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An Introduction To Plantation Negro Faggotry 001 • DV University • Fall 2011

Denmark Vesey said ...
If the young brothas out there, sound as ridiculous as these 2 bama ass cornball negros ... no wonder some sistas are having a hard time finding a husband.

I 'm like ... bruh?  bruh?  

come on now.

That can't be your rap.

See.  This is another reason not to vaccinate.

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What's In A Name? • Why Did The Plantation Teach Plantation Negros To Call Themselves "African-Americans"?

"The true naming of a thing is its power"

If you can name something for what it is, even if its name is lost to the mists of time, you capture some of its power.
Agüeybaná said...
"I don't doubt they brought Africans for slavery as well, but I highly doubt black people weren't already here.  

Call us all "African-American" and it helps solidify our self-image as oppressed, helpless outsiders."

Introduction To The Nicki Gaga Phenomenon • Why Does The Plantation Media Celebrate Lady Gaga's "Creativity" While Plantation Negros Blame Minaj For 'Destroying Black Culture'?

Dr. Love said...
Obviously you those that comment in favor of the "so-called" poetry of Nicki have not understood the poetry of real poets such as Nicki Giovanni... Gwendolyn Brooks  ... and others who have understood the metaphors and simile connection with the "experience"...has anyone been in the classroom of western education lately..the children cant even write a f%#!ing sentence or paragraph with any creativity..structure..clarity..let alone a metaphor....creative ways of saying suck a dick..make my pussy wet...are running out of metaphorical expressions...when ur children lose their innocence and begin expressing these subliminal seductive.. negative.. destructive.. contaminating... corruptive.... lucifernistic... seeds of mind control..we will see how these so called geniuses have provided us with "poetic justice'...give me "Smokey Robinson" any day....peace

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Kai Davis vs Nicki Minaj • Who Is America's Greatest Living Poetess?

fist tap Hot MF Wax
For poetry to be great, three things are required.
  1. The poet must have an acute awareness of experience. For this to be true, the poet must be mentally awake and paying attention to experience and its emotional impact. No dullard ever wrote great poetry.
  2. The poet must have an imagination so fanciful that it creates relationships between experiences, brand new relationships that nobody else ever thought of. In other words, the poet must be able to create new metaphors. A poem without new metaphors is not a great poem. A poem without any metaphors is not poetry at all, regardless of its meaning, sound, structure, or emotional impact.
  3. The poet must be able to put those metaphors into words that evoke in the attentive reader the precise emotional impact intended by the poet. This is done by choosing words, sounds, and rhythms as carefully as do writers of great song lyrics, strategically calculating the emotional effect of every word, phrase, sound, rhythm, pause, and the arrangement of all of these. These things are deeply studied by every great poet and lyricist.  - Joe K. Korn
Denmark Vesey said ...
All things considered ...  Nicki got her.

Black affirmation predicated upon the presumpion of and subsequent rejection of white privilege is a lame and cliched hustle.  Who cares if some whites celebrate Mark Twain while holding Maya Angelou in disdain?  The need for external validation triggers a self-denying prophesy.

The You don't think I'm black because I use big words and read books is another bankrupt meme left-over from the 1970's.  The vocabulary of the most prominent Hip Hop artists today actually has greater range than your average Plantation Negro with a law degree.

Nicki ... digs ... Nicki.  That lesson alone is more valuable to young black women today than 100 poems asking "Why does the caged bird sing?"

"Yeah, but Nicki is talking 'bout Barbi and riding dicks and yada yada yawn".

Poetry is not a contest of what a poet is "talking" about.  Poetry is about creating relationships and experiences.  It's about new metaphors that achieve particular emotional impact.
"I'm a bad bitch
I'm a I'm a bad bitch
I'm a bad bitch
I'm a I'm a bad bitch"

Nicki needs to be required reading in English Lit classes for all girls in America.

