Friday, August 29, 2008

Head Fake. False Flag. The Okey Doke. Was Islam Framed?

" There's one big elephant in the living room. It's the relationship between the United States and the state of Israel."

If You Don't Understand This - You Are Not Well Educated

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin McCain's VP Pick

A Republican source said McCain settled on his choice of a running mate at a meeting of his advisers Wednesday.

Thursday night's arrival of a private jet from Alaska at the Middleton, Ohio, airport raised speculation that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would be McCain's pick. Middleton is 25 miles from Dayton.

Rich Bevis, an airport manager at the Middleton airport, said that a woman, two men and two teenagers were onboard. Video Watch conservative analyst Bill Bennett mull Palin as a VP pick

"This is the most secretive flight we've ever had," Bevis said.
cnulan said...
Very presidential.

McSame - and the haters who'd settle for him - (we're not racist, but we can't imagine installing a Black man in the White House) haven't triangulated their firing options in response to this week's events.

It's very amusing watching them in such a dazed and confused state, all the while struggling to keep up the appearance of basic decency.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack Obama Is The Son of God

Fox News .... Where's Ludacris When You Need Him?

A Sartorial Armageddon: Low Riders vs Mom Jeans

About 10 years ago Brazil exported to the US the low-rider ass revealing hip hugger jeans that became all the rage of women and girls from 10 to 50. It came to represent a Sign of the Subprime Times of excess and indulgence. Today there appears to be a pendulum swing in the denim wars towards the high waisted paunch enhancing jeans of the hip Hollywood set.

I saw a somewhat rotund blond haired, 20 summin black woman strolling down the street on the way from the gym this morning with 3 1/2 inches of ass crack bursting out of her dungarees and an exposed midriff that looked like it was fresh off a C section. (Damn! Where's my iPhone?) I smiled. She smiled. I stopped. She stopped. "What's your name?" I dropped. "Sheila" she popped. "Sheila I like your bop, and that's a cute top. But sista, your ass is showing. You need to stop. Now I aint tryin' to fuss, but from a brother to a sister, enough is enough." She giggled, flashed a smile and continued to walk. After a few steps she looked back, tugged at her jeans, and tried to cover her crack. Now don't nobody ever say DV aint give back.
Big Man said...
You're attitude with this woman was vastly different from your attitude with the drag queen cat.

I think someone said it was an alpha dog thing, and I think that's what happened. With this sister you were just letting her know what's up, but with the cat it was almost like you were trying to get him to submit.

You know, persistent eye contact, aggressive behavior. That's interesting.

RJEsq said...
But Big Man is that really true?

Isnt the aggression something you're reading into the Starbucks scenario?

While not what I would do, a true act of agression at the Starbucks drive through would have gone more like

"DV refuses tea from gay dude, demands to be served by someone else, and then acts a huge ass over the simple mistake re: the drink order."

IMHO, DV exhibited the same amount of "nerve" with the scantily clad woman and the Starbucks dude. Further, I know he agrees and posted this post just to see how claims of discrepancy this post would receive.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clash of Civilizations

On a continent where centuries of European encroachments have eroded tradition, Africans who cling to outward manifestations of their culture are increasingly rare. Himba women in the OK Grocer in Namibia.
How Long Before They Want Nikes, Playstations, Breast Implants, SUV's, Liposuction, "Careers", High Blood Pressure Medicine, Social Anxiety Disorder Prescriptions, Divorces and Day Care?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Big Man said...
Why have American men and black men in particular so readily abdicated their roles as patriarchs in this society?

I'm a bit confused at this DV. I remember you getting pissed at Obama for taking shots at black fathers on Father's Day. I've always been under the impression that you believe too many negative stories are dedicated to the lives of black men instead of highlighting us in our entirety. I supported that stance, yet this comments seems to lend validity to the idea that black men in particular are failing as the male leaders of their families.

I'm going to need some clarity on that.

On the drag queen, I'm not that mild-mannered and like C. Nulan I probably would have had an internal discourse about that young man's life choices. However, as I've aged, I've made a conscious decision to stop sharing my opinion or feelings on everything with everybody because I've decided that I don't want them sharing their feelings or opinions with me. So, practicing the Golden Rule, I try to let folks do them.

