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Sarah Palin: "Israel Is The Good Guys. We Need To Protect Them!"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Devil Deconstructed Part 2 ...

We all know that the first man was Adam. This was the name that God gave him. He was the father of all Mankind. God, in Al Quran, also gives us a proper title for mankind or the sons of Adam. This name is Al Insani. ('Al' is an Arabic article equivalent to 'the'). Al Insani basically translates to 'Mankind' or the Sons or Ancestors of the first man Adam. You and I are most likely Al Insani, both being able to trace our ancestry back to Adam. We also know that God created the devil, or Iblis, but the Bible fails to mention that Iblis was the first of another race of people that God calls Al Jinn in Quran.

Basically Al Insani means descended from Adam and Al Jinn means descended from Iblis or the devil. What I have found is quite startling but makes so much sense. All conclusions I have arrived at come from my research into Bible and Quran as well as historical and archeological evidence I have come across.

I will simply sum it up in this email and if you are interested in learning more you can always send me an email. In short, God created at least two races of men in the beginning. One race can be traced back to the bloodline of Adam and the other can be traced back through the blood line of Satan or Iblis or the devil. Basically, the devil was not an invisible spook or fallen Angel, he was simply a man of flesh and blood who lived, breathed, died and PROCREATED on the Earth. When the elite say they worship the devil they are really worshiping their first father Iblis. They are blood descendants of Iblis or the devil. It is really a form of ancestor worship.

In Quran, God hints that Adam was a black man or of a negroid race. Genetically it is possible for all races to come from the dominate negroid gene. Modern ant hropological evidence suggests that we all came from a black man who began in Africa. Quran also hints that Iblis was the first of an Arian or Caucasion or white race. Their are many modern theories that suggest a white race may have originated in the Caucasus Mountains near Armenia and Northern Iraq or Southern Russia.

Basically, these concepts of a demonic spooky devil are all a deception. Perhaps the greatest deception the elite power mongers of the world have pulled over the rest of us. They have convinced one half of the world that the devil never existed and the other half that he is an invisible demon ready to pounce on us from the depths of hell at any moment. Meanwhile, these Al Jinn, or direct blood line descendants of Iblis are right in front of our faces, running our religions and politics and dominating our banks and media.

In the beginning two races of men were created and ended up on Earth. One was of the line of Adam and the other of Iblis. Both races were flesh and blood men, nothing more. Iblis being arrogant always considered himself the superior race ove Adam and his lineage. (keep in mind thaty Adam was black and Iblis was most likely white in skin tone.) Iblis was also granted respite by God until the last day. During this time he and his offspring will attempt to do anything in their power to get us to forget God and worship other things.

I believe that their may have been mixing between Al Insani and Al Jinn but the Jinn are very much into nepiotism. They only mix to avoid genetic degeneracy but over all go to great lengths to keep their blood lines pure. Today I believe the pure Jinn race is a tiny minority among us. I would say a dozen family bloodlines in the world are almost directly descended from the first Jinn, Iblis or the devil. Rockefellers are definately one of them. You and I will most likely never meet a pure Jinn in our lifetime as they live hidden among the elite in the world.

I am not alone in this understanding. This idea of a human devil is no t new, it has only been suppressed. This information must be researched further and become known among more people. In order for us to really defeat this enemy we have to reveal them for what they really are. We often blame Zionists, Masons, Jews, Illuminati, Nazi's, terrorists etc for the worlds woes and this is partly true but it is only half of the truth. The reality is that the biggest secret many of these Zionist and elitists keep is that they are indeed blood descendants of the first Jinn, Iblis, who was nothing more than a man. Remember the Wizard of Oz? How everyone feared the grand all powerful wizard but he turned out to be a fragile old man pulling strings and blowing smoke from behind a curtain? This is very close to the truth.

We have to refocus our attention on the true enemy. I agree, Zionism is basically satanism but that is just another title to both confuse the issue and draw our attention away from the truth. While we attack each other and our labels, the Jinn are laughing at us from behind their curtains, smoke, and mirrors.