Alex Jones Is My Favorite White Boy • Truth ... The Ultimate Meme • DV University • Fall 2011

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The DV Unapologetically Black Award • Astro of The X Factor • This Little Brother Aight Wit Me • The Global System of Hip Hop Supremacy • DV University • Fall 2011

In a vast ocean of socially engineered memes, this 15 year old is an island of artistic sincerity and soulful creativity.  He understands media better than Plantation Negro college graduates with degrees in communications, journalism and psychology.  Hustle Hard.

Cars Have "Titles" & Plantation Negros Have "Birth Certificates" • An Introduction To Your Strawman • DV University • Summer 2011

Global System of White Supremacy? White Kids Pepper Sprayed In The Mouth @ OWS • The Israelization of America 003 • DV University • Fall 2011

"Police used batons to try to push the students apart. Those they could separate, they arrested, kneeling on their bodies and pushing their heads into the ground. Those they could not separate, they pepper-​sprayed directly in the face, holding these students as they did so. When students covered their eyes with their clothing, police forced open their mouths and pepper-​sprayed down their throats. Several of these students were hospitalized. Others are seriously injured. One of them, forty-​five minutes after being pepper-​sprayed down his throat, was still coughing up blood." English professor Nathan Brown

The Reinvention of Feminism 003 • Professor Nicki Nicki Tembo • DV University • Fall Semester 2010

nicki nicki tembo said...
My ex-husband and I discussed polygyny during the early years of our marriage just as we did other issues such as child-rearing, diet, and current events. He had always been a one woman man but our discussion centered on the practicality of polygyny. Despite what seemed an insurmountable issue that resulted in our divorce he is a great guy and wonderful father. I would have gladly shared him within a marriage with the right sister-wife. But I was enough for him and he enough for I. 
Thanks boo ;)

But that's bullshit.

That whole angle is specifically motivated by the male desire. Not the woman's. You won't here women starting a discussion about "man-sharing".

At least not sharing one man. Most women aren't completely satisfied by one and I dont mean just sexually (this time ;)hahaha

But for real....Can a Man TRULY LOVE, and I mean L-O-V-E two women at the same time FOR MORE THAN 6 months? Eventually one of them has to go. Isn't the man who has two wives really just someone receiving all the love and giving very little? I dont mean taking care of two women because a lot of men can do that with their eyes closed. But what you're talking about is an arrangement. Of what real benefit is another woman to the first wife? And is there no other way to get those benefits without marrying the chick into the home? Feminism my culo.

He wants two women to keep his emotional cup bubbling over and his bedroom varied. He is self-pleasing and greedy. But he wants his women to be selfless and agreeable.
Hustle Hard Mother Fucker. Hustle. Hard.

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Magic Johnson, The HIV Myth, Condoms & Genocide • Advanced Hegelian Head Fake 003 • DV University • Spring 2011

How Is This Man More Likely To Die Of Diabetes Than HIV?

"Because of the HIV virus that I have attained, I will have to retire from the Lakers today. I do not have the AIDS disease, I plan on going on living for a long time, bugging you guys like I always have, so you'll see me around. I plan on being with the Lakers and the league for a while and going on with my life." Ervin, Magic Johnson, November 7, 1991

Denmark Vesey said...
Like our parents generation remembers where they were when they heard JFK was shot, many of us remember where we were when Magic Johnson performed this demonstration of redundant ebonics by announcing he had "attained" the HIV virus.

I was sitting in a pasta restaurant in St. Thomas, watching the conference on TV.  I don't remember what Magic was saying as much as I remember the white boy who owned the spot.  He broke down and cried at the bar.  I mean sobbed... couldn't catch his breath ... snotty .... jumped on the casket wept.

I remember thinking: Come on bruh.  Damn.  I'm shocked too.  Hell, I like the no-look pass just as much as anybody else, but cut that bitch shit out. Let me hear how in the hell Magic Johnson got AIDS from... heterosexual sex. That's all I want to know right now, because this could put a hitch in my game. 