Now, if their actions encroach on my quality of life, I will say something. I definitely would have told my son that sort of lifestyle is wrong in the eyes of God. But, I wouldn't have felt the need to subtly make an issue of this man's masculinity when he so clearly wants to embrace the fantasy that he is a woman. I wouldn't have called him "she" or "sister," but I wouldn't have made a point to call him "brother" or "man" as often as you did. A simple "Thank you and have a good day" would have sufficed for me.

Am I "Homophobic"?

Psychologist and gay activist George Weinberg coined the term homophobia in his 1972 book Society and the Healthy Homosexual,[6] published one year before the American Psychiatric Association voted to remove homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.[7] Weinberg's term became an important tool for gay and lesbian activists, advocates, and their allies.[8] He describes the concept as a medical phobia[9]:

I'm cruising down one of Atlanta's ubiquitous Peachtree Rd's listening to Jamie Fox on the Sirius radio, when I spot a Drive Through Starbucks. Cool. I'm going to grab me a hot green tea, a bottle of water, and I don't even have to jump out the car.

I pull up to the outdoor intercom. I hear a garbled, muffled, digitzed, husky, country
"Welcum ta starhbuuucks. May I tayk ya orduhr?"
Um. Uh... Yeah. I'd like a green tea please.
"ah whuut?"
A green tea. I'd like a hot green tea please.
"Wull dat be it?"
Yes, that will be it.
"That wull be a dollar fitty. Pull up please."
I pull around the corner, a window a slides open and a 6'4" grown ass black man wearing a reddish blond wig and sporting manicured long nails sticks his entire head out the drive through window towards my car while holding an iced green chi tea latte.

There's a long beat... Silence... Pause.

I must have been looking at homeboy like he had two tongues and three nostrils, because a look of shame seemed to creep over his face.

The electric window of my car slowly slides down as Ru Paul and I maintain eye contact. Beat.
I asked for a hot tea my man.
Ru Paul looks confused ... mumbles an apology ... and ducks his head back into Starbucks. I fish my card out my wallet and grab the iPhone to document this moment. He pops back within seconds holding a hot tea. I snap his picture while frontin' like I'm adjusting the radio, take the tea, then hand him my card.
Thank you brother. I appreciate that my man.
Add a dollar on that for tip.

This seems to confuse him more. Not the tip, but the fact that I'm acknowledging his obvious manhood seems to cause him cognitive dissonance. He returns with the card, mutters a quiet curious muted
"thank you".
Looking him in the eye, I reply
"No problem brother, have a good day my man."

The window slowly slides up. I quickly pull off.

Now, does refusing to treat a brother like a broad make me homophobic?

How Do You Define "Slave"?

spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, refuting a new ban ordered by Asif Ali Zardari, widower of assassinated former Pakistan leader Benazir Bhutto, on Pakistanis offering money or other support to the terrorist group

Mugabe vs. The New World Order

Hundreds of U.S. banks will fail, warns leading economist

NEW YORK -- The United States is in the second inning of a recession that will last for at least 18 months and help kill off hundreds of banks, influential economist and New York University Professor Nouriel Roubini told Barron's this week.
Taxpayers will pay a big price for helping bail out the rest of the financial services industry as well, Mr. Roubini said -- at least US$1-trillion and more likely US$2-trillion.

The banks will become insolvent because of mounting losses as a result of the housing bust and because they have only written down their subprime loans so far, he said. Still in front of them are their consumer-credit losses, for which they lack the reserves, Barron's reported.

He also said there are hundreds of millions of dollars outstanding in home-equity loans that could be worth zero, too.

U.S. consumers, meanwhile, are "shopped out" and saving less, while the Federal Reserve's performance in handling the crisis has been poor, Mr. Roubini said, because it failed to see that the problem extended beyond subprime mortgage debt.

Now, Mr. Roubini told Barron's, the government is overregulating, bailing out troubled participants and intervening in every market.

"The regulators should investigate themselves for bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the creditors of Bear Stearns and the financial system with new lending facilities. They have swapped U.S. Treasury bonds for toxic securities," he told Barron's. "It is privatizing the gains and profits, and socializing the losses as usual. This is socialism for Wall Street and the rich."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Even White Boys Rappin' For McCain - Ludacris Was On The Right Track

Will we see Republicans shouting "He need ta sit his ass down somewhere!"

