax because it is difficult to understand how Wannabe Huey P. Newton Negros stuck in the 1960's can help the Plantation control the minds of black people in America today.

"Come on DV!  Dem niggas tawkin' 'bout Fightin' and Killin' 
and creating a military fo duh Bwak Nashun!!  
Dem Whyte Fowks Cayn't Possibly Like Dat!!  
Why You Always Tryin' To Wemove Wace Frum De Issu?!?!"

1) Identify people you want to control
2) Give them a name that limits their self-perception
3) Install and support a handful of puppet "leaders"
4) Control puppet leaders to steer people down circular paths, chasing their tails and keeping them dependent on the Plantation.
5) Pay-off, discredit or kill legitimate opposition to the proxy leaders
6) Fund a controlled 'opposition' to the puppet leaders
7) Video tape and promote controlled 'opposition' making senseless, silly, ignorant and counterproductive statements
8) Divide. Conquer.  Weaken.  Enslave.
9) Attack some white people.  Attack some black people.
10) Blame the attacks on the controlled 'opposition' (Libyan model)
11) Spark conflict, hate and mistrust between blacks and whites
12) Spark conflict, hate and mistrust between blacks and blacks
13) Rinse & Repeat

Even White Boys Are Catching On To The Hegelian Head Fake • DV University • Spring 2012

James Miller said ...
If, for example, Zimmerman won a science scholarship to some prestigious University, Reuters would refer to him as "hispanic." 

But when he shoots a black guy, he's a "white hispanic." 

OK. I see how that works.

Monday, March 26, 2012

In·san·i·ty /inˈsanitē/ : Doing The Same Thing Over And Over And Expecting Different Results.

Government Approved Pharmaceutical Drugs Kill 100 Trayvon Martins Per Day - For The Negros Who Need To Hear It From White Folks Before It Means Anything To Them

A Hundred Trayvons a day - Why the real murder of blacks is carried out by pharmaceutical companies, vaccines and cancer clinics
Mike Adam said... 
No matter what you think about the Trayvon Martin shooting case, the degree of emotional and cultural outpouring in this case is impressive.

But it seems to be taking place in a highly selective way.

A shooting like what happened with Trayvon is tragic but rare, whereas at least a hundred African-Americans are killed by drug companies, vaccine pushers and cancer clinics every single day! And most of the drug companies are led by white men, so if there's any justification for an outcry against white-on-black crime in America, it should be directed at the vaccine manufacturers, drug companies and cancer clinics, it would seem

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Improve Your Education - Drop Out of School

Weapons of Mass Instruction  

John Taylor Gatto’s Weapons of Mass Instruction focuses on mechanisms of compulsory schooling which cripple imagination and discourage critical thinking.

Here is a demonstration that the harm school inflicts is quite rational and deliberate. The real function of pedagogy is to render the common population manageable, remove the obligation of child care from adult workers so they are free to fuel the industrial economy and to train the next generation into subservient obedience to the state.

John Gatto shows us that Ivy League schools do not produce the most successful graduates, some of the world’s richest entrepreneurs are high school drop outs and Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie didn’t finish elementary school. An education matters desperately, but spending a fortune on college fees will not get you one.

Filled with examples of people who have escaped the trap of compulsory schooling, Weapons of Mass Instruction shows us realization of personal potential is not possible within the system of compulsory schooling. That requires a different way of growing up and learning, one Gatto calls “open source learning. ” In chapters such as “A Letter to Kristina, my Granddaughter”; “Fat Stanley”; and “Walkabout: London”, Gatto gives us a window into a different reality.

makheru bradley said...
Drop out of school! Hundreds of thousands of young Afrikan Americans males are doing just that.

I’m sure this is thrilling news for DV. The latest data show that only 47 percent of Afrikan American males are graduating from high school. And these statistics should make DV ecstatic-- only 12 percent of black fourth-grade boys are proficient in reading, only 12 percent of black eighth-grade boys are proficient in math—which virtually guarantees an escalation in Afrikan American drop out rates.

Then there's the drop out to prison pipeline. [In 1980, one in 10 black high-school dropouts were incarcerated. By 2008, that number was 37 percent. Western and Pettit calculated that if current incarceration trends hold, fully 68 percent of African-American male high school dropouts born from 1975 to 1979 (at the start of the upward trend in incarceration rates) will spend time living in prison at some point in their lives.]

Given the property and profits the mass-incarceration of Afrikan American drop outs provides for the prison-industrial complex it’s absolutely certain that America’s oligarchic psychopathocracy supports your exhortations.

