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It's Time For Some Mind Sex, We Ain't Got To Take Our Clothes Off Yet • How The NWO Controls People By Controlling the Meaning of Sex • Professor Henry Makow

Henry said...
For the survival of the species, nature has hard-wired us to have sex. This powerful primitive instinct is more of a curse than a blessing. Men are sexually attracted to practically all pretty fertile females. Females are probably sexually attracted to most powerful handsome men. Given license, this primitive imperative is a recipe for social chaos. It leads to the destruction of marriage and family, another feature of the Communist banker program.

Human beings are really shaped by their "culture." We desire what we are taught to desire. We experience what we are taught to experience. Sex is largely in the collective mind.

Through their control of culture and media, the bankers have invested sex with meaning it just doesn't have. They teach us it is an ecstatic experience with mystical & religious significance. It is "unhealthy" to repress sexual desires.

For example, those commercials for Viagra and Cialis are not so much about erectile dysfunction as about convincing older people who don't need sex that they are sick and missing out on the de facto religion practised in our society.

"Sex is a physical need like eating. It has to be satisfied but it has no spiritual value unless part of a larger more profound relationship like marriage."

Yet we have been conditioned to believe that personal worth is a function of sexual attraction. People (especially women) are judged on the basis of whether they are "HOT" ... i.e. worthy of anonymous sex.

Sex has been divorced from love and propagation and is considered an end in itself. We have been transformed from a family-oriented society, brothers and sisters,parents and children, into one of lone predators and prey.

Our societal obsession with sex is an aberration. It is the result of a kabalistic spell, and is neither normal nor healthy. The emphasis on sex cannibalizes the energy we would devote to other things that define us as human. Mankind is in the thrall of a satanic cult.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anonymous said...
That is such a blurry and funny double-edged sword and people do not even realize it. If race is a social construct, then she could be black depending on how she feels and what she wants, maybe even on the day of the week. Of course we need to specify: American "black", African "black", whatever "black". They are different cultures so it would not be fair to lump everyone together. If it is not a social construct and there are genetic differences then perhaps distinctions and classifications are warranted. According to DV, the bell curve exists -- there are genetic advantages to being black: they are on the accelerated side of the pigment bell curve, the beauty bell curve, the physical prowess bell curve, and the intelligence bell curve.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are You A State Citizen? Are You A Federal Citizen? What Exactly Are Your Rights? What Is Your Status? You Don't Know Do You ...?

T. Collins said ...
The government recognizes two distinct classes of citizens: a state Citizen and a federal citizen.

1) A state Citizen,
also called a de jure Citizen, is an individual whose inalienable natural rights are recognized, secured, and protected by his/her state Constitution against State actions and against federal intrusion by the Constitution for the United States of America.

2) A federal citizen, also called: a 14th Amendment citizen, a citizen of the United States, a US citizen, a citizen of the District of Columbia, has civil rights that are almost equal to the natural rights that state Citizens have. I say almost because civil rights are created by Congress and can be taken away by Congress.

Federal citizens are subjects of Congress, under their protection as a "resident" of a State, a person enfranchised to the federal government (the incorporated United States defined in Article I, section 8, clause 17 of the Constitution). The individual States may not deny to these persons any federal privileges or immunities that Congress has granted them.

This specific class of citizen is a federal citizen under admiralty law (International Law). As such they do not have inalienable common rights recognized, secured and protected in the Constitutions of the States, or of the Constitution for the United States of America, such as "allodial" (absolute) rights to property, the rights to inheritance, the rights to work and contract, and the right to travel among others.

A Shout Out To The Sistas With Blow Wigs - Keep Your Head Up

Gluten-free sister said... 
I couldn't agree more with your statement about black skin and hair texture. I happen to be darker than my sisters yet I have wavy hair, while they have curly hair. 
People often assume my hair is fake or that I'm mixed, beacuse surly a "dark skin" Somali cannot have "good hair" whatever that is.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Prostate Exam Myth • How The Medical Industrial Complex Convinced Men That An Annual Ass Raping Ritual Is An Effective Way To Prevent Cancer

With all of the modern technology available to medical doctors ...from the 64-slice cardiac CT scan that is able to capture the images of a human heart in just five heartbeats ... to the PillCam ESO, which is a camera-in-a-pill that allows doctors to diagnose diseases of the esophagus ... to the sonogram technology that allows expecting parents to view their child while still in the womb in 3D color ... you mean to tell me the best way modern medical doctors have to treat / detect prostate cancer is to stick their fingers up men's asses once a year?  

