Thursday, March 02, 2006



The images on the top left and bottom right are images of Ben Laden shot in 1998. The images on the top right and bottom left are still frames taken from the "Bin Laden Video Confession" widely televised in December, 2001.

An interview with Osama bin Laden was published in a Karachi-based Pakistani daily newspaper, Ummat, on September 28, 2001. In this interview, bin Laden explicitly denies involvement in the September 11 attacks in the US:

"I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people. Such a practice is forbidden even in the course of a battle.”

FBI: “Bin Laden Not Wanted for 9/11”

"The FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden with the 9/11 attacks on America" - FBI spokesman Rex Tomb

On June 5, 2006, reporter Ed Hass contacted the FBI Headquarters in Washington DC, to learn why Bin Laden’s Most Wanted poster did not indicate that Usama was also wanted in connection with 9/11.

He spoke with Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI. When asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Ladens Most Wanted web page, Tomb said, “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Ladens Most Wanted page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.”

First no WMD's ... Now Bin Laden's confession video turns out to have been faked. What's next, Saddam is on the board of Haliburton?