Given the fact that this crimogenic society provides minimal if any reentry programs, recidivism assures a proliferation of grist for the prison mill. Not to mention the diminished employment opportunities resulting from even a misdemeanor conviction. Currently 72 percent of Afrikan American children are being raised by a single parent. Mass-incarceration contributes to that number. To suggest that Afrikan Americans drop out of public education without any mass-based viable alternatives in place is the epitome of asininity.

Denmark Vesey said ...
Brother Makheru,

Don't you understand that the schools and the prisons are run by the same people?

Schools don't educate.

Prisons don't rehabilitate.

The are both traps.

The only thing that will protect people from getting caught in those traps is education.

Real Education.

Not Indoctrination disguised as Education.

The Negro faith in the American school system is mind boggling.  Same cats talking about "The Global System of White Supremacy" are DEMANDING the Plantation "PwoVide Dem Wit Uh EduuMaCaShun!".
The government is no more capable of giving you an education than the government is capable of making you healthy.

Makheru, if these 'African-American Males' to whom you refer did "graduate" from High School ... how would their lives be different in 2012?  In 2015?  In 2020?

What is a high school diploma from Grimsley High in Greensboro NC going to be worth in the global economy of 2025?

Won't be able to get that "job" down at the factory without a "high school" diploma huh?


High School ensures a job in this economy the way a ticket ensures a cabin on the Titanic.

The kids are not dropping out because they have failed school.  They are dropping out because school has not only failed them ... school has HARMED them.

The sooner those ... "educated" members of the black "community" acknowledge this and offer viable private educational alternatives, the sooner we can provide young black people educational opportunities that actually empower them instead of beating them over the head and demanding they do the same shit that didn't work for us.

Cadeveo said ...
Uneducated people staying in school and "graduating" uneducated is going to lead to the same outcomes as uneducated people dropping out of school and staying uneducated.

Friday, March 23, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

D.SMITH said...
A) Either the fact that there is a security camera pointed at the door to make sure nobody's sneaking the so-called food out the back door, as if, 
B) or the fact that Chik-fil-a couldn't possibly compete with McDonald's because their logo isn't high enough in the sky to be seen miles down the road. 
C) Or, the fact that there is both a Chik-fil-a and a McDonald's...period.
Denmark Vesey said...
D) A driver of an $80,000 luxury sport utility vehicle, eating $6 worth of diabetes causing processed food, which will eventually cost $350,000 to medicate. 

The Travon Martin Syndrome - Fear • Intro To Predictive Programming & Psychological Warfare Targeting Black Men • DV University • Spring 2012

DV Jr.
(Yelling from the front door as he walks out)
Hey Mom! Hey Mom! 

(in kitchen making food and on the phone)
Yes Jr.?

I'll be back.  

(as she tells the person on the phone she will call her back)
Where are you going?

To play some basketball

Mom. (pause)

At Kyle's house.

(with trepidation)
By yourself?

No.  With Kyle.

I mean are you going by yourself? Is your brother going with you?

No.  He's doing something on the computer.  I'll be right back.

I don't know if you should go by yourself.

Why not? I go all the time.  (pause) He lives ... like 3 doors down.

I know ... it's just that ...

Denmark Vesey said ...
My wife, like many black Black Mothers, lost a son last week.

When Travon Martin was gunned down a flash of their worst nightmare sparked a painful fire of fear and dread which burned deeply in their souls.  Fueled by Facebook and 24 hour news Travon's death was as real tangible and close to home as if they had breast fed him as a child.

When faced with fear, mothers do what mothers do.  They try to protect.  They try to prevent.  They worry. They warn.

But fear is the cousin of death.  Communicating to young men that their lives are perilous, fragile, or in constant jeopardy, can kill the spirit of a boy just as much as a bullet through the heart can kill his body.

A father's instinct is to want his son to feel the world is his.   I can't let him grow up peeping around corners scared of a George Zimmerman.

Dad (interrupting)
Hey man! Go ahead and play some ball dude.  Work on that left hand.  We'll see you when you get home.

Dad (to Mrs. DV)
don't worry baby. He'll be alright.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Uganda? 'Invisible Children' Needs To Save The Kids of Florida

RJEsq said...
 I saw this.

Have a question. What would the counter or true agenda be? Am familiar with the notion that folks should have a healthy skepticism for campaigns for "justice" in the media. But in this situation, what would the true agenda be in pushing this issue?

