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At 186,000 miles a second, light travels a long way in one year. Hard to imagine something as big as 50,000 light years in diameter.

This Galaxy - 28 million light years from Earth - is officially called M104. It has 800 billion suns and is 50,000 light years across.

Nebula NGC 2392, called Eskimo because it looks like a face surrounded by a furry hood. The hood is, in fact, a ring of comet-shaped objects flying away from a dying star. Eskimo is 5,000 light years from Earth.


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Conspiracynut said...
Yes, Fisher, regarding numbers as symbols!
Just as letters are symbols, words, stop signs! Before any of it makes any sense, we have to agree what the symbols mean.

Btw, null and 0 are not the same. i can hear some programmers groaning aloud but it is not! It's simply a placeholder; 0 means nothing, null means 'no thing [something can be added later].'

Glad you posted this DV, it started a good discussion, but science is not a belief. When data no longer supports a scientific conclusion, that conclusion changes. Am i the only person noticing that the abramic faiths (judaism, islam, christianity) seem to be the only faiths that do not change and develop? O, wait, buddhism and taoism are philosophies, not religion; but even the hindu faith is evolving to keep up with the growing intellect of the populace...can anyone think of any other religion that isn't developing as we ourselves develop, as a species?

but even the hindu faith is evolving to keep up with the growing intellect of the populace...can anyone think of any other religion that isn't developing as we ourselves develop, as a species?

This presumes a growth in intellect. It seems to me humanity is actually devolving when it comes to intellect; getting dumber and dumber with each generation. How can people who have no skills, are terrified of their machinery and gadgets because they don't understand how they operate be flattered with such thing as an intellect?

With regard to a religion or philosophy "evolving" to keep up with humanity's intellect, the juxtaposition of the terms religion and evolution in your statement is quite interesting. But what exactly does that mean?

Who says there is any evolution of intellect happening? What does that evolved state look like? Who is defining it for us?

Is it possible there is no evolution of intellect happening but, rather, a destruction of religion and morality?

Seems that this conundrum is a similar mind trick as when you are sitting in a stationary train, but get the sensation of moving because the train on the next track is moving. You don't know which is moving and which is standing still.
Kalena said...
Love this man!

I used to think he was a real self-centered arrogant prick.

Actually, he was, and probably still is, but i've grown to appreciate a self-centered black man in a world that wants him to disappear.

His growth has been phenomenal though.



William Pfaff of the International Herald Tribune writes in “The long reach of Leo Strauss Neoconservatives”

There are those who say Neo-cons first arrived on the scene in the early 70’s with, as some would call him, “the godfather of neo-cons,” Leo Strauss, a Jewish German born fascist. As Jeffrey Steinberg writes in an article entitled “Profile: Leo Strauss, Fascist Godfather of the Neo-Cons”.

Pfaff stresses that it is important to understand the philosophy of Strauss, "because his followers contro US Foreign Policy."

“The hallmark of Strauss' approach to philosophy was his hatred of the modern world, his belief in a totalitarian system, run by "philosophers," who rejected all universal principles of natural law, but saw their mission as absolute rulers, who lied and deceived a foolish "populist" mass, and used both religion and politics as a means of disseminating myths that kept the general population in clueless servitude.

For Strauss and all of his protégés (Strauss personally had 100 Ph.D. students, and the "Straussians" now dominate most university political science and philosophy departments), the greatest object of hatred was the United States itself, which they viewed as nothing better than a weak, pathetic replay of "liberal democratic" Weimar Germany. (Emphasis added)

It was this perceived weakness of America’s excesses and lack of military projection that drove this early band of Jewish liberals to add the prefix “neo” to conservative to reflect their arrogant ideological thinking that called for the use of American military superiority to democratize the world though lies and deceit of the masses for their political objective.

This philosophy of deception is one of the critical elements of neoconservative thought.

Nanotechnology and You

What Is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the science of creating molecular-size machines that manipulate matter one atom at a time. The name comes from nanometer--one one-billionth of a meter--which is roughly the size of these tiny devices.