The political power of Hip Hop is emerging as powerful meme accelerator in the YouTube age. Hopefully negros won't summarily dismiss a political resource we could easily dominate.

Roll Call - May 2008

RJEsq said...
I'm here, I read. Everyday. All yall, you too Ex, like to hear yourselves talk.

Yall the most pontificatin niggaz I've encountered in a long time. Yall are too busy trying to insult one another to see the validity that represents a portion of what you are saying. You asked for a consensus from the jury (so to speak). Here it is.

1. Mike, make a point and stop asking so many god damn questions. I've been waiting for a year now. Come wit it. I repeat, Socrates should have been shot.

2. Ex, I agree that recognizing a long standing power structure is not the same as living as a victim to that power structure. However, can you not see where, in general, Black folk would be well served by discarding anything that can be used as a justification for a failure to achieve. What I mean is, what's the harm in proclaiming, loudly, as DV does, "to hell with white folks and their so-called power, we can do anything we want to."

3. Birdeye, you are new here and I havent completely read all your stuff but I did see your retort to me last week that my question regarding your race is evidence of "my focusing on the wrong thing." Not really, but I didn't have time to debate it with you. While I certainly don't think of me and mine as less-than because of it, if you think your race or anyone's race is of no consequence your nuts. I do not support wearing one's race on their sleeve, but I'm all for carrying a lil bit in one's coat pocket. If yall understand what I'm getting at, cool, if not, too bad, I have a job.

4. DV, I appreciate 100% what Denmark Vesey stands for in the theoretical sense. There are, however, practical circumstances where the powers that be may flex their muscle to the detriment of Black folk. This cannot be denied. In this respect Mike and Ex are correct. However, as stated, aint a damn thing wrong with tootin our own collective horns and constant self proclamation. The practice has served me rather well.

5. Cnu, I dont know what I want to say to you yet.

"For the record and DV can confirm this, the very first time I saw DV claim the title Blackest man in America I issued a challenge on the spot and asked for a recount." Exodus

Denmark Vesey said ...
That's absolutely correct. I remember that. That's when I knew I liked this cat. He felt where I was going with that.

Fisher ... never has understood it.

And I must admit, I was a little disappointed that I allowed this conversation, particularly with Brother Ex, to deteriorate to the point that it did.

I blame myself for the majority of that deterioration. The brother has always been sincere and conscientious with his contributions. Pressed for time, and spread a bit thin (Playing Afro-Saxon Socrates) I did not always give his input, the response that it deserved.

Robyn, thank you for throwing the necessary yin into our yang. It was getting a little too dicky in here anyway.

1. Ex, never mistake my attacks upon "The Global System of White Supremacy", as an attack upon you. You one of the baddest cats I've encountered. Big ups.

However, expect me to continue to viciously attack the traps of all Group Identity politics. I invite you to express yourself however you see fit.

2. For the record. Fisher is an incredible dude. Fascinating cat. Wouldn't want to spend the weekend with him, but he aint no ordinary Negro off the street. Yeah, yeah he got some issues which have intertwined in his politics. But Fisher aint scared. I'd go to war with him.

3. CNu .... shit. Most dynamic intellect on the internet. History is going to know this cats name. His posts should cost money to read.

4. Byrdeye. My new favorite white boy. He is on some shit, ya'll don't see yet. He's got the ZioNut mindfuck by the balls. If it were up to me, his class would be mandatory at all black schools in America.

5. Skip. A religious fanatic with a bad case of turrets. But I like him. My personal project. If I can save his soul, start calling me John The Baptist.

6. Robyn .... ahhhhhh Booooga Boo. The heart n soul of Going to make somebody a bad wife.

7. Submariner ... more impressed with this cat than I am with myself. Only Renaissance Man on the internet.

8. Intellectual Insurgent ... if I wasn't already married. First woman I've met completely unencumbered by the feManist mantra. Should be required reading for all young women in the public school system.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are These Girls Really 16?

Chinese gymnastics head coach, after the IOC announced an official investigation into allegations that China covered up the age of a double gold medal winning gymnast

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama & Biden '08 ... Wise Choice or Just Plain Boring?