Oh yeah. Go back and read John 8 again from the Bible. The story of Jesus' sermon on the Mount of Olives. Remember what he calls the Pharisees? Remember who he says their father is? Keep in mind that Jesus was not being metaphorical. He knew the truth. Iblis or Satan was just a flesh and blood man who lived and died on Earth much like Adam. He also had children, and that bloodline persists today, albeit a minority. And this close knit group of families are running the entire show today. They may be Zionists, they may be Jews, they may be masons, but the one thing they share is the blood that runs in their veins. They are racist, arrogant, power hungry, unscrupulous, worship their father and bloodline and have only one common goal; To do their part in taking as many sons of Adam to hell with them as possible.

C.S. Lewis said it best in his book 'The Screw Tape Letters'. The senior devil says to the junior devil, "The greatest deception we have pulled over mankind is convincing them that we don't exist." And really how can one defeat an enemy that one doesn't believe exists?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Mossberg Remington and Winchester All make great short barrel combat shotguns.
its possible to pistol grip all of them.
as has been mentioned before
a pistol grip only shotgun is an exellent house defender but you are only utilizing a small portion of the shotguns capability
I have had several folding stock and pistol grip shotguns.
what i have found is that when I use a folding stock shotgun
I usually have the stock extended.
with a pistol grip only shotgun it is possible when holding it at waist level to break your wrist
the reason being is when it recoils.
If you have your wrist bent all the way when you are holding it level at the hip and fire it you can crunch yourself.
of course you can do that with a folding stock that is folded too.
the trick is to turn it sideways so it can recoil
You need to ask your self why a pistol grip only shotgun?
What purpose does it serve?
if you are wanting something short to manuver around in your house, in the dark, well ok
I know how to enter and cover a room and enter and cover a person in a room just as well with a full stock gun as with a short gun.
A short pistol grip shotgun rolls nicely in the center of a sleeping bag when ya got it bungie corded to the front forks of your motorcycle.
So it is really up to you
I like Mossbergs AND Remingtons AND Winchesters
they are ALL equally servicable.
Get one and then YOU learn to shoot it
I like side saddle shell holders.
get some snap cap dummy rounds and practice
cycle and reload
get to where you can do it safely AND FAST
Then send the wife and kids (all occupants of the house)
To the movies and while their gone
practice going through
your house entering and covering each room.
spend a coupla hours
get good at it so YOU know your house
you know the best spot to fire from.
Do it from several different angles.
Think about it.
Then when ya got the time go practice shooting your shotgun.
30 feet or less no sights
do it laying down.
rollong on the ground then take your right hand and stick it in your pocket. and figgure out how to shoot your gun with your left hand only. how to reload it.
practice this and get good at it
then switch hands
practice it and get good with it.

See Mark. You are the weapon the shotgun is only the tool.
when you are practiced and then add the shotgun thats when you become an effective defender of your home.
Ya gotta take this stuff seriously
If and When the time comes for you to use that thing there will be nothing more important.
Best of luck."

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag ... of The United States of Israel

Byrdeye said...
Screw all these Zionista terrorist tools!


Let's pull out of Iraq and liberate Palestine from Israel! And send all the REAL terrorist moles to Guatanamo as financial war criminals!

A CNulan "By The Way" ...

CNulan said...

no argument from me DV, I just wanted you to spell it out for the record.

AFAIC, 1957-59 was the apogee of autonomous jes grew here in the belly of the beast. i.e., when the circulaton of the Pittsburgh Courier was at its national peak of ~300,000 readers.

Old Negro and Black Digests and Muhammad Speaks newspapers make me equally nostalgic for what might have been....,

Financial Collapse an Accident? Or Criminal?

Congressman Ron Paul says that the bailout bill is likely to pass, heralding a 10-year plus economic depression for America and the potential for martial law should civil unrest arise as the financial meltdown worsens.
The State Of . . . said...
Once again the American taxpayer is left holding the bag for the Federal Reserve. It's amazing how Greenspan is able to escape criticism for his direct causing of this economic mess.

