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So You Wannabe A Ho? • Rise Of The Whore And Socially Engineered Feminine Archetypes 002 • DV University • Spring 2011


Denmark Vesey said...
There was a time when five year old girls wanted to grow up to be princesses. To marry brave, handsome, dashing princes. To have children and to live happily ever after.

Today attention starved little girls want to grow up to be 'hot'. To be stars. To be seen. To be idolized. To be on TV. To have money. To be loved by many. Today they want to grow up to be whores.

A systematic inCULTration process via mass media and pop culture replaced the wife and mother archetype as the feminine ideal with the narcissistic whore archetype as the feminine ideal.

From American Idol to Miss America to The Grammy For Newest Female Pop Artist to Real Housewives to Jersey Shore the only women who get the attention of the camera and popular affirmation are those who imitate whores.

Sex tapes are tickets to stardom. Reality TV shows serve to normalize the notion that personal lives should be put on public display. MTV will never depict a relationship between young adults that develops beyond the 'hook up'.

Marriage has yet to be depicted positively in any film targeting the young demographic.

Why? Population Control. The more women who model themselves after the Whore Goddess Archetype the fewer women will become Mother Goddesses.

Weak families make weak people. Weak people are easier to control.
The Doc said...
Good evenin' pastor DV, deacons Good Nurse, Gee Chee, CF and Wax, family and friends, I came here today to give y'all my testimony. (The others I haven't mentioned who're going to kill me, it's for space concerns, not oversight.)

I just found out the other day that my mom adopted a young girl. I grew up with my grandma, I pretty much think of her as my mother so me and my mom didn't really talk much when I was coming up.

But now I gotta wrap my head around the idea that I have a sister now. It's cool tho, I always wanted a younger bro or sis. Somebody I could teach the game to, the way I always wished somebody could've taught me, instead'a learning the hard way.

And damn y'all, she's taken to me already. She's from New Orleans, not sure the situation with her mom, but I think it's got something to do with Katrina.

I hung out with her a few hours that first day but had an interview so I had to go and then she was like, "Are you coming back?? When you coming back? You betta come back!" And I called her later and we talked for hours.

This puts a helluva lotta pressure on me. I'm realizing now that in a lot of ways i'm gonna be her primary male role model, or at least one of them. Good pressure, though, this just the type of challenge I need. Doc don't choke under pressure. I'ma do my best to help teach her about being a lady, respecting herself, loving her blackness, etc.

She's already a teenager so I already know she's got some ideas that are cemented in and it'll be hell trying to fix that if it's something wrong, but I hope she's already been taught good things. I told her about my girlfriend and she was like, with that thick ass n'awlins accent where i can hardly understand her half the time, "Girlfriend, huh? Y'all better not be havin' premarital sex either." Had to laugh at that one. Umm... no comment. (don't get me wrong, chuuchh, jumpin' the broom's def. in the plans, just gotta get a few things in place first.) I couldn't have been more proud tho.

But living in the world long enough can take such wide-eyed optimism out of a kid so I gotta be there, not just show her she has to follow the path but some good reasons why.

Who knows, maybe when she's a bit older I might put her up on DV.net.

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Quiet As Its Kept .. Lil Wayne Is Better Poet Than Langston Hughes

President Carter
President Carter
President Carter…

Sitting on the world, I got life in my hand
So these days I try to think twice when I can
Money on my mind as God as my witness
Love don’t live here and it don’t even visit
I do this for my uptown politicians
Walked in the kitchen and found a pot to piss in
Niggas ain’t satisfied until they mama missin’
Niggas ain’t satisfied until they mama miss ‘em
Uh, I’m a monster, exorcisms
Tote tools like mechanics, mechanisms
Uh, detrimental on any instrumental
I say you rappers sweet I pay the incidentals
I’m beneficial, I’ve been official
I say you rappers sweet, tiramisu
I like my short cake shorter
Ain’t no mother f-cker harder than (Carter)

Nobody gives you a chance, you gotta take chances
Your family tree, I will break branches
Cause I don’t give a f-ck, I put the ass in assassin
Smoke you like a blunt then it’s ashes to ashes
The future is born, put the past in the casket
If real shit is dead then nigga I’m a bastard
Uh, appetite for disaster
I want a full plate then another plate after
Uh, yesterday just died
Tomorrow never cried, the days of our lives
When shit get deep I’m never afraid to dive
Let the money pile up and until I’m buried alive
Ask who the f-ck want it, I bring it to your doorbell
Have niggas in ya yard like a yard sale
Smoking weed, getting head in the oval office
I changed the stars on the flag into crosses

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow. 

