Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fighting Fire With Fire • The Black Bar Mitzvah • Intermediate Memetic Counterinsurgency 002 * Professor Ricky Rozay • DV University • Fall 2012


CNu said...


NOBODY doubles-down on idiocy more determinedly than the blackest man on the Internet!!!

Denmark Vesey said...

ahhhh ...


You so cute.

You been attending class ... at DV University ... every day ... for 7 years.

Sitting in the front row ... swinging your feet ... with your arms crossed and your lips poked out ... pretending to disregard ... that which you consume ... like a fat kid eating cake.


You in school bruh.

DV is depropramming 60 years of Plantation Negrodom.

Here. I'm going to let Ricky break it down for ya.

See if you can peep the code this time:

I’m so sophisticated
To get a verse from me, you gotta be initiated
To get a purse from me, she gotta be sophisticated
Purchase a whip from me and never miss a single payment
I’m from the city where the Muslims even Christians hate it
Even the black folk hate to see another nigga made it
Tell all them pussies to chill, champagne refrigerated
Just bought a chopper ‘cause the last one, got it confiscated
Counting a hundred mill so many times, I contemplated
You wanna be the hottest but that shit get complicated
I pull your card, I know you’re pussy by your conversation
Show you the safe, you’ll have to kill me for that combination
Made another two milli just off the compilation
I just hit a lick, I’m telling you this shit amazing
Got a white bitch, she fucking me just like she Jamaican
Sippin’ purple and that muthafucker concentrated
This for my niggas in them prisons, overpopulated
This for my niggas in them prisons, overpopulated
This for my niggas in them prisons, overpopulated
This for my niggas in them prisons, overpopulated
This for my niggas in them prisons, overpopulated
This for my niggas in them prisons, overpopulated
This for my niggas in them prisons, overpopulated

CNu said...




You claim this chess, not checkers, but from where I sit and from what I see - lips poked out and covered with tasty icing - William Leonard Roberts peddling three card monty for chumps who've already lost the game - and worse still - he's hustling niggas down a slaughterhouse chute where the end-result is predetermined.

Gee Chee Vision said...

“Don’t put me on Forbes no more my nigga (don’t let me down hymietown)
If I’m not next to the Maloofs or Tony Wynn (I think he means Steve Wynn) or them niggas that own Vegas
Don’t put me next to these lil’ broke niggas nigga (don’t let me down hymietown)” – Rick Ross

Even though he’s worth 25 million and Steve is worth 2.5 billion, I get the message he’s pushing. Think bigger than a paycheck recipient, be the one signing the paychecks. However if dudes don’t start taking Pimp C’s business proposal serious and put in work like Stax records goons, it’ll never happen in the music industry.
What strikes me about the tone he uses is that it comes off like, let me drink from the White/ Jewish only water fountain. I don’t wanna be sharing the broke ass colored water fountain. Pimp C or Cube would be like, Nigga it’s time fo’ us to dig up some aquifers and let them keep their lil’ ol’ rusty water fountains.

But Ross is being truthful and identifying who actually owns and who totes.
After reading Kosha Dillz I don't know how much of this move can be salvaged as counterinsurgency. Dillz feels the meme draws empowerment to Jewish youth with Ro$$ authenticating their heritage. I would imagine so because by blackenizing or pushing a black version is the same as pushing a black version of Santa Claus or a the old school black version of Mickey Mouse. You recognize the value and so you duplicate a black water fountain version of someone's white water fountain.

1993 wasn’t as flattering because rap music then was CLAIMING the image as oppose to a black VERSION of it.



Gee Chee Vision said...

X Clan: "I'm harder than the diamond that the Edomite steal" i.e. Star of David

Rap culture referred to New Jersey as New Jerusalem.

I won't lie, I wasn't too much feeling the 7 & crescent moon so I got caught up in the phase with the star around my neck.

"Mislead us, telling me I'm African
Won't let me teach them so I sit back and laugh at them
Coon ass niggas what're ya'll trying
By the way peace the daughters up in Zion"
- Wise Intelligence

R0$$ version is less threatening.