LA Times Dogs Spike

In his World War II epic, Spike Lee dramatizes the all-black Buffalo Soldiers' battles at home and abroad, but comes up short.
By Kenneth Turan, Times Movie Critic
September 26, 2008

AN IMPORTANT story indifferently told, Spike Lee's "Miracle at St. Anna" shows what happens when a film's execution does not measure up to its ideas.

The notion behind "St. Anna" is to create an epic World War II drama celebrating the largely forgotten exploits of African American infantrymen known as Buffalo Soldiers and to explore the complex dynamics of fighting for freedom in what was essentially a segregated Army.

To tell that larger story, however, another more plot-driven tale had to be found, and, as scripted by James McBride from his novel, the result comes up short. Pedestrian and awkward, this film is a disappointment not only in comparison with Lee's earlier epic, the underrated " Malcolm X," but also in comparison with another film with similar aims, Rachid Bouchareb's "Days of Glory."

Submariner Gives Love To Spike

Submariner said...
With Miracle at St. Anna, Spike Lee comes into his own as a storyteller. Whether it's Clockers or Bamboozled, Lee assumes that black people are human. From the War of Independence to the 2008 Democratic Primary, black Americans have not suffered from a lack of achievement as from a lack of recognition of their achievements. The reviewer makes an unsubstantiated claim of the storyline being "pedestrian and awkward" but falls into the conventional redoubt of a foreign film's portrayal of similar subject matter as superior to the American treatment. (As an aside, is there any foreign film that doesn't win a major award or evoke praise from the critics? I sometimes feel these guys get awed by international cinema the same way that many folks think people with British accents are smart and refined.)

Certainly, the movie has elements of confabulation but so does Saving Private Ryan. It's clear that Turan didn't judge this movie on its own artistic merits but in comparison with what he considers an archetype. He also wants to constrain the movie into the well tread story of racial oppression. Spike, however, is striving for more than that. He is depicting a crew fiercely united to each other and heroic beyond belief. Resistance to white supremacy is only a facet of a complex tale.

It seems that the reviewer would have been more content if Spike did an updated version of A Soldier's Story. An action packed articulate drama with black men armed and dangerous debating the virtues of patriotism seems to elude him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why Is The Corporate Media Promoting Homosexuality?

Henry said ...
A smoking gun. The elite doesn't want us to reproduce.

In 1970, Frederick Jaffe, the VP of Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned Parenthood" organization outlined how "social constraints" should be used to achieve "fertility control." ("Family Planning Perspectives" Oct.1970.)

These "constraints" included encouraging "increased homosexuality," altering "the image of the ideal family," and encouraging women to work outside the home.

If this failed, the agency recommended the placement of "fertility control agents in the water supply." We're not talking about unwanted pregnancies here.

The unprecedented decline of the American family since 1960 did not take place by accident. We are victims of a campaign of psychological warfare carried out by the CIA and foundations through the media, government and education.

They put the neutering agent in the cultural drinking water. The main ingredient is the promotion of homosexuality as an alternative to heterosexuality.

Feminism, which masquerades as "woman's rights," is in fact a pathological lesbian movement. It coerces women to believe that their feminine instincts are socially taught, oppressive and evil. It teaches them to fear and compete with men, and to find fulfillment in career instead of family.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Required Tools For The Economic Meltdown

CNu - if the Mossberg doesn't help me sleep at night. I'm going with this.

"This Collapse of The Financial Markets Will Make The Great Depression Look Like A Picnic"

Financial Bailout: America’s Own Kleptocracy
Michael Hudson
Global Research
September 23, 2008

On Sunday, September 7, the Treasury took on the $5.3 trillion mortgage exposure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose heads already had been removed for accounting fraud.
On Monday, September 15, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt, when prospective Wall Street buyers couldn’t gain any sense of reality from its financial books. On Wednesday the Federal Reserve agreed to make good for at least $85 billion in the just-pretend “insured” winnings owed to financial gamblers who bet on computer-driven trades in junk mortgages and bought counter-party coverage from the A.I.G. (the American International Group, whose head Maurice Greenberg already had been removed a few years back for accounting fraud).
But it is Friday, September 19, that will go down as a turning point in American history. The White House committed at least half a trillion dollars more to re-inflate real estate prices in an attempt to support the market value junk mortgages - mortgages issued far beyond the ability of debtors to pay and far above the going market price of the collateral being pledged.