The supposedly scientific explanation is that one day the doctor will stick his finger in a man's ass,  detect the signs of prostate cancer, and subsequently prescribe immunity destroying "cancer drugs" ... before it's too late


Prostate Cancer is a billion dollar business.  The Prostate exam neither prevents nor cures cancer.  What is it for ... other than to make money and force men into the ultimate act of submission?

Ron Paul Says Barack Obama Is Full Of Shit On Libya

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Educated Man

O. Mahogany said...
The Scene: Atlanta Airport

I had just had a delicious goat cheese turkey burger and glass of Leyda Chilean wine when I realized I still had another hour and half before my flight. Sooo....

I refused to take off my shoes. Well sort of, lol. I was wearing a gown so my feet were covered and I almost made it past the first agent until I carelessly pulled my dress by its hem in order to walk.

"Take off your shoes before you go ma'am" she said.

"But I'm wearing sandals."

"Still have to take them off too."

I took pages from your book about wanting to see the Federal regulation stating I had to take off my shoes. She told me how "they didn't do that" like a robot with a bad script. I asked for her supervisor. A woman, and I make no exaggerations here, she looked like that security officer that Martin Lawrence played on his sitcom...the wig was so terribly dry and matted and she wore the most hideous glasses. But she was an old lady so I tried not to laugh. She says nothing as she walks up to me. More like she was surprised she would have an opportunity to speak with a flyer. I started for her..

"Hi, I was told by this lady that I would need to take off my shoes to pass through security, even though I'm wearing thong sand-

"Yes, we have 100% all shoe policy. You must take off your shoes or you cannot pass through"

I ask to see this in writing.

"Ma'am we don't do that here. Now are you gonna comply with the rules now?"

"No, I don't think I will. Can I speak to your supervisor?"

She gives me the nastiest look as I step aside to let the others pass me. She lets loose now.

"All these people here, all these people take off their shoes ma'am and you don't think you should have to? Why do you think if all these people take off their shoes why do you think you shouldn't have to? Are you any better than them?

(That's debatable I say to myself)
"'re not going to let me speak to your supervisor?"

She walks off and brings back a super summo powerhouse fat lady that is about to pop. I'm intimidated. She's going to eat me.
She speaks:

"yes ma'am, how are you?"

"I'm fine," I say, explaining the situation and coming to similar conclusions.

"Well ma'am that's our TSA policy. All passengers are required to take off their shoes. You didn't take off your shoes at the other airports?"

(damn.) "I wore socks. I'm wearing sandals now and I simply don't feel up to touching your floors."

"You don't have socks in your bags?"


"Well ma'am if you wont take off your shoes, I'll have to escort you out"

I look at her like I wish you would. She begins again:

"...but what I will do, if you like, I'll get some towels and sanitizer and wipe your feet for you. Would you like that?"

I think and agree that I have now heard it all. "Ok" I say.

I can hear the lady with the matted down wig asking what the verdict would be. She tells her that she will be wiping my feet and the lady with the bad hair gets sour faced.

I take off my sandals, walk through and as soon as I reach the other side my agent supervisor meets me at a chair directing me to have a seat and assists me by wiping the small bit of dirt from my feet.

I respect her decision (no matter who the initial idea came from) in understanding that people don't mind losing their freedoms when they are given some dignity back.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Barack Obama Is Different From George Bush How? • Voting Is For Idiots

So ... What Do You Know? Reverend Wright Was Right About Barack Obama After All ...

The Global System of Black Supremacy • Globalist Puppet ... But The Brother Still Got Swag

 KP said ...
DV, IWAW & fam - I'm starting to here more and more rumblings about Cory Booker for Prez in 2016. Obama 2, basically.

I don't know how serious his camp is about it, but there is a fb page (if that means anything). What's your take on him and the potential for another non threatening negro and a junior politician to leapfrog so called "experienced" national politicians and "steal" the nomination?

I like the cat but at the same time the game changes at that level. So, selfishly I'd rather he pursue other interests rather than damage my appreciation for him by playing ball, rehashing tired policies and lying to our face. The question probably has more to do with predicting the pulse of the nation in 2014/2015 and the collective American psyche. Whatchyall think?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lupe Fiasco vs Bill O'Reilly & BS War On Terror

Not bad ... but the brother should spend a little time at DV.Net to sharpen his memetic skills before he tackles the Hegelian Head Fake.
Gee Chee Vision said... 
Chris Hedges was a journalist for the NY Times and spent significant time in Afghanistan. He makes a good point that he refuse to go on these shows because he wants to be in control of meanings and labels on his own terms.

