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The Death of A Meme • DV University • Summer 2012

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Babylon's Banksters

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Big Brother ... African Style

 Ensayn1 said...
LOL...A common black American error. We want to believe other, non U.S. black folk are somehow, um mo' betta than us. But not true. We are not the worst, probably more famous for bad behavior, but not the worst behaved.

Maybe this is a kind of African Worship Syndrome many blacks in the Americas suffer.

As far as the word "nigga" they used, I was not suprised at all. I truly believe that most blacks (along with their non black counterparts) outside of the Americas want to emulate either black people in the U.S. or Jamaicans. Yet, at the same time will treat us with a certain level of disdain (something like white folk do here) calling us akata in a very derogatory sense.

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Where My Lyricists At? • DV Dot Net • Home Of The Blackest Lyricists On The Internet

Denmark Vesey said ...
It's been a minute.
Since DV been up in it.
Since Mr. Get A Chick
hipped ya to the hybrid spinach.

Turned ya on to factory meat and
GMO giblets.

Taught ya - no such thing as White Supermacy.
Only diabetic bigots.
Illuminati faggots, paintin' Luciferian portraits.
Trying to turn our children into satanic parrots.

But I'm a spiritual fortress.
A soulful riot.
Not a blogger. A prophet.

But not nonprofit.
This prophet will split ya omlet.
Knock a nigga head into orbit.

Watch my pivot.
While you watchin' my pivot I pull it.
Squeeze it.
Blast it.
Riddin' the world of intellectual midgets, thought police snitches and gender blurred plantation negros who want to be bitches.

We gotta do this the right way.
Get a Missus.
Make love to her.
Make some babies.

Then save the babies,
and our ladies.

Little farmer vs Big pharma
Organic vs drive thru microwave karma
Quacks quote Medical verse yadda yadda
Tell'em niggas fiddlesticks like Yo Yo Ma
They “ly’n” like a Goldwyn-Mayer intro
Take that fiction back to the Shire & Frodo
Photo these sentences
DV told’em sunlight the antithesis
to vitamin D supplements
Remember, like meme backwards
over chalk scribbled radishes
E.R. & Escobar are synonymous

Illmath said... 
Gee chee.....ill mydude ill..
Illmath is unabashed mathematics 
my body is where the truth inhabits. 
I shoot shit cinematic
they call me Ra
Granpa shot a crooked offisa 
went on the run to Cali for nia. 
Mama was born 
in her true form 
where ignorance was bliss
right next to the Fab Forum 
where holy rollers and dice rollers were in the same storm. 
where haters reigned supreme and jealousy was the norm 
Then a baby emerged they called him illmath
he faced the wrath of the typecast 
but now he laughs at the fags totin man bags
Thordaddy said...
You calling me?

No such thing as "white Supremacy?"
come on, bra,
In Black Run America
You, you an anomaly.
Like... You're the only one
In black Supremacy.
'Cept maybe your boy...
So that's two
Couldn't pass trigonometry
But "white Supremacy?"
That's like TD
Perceived way before
I accepted the identity

It's four-corner squared
3 dimensional
Master of "radical autonomy"
[that's hot]
This stuff so prevalent
Only one who don't believe
Is a dude named DV...
Ask any other black man
Ask Muhammad Ali.
Millions of firm believers,
Millions of black men FIGHTING "white Supremacy."

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Blackest 3 Wood On The Planet

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Just Get The Chalk ...

makheru bradley said ...
DV, dood you couldn’t carry my jockstrap to class.

Yo rhymes have no reason
Yo lessons be out of season

Like those veggies you claimed to be pickin
When they were really cropped and Costa Rican

You think this website is some kind of school
It’s asinine, ludicrous, and taught by a fool

With a remedial mis-education
And pseudo-intellectual masturbation

Black supremacist premature ejaculation
Into enslaved hookers with no sanitation
Obviously never read a word of Hegel’s dialectic
This head-fake sewage is putrid and septic
Massive ego pumped with roids
A warped brain with a message to avoid
Hiding behind an avatar, you’re scared as Hell
That you might be exposed and forced to sell

Out more than you already do
In Charleston they’d call you Peter Prioleau
Desecrating the good name of the real Denmark Vesey
You’re really George Wilson and downright sleazy
Like I said dood—tighten your game up; it’s weak as California tap water

Denmark Vesey said ...
If I had a dime ...
for every Plantation Negro mime
who tried to outshine
DV with a rhyme ...
I’d buy a streamline turbine airline,
recline in the sunshine along a tropical shoreline ...

and cop a mansion in the Alpines ,with a view of the Rhine.

It took a thousand year bloodline
and a million stars to align,
to develop a jawline
this divine.

Take that as a sign.

So as your nappy hairline resigns
and your festering colon entwines,
keep in mind …
what’s mine is mine
and what’s yours is mine.

You heard through the grapevine.
that fired from the hipline ...
my nine will release thy mind from its confines.

DV’s the sublime byline.
Don’t whine.
Pull up your hemline.
 Sit your black assinine on the sideline.

And watch His Royal Highness realign paradigms.

Denmark Vesey is the author of intelligent design.
So, I’m going to tell you one time.  
And you aint gotta be Einstein. 
This aint a blog...

It’s a fuckin’ shrine. 

listen to Mike Fisher snitch ... on the line to onetime:
“Massa!! Oohhh Massa! DV got nigras eatin’ enzymes, watchin’ dey waistlines, avoiding bovine and refusing to dine on swine!! Dey won’t do shit less he cosign! He even say Supremacy is mine!! Nigga dink he fine!! He say bwak peepuh divine!! He evun say Hip Hop is fine!? He say vaccines malign!! He say don't eat food dats refined!! Aint he bweakin' de law?! Why he gotta shine witout even tryin'?! Aint he outside de guidelines!? Oooooh Massa!! I can't stand it!! Shouldn't he be confined!?"

I Felta Thigh Sorority ... Innncorrporated!

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Intermediate Post Hypnotic Suggestion In The Era Of Victimless Crimes 002 • DV University • Summer 2012

Floyd Mayweather led out of a Nevada courthouse in handcuffs, to begin a three-month jail sentence.