The Gold Standard

Due to the Patriot Act, the Privacy that was guaranteed by the 4th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution has for the most part disappeared in the area of investments. Today just about every asset and investment can be traced; is reportable and visible by the watchful eyes of the Federal Government.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The R. Kelly Interview

1. R. Kelly
2. Marvin Gaye
3. Prince

Greatest musician of the modern era.

Still Sexy or Need To Be Somewhere Raising Children?

Picks of Janet from her new concert. Peep the functional waist plate and the knee brace. Sexy Rock Star is a young girl game. After 30, sexy is more grace and elegance than tits and ass.

Africans Join The Oil Wars

Fighters from the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta used dynamite to destroy an oil flow station at Alakiri in the petrol-rich southeastern Rivers state.

"Heavily armed fighters... stormed the facility and have razed it to the ground as promised," said the group's spokesman, Jomo Gbomo. "The foolhardy workers and soldiers who did not heed our warning perished inside the station."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Going Down ... Lehman Brothers Collapses - Your Bank To Follow

In one of the most dramatic days in Wall Street’s history, Merrill Lynch agreed to sell itself to Bank of America for roughly $50 billion to avert a deepening financial crisis, while another prominent securities firm, Lehman Brothers, hurtled toward liquidation after it failed to find a buyer, people briefed on the deals said.

The humbling moves, which reshape the landscape of American finance, mark the latest chapter in a tumultuous year in which once-proud financial institutions have been brought to their knees as a result of tens of billions of dollars in losses because of bad mortgage finance and real estate investments.

They culminated a weekend of frantic around-the-clock negotiations, as Wall Street bankers huddled in meetings at the behest of Bush administration officials to try to avoid a downward spiral in the markets stemming from a crisis of confidence.

“My goodness. I’ve been in the business 35 years, and these are the most extraordinary events I‘ve ever seen,” said Peter G. Peterson, co-founder of the private equity firm the Blackstone Group, who was head of Lehman in the 1970s and a secretary of commerce in the Nixon administration.

What will happen to Merrill’s 60,000 employees or Lehman’s 25,000 employees remains unclear. Worried about the unfolding crisis and its potential impact on New York City’s economy, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg canceled a trip to California to meet with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead, aides said, Mr. Bloomberg spent much of the weekend working the phones, talking to federal officials and bank executives in an effort to gauge the severity of the crisis.

The weekend that humbled Lehman and Merrill Lynch and rewarded Bank of America, based in Charlotte, N.C., began at 6 p.m. Friday in the first of a series of emergency meetings at the Federal Reserve building in Downtown Manhattan.

The meeting was called by Fed officials, with Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. in attendance, and it included top bankers. The Treasury and Federal Reserve had already stepped in on several occasions to rescue the financial system, forcing a shotgun marriage between Bear Stearns and JPMorgan Chase this year and backstopping $29 billion worth of troubled assets — and then agreeing to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin 1984 Ms. Alaska Beauty Pageant - 2nd Runner Up

Sarah Palin • Affirmative Action?

5 Years ago, this woman was selling camping equipment. In 6 months, she could be President of The United States of America.
fist tap CNu

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Number 1 Video In The World

As Plantation Negros scorn Hip Hop - Pink Toes Tap Into Its Explosive Mematic Power.


