Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Denmark Vesey Award - I'm Almost As Impressed With This Man As I Am With Myself

Come On Bruh .... Why Can't Obama Freestyle?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Favorite White Boy Grabbing Them "Global System of White Supremacy" Negros In Their Digital Collars • DV University • Summer 2011

Thordaddy said...
dosin' these plantation nigels
with that genetically-modified
black supremacy
these black liberationists, the bad apples
put us all on our knees
so radically autonomous
they be slaves to the nth degree
if it means
a mechanized devotion to the memes
that deligitmate white Supremacy

you know that thing
ain't cool with jihadis
those fools worship
the god... of radical autonomy.
Islam indistinguable
from black liberationist "theology"
"I will liberate from white Supremacy"
so it's necessary
it's mercenary,
to invite the jihadis
claim they're visionary
this is weakness
sort of sedentary
when you worship radical autonomy
your highest goal?
to be dead n buried...

Liberal Plantation Crackas Laying Group Identity Traps For Race Obsessed Plantation Negros • DV University • Summer 2012

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Plantation Negros Refuse To Leave The Plantation - Still Want To Be Taken Care Of By The Government (Massa)

Anonymousthat dude said...
So DV, 
you're against Medicare and Social Security and national defense and public waterworks and fire departments and every other government service?
Agüeybaná said...
@ that dude. Man, hell yea! DV a renegade--realest nigga on earth. If the government were to afford him a tax break, he'd refuse.

My real response:
No no noooooo. He just likes to say provocative shit. And he says it well. Just peep the wordplay--and don't question.
 Denmark Vesey said ...
Gentlemen ...
Gentlemen ...

Come now.  You can't be serious.

As long as you OG's 
been attending DV University, 
you tryin' to tell me, 
you still don't see
the Hegelian trickery?

"DV you're against Medicare"?

uh ... 
uh ...


Actually. Dude.

Fuck Medicare.

I'm for good health.

Medicare has nothing to do with good health.  

(pause and digest that before moving forward)

Medicare is a national insurance ponzi scheme.  The government is Bernie Madoff.

Plantation Negros and Plantation crackas get played off against each other.  Some for ... Some against.  White v Black.  Rich v Poor.  Democrat v Republican.  Yada v Yawn.


In the mean time plantation negros and plantation crackas dyin' like flies.

Diabetes is killing negros as fast as gas killed Jews in the Holocaust.

Medicare is supposed to do what?  Exactly?  
Oh! Give Plantation Negros and Plantaton Crackas a discount on their drugs and surgeries right before they die.
Gee.  Thanks government.  For all of your ... "services".
(Ooohhhhh Massa!  Ooohhhhh Massa!  Thank ya fo' pro vydin' uss wit sayf howzin' n sayf food fo us tuh eat!!  Ooohhh Massa!  Thank ya fo defendin' us fwom dem Al Kay Duhs!  Ooohhhh Masssa!! Thank ya fo de Fyre Department!!!  Oooohhhh masssa!!!!)

H E L L O .....

The GOVERNMENT cannot give you good health.

The GOVERNMENT cannot secure your future.
The GOVERNMENT cannot make your food safe to eat.
The GOVERNMENT cannot make your water safe to drink.

Only YOU can.

Stop trying to fix the plantation.
Build your own farms.