He uses "war on terror" as an example. It doesn't matter whether or not if you agree with it, if you respond to it you have already subscribe to its intended meaning.

You have already placed yourself in a damning position. Brother Fiasco and Mos Def got to respect these professionals and what they do.

They are not just going up against an O'Rielly or a Hannity but a team of psychological experts and professional debaters.

The goal was to simply to discredit Lupe. As long as he was in control of his own convo he was freeing people's minds. As long as he made his point through the medium of hip-hop without having to apologize he was freeing people's mind. NWA didn't have to get on television and articulate "Eff the Police." Either buy their album or go listen to Kenny Rogers.

Lupe didn't have to be concerned with O'Reilly saying that he declined or ran from an interview. Look at Michael Moore, he only agreed to interviews from O'Reilly and the like on his own terms. Lupe could have agreed to an interview under the conditions that it would be an email response, flip it and put it as a skit on his next album or make a youtube cartoon out of it, or had some dorky kid rhyme O'Reilly's arguments.

If they decline to do email then eff'em, you tried to meet them half way. We got to improvise and get creative and create on our own terms. As Vijay Prashad says create your own media. Their media is designed and engineered to represent their agenda. Period.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What Black People Look Like Without Starch

The bodies of Africans who do not eat Genetically Modified Food
The bodies of Africans who do eat Genetically Modified Food

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Get A Bride ...

The Blackest Father's Day On The Planet

There Is More To Wealth Than Cash

CNu, Submariner, Mike Fisher, Big Man, GDawg, T Stephens, Ugly Black John, The State, Manar's Daddy, Wesley Gibson, Exodus Mentality, Casper, Doc DMG, ThorDaddy, The Big Brother Big Man, Brother Law, Kid Blaze, Ill Math, Undercover Black Man, P Dice, The Doc!, Constructive Feedback, Casper, JNorris, Dr. Love, Cash Rulz, That Dude, Gee Chee Vision, Cadeveo, Makheru Bradley, Big Mark, I Wonder As I Wander, PHX, Sharif Ali, Richmond Muhammad,
Ensayn1, my man Big Wayne and ALL the fathers to be who get down at DV dot N.E.T . Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day To Any Brotha Who's Got A Chick

Friday, June 17, 2011

Get A Chick

Harms More Black People Than Racism ...

Are Police Departments Masonic Organizations?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

fist tap Ptah Ankhamun' Ra
THE EL'S COMIN'... said...
I smoke but prefer not blunts, guns are necessary, and probably a whole bunch of naysayers looking at this pic...wishin' they had loot for Gucci belts and watchbands.

I see this as a young cat sayin', "I do WTF I please, cuz I'm not a slave to the Plantation."

And he ain't a slave to "material things" like Gucci...ain't nothin' wrong with having nice things.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Getting Real In The Whole Foods Parking Lot

fist tap my main man The Doc
RBGAnonymous...yes that's me said...
lol. "im in electric mode. cant even hear the engine." this is so funny and sad on so many levels. paying 80 bucks for 6 things is so dead on. organic is the latest hustle. 

dv do you believe "whole check" is really organic? i read that article saying they caved into monsanto and compromised their crops. thoughts?
Denmark Vesey said ...

Yeah, this piece cracked me up too.

Whole Foods?  Organic?

Of course not.  The term "Organic" is an idea.  An abstraction.  A meme.

Our food chain is so toxic, genetically compromised and depleted of minerals that to call anything "organic" is a stretch.

Are there food items in Whole Foods less poisonous than the food found in typical Plantation markets?  Yes.

You have a better chance of finding fruit that at least still has the seeds in it ... than that fake GMO seedless fruit which populates the shelves of Ralph's and Publix.  (The seed is the reproductive organ of the plant.  GMO plants are sterile.  I suspect all this seedless fruit is making boys fruity. but that's a different story)

My wife is bouncing from Farmer's Market to Farmer's Market trying to buy as close to the source as possible.  Better?  Yes.  Total solution?  No.

Whole Foods bothers some people because they perceive an undercurrent of elitism.  Food is the ultimate class barometer.  Whole Foods is a brand that presses class buttons.

Nothing seems to irritate people more than when you refrain from eating food they value.