"I predict that Sen. Obama will win and win handily."
Submariner said...
Agreed. I put it like this the other day:
Indeed, the fundamental concern was accurately expressed by Hillary Rodham Clinton's catchphrase "commander in chief threshold." The dog whistle that she and husband Bill sounded for ruling elites was whether this man could even conceivably occupy the Oval Office. Thanks to the Palin nomination, the answer is a resounding yes. For by no objective, fairly applied criteria is Obama less a leading figure than Sarah Palin. Indeed, her family dynamics have confirmed Mr. Obama as thoroughly mainstream. Because of Mr. Obama's reception on the world stage and Sarah Palin's thin resume, the Illinois senator's bona fides are not even remotely debated anymore. An Obama family in the White House mirrors the cover of exclusive majority white prep schools that feature smiling black and brown faces.

Initially, I thought many were right that Joe Biden offered very little to Obama. But what Biden did was make Barack the safe choice. John McCain reacted as an unprepared schoolboy who copies off his classmate's homework. Senator McCain made an unconventional pick that heightened his own internal contradictions: a superannuated white man emphasizing his age and alien status by wearing earrings, an excessively long platinum chain with out-sized medallion hanging by his waist, accompanied by a long-legged hoochie with unusually large breast implants at the 4040 Club or H2O.

Sarah Palin was the absolute worst selection to make if you wanted to exploit Senator Obama's exotic lineage. If one accepts 'Change', then who better than Obama? Running on a threadbare platform with a running mate continuously assaulting something that you've been a part of for nearly thirty years is poor strategy. Choosing a white female version of Clarence Thomas is, likewise, conflicting.

Having an understudy outshine the lead is not how shows are cast. After all the excitement surrounding Palin, are folks really supposed to pull the lever for John McCain just to watch Sarah recede into the background? Again, it makes no sense. I've never seen or heard a precedent for it. And JFK-LBJ does not even apply. In football terms, this would be the New England Patriots allowing Tom Brady to take them right up to the Super Bowl just to give the starting quarterback position to Drew Bledsoe. Not gonna happen.

Kanye West • "Fuck Tha Police"

Hip-hop star Kanye West was arrested at Los Angeles Airport this morning, the Associated Press is reporting. West was arrested on suspicion of vandalism and battery, after an altercation with the paparazzi allegedly resulted in more than $10,000 in broken camera equipment. West's manager was also arrested.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barack Got A Little Malcom In Him

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Submariner said...
Well delivered, Denmark Vesey. When blacks dominate a field of endeavor it suddenly becomes a liability. Sexual attractiveness, intellectual prowess, and an inspirational style rhetorical leadership become lasciviousness, elitist or nerdy, and celebrity cult when skillfully executed by a black man.

Suddenly, for the first time, I'm hearing about machinations behind the presidency as if this were not the case with every single white male to hold the office. As you are well aware, even JFK himself openly discussed the probability of his downfall if he pursued peace with the Russians too aggressively. Roger Ailes of Fox News came to prominence as an image consultant for candidate Richard Nixon. James Earl Carter came to the White House with a broad and sincere humanitarian vision but was encumbered with a cabinet peppered with members of the Trilateral Commission.

Nonetheless, I expect the self-righteous cognoscenti will maintain their 'objective' approach and vigorously examine Barack Obama. Maybe there's more to this Black Supremacy than I considered.

Actually, he's been duped and sidetracked like most everyone else.

The whole point of a Black man/woman ticket is to reframe the election about identity politics...instead of our collapsing currency and impending NW0, etc. Not to mention bee CCD and many other vital issues to our future survival.

While everyone is asking questions about identity politics, no one is talking about the NAU, FRB, national debt, bank collapses and Zionist takeover around the watercoolers.

It's no different than how similar red herrings like gay marriage or abortion were used in previous elections also as smokescreens to allow warmaking and Patriot Act legislation.

If you think this election is about race or social progress, you are wrong. In the same way that the Iraq war "is about" liberation and democracy, lol

NY Times "Best Seller" or Propaganda and Meme Desiged To Demonize The Ideological and Spiritual Counterpoint To Radical Zionism and The NWO?

45 of 61 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars As gruesome as the Nazi-Soviet pact, 18 Jun 2005
By Pieter "Toypom" (Johannesburg) - See all my reviews

In this revealing work, Horowitz explores the and the hellish marriage between IslamoFascistshighly networked American Left. These ideologues who once sided with the USSR and other repressive communist regimes have now wholeheartedly embraced radical Islam.

Their agenda emanates from the extreme left but their influence extends far beyond, also encompassing liberal discourse and the mass media. It seems that this radical agenda has now succeeded in capturing the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

Unholy Alliance exposes and dissects the Left in fine detail, seeking for answers to why it has made an alliance with a reactionary and oppressive religious ideology. Also why it tried to undermine the War on Terror by opposing the liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The fracture of the consensus in American politics is another topic discussed here.

Part One, A Defining Moment, takes the investigation from 9/11, the response of the Administration, and the Left's response to that. It shows how the Left declared war on the War on Terror and started organising demonstrations long before any action was taken, becoming the vanguard for Saddam and the Jihad terrorists.

When the NeoCons tricked us into wars with Muslims,
I remained silent;
I was not a Muslim.
When they equated Islam with terror,
I remained silent;
I was not an Islamist.
When they censured the largest anti-war protests in history,
I did not speak out;
I was not an anti-War protester
When they tortured Arabs in Guantanimo,
I looked the other way.
I was not an Arab.
When they built prisons to make profits,
warehousing the souls of young black men,
I remained silent.
I was not a young black man.
When the white boy from Seattle,
lost a leg in Basra,
I shrugged my shoulders.
I was not a white boy from Seattle.
When they pardoned Neocon lobbyists guilty of war crimes
I remained silent;
Well, because I'm scared of Jews and I want to be able to get a job.
When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Souky said...

Ill Ill, you alright me
I’m not sensitive about DV
Nor whom he deems the ‘Baddest ‘B’
See, this Queen don’t stoop nor bend down low
Not a pit-bull wearing lipstick
Not an accessorized hoe
I don’t try to blend in
to the fantasy and imagery
of transparent men

Ciara, don’t personally know her
But from the looks of the photos
She’s trapped in the imagination of the man
Probably couldn’t get back to reality
even if taken by the hand
Lead out darkness she calls the spotlight
For now she can have my flashlight

I don’t study the lyrics of Lil Wayne
Or any man for that matter
That batter women with their words
I am not apart of that herd
I prefer the Biblical Word

I’m Souky
your Virtuous Queen
I sometimes soothe
And I sometimes sting!

Sarah Palin's Black Baby Daddy - Supremacy Showdown

fist tap Soteria

While We Play Fantasy Football ...

An Afghan woman and her daughter mourn the death of the child's father after an August 2008 air strike in the Shindand district of Herat province, Afghanistan.

There is no fog of war at 20,000 ft. above Afghanistan. For nearly three years, as U.S. warplanes and drones hit targets spread across the country's corrugated, dun-colored mountains and green poppy-growing valleys, every mission detailed by the Air Force in its daily "airpower summary" has been deemed a success. In July, B-1 bombers began striking Afghan targets with 500-lb. bombs guided to their prey by a new targeting pod slung under the plane's belly. Known as the Sniper, the pod sends long-range, high-resolution video--it can tell whether an Afghan on the ground is armed--right into the cockpit. Such weapons systems allow the U.S. military to rain steel on the Taliban from on high, even when troops aren't in the area. The Pentagon doesn't release statistics of the insurgents killed, but the military regards air strikes as the smart strategy in Afghanistan.

On the ground, the picture is much less clear; for all their precision, American bombs sometimes take out the "wrong targets". As U.S. air strikes doubled from 2006 to 2007, the number of accidental civilian deaths [acknowledged by the military] soared, from 116 to 321, according to Marc Garlasco, a former Pentagon targeting chief who tabulates civilian casualties for Human Rights Watch (HRW), an independent research group. By his count, the death toll among civilians so far this year is approaching 200.

Strange. The US Military is starting to behave in Afghanistan and in Iraq exactly like the Israeli Military in Gaza and the West Bank.

Why not? They are controlled by the same people.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

September Surprise
Justin Raimondo said ...
While the rest of the pundits opine about the meaning and implications of Sarah Palin's ascension from small town mayor to prospective vice president – and whether or not her daughter's private life is fair game for any media outlet other than the National Enquirer – those of us whose job it is to stand watch on the ramparts and report the real news are wondering when – not if – the War Party will pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat. For months, I've been warning in this space that an American attack on Iran is imminent, and now I see that the Dutch have reason to agree with my assessment. Their intelligence service reportedly has pulled out of a covert operation inside Iran on the grounds that a U.S. strike is right around the corner – in "a matter of weeks," according to De Telegraaf, a Dutch newspaper.

As the story goes, the Dutch had infiltrated the purported Iranian weapons project and were firmly ensconced when they got word that the Americans are about to launch a missile attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. They wisely decided to close down the operation and pull out.

Remember, the Israelis have been threatening to strike on their own for months: what's changed is that now, apparently, the U.S. has caved in to what is a blatant case of blackmail and has agreed to do the job for them.

This Muhfuggah Is Obviously Crazy


Class starts at 7?
Well, why not make it 8
And give me 10 minutes for a grace period
Before you ring the other bell that says I'm late,
Because this is a lesson
On which The Prince has built his profession
And now the Professor is professin'
As though he lecturing some adolescents?
Somebody listen to this guy.
No doubt that he's fly,
But you talkin to the Flyest of Fly Guys
Who walks around sky high,
In between the CUMULUS and CIRRUS,
When I speak crowds gather to hear this.
But today it's your turn, you can throw your lessons at us,
I'll listen and observe but come to realize that you prolly ain't in my STRATUS.
Just a little word play on a Friday, which I call the Fly day,
Cause I do thiings my way,
But tonight its our way,
Did you invite my girl RJ?
Can she play?
Or is it ix nay on the emales fay.
Just give me the word it's whatever you say,
Cause somehting could happen which is a lot less likely,
DV, You may actually be able to enlighten me.
Doubtful but still possible,
You gon' need more than just a pocketful,
To get The Prince to realize and ultimately surmise
The DV deserves the Title of Flyest of Fly Guys.
Unless you can romance 10 different women in their own native tongues,
Ranging from 50 years old to 20 years young,
And have they families,
Offering doweries,
Or American salaries,
Or their daughter's virginity
Just For the opportunity
To arrange a nuptual ceremony,
Like they do for the Prince Weezy
I'll see you at 7. Got me eager as a beaver,
Maybe I'll catch DV disease AKA "The Light Skin, Wavy Hair Fever"

Lil Wayne - Greatest Poet Alive

And I’m grindin’ til I’m tired cuz
They say "You ain’t grindin’ til you tired"
So I’m grindin’ with my eyes wide
Looking to find
A way
Through the day
A light
For the night
Dear Lord, you’ve done took so many of my people but I’m just wonderin’ why
You haven’t taken
my life?
my life?
my life?
Like what the hell am I
doing right?
doing right?
doing right?
my life?
my life?
my life?

NEGRO CRUCIFIXION OF THE WEEK - Kwame Kilpatrick Takes Plea Deal - Resigns Immediately

+ 0 WMD'S

NeoCon Skooter Libby has been forgiven, returned to private life and resumed a lucrative career as a lobbyist for Israel.

Kwame is forced to resign and imprisoned for lying about text messages.

The Doc said...

Hey DV,

Y'know, there's a lot of dudes that you should ride for on bogus raps, but Kwame is NOT that dude. Read up on dude's history, most particularly the part about the stripper who was at his house party until his wife busts in and starts beating up the chick. Then later, she *mysteriously* turned up dead.

Dude's history is maad dirty.

Plantation Negros Gone Wild - Black Kids Kept Home ... From School ... To Protest Failure of State To Adequately Educate Black Kids

Hundreds of the city's students skipped the first day of classes to protest the financial disparities in Illinois public education.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What's Obama Really Thinking?

Barack of Nazareth - If Obama Is Not The Messiah ... Who Is?

The NonConformist