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The Hypocrisy of The Hip Hop Haters

Harold Pinter
The 2005 Nobel Prize Winner For Poetry
American Football
It works.
We blew the shit out of them.
We blew the shit right back up their own ass
And out their fucking ears.
It works.
We blew the shit out of them.
They suffocated in their own shit!
Praise the Lord for all good things.
We blew them into fucking shit.
They are eating it.
Praise the Lord for all good things.
We blew their balls into shards of dust,
Into shards of fucking dust.
We did it.
Now I want you to come over here and kiss me on the mouth.

Who We Be
The bullshit, the drama (uhh), the guns, the armour (what?)
The city, the farmer, the babies, the mama (what?!)
The projects, the drugs (uhh!), the children, the thugs
(uhh!) The tears, the hugs, the love, the slugs (c'mon!)
The funerals, the wakes, the churches, the coffins (uhh!)
The heartbroken mothers, it happens, too often (why?!)
The problems, the things, we use, to solve 'em (what?!)
Yonkers, the Bronx (uhh!), Brooklyn, Harlem (c'mon!)
The hurt, the pain, the dirt, the rain (uhh!)
The jerk, the fame, the work, the game (uhh!)
The friends, the foes, the Benz, the hoes (what?!)
The studios, the shows, comes, and it goes (c'mon!)
The jealousy, the envy, the phony, the friendly (uh-huh!)
The one that gave 'em the slugs, the one that put 'em in me
(whoo!) The snakes, the grass, too long, to see (uhh, uhh!)
The lawnmower, sittin, right next, to the tree (c'mon!)

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Color Of Change Thought Police Say Rapper Too Short "Encourages Rape" Because He Suggests Young Boys Practice Heterosexuality

 fist tap Makheru Bradley

Too $hort said ...
“You push her up against the wall. You take your finger and put a little spit on it and you stick your finger in her underwear and you rub it on there and watch what happens. It’s like magic,” said Too Short.“You gotta find her spot, they all have a different one, but it’s somewhere in there. Just go for it. When you feel like it becomes a little more moist that’s when you know you’re doing it right.”

Denmark Vesey said ...
Your average Plantation Negro assumes every organization with the word "color" in its name and that purports to "provide a political voice for Black Americans" is an organization operating in the interests of Black people.

Like many of the leftist organizations that financed and directed the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's, many contemporary do-gooder organizations pretend to defend the interests of the 'poor and defenseless', while cleverly advancing their own hidden and often sinister agendas.

A curiously funded propaganda operation, calling itself "Color of Change" isolated a few words from this guys prolific catalog of recording content, interviews and editorials and labeled him a "rapist". 

For what?  A bit of off color avuncular advice to teenage boys.

Too Short is a rapper.  His raps, and apparently, his editorials often contain comedy. My uncles said much worse than this when I was a kid.  We laughed it off.  Kept it in context, and kept it moving.

The hidden implication behind the calls to fire Vanessa Satten and to punish Too Short is the racist heterophobic assumption that the Hip Hop audience is inherently flawed.

Yes.  The implication is that the young 'urban' heterosexual male readers of XXL magazine are senseless animals, prone to rape and completely incapable of discerning art from reality.  The implication is that even hearing words like this will give boys just the license they need to approach young girls (who of course are completely uninterested in any type of sexual contact with boys) and to ... rape them.

This type of fear mongering is no different than the racist implications in the 1936 American propaganda film Reefer Madness which suggested weed made niggers rape white women.

Buying into this meme and arming fake front organizations like Color of Change with the right to manage a de facto BLACKLIST that can silence anyone they don't like, would be a Plantation Negro error of biblical proportion.

Funny thing is ... if Too Short or some other rapper advised young boys to engage in homosexual behavior he would receive awards, honors, magazine covers and offers to host Reality TV shows on Viacom.

Makheru Bradley said... 

So this is the type of advice your uncles gave you when you were 12-15? 

No wonder your consciousness is warped. Vulgar is what this self-destructive bastard is.

Did Michael Jackson Do This To Himself? Or Was This Something Done To Michael Jackson?


Prescription Drugs Kill Whitney Houston and Millions of Other Americans • Why Are Medical Doctors Not In Prison With Cocaine Dealers?

Relatives of late pop icon Whitney Houston have reportedly been told by coroner officials that the singer died from what appears to be a combination of Xanax and other prescription drugs mixed with alcohol

In fact, authorities reportedly found a half dozen bottles of prescription medication in her room.  Radar Online is reporting that “Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, and a sleeping medication” were found by authorities.