The idea dates back to a 1959 speech by physicist Richard Feynman in which he proposed manipulating matter atom by atom and was championed most famously in K. Eric Drexler's 1986 book Engines of Creation.

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cnulan said...

The unspoken truth is that most folks fell off long before they assimilated the rudiments of a solid education in math and science. People shun subjects they don't understand for fear of being made to look stupid.

I've been teaching little hard head boys and girls in my community for three years now, and have grown accustomed to seeing it. My mentor, the chairman of the Dubois Learning Center and a retired industrial mathematician at the old Bendix bomb plant here in KC, could tell you a life's time worth of these stories - because its what he's been combating for the better part of his adult life.

With the tools and methods now at our fingertips, there's really no excuse for allowing this fearful ignorance to persist. It's just vanity turned in on itself.

If you can't get with (and get your kids with) the simplicity and beauty of a thing like this, the mysteries of sacred geometry will elude you forever and you might as well not let the word "religion" even cross your lips - because you're a poser and a fraud....,

Radical Fundamentalist Consumerism. America's Fastest Growing Religion

What you think about, what you crave, what you value, what you believe, no matter what it is ... is your religion. Whether you live for God, your country, science, "technocracy", Zionism, Hip Hop, college, sex, money, or "real" estate - in whatever you have faith, in whatever you have confidence ... is your religion.

Whatever you get up and go do tomorrow ... is your God.

Everything else is talk.
The State Of . . . said...

Not only is shopping a form of religion in America, it's also a patriotic duty. I watched the news about "Black Friday" and the reporters seemed to be cheerleaders pumping up "Americans" do insure that the sales numbers beat forecasts and showed the rest of the world that America's economy is healthy despite subprime. They must have used the word "Americans" 20x.

Exodus Mentality said...
I got up today and read a book, "Come On People" by Cosby and Pouissant. I am now wondering if I should pray to Cosby, or Pouissant, or maybe just books in general? Later today I plan to try to make a little money so I can feed and clothe the family. Is money my God? Since we all have to try to earn it, is money everybody's God?

Or maybe I'm taking this post to literally?
cnulan said...
Dwight, in order to be effective, your religion must be more materialistic than materialism. Otherwise, you run the risk of succumbing to neurobiological sickness of faith.
Money is one of the key sacraments - whose efficacy has been demonstrated across millenia, though only recently has it begun to be understood in any careful or systematic way. [intellectually aggressive jewel of the week]
Denmark Vesey said ...
CNulan Translation: We are machines. Consciousness is chemical. Human experience can be engineered by manipulating binary code and applying mathematical theorems.

Notice the anti-God meme casually inserted in the above post by my dear brother CNu “you run the risk of succumbing to neurobiological sickness of faith.”

This most recent Secular Intifada seeks to further separate people from God. The religion of Science suggests the religion of God is insanity. (reference any post by Skip Sievert)

They say we should have faith in “neurotransmitters”, research and Freud. We should not have faith in communion, scripture, meditation, prayer and the Prophets.

Under the guise of removing the God myth, they scientific secularists seek to replace one God for another. “Don’t worship your God, worship our experts.” “Worship this guy who wrote a book.” “Worship this Nobel Laureate, who says we can download our consciousness into an iPod.” “We can extend your life. You can live forever.” “Tummy tuck, boob job, erections for octogenarians.” “We can inhibit your neuro-allowances and downgrade your uptake-transmitters.”

"So, what's it gonna be? Him or me?
We can cruise the world with pearls, gator boots for girls" - Biggie Smalls

Will it be the God of universal love, represented by a Christ or a Mohammed or a Moses?

Or will it be God of self, represented by Alan Greenspan, Warren Buffet, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton, Wilhelm Wundt, FOX, GLAAD, or AIPAC?

Will ministers, monks, mullahs, and yogis, be replaced by genome splicing scientists, bankers, lobbyists and psychologists?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DARFUR HOAX - Volume 1.

Sudan - Largest Nation in Africa
Oil - 450,000 barrels per day
Foreign Policy - Like Every Nation In Africa, Since The 1967 Israeli Occupation of Palestine, Sudan Refuses To Recognize Or Do Business With The State of Israel.