After Magic Johnson the Myth of Heterosexual AIDS was born and condom sales soared.  MTV thought nothing of telling 12 year olds to "wrap it up" and Hip Hop fell right in line with the Jimmy Hat.  To have natural sex was suddenly irresponsible.  It was now a cultural taboo akin to mainlining heroin.

Since then, the wombs of millions of women around the world have been fed a steady diet of latex proteins, spermicidal chemicals and finishing powders delivered in pretty packages marked Trojan, Lifestyles and Rough Riders.

Interestingly enough, 20 years later AIDS cases have actually increased.

More importantly the long term dangers of constant condom use have been linked to an array of female reproductive problems including sterility.  Which is why so many 32 year old women who've been using condoms for 16 years will be lucky if they ever get pregnant.

The Plantation does not want certain people reproducing.  Eugenics.  Hustle Hard.

Sharif Ali said...
That's bullshit about Brazil. I live here and haven't met a single person with HIV/AIDS yet. It's not an epidemic and yet they have posters and billboards talking about how big of a problem it is...
Just like in the United States. I don't know anyone with HIV/AIDS, no family members, friends, nothing. Yet they go on and on about how it has devastated the black community. Well seeing as how I am from the black community I should AT LEAST know of someone who has the virus or who died from it.

It's all a bunch of horse shit!


Black Man • Manila Phillipines 1901 • Introduction To The Indigenous People of The Planet • DV University • Fall 2011

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Fred The Godson • America's Greatest Living Poet

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Pace of Change

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The Global System of Black Supremacy • Floyd Mayweather Is The Smartest Man In Sports • How He's Used Memes To Grow A $20 Million Fight Into a $100 Million Ass Whippin'

Floyd Mayweather is about to get paid $100 Million to whip a man's ass who does not stand a chance against him.  An average ol' college educated Plantation Negro would have taken the fight at $20 Million.

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Planned Parenthood ... or Eugenics?

…they had to pursue a strategy … called “crypto-eugenics.” In essence, “You seek to fulfill the aims of eugenics without disclosing what you are really aiming at and without mentioning the word.”

This is how the Eugenics Society conceived of its funding for the IPPF. Matthew Connelly, Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population (Harvard University Press, 2008), p. 163
The population control movement is eugenics put into action. This has never been a secret. As far back as 1921, for example, in “The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda,” Margaret Sanger wrote:
The doctrine of Birth Control is now passing through the stage of ridicule, prejudice and misunderstanding. A few years ago this new weapon of civilization and freedom was condemned as immoral, destructive, obscene. Gradually the criticisms are lessening-–understanding is taking the place of misunderstanding. The eugenic and civilizational value of Birth Control is becoming apparent to the enlightened and the intelligent.
In the limited space of the present paper, I have time only to touch upon some of the fundamental convictions that form the basis of our Birth Control propaganda, and which, as I think you must agree, indicate that the campaign for Birth Control is not merely of eugenic value, but is practically identical in ideal, with the final aims of Eugenics.
Through William N. Grigg’s recent excellent article (and history lesson) I was alerted to the importance of another anti-natalist scholar – Kingsley Davis. Grigg points out that one of Davis’ seminal papers for Science magazine in 1967 had advocated that “the social structure and economy must be changed before a deliberate reduction in the birthrate can be achieved,” while urging “governments to subsidize voluntary abortion and sterilization and restructure their tax systems to discourage both marriage and childbirth.”

Friday, November 11, 2011

Introduction To American Eugenics 001 • DV University • Fall 2011

Outrageous North Carolina sterilization program targeted women, young girls, and blacks
Elaine Riddick
was 13 years old when she got pregnant after being raped by a neighbor in Winfall, N.C., in 1967. The state ordered that immediately after giving birth, she should be sterilized. Doctors cut and tied off her fallopian tubes.