Ahhhh man. Barack. Bra. Why aint you call your boy DV to rap about this before you pulled the trigger? You let them squares and lames giving you advice talk you into picking a "safe" older white male, with so-called "experience", a Washington "insider" to appease the naysayers.

Man, act. Don't react. Biden / McCain ... what's the difference?

But I don't know ... Joe aint no punk. This might be what Barack needs.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Secularism? Dismantling of Religious Tradition? Nah ... It's Hip Hop's Fault

fist tap Richie P.
The Prince said...
Ok. I am composed now.

Firstly, I am saddened..almost shamed by this.

Secondly, this is no more hip hop's fault than it is Hollywood's fault when a kid grabs a gun and shoots up the school.

Thirdly, any adult present while this took place needs my foot lodged squarely up their asshole.
RJEsq said...
Snatch their little asses. Then beat their stupid ass mamas and daddies. And anyone else standing around at that party.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket.

I remember being in at a bday party in 6th grade, boys were invited. The girls stood in the living room and the boys stood in the den. For the entire party.
The State Of . . . said...
Well, that put a lump in my throat. Obviously these children have no parents. Somebody just contributed some sperm and some eggs, but nothing else is going on. No shaping. No love. No teaching of self-respect.
ILL the Truth PILL said...
Wow!! Come back home my brothers! Come back home! This puritanical bullshit. All of our africanisms have been thrown asunder. The original purpose of dance was to seduce in turn insuring the survival of a species. I guess if his penis was pressed to her vagina and they were doing the waltz it would be Ok. Africans have been dancing like this for hundreds if not thousands of years. White boy tell you it's vulgar and you say it's vulgar. I guess big titties and ass are vulgar too huh? Please!! Are ya'll embarsassed about what WB gonna think about the primitive niglings savagely gyrating. Now having said that... I wouldnt let MY kids dance like that. Why? it's a bad look. But Idon't internalize that and think it's somehow wrong. The babies were DANCING!
" remember being in at a bday party in 6th grade, boys were invited. The girls stood in the living room and the boys stood in the den. For the entire party." - RJEsq

I was trying to feel some ta ta's in the sixth grade homes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ya Waan Cum Tess? Usain Bolt Busts 9.69 World Record 100 Yard Dash

What's Black In Atlanta, Stays Black In Atlanta

"That's Usher's wine bar ..."
"Remember that cat, went to Howard, used to mess with Darcy Davis? He developed that apartment complex on your right".
"That's Ludacris' restaurant right there..."
"My boy owns both those night clubs ..."
"A young brother owns Chow Baby. He's about to open a spot across the street."
"To hell with Starbucks. I'm taking you to this black owned coffee shop. You gonna love it."

Brothers seem to be doing their thing in Atlanta- development, restaurants, clubs, car dealerships. Illusion or is the "Global System of White Supremacy" losing it's grip on the ATL?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Paris? Berlin? Nah ... Atlanta

Why Is The Corporate Media and the Israel Lobby Misleading Us About The Georgia Conflict?

The Truth about Georgia gets censored again on TV. A reporter makes a comparison to the US reaction after 911 to Russia's reaction to Georgian attacks on Ossetia and the satellite feed drops off in the middle of his question.

How anti-Iran policy contributed to war in the Caucasus
Much has been written about the war between Russia and Georgia. Neoconservatives, as Justin Raimondo pointed out, have suddenly discovered the "democratic" republic of Georgia, which has been a historical "victim" of the Russian "empire." Never mind that not only was Georgia not a democracy before it was devoured by the Soviet Union in 1921, but also that the war, started by Georgia's forces, was a strategic blunder by Georgia's president, the confrontational, demagogic, American-trained lawyer Mikheil Saakashvili, who dared foolishly to take on his giant neighbor, thinking naively that NATO would rush to help him.

William Kristol, the "little Lenin" of the neoconservatives, who now has another outlet in the op-ed page of the New York Times, opines that the U.S. must not only give aid to Georgia, but must also help it become a member of the "League of Democracies" that John McCain has proposed. Never mind that in the Georgian "democracy" Saakashvili used police brutality to stop huge demonstrations after hotly disputed elections and shut down opposition publications, and never mind that when democratic elections in Palestine and Lebanon yielded results deemed undesirable by the U.S. (and people like Kristol), they were not only dismissed, but the voters were also punished by U.S. sanctions.