Guess Who "Funds" The Sudanese "Rebels" ?

1) Finance and supply 1 side of a conflict
2) Allow country to deteriorate into chaos and a "Humanitarian" crisis.
3) Invade Occupy and install Puppet Government.
4) Steal The Oil

Sound Familiar?

"The United States has been waging war against Sudan for the past 15 years, and we need to stop it. Just like with Iraq, the U.S. war against Sudan is a war for oil and a war for Israel.

The proposed invasion of Sudan is based on lies. The lie of accusing the government of Sudan of “genocide in Darfur” serves the same function as the lie a few years ago accusing the government of Iraq of “possessing weapons of mass destruction.”

The U.S. government, and its allies the Israeli and UK governments, are the real world champion purveyors of genocide and possessors of WMDs."
David Rold

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ebony Magazine, 1976

Hit Movie Exposes Hollywood's Luciferian Game

They tell you they are Satanists before the movie starts.

The logo of Universal Studios features a globe emitting "a thousand points of light," an occult concept popularized by George H.W. Bush in 1991. It refers to the Illuminati initiates.

The Illuminati are Luciferians who have harnessed man's divine spirit for evil. They believe evil is good and good is evil. Thus these "light bearers" are really evildoers. This is the origin of Orwell's "doublespeak." (Technically Satanists differ from Luciferians in that they know evil is evil and revel in it.)

The film "Knocked Up" portrays crude demeaning behavior as acceptable. An evil spirit, this movie is hailed as "an era-defining classic" --"the American comedy of the decade" by film reviewers. It received an unusually high 91% favorable rating at rotten

Thus, our double-speaking masters pass off the disgusting as acceptable and funny. Evil is good.

The film is about a beautiful TV entertainment reporter (Katherine Heigl) who picks up a slacker (Seth Rogan) at a bar, accidentally gets pregnant and tries to make the relationship work. This is the post-feminist version of courtship and marriage. First you get pregnant, then you date. In the movie, her sister also got married this way.

Luciferians would prefer Katherine had an abortion but hey, you can't make a comedy about that. So, with little explanation, she decides to have the baby.

This "comedy" was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. The train of course is Western Civilization.

The movie's idea of comedy is to throw acid at our sense of taste, intelligence, decency and style. Just when I thought it couldn’t shock me again, it did. I'll give you a few examples. Warning: This is disgusting.

The "hero" Ben Stone lives with a bunch of lowlifes in a comfortable suburban home in LA. They spend their time watching porn, getting stoned and riffing on entertainment trivia.
Stone has no occupation or money. A Canadian Jew, he lives off a small insurance settlement he got when a postal truck ran over his foot. His career program consists of starting a website that tells viewers when in a movie the star gets naked. "Want to see Meg Ryan's bush? That's 22 min 14 seconds into..." he says with a straight face.

OK, hold your nose. His roommates get "red eye" infections from a prank: farting bared-assed on each other's pillows. Apparently this is what happens when you get poop in your eye. "American comedy of the decade!" "Era Defining Classic!"

His future niece, an 8-year-old girl says everyone calls him a "prick." "What's a prick?" Does he reply, ask your mother?

No. He tells her. "A penis." - Kevin MacDonald
Submariner said...
DV, why do you begrudge Michael Fisher his indulgences when you endow a clandestine group with similar superhuman authority? It appears you've substituted one form of idolatry for another.

Exodus Mentality said...
You'll never catch me denying the possible existence and coercive effect of an Illuminati. Call it what you will there is too much evidence that active control is being exercised to coordinate this perfect storm of a system. And the wheels are still just about ready to fall off.

What I'd really like to know is, why you spent all that time decrying GSWS, when you could have far more easily reconciled your concept of Illuminati to fit into, (or even on top of) the GSWS? While you are at it, could you perhaps clarify whether your proposal of building a better plantation across the street is a workable action plan to overcome the Illuminati? Will you be building a better Illuminati across the street as well?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Michael Fisher said...
You need to stop insulting people, DV. It retards discussion. You are very effective in the placement of your praise and insults. It detracts from the dialectic process of back and forth reasoning that leads to truth.
Denmark Vesey said...
Actually Michael,

It is a lesson in supremacy.

I am demonstrating that the creation, manipulation and distribution of myth, truth and ultimately power, is not exclusive to "white" people.

Which is the inherent danger in the perpetuation of memes like your "Global System of White Supremacy".

Its congenital implication is that black people are forever doomed to bring spears to gunfights.

The Hip Hop cats have been trying to teach you older cats and the Art Neanderthals the power of myth authorship and self-aggrandizement for some time. As you argue to ban rap, white men have been teaching their version of Hip Hop in schools for 100 years. "Educated" Negros borrow tens of thousands of dollars to send their children to white rap institutions disguised as "colleges". No wonder when they come out, they worship the God of white power.

Compared to the scathing ad hominem fashionably applied to rappers, your complaint about insults is like Israelis complaining about terrorism.

Method. Madness.

Intellectual Insurgent said...
"As for the Arabs. In trying so desperately to become white again they are the most pathetic of the bunch. There is nothing more pathetic than ex-white people continuing to shit on black people while trying to escape heir newly, and not-so-newly acquired Nigger status." M. Fisher

Fascinating Fisher. Fascinating.

The impenetrable fog around your logic is finally starting to dissipate. When Arabs were winning and at the height of the game of empire, they were White. When they lost, they were magically transformed into "Niggers".

It appears, thus, that my "color" depends on whether the group to which I am assigned is winning or losing. I would have been White had I lived in Arab-ruled Spain but I'm a Nigger now that Arabs are at the bottom of the totem pole?

From this, the only conclusion that appears possible is that the Fisher standard of Black v. White is not a matter of race but, rather,

White = Winner
Black = Loser

You also refer to Jews as "ex-non-Whites". Presumably, they are now White because they are winning at whatever it is you value. Thou dost protest much.

Submariner said...

Mr. Fisher, unfortunately your formidable intellect has succumbed to the conventional narrative promulgated since the rise of Mao that the Soviet Union was behind the successful revolts of indigenous peoples in the last century. The belief then, as now, is that the natives were hardly in a position to counter much less overcome the overwhelming technological superiority of American, British, French, Portugese, Belgian, and other forces without foreign Communist interventon and support. The Russian bogeyman has been used as a default explanation for the successes of divergent figures including Lumumba, Castro, and Ho. [fucking brilliant] I credit David Halberstam with unveiling for me what was all too obvious but none dared to utter in my grade school classes: After defeating their Axis rival the Allies themselves were defeated by poor but determined peoples in the bush and rice paddies.

The myth which credits the Soviets also undermines the agency articulated by Third World peoples at the Bandung Conference of 1955. Why do you resist the evidence before you? General Giap, for one, is considered by some mainstream military historians to be one the top three most brilliant military strategists of the 20th Century, a century marked not merely by heroic resistance but actual triumphs of colonized peoples.
Michael Fisher said...
Submariner, what the hell are you talking about? Where did I credit the USSR with being "behind the successful revolts of indigenous peoples in the last century". I ain't crediting the Soviet Union with anything except the fact that it, for it's own white supremacist motivation, supplied the weapons to the Vietnamese. Is that a fact, or not. Where did the NVA's and the Vietcong's weapons come from?

Three sources. A. Above all from the USSR, 2. Too a much lesser extent from the PRC, and 3. As far as the Vietcong was concerned largely captured/bought from the ARVN. I didn't say that the Russians fought the Vietnam War. Were you alive during that time? Bro.?

@cnulan. As I told you before, you are veering closely towards Cobbism and, now, too, DV VDism. That is, sloganeering without concretely through a objective deductive process exposing the supposed logical fallacies of my argument.

Now. Dina used the term "race". I'd like to know what she means by that. We'll proceed from there.
cnulan said...

Michael, I'm with Dina, Sub, and MJB on this one.

You and DV are the most senior, resource rich, worldly, and experienced brothers in the afrosphere - and neither one of you is willing to go beyond trivialities and platitudes.