You know.  Your aunt makes a delicious chicken dish for her entire family while you are visiting from out of town.  After everyone is gathered around the table and plates are passed, you politely say "no thanks Aunt Connie.  I'm going to pass up on the chicken ... but I'm going to double up on your string beans!  Ummm um!  I've always loved your string beans!! Uh ... um ... do you have olive oil in the kitchen ... I'm trying to cut back on the butter"  ... crickets ... crickets ... crickets.

All of a sudden, in Auntees mind, you are no longer the adorable young nephew ... but this pompous ass " 'Vegan' who thinks he's too good to eat chicken and margarine. What I feed my children is not good enough for his children?!" 

Uncle Matthew looking at you out the corner of his eye as if you just announced you were divorcing your wife, marrying a white woman and volunteering to work on the Mitt Romney campaign.

Inevitably your smart ass teen age cousin says something like ... "Why don't you eat chicken?!  Cuz of the hormones huh?!  Told you mom! Where you get your protein!?"

"Um ... Um ... you know ... I used to eat chicken ...  and um ... sometimes I still miss it ... but ... it just isn't for me.  Nothing deep.  Aint no religion or nothing (laughs)".

 ... silence ... silence.

Uncle says "Aint that ORganik food expensinve?!  How long you been a vegan?"

"Well ... well ... you know Uncle Matt.  Expensive is relative.  And I don't really consider myself a 'vegan'.  I don't even know what that means.  I just try to eat as closely to the way I believe God intended for me to eat.  You know.  I don't want to put diesel fuel in a gasoline engine. So ... I try to avoid eating blood and starch.

crickets ... crickets ... uncomfortable .... crickets.

Yeah RBG.  The disdain expressed by the Haitian Chick types is fueled by what they perceive as a contradiction in terms. They ask: How can DV champion natural food & medicine, fly pretty sistas w/ $600 handbags and the Whole Foods brand ... all at the same time?

They make the mistake of assuming that a man who prefers to eat living food must be an earthy crunchy granola eatin' Birkenstock and dashiki wearing, hybrid driving, recycling goody two-shoe ascetic muhfuggah who rejects style, quality and taste.

I'm rocking Paul Smith and hoppin out of Benzes when I buy herbs and chia seeds.

Police & Propaganda • How The Plantation Brainwashes Cops • Intermediate Hegelian Head Fake 005 • DV University • Spring 2011


Your law-enforcement training and experience have taught you how to protect yourself, your fellow officers, and citizens from criminals. Some of those criminals want nothing more than to do harm to an officer. You know to be on your guard, ready to act, and to do what is necessary to protect yourself and others.

Nothing in your formal training has prepared you for the new attack that we are facing as law enforcement officers. Now the criminals are not the only ones that want fewer officers on the streets. Now the criminals are joined by politicians in State capitols across the country. These politicians are doing what criminals everywhere have long hoped for; they are shrinking police forces, putting fewer officers on the streets, and undermining the safety of the officers left on the front lines.

Your job is on the line. Your pension is on the line. Your salary is on the line. Your safety is on the line. You must be on the front line defending your rights against these attacks.

Are you ready to act? Are you ready to protect yourself and your fellow officers? Are you ready to defend your family?

You have been targeted. You have been blamed for the financial crisis. You will be a victim of government mismanagement and scapegoating if you don't fight back.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Advanced Yin & Yang 005 • The Male Female Bonding Ritual • The Biochemistry of Sex, Love & Marriage • Professor Nicki Nicki Tembo • DV University • Spring 2011

nicki nicki tembo said...
Methinks that by and large women choosing a mate is a fairly recent phenomena in the history of man as is marrying for love.

In tandem with other sophisticatedly orchestrated moves we've seem the family, as an institution, deteriorate. It's gradual deterioration directly tied to so-called socially liberating schematics. Disguised as freedoms this mess has had a deleterious effect. The problem is that "ignorance and freedom are incompatible".

The male's role and design is to be the head, the leader. Just as the anatomical head governs the self. Decisions are his to be made. Rebellion against this arrangement is nothing new hence the stories of men dragging females with one hand a club in the other or the infamous dog chase the cat scenario. My grandmother would say men are pursuers and women pursuees.

The females role in all of this is elevation. If tricks and ho's were significantly reduced or non-existent today fellas would be forced step it up. Women owe it to themselves, to each other, and to our offspring (until the last generation) to collectively hold themselves in high esteem; viewing their wombs as sacred. This, in turn, would cause an ascension in man. He'd have no choice but to come correct, offering a desirous dowry when asking for someone's daughter.