It is important to note that absolutely no illegal drugs were found in her room.  Whitney Houston struggled with illegal drugs in the past, but they were not involved in her death at all apparently.

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Save Your Children • Take Them Out Of School

Contemporary Eugenics • Plantation Media Openly Calling For The Sterilization of Negros In Detroit • DV University • Spring 2012

“Since the national attention is on birth control, here’s my idea: If we want to fight poverty, reduce violent crime and bring down our embarrassing drop-out rate, we should swap contraceptives for fluoride in Michigan’s drinking water." THE DETROIT NEWS Editorial page editor Nolan Finley

Racism Aint Shit Compared To Sugar

sugar is without question the number one murderer in the history of humanity.” 

In 1960, Japanese doctor Nyoiti Sakurazawa noted, "no Western doctor can cure diabetes, even thirty years after the discovery of insulin. Physicians have continued to recommend insulin, condemning diabetics to walk with an insulin crutch for the rest of their lives, yet on the 25th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, the inefficiency of insulin as a treatment or cure for diabetes was publicly admitted. In the meantime, millions of diabetics have paid millions of dollars for this ineffective remedy. The number of diabetics is increasing every day. Once they begin taking insulin, they can expect to feed the pockets of the doctors and pharmaceutical corporations as long as they live."

In 1964, Sakurazawa said, "I am confident that Western medicine will admit what has been known in the Orient for years: sugar is without question the number one murderer in the history of humanity - much more lethal than opium or radioactive fallout. Sugar is the greatest evil that modern industrial civilization has visited upon the countries of the Far East and Africa (genocide)...foolish people who give or sell candy to babies will one day, to their horror, that they have much to answer for."

For Negros Who Need To Hear It From White Folks Before It Means Anything To Them • The Plantation Is Poisioning The People • DV University • Spring 2012

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Your Body Is As Electrical As A Laptop. Sugar Destroys The Electrical Potential of Your Food. The Quality of Your Salt Is Everything

fist tap the Great Hot Wax
For The Plantation Negros Who Need To Hear It From White Folks Before It Means Anything To Them ...

DMG said...
Because any old white dude with a white coat yapping about nonsense is more credible to you than a brother like me telling you that he's full of shit.

You really like white people that much?

Denmark Vesey said ...
LOL. I hear you yappin' Doc.

But it's hard to take you seriously when you say things you don't even mean.

For Example: You don't really think the cat is full of shit. His demonstration speaks for itself.

You are just saying what your employer has trained you to say.

Reducing processed sugar in the diets of the American people would put you and your drug dealing employers out of business.

You can attack the messenger. But you can't attack the message.

(If you could ... you would have)

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Plantation Negro History In A Nutshell ... DV University • Spring 2012

"It doh matta how much it ah play pon TV. It is the foundation of the African Americans view of what a slave was in the U.S. If roots had been truthful, it would have portrayed the so called "white" Scotch overseer as a slave such as many were!"- The Ensayn1

If Your Woman Aint A Vegetarian ... She Don't Really Love You

Her Side said...
The food looks DEVINE. And the locs... luvs it!

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Propaganda Media & Historical Narrative • Roots Is 90% Of The Reason Plantation Negros Think Of Themselves As "African-American" - Dr. Denmark Vesey

Denmark Vesey said ...
Produced, financed, directed, edited and probably written by ABC Television, Roots is the primary source of historical narrative and self-identity for the Plantation Negro.

Reinforced by the annual psychological booster shot of "Black History Month" the Plantation Negro was led to believe that the millions of black aboriginals of North America were actually brought to this land by white people in the 17th and 18th Century via wooden sailboats, 50 and 60 at a time.

(30 Million "African-Americans" in the United States today ... and THE ONLY "AFRICAN-AMERICAN" who ever actually connected a family member to Africa was Alex Haley?)

Black people don't think of themselves as African-Americans because of "scientific" or empirical reasons.

The concept is entirely political and was introduced in the 1970's to Black Americans via a clever marketing campaign with Jesse Jackson as the spokesperson.

The small percentage of Black people who actually self-identify as "African-Americans" do so for emotional and psychological reasons. Because of television. Because of 12 years of Plantation Schooling. Because of the Thought Police.

Challenging fundamental identity assumptions like these is part of the process of breaking the bonds of mental slavery and liberating Plantation Negros from the self-denying prophesy of a history that begins and ends in slavery.