With you it's the GSWS. With Bro. DV, it's the Sabbatean Illuminati - but sadly - neither one of you is willing to step up to the baseline of genuine thought criminality and intellectual insurgency...,

Barry Bonds Says "Kiss My Black Ass". They Banned Black Men From Major League Baseball For 100 Years. What's More "Cheating" Than That?

If Bonds had a hypodermic needle, dangling out of his arm, and his body lathered in CLEAR, as he hit 756 ... I wouldn't give a shiatsu.

Americans have to get this sports fetish under control.

4 year investigation? Possible 30 year sentence? Get the Fondu out my face with that.

Lying? Cheater?

How this man has become the national poster child for cheating and lying while the people who lied about WMD's go scott free and war profiteers who sold defective bullet proof vests, spend $10M on bar mitzvah's, is not only a national tragedy, it is testament to how stupid and conformist the American people have become.

Anytime someone calls Bonds a "cheater", mention Paul Wolfowitz. Watch the expression on their face.
All Major League Records prior to the integration of Major League Baseball should be declared null and void.

Imagine if those great Negro League players were allowed to play against those slow, awkward white baseball players during the first half of the 20th Century.

The Wrath Of The Gay Lobby Strikes Phil Jackson

"Phil Jackson’s been coaching long enough that he should be able to talk about the Lakers’ performance without resorting to cheap gay jokes, GLAAD President Neil Giuliano said in a statement.

The NBA has spoken with the Los Angeles Lakers about a sexual reference coach Phil Jackson made in a comment following Tuesday night's game in San Antonio.

The Spurs made 13 3-pointers in their 107-92 victory, and Jackson was asked if too much penetration was leading to open outside shooters.

"We call this a 'Brokeback Mountain' game, because there's so much penetration and kickouts," Jackson said. "It was one of those games."

The 2005 film, which won three Oscars, depicts two cowboys who conceal their homosexual affair.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ricky Williams To Return To Miami Dolphins

Dolphins running back Ricky Williams has applied for reinstatement to the NFL. He hasn't gotten high on drugs "in maybe three years," and has no need to resume using marijuana because yoga has eased his stress. He said he's off marijuana because yoga— "the spiritual practice part of it" —has given him "a way to relax without having to use anything."

A league full of steroids, lithium, alcohol and prozac bans a man for 18 months because of marijuana . What's up with institutional mandate against canabis?

Louisiana? Ghana? Jamaica? Nah ... Fiji

Mysteries of the African Diaspora

Last Night In Brooklyn ....

A troubled 18-year-old. A furious family argument inside a first-floor Brooklyn apartment. A 911 call. Then, in the darkness, 20 bullets fired by five police officers. The 18-year-old is fatally wounded. The police say he was holding a hairbrush.

The episode unfolded in about 14 minutes in the apartment, an alley next to it and the sidewalk in front of it on Monday evening. The victim, Khiel Coppin, was struck by 10 of the bullets fired by the police and was later pronounced dead at Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center, the authorities said.

Yesterday, the police gave their version of events, going to considerable lengths to defend the five officers who fired the shots — displaying elaborate charts, playing portions of a 911 call from Mr. Coppin’s mother in which he could be heard screaming, “I got a gun,” and showing blowup photographs of Mr. Coppin’s handwritten notes, pulled from his pockets after he died.

According to Kelly's account, police officers arrived at the apartment to find Coppin in the front hallway holding a knife in each hand, while his mother and her 11-year-old daughter stood nearby. He told officers that he was armed with a gun, lunging towards them and saying, "Shoot me, kill me!," says Kelly.

Coppin then moved to a bedroom at the back of the apartment, every once in a while revealing himself and holding something under his sweatshirt and yelling, "Come get me. I have a gun. Let's do this!," according to Kelly.

A few minutes later, Coppin jumped out the first-floor window and confronted police officers at the front of the building, says Kelly. When he "ignored multiple directives to show his hands," and reached under his sweatshirt and pulled out an object in the darkness of the evening, officers crouching behind parked cars fired on him.

Coppin was hit in the torso and lower leg eight times by two Hispanic and three white officers who fired 20 shots. Under his lifeless body, officers found the hairbrush he had been wielding.

Kelly called the shooting a "terrible tragedy," adding that his condolences went out to Coppin's mother and family.

The press conference was the NYPD's first decisive move to distinguish this incident from previous, controversial New York police shootings that divided the city and brought a firestorm of criticism from a number of different directions, most of which characterized city cops as trigger-happy and motivated by race.

In November 2006, an unarmed man named Sean Bell was killed after police fired 50 bullets at his car on what turned out to be his wedding day. In 1999, an unarmed African immigrant named Amadou Diallo was killed when police fired 41 shots at him. Diallo had been pulling a wallet, not a gun, out of his poc

Exposing The Darfur Hoax Reveals Propaganda Tactics of Radical Left, NeoCon Right and Gay Lobby

1) The campaign to "Save Darfur" is a hoax because it's stated goal is to effectuate an OCCUPATION of Sudan with "international" troops.

Occupying oil rich Muslim nations sound familiar Casper? Of what does it remind you? (How soon fools are fooled again)

2) Labeling the conflict in Darfur "Genocide" is an absurd exaggeration.

The death toll from other shooting conflicts in Africa makes the comparatively small death toll related to fighting in Darfur seem like a drive by shooting.

3) The numbers quoted about the death toll in Darfur have been intentionally distorted. 80% of the "displacement" is not because of "Janjaweed". It's because of climate change. Nomads from the north are displacing farmers in the south. The real cause of the conflict. Not "Ethnic Cleansing"

4) Darfur has been sold to mainstream Americans as an "Arab Muslim massacre of African Christians." Complete and easily proven lie. All sides of the conflict are black, African and Muslim.

5) Who is driving the propaganda and pressuring the US government to sanction and eventually occupy Sudan? The Israeli Lobby. Check it out. Start with Ruth Messinger of the American Jewish Council.

6) Intellegence. Recognizing the pattern of lies that all trace back to the same ideologues who sold us Iraq and one can only come to the conclusion it is a hoax.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trouble For Shady Plastic Surgeon Implicated In Death Of Kanye's Mom

Dr. Jan Adams, who performed surgery on Dr. Dondra West before her death did not follow appropriate procedures and is not certified on the American Board of Plastic Surgery:

Donda West’s operation lasted eight hourstwice as long as it should have. Dr. Jan Adams began the operation Friday morning and finished Friday evening. He then sent Ms. West home, rather than to a recovery center, which would have been appropriate. Several doctors at Centinela Hospital where West was taken believe the excessive amount of time it took to perform the procedure strongly suggests either something went wrong during the operation or the doctor was just too inexperienced.

Jan Adams is the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon that performed on Donda West before she died, has been sued for malpractice before and lost twice. In August of 2001 he was ordered to pay $250,000 in one claim. In September of 2001, he was ordered to pay $217,337 in another malpractice judgment.

On March 31, 2006, he was arrested for blowing a .10 blood alcohol level during two breath analyzer tests and putting him over the legal limit. The case went to trial and Adams was found guilty of driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or greater. He was sentenced to 96 hours in L.A. County jail, had to enroll in an alcohol treatment and counseling program and attend 60 AA meetings and five years probation, the papers state.

In 2003, he plead guilty to driving under the influence and was placed on three years probation, which included a three-month first offender alcohol and drug education and counseling program and restricted him from driving anywhere but to and from work for 90 days.

In April of this year, the Executive Director of the California Medical Board asked the state to consider revoking or suspending Adams’ physician and surgeon’s certificate.
This Morning - Venice Beach

Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Good Ol' Fashioned Brotherly Advice

brotherkomrade said...
This comment is NOT aimed at Sister West (may she rest in peace).

But I want everyone who visits this site to look at the pic of the Sisters of The Nation on the lower right hand side.

Look at the one in the front. She is beautiful. Now look at yourselves, I don't care how old you are or what color, but be happy with who you are and if you could loose weight (like me) try to walk, eat right, do crunches. I just started last week and my two daughters support me by crunching with their daddy (they don't need to do it, but they help me.) Let's stop letting magazines, TV shows, and celebrities tell us how we should look.