The entire pecking order has been thrown off because women have been led to believe that they can stand in a man's station. It is ignorant to believe that our stations in life are equal or interchangeable. They are incomparable.

KP said ..
Professor indeed. 

The sad part is an impressionable segment of society sees this information as "a position", "a school of thought", "an opinion" rather than primal biological analysis. 

This does not suggest however, that all men are fit to lead with an iron fist by divine right, but fit to lead with wisdom within and, most of all, by his side.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Blackest Lunch On The Planet

Thai Coleslaw with Creamy Almond Ginger Dressing
Wife went to the farmer's market on Sunday. Hooked up my lunch on Tuesday. She got me so messed up, I can't even eat other women's food.
HaitianChick said... 
"Is Whole Foods paying you dude? Like, seriously. DV is a brand whore. His mind is a slave to the corporate vultures who make black men believe image is everything. What's next- the WF tattoo? 

Do better, DV. All natural couture leather bag? Interesting paradox. Do better, DV."
Denmark Vesey said ...
1) Do better? You know anyone doin' it better than DV ... post a link. 

2) What's wrong with Whole Foods?  Sister can't buy a bag of goji berries, pick up a fresh sea weed salad and carry a leather purse?   How is that a "paradox" except in your own mind?   Hell, whatever she is doing, is obviously working for her.
Nah 'Haitian Chick'.  You are projecting your own shit.  Just lookin' for a reason to hate.
HaitianChick said...
Here's something I learned at a young age- Men don't want the smart chick. 

No matter how much they claim they do (because nobody wants to admit they rather have a pretty chick whose dumb as stones than a fugly broad who can debate issues on the Cold War.) 

And of course this has a negative effect on some young girls. And they try to become what they think men find attractive. 
Denmark Vesey said ...
That's bullshit.

 1) There are men who want smart chicks.  And there are men who have them.  

2) How smart is it to "debate the Cold War" while 100 pounds overweight and with bumps on your face?

3) A healthy beautiful woman eating natural food with 690 combined on the SAT is smarter than an unhealthy unattractive woman eating processed GMO food with 800 math and 800 verbal.

4) What greater evidence of intelligence is there than being healthy and beautiful? 

5) What greater negative effect can there be upon a young girl ... than unnecessary obesity?
Dina said ...
The dichotomy that Haitian Chick offers is the reason so many 40+ women are sitting around single, claiming that it is because there are no good men, men don't like smart chicks, [fill in lame excuse here].

Feminists, like Haitian chick, think men should be attracted to women who are as manish as possible. And they sit around confused and angry when the men are turned off. Men want women. They want balance. 

A man can debate the cold war with his boys. So...why would he seek that out in a woman? 

The notion that a man should seek out a "smart" woman who is able to debate politics is as absurd as suggesting a man should be impressed by a woman who can slam dunk. A truly smart woman understands that. A fugly broad does not.

The Blackest Bull On The Planet

Didn't ... I ... Tell .... You ... Muh ... fug ... gus ... To ... Stop ... Fugg... gin ... Wit Me ... Hm?! ... Didn't ... I ... Ughhh ... Take ... That ... Bitch ... Ass ... Ham .. Bur ... Ger ... Eatin' Run Muh... fuh gus Runnn!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yes ... We ... Can?

Indigenous Black Man of North America

Friday, June 10, 2011

For You Black People Who Do Not Need To Hear It From White Folks Before It Means Anything To You ...

Anyone Notice The Sun Has Been Trippin' The Past Couple of Days?

A huge storm on the sun this week unleashed what some have called the most massive eruption of solar plasma ever seen. While that's up for review, the solar storm has revealed a tantalizing glimpse at the inner workings of our nearest star, scientists say. NASA astronomers said the huge June 7 solar eruption, called a coronal mass ejection, probably wasn't the biggest ever, but it is notable both for its size and its perplexing behavior. Huge waves of plasma roared off the sun only to rain back down on the solar surface.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lupe Fiasco Has Been Reading The Blackest Man On The Internet

fist tap the Doc
Lupe Fiasco said ...
“My fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America," the rapper said. "For me, I'm trying to fight the terrorism that's causing the other forms of terrorism. You know the root cause of terrorists is the stuff the U. S. government allows to happen. The foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists."