Monday, September 24, 2007

Umm... Wonder What Corporate Media Wants Us To Think? Is This News or Is It Clear Cut Propaganda?

If the Israel Lobby, the Mossad and a group of Illegal Israeli Settlers owned these newspapers, how would the headlines look differently?


Intellectual Insurgent said...

Question the holocaust and you become public enemy #1.

Question God and you will be invited for a lavish dinner and paid for speaking engagements everywhere like Sarkozy, the president of one of the most pathologically god-hating countries in the world.

Accra said...

Ignorance is a disease.

Once again I ask is the US an extension of Israel?

Anonymous said...

accra - i'd say the US has proven time and again that the answer to your question is a resounding yes.

skip sievert said...

It did not start out that way though.
The Euros created Israel, and we signed on later.

Now with the religious ass holes that are a special interest group with real power in the U.S. Israel has been promoted as a kind of holy crusade for the retards that follow the right rev. John Hagee, Hal Linsay, and Jack and Rexell VanImpe.

Those are the god people in America. That is the company people here are keeping when they make stupid comments about god hating hating countries.
Hello suckers ~!~