And, as Robert Parry noted, the same neoconservatives who backed the illegal invasion of Iraq, and are now threatening to attack Iran over its nonexistent nuclear threat, are suddenly discovering respect for the rule of law and international agreements. Even Bill Clinton's ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, who supported the Iraq invasion, got into the act, writing in the Washington Post that "Whatever mistakes Tbilisi has made, they cannot justify Russia's actions."

How is Jerome Corsi Different From Ludacris?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The author who put Democratic Sen. John Kerry on the defensive over his military record during his 2004 presidential run has turned his attention to 2008 White House hopeful Barack Obama with a new bestseller.
"The Obama Nation" tops The New York Times bestseller list
amid accusations that some of author Jerome Corsi's assertions are lies designed to damage Obama politically.
Corsi co-wrote "Unfit for Command," which questioned accounts of an attack on Kerry's boat during the Vietnam War, and his actions in the subsequent skirmish for which he received a Silver Star medal. The book sparked a political attack on Kerry.

In "The Obama Nation," which Corsi says is a play on the word abomination, the author questions whether Obama could still be using marijuana and cocaine and insinuates Obama is Muslim despite the candidate's insistence he is a Christian.

Ludacris Was Right. Fight Fire With Fire. They have Fox News, Obama has Hip Hop.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diversity of Opinion

Michael Fisher said...
If you want an alternative to the steak thing check out the Hebrew Israelite's restaurant in the West End across the street from the Shrine of the Black Madonna. The food is excellent.
Wesley Gibson
Soul Vegetarian is hands down the worst restaurant I've ever eaten at. I was fooled into spending my meager chips there while student at Morehouse. I mean I'm all for political "consciousness" or whatever, but not when it comes to my taste buds. ::shudders::: Greens without hamhocks? Gluten free ANYTHING? That stuff tastes like soul food colored paper.
RJEsq said...
I was hoping yall would have had a chance to meet. I was also hoping The Good Nurse would be present to bring some sense to the meeting. :-)

I feel Wesley. If I'm eatin' soul food let it be soul food. If I'm feelin' vegetarian that day, no need to try and incorporate candied yams into the plan when some nice mixed greens or tofu will do.
Denmark Vesey said ...
Actually you right Robyn.

This type of "vegetarian" is what we call Entry Level vegetarian. It's in that stage where "vegetarian" is imitation industrialized food:

gluten-free BUNS
tofo - CHICKEN
veggie - Hot Dogs
soy - Turkey
soy - Cheese

The theory is that unless you make vegetarian food look like chicken ... negros won't eat it ... roughly.

Americans, particularly black people, have been eating industrialized food for so long, many of us have forgotten what real food tastes like. If somebody fed you cardboard and plastic for years, and then gave you salad, of course you are going to spit it out.

Therefor the business model is one that attempts to lure negros away from the hamhocks for 5 minutes, to realize they won't die if they stop eating flesh.

Hopefully, a fraction of processed food eaters will graduate beyond the entry level and discover the most delicious food in the world is made raw organic natural ingredients.

I found the greens over cooked the yams too rich and cornbread unnecessary. But I dug the black Hebrews. They make more sense than most black people. Look healthier too.

I'm scared of Sista Nurse. I might catch a feelin'.

Sunrise - Kauai, Na Pali Coast - 05:55 AM 08.13.08

Har Har
I'll be at the country club
9 under par
Ferragamo's on the bar
sending some white boy to get my car

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm about to jump on a plane to Atlanta. Where's a good spot to have dinner tonight?

Sunset - Kagera Tanzania - 19:34 PM 08.12.08

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is Lisa Lampanelli The Funniest White Woman In America?

Mandatory routines like this in corporations, schools and on the job site would bring Americans closer together than any legislation or March on Washington.

$64K Question: Which "Group"
Does Lamanelli Fail To Lampoon?

Undercover Black Man said...
Funniest white woman in America? Abso-fucking-lutely.

If you haven’t seen her live on stage, change that. Watching Lisa Lampanelli work, you understand what Don Rickles was about in his prime.

I saw her in L.A. last year (and blogged about it). She brings together an incredibly diverse crowd. Couples, gays, every ethnic group.

Any entertainer who can do that is just what America needs right now. This clip is great, DV.