Denmark Vesey said ...

Hey RJ,

Interesting question.

I see it a bit differently.

KONY 2012 was a "pushed" meme.

ZIMMERMAN 2012 is a "pulled" meme.

KONY 2012 was designed to illicit a particular reaction from a group of people.  It was pushed because it fits the globalist agenda of raping Africa via "Humanitarian wars" and "Humanitarian vaccines".

Its goal is to trick the peasantry into "demanding" intervention (liberal word for invasion).

ZIMMERMAN 2012 is being "pulled" via social media.  Fueled by Black outrage this meme exploded to become the cause du jour.  Half the cats on Facebook have already changed their profile pictures to that of young Travon Martin.

Its goal? To serve as proof white people still have power in this country and perpetuating the perception that being a black man is inherently dangerous and a disadvantage.

Yes.  Zimmerman 2012 affirms the Plantation Negro mantra: The Global System of White Supremacy.

The Plantation drove the KONY meme.

The occupants of the Plantation drive the ZIMMERMAN  meme.

Why? Because many Black people perceive danger from white people to be a more grave threat than danger from other Black people.

Evidence of that: Were Travon Martin shot by Quintavious Booker ... none of us would have ever heard of him.

For every Travon Martin shot by a "George Zimmerman" ... 20 or 30 will be shot by a JaMarcus Johnson. (Shout out to Undercover Blackman).

For every Travon Martin shot by a George Zimmerman ... 200 to 300 Travon Martins will be killed by the food they put into their own mouths.   (Shout out to Denmark Vesey).

I have no problem with outrage directed towards Zimmerman.  I will be particularly impressed if something is done with that outrage other then a collective Negro head shake, despair and hollow demands "dat duh Guvament doo Summin!"

I will be more impressed with outrage and demands to do something about the "JaMarcus Johnson's" who kill multiple Travon Martin's everyday.

I will be even more impressed with outrage at ourselves for feeding ourselves food GUARANTEED to give us diabetes and to kill us.

That's a meme that we should really blow up via social media.

Hell.  That's the meme I've been pushing since '07.  Hustle Hard.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wanna Make A Baby Without A Man?
The prospect of all-female conception
By Steve Connor, Science Editor
Friday, 13 April 2007

Scientists are seeking ethical permission to produce synthetic sperm cells from a woman's bone marrow tissue after showing that it possible to produce rudimentary sperm cells from male bone-marrow tissue.

The researchers said they had already produced early sperm cells from bone-marrow tissue taken from men. They believe the findings show that it may be possible to restore fertility to men who cannot naturally produce their own sperm.

But the results also raise the prospect of being able to take bone-marrow tissue from women and coaxing the stem cells within the female tissue to develop into sperm cells, said Professor Karim Nayernia of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Creating sperm from women would mean they would only be able to produce daughters because the Y chromosome of male sperm would still be needed to produce sons. The latest research brings the prospect of female-only conception a step closer.

"Theoretically is it possible," Professor Nayernia said. "The problem is whether the sperm cells are functional or not. I don't think there is an ethical barrier, so long as it's safe. We are in the process of applying for ethical approval. We are preparing now to apply to use the existing bone marrow stem cell bank here in Newcastle. We need permission from the patient who supplied the bone marrow, the ethics committee and the hospital itself."
cnulan said..


What God wants, God gets - and that's precisely what guides the hand of these accelerating bioscientific endeavors.

It's transformation or extinction peeple..., don't get it twisted.
Denmark Vesey said ...
Transform what into what CNulan?

Man's self obsession masquerading as "science" and "medicine" does not offer an alternative to extinction. It guarantees extinction by hi-jacking Natural Selection. No longer the domain of nature, the power of Life Itself is now in the hands of corporations and Harry Potter white boys in lab coats.

"We can't leave reproduction up to something as vile backwards and bigoted as ... nature."

Tampering with the human genome is juvenile arrogant ignorance displayed on a biblical scale. It's man playing God, and playing poorly. The cycle of life evolved for millions of years. We are now faced with people getting into the business of selling life.

I submit that the motherless, fatherless test-tube humanity Merc will market is not quite as human as is the original.

Transforming ourselves into anything other than human beings of a higher consciousness is like leaving first class to sit in coach.

This sorcery marketed as immortality in a test tube is nothing more than the effort of some very devious people to control life.

Monday, March 19, 2012

God Don't Like Ugly

Eight years before an American soldier shot 16 civilians in Afghanistan, there was another case of tragic military misconduct that ruined lives and threatened to derail a war effort.