Getting off the Plantation diet is the other major part of the process.

Viva La Revolucion To Free La Plantation Negros!

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Who Decided To Change The Names of Black Americans To "African-Americans"? Why Did The Government "Cooperate" So Eagerly By Inserting The Meme In Schools?

According to Wikipedia "African-American history is the portion of American history that specifically discusses the African American or Black American ethnic group in the United States. Most African Americans are the descendants of captive Africans held in the United States from 1619 to 1865. Blacks from the Caribbean whose ancestors immigrated, or who immigrated to the U.S., also traditionally have been considered African American, as they share a common history of predominantly West African or Central African roots, the Middle Passage and slavery."

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The History Of The Plantation Negros ... Sponsored By Budweiser

Dear President Barack Obama,

Please repeal "Black History Month".  It is making our people look ridiculous.  

"Black History Month" is a memetic tool employed to bookend and pigeonhole the history of our people. It distorts our self-perception and incorrectly defines us.

Black people are the aboriginal people of the planet. We are not just from Africa. Just as many of our ancestors were from the nations that populated the "New World" as our ancestors who came here during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The so-called "Indian" Native Americans received land reservations and casinos as compensation for the treaties broken by the US Corporation. The United States broke treaties with Black Native Americans too. What shall serve as their compensation?

"Civil Rights" and a silly month of book reports about pre-approved Black "leaders" and entertainers is not fair market value for what was stolen from us.


Denmark Vesey

Plantation Negro Christianity

The Jigaboo Assumption

It is amusing to observe the Plantation Negro Thought Police in their attempts to enforce the most ghetto misconceptions attributed to the black experience.   Consider the latest iteration of this phenomenon exemplified by DMG, The Plantation MD.

You've heard the meme repeated like a Jigaboo mantra from time immemorial: "There exists a  bias against black.  A preference for white.  Skin whitening creams and products that straighten hair are PROOF that there is a societal role that makes women dissatisfied with their appearance yada yada yawn ..."

Black Africans, Black Indians, Black Pacific Islanders, Black Americans, Black Dominicans, Black Brazilians, Black Asians, Black ... humans beings, have a wide variety of skin color and hair textures.

Black hair texture in fact ranges from coiled to curly to straight.  This readily observable truth stands in stark contrast to the core ignorance of the Jigaboo assumption that insists "straight hair" is a characteristic exclusive to "non-black people".

Therefor the meme which insists for example, that a black woman who desires to straighten her hair, no longer desires to be black is invalid.  It is as ridiculous as insisting a white woman who tans her skin no longer wishes to be white.  No.  A black woman who straightens her hair ... simply wants straighter hair.

Jigaboos have internalized a meme conceived externally,  that blackness, is derived solely of Africa.   The Jigaboo assumes that "authentic" black is somehow limited to the Bantu archetype.   The implication is that unless your hair is as nappy as a Soweto barbershop, you're not ... really ... black.  Unless you can hold 2 Fifty Cent pieces in your nostrils ... you must be "mixed".

The Jigaboo assumption is a byproduct of the great Darwinian hoax that insists, without evidence, that man "came from" Africa.   The truth is man is indigenous to the planet.  His antediluvian diaspora is evidenced by black aboriginals located around the globe.  The so-called "African-American" is actually an amalgamation of all kinds of Blackness.

What a society considers beautiful is merely a meme.

Standards of beauty compete in the open marketplace of ideas. Eventually ideals are produced by the constant contest of extremes.  The dark and curly often lighten and straighten.  Just as the pale and straight often darken and perm.

Is there a bias against black in society?

Absolutely not.

Blackness is craved.

Dear President Obama, Please, Please Abolish "Black History Month". It Makes Us Look Ridiculous

Michael Jordan? Aaliyah? Prince? Ray Charles? Halle Barry? Kanye West? Beyonce? Bill Cosby? Oprah? ... Come On Bra. This whole 'Civil Rights' memetic apparatus has our people stuck on stupid. It has hypnotized Plantation Negros into thinking their history begins with slavery.

That's why you always hear stupidity like: "The first black doctor" to do such n such and "The first black to graduate from college" and "The first black architect" and "the first black writer". Straight. Mind. Control. Black people have been doctors, scientists and architects for thousands of years.

The Civil Rights Movement & Compulsory Integrated Education was the capstone of a scientific re-education program which reduced a nation of people with a deep history in science, mathematics, medicine, religion and government to mere wards of a government which grants them privileges not rights, considers them 3/5ths a citizen and has condescendingly reclassified them African-Americans.