North Carolina was one of 31 states to have a government run eugenics program. By the 1960s, tens of thousands of Americans were sterilized as a result of these programs.

“I have to carry these scars with me. I have to live with this for the rest of my life,” she said.

Riddick was never told what was happening. “Got to the hospital and they put me in a room and that’s all I remember, that’s all I remember,” she said. “When I woke up, I woke up with bandages on my stomach.”

Riddick’s records reveal that a five-person state eugenics board in Raleigh had approved a recommendation that she be sterilized. The records label Riddick as “feebleminded” and “promiscuous.” They said her schoolwork was poor and that she “does not get along well with others.”

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One Of The Greatest In The History Of DV.Net - My Brother - DMG

DMG said...
I figured this little tidbit would be of interest to you.

Daryll Duane Philips II, AKA Straight Rapper DPhill SpanglishMan, Creates 'XY Movement,' Wears Lipstick And Blurs Gender

Plantation Crackas Riot After Football Coach Fired ... Yet Do Nothing As Plantation Leads America Into War With Iran • Adv Hegelian Head Fake 303 • DV University • Fall 2011

Joe Paterno was fired by Penn State today, triggering a massive and sometimes violent response from thousands of deluded and indebted students whose degrees from Penn State won't be worth the paper it is printed on in 2021.
Thordaddy said ...
like this 
makes me dig ur black supremacy...
pump that S up though
maybe we walk in harmony...
aint flown since she-male
hired that cabal of touchy-feelies...
and put those machines in
collect a database of willies...

But it's deeper than that
if you got sons and daughters
being conditioned for pedophilia...
This shit on the mass scale
and mommy and daddy just standing there chilling...
got no clue
no vision for perversion...
right in front they faces,
complicit with she-male
in they son's and daughter's molestation...

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Patricia McAllister Proven Right - American Revolt Against Zionist Bankers Explodes


Get An Education • Drop Out of School • For You Negros Who Need To Hear It From White Folks Before You Get It • DV University • Fall 2011

The Impending Irrelevance of School. 

Remember Where You Heard It First.
Remember Where You Heard It Best.

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Why Those With The Most Schooling ... Tend To Be The Dumbest People

John Taylor Gatto says ...
The new forced schooling octopus taught anyone unable to escape its tentacles that inert knowledge - memorizing the dots - is the gold standard of intellectual achievement. [The DMG phenomenon] Not connecting those dots.  It set out to create a reflexive obedience to official directions [Plantation Negros] as opposed to accepting responsibility for one's own learning.

These habit trainings are among the most important weapons of mass instruction.  On the higher levels of the school pyramid, among those labeled "gifted" and "talented", the standard is more sophisticated:  there children are required to memorize both dots as well as what experts say is the correct way to connect those dots into narratives: even to memorize several conflicting expert analyses in a simulation of genuine critical thinking.  Original thinking in dot connection is patronized at times, but always subtly discouraged.  Twelve to twenty years of stupefying memorization drills weakens the heartiest of intellects.
R&G said... 
Long time reader first time responder. 

I always tell cats the way you are being taught doesn't lead to any originality.  

This is why so many people are unemployed as their natural instincts of the sky is falling was retarded by their education saying they are secure. We have our so called brightest taking pride in being professional regurgitaters.

Zionists Control America? Noooooo ...... Don't Be Ridiculous! Dominate The Media?? ... Hardly!

The Neuroscience Behind Authority, Mind Control & Why Negros Do Self-Destructive Shit

Denmark Vesey said ...
There is a popular story about a Vegas TV reporter who, disguised  as a bank security guard,  positioned himself next to an ATM machine at a major bank. He pasted a sign on the ATM that read:“OUT OF ORDER — GIVE DEPOSITS TO GUARD ON DUTY.”

As customers approached the ATM the “guard” asked the customer if they were making a deposit or withdrawal? Every customer out of 10 – except one – handed over account numbers, PIN codes, even cash to the “guard”.