Today, the former soldier who became the callous, “thumbs-up” emblem of the Abu Ghraib scandal lives with her parents in rural West Virginia, raising the son of the man who perpetrated the worst of the torture at the Iraqi prison. Things are so rough for her, Lynndie England told The Daily in a wide-ranging interview, that she has trouble finding much reason to feel bad for the detainees she and her colleagues abused.

“Their lives are better. They got the better end of the deal,”
England said. “They weren’t innocent. They’re trying to kill us, and you want me to apologize to them? It’s like saying sorry to the enemy.”

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alex Jones Might Be The Blackest Man In Africa


Denmark Vesey said ...

Immediately after the quake, the Plantation fed the peasants a steady diet of "Shock & Sympathy" memes. Talking heads spoke on air in hushed voices filled with horror as they
counted bodies as if they were keeping score.

Twelve hours after the quake, the Plantation went into action mode and distributed the "Do Something About It" meme. Neoliberal peasants who think they are saving the world because they drive "low carbon" vehicles were falling all over each other to be the first to "Tweet $5" and very publicly post "donation links" on Facebook. I won't say any names DMG. People who couldn't find Haiti on a map last week or still can't tell you the difference between Francois Duvalier and Jean-Bertrand Aristide adopted holier than-thou attitudes because they felt they "did something" about Haiti.

When President Obama announced he was giving a whole $Huuuundred Millyun Dollas in aid to Haiti, the peasantry shared one large collective warm n fuzzy.

72 Hours after the quake, the Plantation leaked a new meme: "Cynicism". It became all the rage for apologist Plantation Negros and faux conservative Crackas to regurgitate eugenics conspiracy theories insisting the Haitians suffer as they do, not because of 200 years of neocolonialist warfare, but because they are black and somewhat less than human. I won't say any names Undercoverblackman. This particular font of peasant builds his premise upon the false notion that Haiti's relative lack of development is actually a reflection of the capabilities of the Haitian people.

Which is as silly an assertion as would be charging the Iraqi people, 100 years after continuous US invasions interventions and occupations, with "failing to develop".

As we approach the 96th hour, the Plantation floods the neuroreceptors of the peasant class with the inevitable images of dirty dark desperate savage black Haitians looting ... in HD. "Is money going to really help these people"? Becomes the new mantra. "How long can America continue to come to the rescue?" is the new rallying cry. "Fuck Haiti! What about Detroit?" pops up like mushrooms after a rain on the Facebook pages of Plantation Negros tired of the story and ready to get back to football.

Before the buildings in Port Au Prince stopped shaking, I knew the greatest threat to the Haitian people was not rubble, hunger or disease. Their greatest danger was the coming memetic assault which would threaten their very existence.

Haiti is not the scene of a 2 minute earthquake. Haiti is a 2 century old crime scene. Everything is a meme. Free people select and create the memes that work for them.

Plantation Negros consume the memes fed them.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Plantation Food Will Kill More Black People This Year Than The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade - Why Are Plantation Negros Still Talking About Racism?

Lashana Johnson of Richmond, on the night before she undergoes gastric bypass surgery for "weight control". This surgery [Plantation MD Quackery] is the last resort for those with extreme health issues due to weight or extreme obesity. Because insurance is picking up many of the bills, this surgery is becoming more and more popular.
Below, Lashana wears an oxygen mask at night for sleep apnea, a disorder, due to her weight, which could cause her to stop breathing while sleeping. Chosen said...
"Imagine if all the time, money energy and talent invested in the National Association for the "Advancement" of COLORED People ... had been invested in a National Association For The Prevention of Obese Black People." - DV

Who, of 19th-20th cent. Black leaders and thinkers, could have predicted the rise of multinational corporations, and the rise and cooperation of the 'Big' food and medical industries? Esp. at a time when black folks were just trying to survive, and live with some decency and dignity? Many folks haven't begun to come to grips with the fact that they and their parents ran back to the plantation after 1954.

It seems that you may be operating with a definition of racism that doesn't account for its insidious presence and operation in the structures and institutions of U.S. society - which is what makes it as American as apple pie, not merely the fact that many Americans hold dear to racist attitudes (and obviously their apple pies!).

DV, you're certainly on point in the assertion that 'claiming racism' as a sole motivating factor is too simple a task. But it can be understood as a deeply embedded organizing principle.

Clearly from the map you put in the post above, poverty and geography have significant contributions towards peoples chances of becoming obese. Still, I think a glance to history will show us why southern states tend to be populated with the most obese folks, who are most likely the poorest folks, who are more likely to be black folks.

...OR why southern states tend to be more heavily populated with black folks, who are overwhelmingly likely to be poor folks, who are more likely to become obese ...depending on how you look at it.

The point is that:
"Plantation Negros defending themselves from Racism when they are being attacked by something all together different" ... is something of a false dichotomy.

happy healthy new year ya'll!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Makheru Bradley said ...
Imperialism Moves at Warp Speed: From a viral video to a US HOR resolution in one week. I

U.S. House resolution calling for imperialist intervention of Uganda

The resolution, introduced by Reps. Jim McGovern, D-Mass. and Ed Royce, R-Calif., calls for, among other things, expanding the number of regional forces in Africa to protect civilians and placing restrictions on individuals or governments found to be supporting Kony.

The “Libyan Model” was such a “smashing success” there is a virtual stampede of blood-thirsty, avarice-driven vultures to repeat it. The Great Lakes today; Nigeria tomorrow; Zimbabwe the day after, and who knows what’s next.

And Cecil Rhodes in blackface leads the charge.

Thousands of Ugandans Call KONY 2012 BS • Who Is Behind The KONY Hoax? Was "Save Darfur" Hoax Too? Remember Where You Heard It First • Remember Where You Heard It Best

fist tap brother Ces

Will Deconstructing The KONY 2012 Hoax Save Black Americans From The Same Fate?

fist tap Makheru Bradley
"Click this Button  
or African children will die!!”

How the “Kony 2012” video drafted a Facebook army to support the militarization of Africa”

In 1877 the British Empire was at the height of its glory, the Spanish Empire would soon collapse, and a young Oxford student named Cecil Rhodes was gripped by a sudden religious vision. Rhodes scrawled out a manifesto. In it, he called for an “Anglo-American Empire” that would begin in the heart of Africa and spread out to conquer the known world.

“Africa is still lying ready for us,” he wrote. “It is our duty to take it. It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes-that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race; more of the best, the most human, most honorable race the world possesses.”

Rhodes went on to found the DeBeers diamond cartel and devote his company’s vast wealth to the colonial project in Africa. He couldn’t have known that, just over a century later, a new invention called the Internet would be tweaking his message, smoothing out his more inflammatory language, and sending his ideas around the globe through YouTube and Facebook.

Nor would he ever had imagined that the first black president of the United States would be the one to carry his vision to its ultimate conclusion, under the guise of “humanitarian intervention.” 

Monday, March 12, 2012

KONI 2012 • Advanced NWO Hegelian Head Fake 002 • DV University • Spring 2012

Denmark Vesey said ...
Four years ago DV sounded the alarm regarding the "Save Darfur Hoax" and revealed the movement for what it was:  Propaganda designed to support the breaking off a US-friendly micro-state in the oil rich south of Sudan.

Today DV is ringing the bell as we witness what appears to be the next phase in NeoCon false-flag interventionist propaganda: an entire continent of US / Corporate friendly micro-states.

The goal of the KONI 2012 hype?  Perpetuation of chaos and war on the African continent which will trigger demand for "international" military intervention which will in turn facilitate the direct flow of African natural resources to the international corporate oligarchy. 

Hegemony 2012

Now, your average Plantation Negro will not immediately recognize this hoax because it is difficult to understand how NeoCon military and foreign policy goals can be accomplished using humanitarian propaganda.

"Come on DV!  If Joseph Koni is killin' Afwikan chilen ... how can sendin UN Twoops tuh stop duh killin' be a bad thing!"

NeoCon Formula To Dominate Africa

1) Identify Resource Rich African Nation
2) Install and support puppet regime
3) Pressure and bribe puppet politicians to accept 'international loans' with the nation's sovereignty and natural resources pledged as collateral
4) Pay-off or kill legitimate opposition to the proxy government
5) Fund a controlled 'opposition' movement
6) Commit atrocities and even genocide in the name of that 'opposition' movement
7) Hype YouTube videos of kind liberal whites yearning to save innocent chopped up African chidren from savage mindless machete wielding African adults
8) Have domestic celebrities and Plantation Negro politicians jump on the bandwagon of support for immediate humanitarian intervention
9) Default. Invade.  Occupy.  Enslave.
10) Rinse & Repeat

If you want to stop the senseless killing of African children, demand our African-American President stop funding covert wars on the African continent.