When the “guard” revealed the head fake, the Plantation enthusiasts were stunned they handed over such private and confidential information to a complete stranger. When asked why they complied most gave the same answer: “Because of the uniform and because of the sign”.

Obviously no bank in the world would run their operation this way.  Yet customers complied with the “guard’s” request.  Why?  These people suffer from Plantation Negroitis.

In other words, customers complied because they perceived the “guard” (overseer) as authoritative, and more importantly as a representative of a greater power.  In fact deep inside they feared retribution for not obeying more than they feared losing their money.  (Remember DMG?)

Neuroscientists say the decision making parts of our brains actually switch off when we encounter authoritative people, advice or direction. 

This is why relatively intelligent people do nonsensical things like eat GMO food, attend compulsory schools, vaccinate their children, take their shoes off at airports, vote in elections that offer 2 different versions of the same choice, drink Pasteurized milk, eat denatured factory meat and drink water with fluoride.

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Get A Chick • Marry Her • Make A Baby • Because It Is The Last Thing The NWO Wants You To Do

fist tap Sepsenahki Aahkhu 
Married on May 13, 1924, 105-year old Herbert, and 103-year-old Zelmyra do not pretend to know any secrets to a lasting marriage. They have been married longer than any known living couple, had five children and have watched countless grandchildren and great-grandchildren come into the world. 
Secret to a successful and long marriage:
  1. Everyone who plants a seed and harvests the crop celebrates together. We are individuals, but accomplish more together
  2. Remember marriage is not a contest – never keep a score. God has put the two of you together on the same team to win.

Anonymous said...
Silly-ass jiggaboos
Mystified by high IQ's
Stuporstitious nigganews
Cain't see why
They bound to lose
Ignant shit
They bound to choose
They get to cruise
Cause niggas cain't
De-Cipher clues

Who else? Only one can spit like that said... 
who don't run wit jews 
straight lose 
I run wit wolves 
who's tools
is rules and school and news 
fuck wit them make you a vegetable 
wit vegetables or make your reputation irreparable by calling you homosexual. 
If you really want beef 
they'll turn ya kids to fags 
turn ya moms to dads 
tax ya grads out the ass 
turn your culture into a fad turn ya daughters into lads 
turn what good to bad while 
the whole time you laugh sheeit them niggas rugged 
them niggas thug they finna pay me better than Titanic's whole budget

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DV Told You This 6 Months Ago • But For You Negros Who Need To Hear It From White Folks - The LA Times

Is a college degree still worth it? As U. S. employment patterns evolve, a diploma is no longer a guarantee of a better job and higher pay.

By Don Lee, Los Angeles Times
June 12, 2010

Is a college degree still worth it?

As U.S. employment patterns evolve, a diploma is no longer a guarantee of a better job and higher pay.

As the warm glow of college commencement ceremonies gives way to the cold reality of today's job market, this year's graduates and their anxious parents might be tempted to wonder whether it was worth it.

After spending tens of thousands of dollars on higher education, often taking on huge debts along the way, many face a job market that doesn't seem to need them. Not only is the American economy producing few new jobs of any kind, but the ones that are being added are overwhelmingly on the lower end of the skill and pay scale.

In fact, government surveys indicate that the vast majority of job gains this year have gone to workers with only a high school education or less, casting some doubt on one of the nation's most deeply held convictions: that a college education is the ticket to the American Dream.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that seven of the 10 employment sectors that will see the largest gains over the next decade won't require much more than some on-the-job training. These include home healthcare aides, customer service representatives and food preparers and servers. Meanwhile, well-paying white-collar jobs such as computer programming have become vulnerable to outsourcing to foreign countries.

"People with bachelor's degrees will increasingly get not very highly satisfactory jobs," said W. Norton Grubb, a professor at UC Berkeley's School of Education. "In that sense, people are getting more schooling than jobs are available."